Stories for Nov. 13, 2003

A new website called ShadowTV will let subscribers watch CNBC and NBC News programs whenever and wherever they like, as long as they have ac… Read more »

The newspapers of E.W. Scripps chain will soon roll out registration at its Web sites…the first paper to launch will be the Ventura County… Read more »

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As I reported here first (sorta), is looking to introduce premium newsletters, including regular market updates from an expanded Lex… Read more »

Vin Crosbie rounds up more pioneers in the nanopulishing arena: interviews people like Hylton Joliffe of Corante; Steve Outing of Poynter; H… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 12, 2003

Our friends at Packetology have sent us a report which points at super growth of CDMA technologies in India. Indian mobile user base has grown from 8 to 18 million in one year, and according to Packetology adds that “All signs suggest growth in India will […] Read more »

* Total # of Broadband Subscribers: 22 million (C/Net) * Total # of PC households: 70 million * Total # of American Households: 106 million Read more »

Light Reading has a very accurate assessment of the Baby Bells’ broadband plans and the role DSL is going to play as they develop strategies of survival. bq. Analysts say RBOCs are doing so well with DSL that they’d be hard-pressed to start displacing it in […] Read more »

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This past weekend, I had a chance to see the much talked about movie about Stephen Glass Scandal, Shattered Glass. It was interesting to watch the Hollywood versions of the events, which transpired at Forbes Digital, where I worked at the time the story broke. There […] Read more »

There has been a lot of buzz around Skype, a peer-to-peer voice client that comes the courtsey of Kazaa gang. Almost 1.6 million beta copies have been downloaded. Who knows if it is a viable business model, but one thing is quite clear – it will […] Read more »

Just added a link to my recent Business 2.0 column on Ma Bell and Cingular merger talks. You can download the PDF file here. Elsewhere, my essay, Dawn of The Micro-Pubs got dashed, and created quite a buzz and has resulted in some nice publicity for […] Read more »

A classic round-up report in the New York Times on the impact of wireline to wireless number portability. I think it is a must read to get a complete over view of the recent developments. bq. Users in the 100 largest metropolitan areas will be able […] Read more »

US Cellular in a press release claims that it is behind LNP in concept, as it gives the consumer more choices, but still the company laments that moving numbers from wireline to wireless is not as easy as the FCC is making it sound.  Well one […] Read more »

Nokia will release its first Push To Talk handset in second quarter of 2004. The Nokia 5140 will offer other features beyond PTT including a camera, compass, and flashlight. Quick Takeaway: * Every one wants a piece of the Nextel action, hoping to slice some of […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 11, 2003

A Singapore firm E-Book Systems has signed a distribution agreement with Japanese broadband giant Softbank, which will publish titles in Jap… Read more »

UK broadband provider NTL will be launching a premium content offering for its subscribers.
After a three month free trial, the service, whi… Read more »

Looks like this is new..Reed Business Information is combining its publisher/academic focused sites (Publisher’s Weekly, Library Journal and… Read more »

(via Buzzmachine): A very nice graphic by Anil de Mello, depicting the role of mobile phones as the main feature of the networked individual… Read more »

ISPs are preparing a series of measures to control the amount of bandwidth people can use as networks are besieged by rampant use of P2P ser… Read more »

…Goes to AOL, for the AOL Food story, and its emerging “life management” effort….and the dutiful, clueless journalists lapped it up…
A… Read more »

The growing popularity of IPOD, which has lead to a new social phenom I prefer to call IPoddery has proved to be a boon for Toshiba which is the king of tiny hard drives. Toshiba has sold three million 1.8-inch HDDs. Right now the top capacity […] Read more »

Attorney Doug Isenberg on Amazon’s new book text-search feature: “For now…the author in me says the final chapter has not been written on… Read more »

Okay I lied a little bit. I mean Vonage is everywhere in the media, and that is not bad for a company with less than CFO on Kudlow & Cramer, and this morning it is top of the news on Which is not surprising that […] Read more »

The iBIZ Entertainment Technology Corp, a Taipei-based online music distributor, will begin an online music download service next month…Af… Read more »

“In the delivery of digital music, how does a marketplace with new entrants each day create any opportunity for anyone to raise prices? Real… Read more »

Lycos Europe will be laying off about 100 employees, bringing the employee count to 825. It will be focusing on sectors such as communicatio… Read more »

Sure selling video-over-DSL is cool, but not profitable. It seems Softbank’s Broadband business is still struggling to make money. The Tokyo-based company lost $707 million in the six months ended Sept. 30, but Sales grew 18 percent to $2 billion. Read more »

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a group of investors including the the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary are asking Cisco Systems to rethink how much it pays top executives, and will bring up the issue at Cisco’s annual shareholder meeting this […] Read more »

Comcast has teamed up with Staples to sell Broadband Internet access at Staples 400 stores. Of course you can buy the service at RadioShack as well. Now if only I could get in Pacific Heights in San Francisco, this marketing spiel would make sense. Read more »

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