Stories for Sep. 4, 2003

About a new independent collective journalism site to be launched in December, called The NewStandard…I got their release earlier this wee… Read more »

The latest CJR (which has redesigned its site, by the way) has a series of articles on blogging/independent media/emerging media alternative… Read more »

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(Update: 4:20 GMT: the site’s back up now) Guardian Unlimited, the popular website of Guardian UK, has been down today, due to what it calls… Read more »

In response to the effects of file-sharing, Universal Music has cut prices on its news CD releases: newsly pressed CDs suggesting a $12.98 r… Read more »

Stories for Sep. 3, 2003

Friendster, the hot-as-hell online networking/community site, has received angel investment amounting to just more than $1 million. The inve… Read more »

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This just in, courtsey of our friends over at Light Reading. Optovation, which was the remaindered part of what was Roshnee’s has shut down and soon some of its assets are going to be snapped up by Laurel Networks. Both companies share a common venture capital […] Read more »

ÏAugust was little above our expectationsÓ is all John Chambers said and bam! The market increased CSCO valuation by $4.6B. How is that for Ïirrational exuberanceÓ? Well there is more to the story than what meets the eye. First of all any strength in August is […] Read more »

Believe it or not, but the wireless number portablity is going to cost wireless carriers roughly $20 billion in first four years, this according to Austin, Texas-based market research group, IGilliotResearch. (Surely they need a better name.) bq. The research firm predicts that the churn – […] Read more »

Bernie is Booked Qwest Loss Smaller Than AnalystsÌ Estimates Verizon Wireless, Nortel ink $1 Billion deal Cisco: August Beat Expectations :: August was a little above our expectations,” John Chambers told the attendees of the SG Cowen Technology Conference. “It’s too early to tell if it […] Read more »

An interesting point about using RSS to push through sports scores, and the cost-savings that would translate into… Read more »

Factiva has seen the writing on the wall, but is still balking from going all the way. It is launching a new low-priced service aimed at sma… Read more »

The venture capital media space just shrunk further: Dow Jones has bought Technologic Partners, the parent company of VentureWire, the onlin… Read more »

(subscription required) Friendster, the impossibly hip (or is it anymore?) online networking/dating site, plans to announce some high-profil… Read more »

CDs and DVDs may be on their way to extinction, even though Hollywood will win the war against illegal downloading, according to a new repor… Read more »

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS.MW) — Like that annoying kid who kept asking, “are we there yet?” when it comes to broadband, the answer is an emphatic “no!” Despite the claims of Baby Bells, true broadband nirvana still remains elusive for Americans. The Federal Communications Commission defines broadband […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 2, 2003

This is not news, but few interesting new details: “Penn State was among those schools currently picking a service, but declined to name the… Read more »

(Subscription required) George Gilder rears his head again…”At the moment, struggling with RealPlayer and RealOne, I conclude that streami… Read more »

An interesting academic story on adoption of broadband in U.S., which, besides other technical analysis, posits on ways to increase broadban… Read more »

(subscription required): John Battelle nails it ["it" being the rise of search, so to speak] down: “It proves something else, too, about thi… Read more »

GE’s NBC will buy Vivendi Universal’s US entertainment assets, to create a new entertainment industry giant…Vivendi said Tuesday that the… Read more »

NTT, one of the largest telecom companies in Japan, has launched a premium broadband version of UEFA European soccer site in Japanese…The… Read more »

Peter Lewis goes ga-ga over the gaming market…of course, he still calls it the “videogames “market, rather than the more apt “games” marke… Read more »

WiFi insanity has gone to the very extreme – now there is a company which is offering WiFi Internet Access in laundromats. I am sure people would carry their laptops to the laundry-spots along with their dirty loads. bq. Serynade Wireless of San Francisco hopes to […] Read more »

As digital media publishers scramble to devise a foolproof method of copy protection, Microsoft is ready to push digital rights management i… Read more »

Munich Airport it seems is quite a destination these days thanks to its WiFi Network. bq. Since it deployed a Cisco wireless local area network (WLAN) within its terminal buildings, the German airport’s operator, Flughafen M|nchen GmbH, has seen Internet access figures jump from 20 users […] Read more »

It seems Ma Bell has had it with MCI/WorldCom. After watching the upstarts play loose and easy with its business, AT&T today decided to file a civil/criminal suit against the fraud-prone MCI. In a press release issued this morning, AT&T said: “AT&T today filed a lawsuit […] Read more »

BT Yahoo Broadband has been formally launched today in UK…BT provides the infrastructure whilst Yahoo provides content. Over £10 million… Read more »

With Baby Bells still dithering over the fiber to the home deployments, there are several small utilities which are working on bringing fiber to the home. One of them, Dayton Utilities has signed a deal with Alcatel and would bring megaband to its customers in Dayton, […] Read more »

As you might have noticed Zhone and Tellium are trying to fast track their merger. They have been pushing hard, which makes me wonder, what’s up? Well this article from the Star-Ledger in New Jersey sheds some light on the obvious upside for the Tellium executives. […] Read more »

Despite Sony’s huge installed base, Microsoft seems to be edging ahead in the early rounds of the struggle for online gamers’ hearts and min… Read more »

IEEE Spectrum has a wonderful article on WIMAX and how it is helping bring unwired broadband to the masses in American hinterland. The article highlights the progress made by SOMA Networks in this regard, and actually there are several other companies which are quite gung-ho on […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 1, 2003
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