Stories for Sep. 17, 2003

LightReading has an interesting article on the ever changing Corvis which had gone from the one that would change the world to the one desperate to survive. bq. And, in the process of remaking itself, Corvis leaves the impression it will focus more on its service […] Read more »

The US House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a bill that would extend permanently a four-year-old moratorium on taxes on Internet acc… Read more »

Word leaked out, rather inadverently, that Friendster, the hot social networking site, may have received $10 million in further venture fund… Read more »

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Reuters is to axe 75 jobs in the UK as it moves part of its content business to India in a bid to cut costs…According to a source quoted i… Read more »

Once the technology and marketing bugs get worked out, alternative home-viewing methods will pose some serious, and possibly devastating, ch… Read more »

Perhaps I should have been a little more coherent in my post about the U.S. versus European divide. Perhaps I will blog my developing though… Read more »

Yaga, the content commerce vendor, has tied up with Paymentech, one of the biggest debit and credit card processors…Paymentech will offer… Read more »

Samsung is working with Roxio to develop a line of portable audio players that will carry the brand names of both Samsung and Roxio’s Napste… Read more »

Sometimes, the whole socialist underpinning on the British society frustrates me no end: take for example, this move to be fair to people wh… Read more »

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This is the fear of linking I have talked about earlier: the fear of hyperlinks is as old as the Internet itself, and with blogs, it just ma… Read more »

Jeff Pulver: “There are forces at work here which if they are successful will create unnecessary taxes and crippling administrative burden on the Internet and in fact would mark a real dark day for IP Communications in the United States.” [Werblog] Read more »

According to this Newsweek story, Apple has moved up the date for expanding its current Mac-only iTunes for the vast universe of Windows-bas… Read more »

Apple will not launch its iTunes music service in Europe this year…”We’re clearly working on it (but) I think we’ll do it next year,” Stev… Read more »

Following the Financial Times story last week about AOL TW’s decision to drop AOl from its corporate name, WaPo reports that the stock-ticke… Read more »

Stories for Sep. 16, 2003

“TV-on-mobile” is a hot button issue among many broadcasters and technology companies at this year’s International Broadcast Convention in A… Read more »

Forrester has issued a report which has criticized AMZN’s efforts to become everything for everybody, in essence. The report put some pressu… Read more »

Yahoo and SBC Communications launched an updated version of their joint Internet access services on Tuesday, in a move that mirrors similar… Read more »

We know gigabit ethernet services are in fashion these days, but does it make sense for Yipes to come back from the land of the living dead! And with another $64 million in venture capital. (When will the VCs learn for god sake!) bq. Revenues went […] Read more »

Warner Music, part of AOL Time Warner, is due to launch the so-called “dual disc” early next year in conjunction with Sony: the technology… Read more »

Stories for Sep. 15, 2003

Makes perfect sense…(minus the spin)
Related: Will Trade Weblogs Replace Trade Magazines and Websites? Read more »

“The nascent industry is fettered by goofy legislation, incomprehensible royalty fees orchestrated by the music industry and enforced by the… Read more »

Acacia Media Technologies, the controversial company which has been actively pursuing adult content companies for payments against its strea… Read more »

The Defense Information Services Agency (DISA) has announced the winners of the large GIG-BE contract, and laughing all the way to the bank is Sycamore Networks, which has been desperate for some good news. Incidentally, GIG-Be stands for the Global Information Grid – Bandwidth Expansion. The […] Read more »

Apparently, I erred on the side of caution: Red Herring will be re-launching its website in about a month, NOT next year. And it has plans f… Read more »

No matter how colorful you make it, content will never be king in a wireless world. It’s not the content that matters – it’s the contact, wr… Read more »

Disney agreed to license some of its feature films to movie rental site CinemaNow…it will sell viewing for nearly 100 Disney new release a… Read more »

Stories for Sep. 14, 2003

On Thursday the board of AOL Time Warner is expected to endorse a move aimed at rebuilding morale and signalling the future shape and import… Read more »

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