Stories for Sep. 24, 2003

Jeff Jarvis dissects the new company, Weblogs Inc, which , of course, you first heard here: “It’s essentially a weblog syndicate for b2b blo… Read more »

“The whole point of chat is anonymity, and this is a longstanding Internet tradition. More importantly, even the suggestion that the company… Read more »

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Aurora, Colorado is migrating their Public Works dispatch system from CDPD to GPRS. All cities in the United States must dump their CDPD data links since Cingular and AT&T have both announced they will shut down the 800 MHz service permanently. Aurora will use Sierra Wireless […] Read more »

Have you used too much of your broadband today? According to CNET News, 1% of Comcast high-speed Internet users have been sent letters asking them to curb their usage or risk being suspended or even terminated! But they are not… [ehomeupgrade | The Home Networking & […] Read more »

(sub. req.): A fascinating story on, one of the big three web portals targeting the Chinese market..according to the story, today,… Read more »

Movielink, the online movie service, has launched an intriguing print campaign that mocks parental concerns about sexy, over-the- top movies… Read more »

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In an unprecedented move, MSN will shut down most of its chat rooms, because of concerns about child safety.
It is closing its chat rooms in… Read more »

Acacia Research, the controversial holding company that has a stack of streaming media patents briefly shut down a network of pornography We… Read more » has relaunched it premium crossword section, to include multiple players online. The new features, “Play Against the Clock,” “Pl… Read more »

Stories for Sep. 23, 2003

Coincidence, but along with OPA’s report today (see below), another report released today by In-Stat/MDR says that digital video subscriptio… Read more »

Ziff Davis, the tech media company on some sort of a resurrection from near-death, has announced plans to venture further back into the even… Read more »

America Online has settled with FTC over wrong treatment of consumers: according to FTC, AOL treated subscribers unfairly over the last seve… Read more »

Telecom turmoil is back, if you believe Scott Moritz’s latest piece in The And I have no reason not to believe him. bq. The bug that laid low Level 3 on Monday is about to take a bite out of the rest of the telecom […] Read more »

BMG Entertainment plans to release a CD today that allows consumers to download and copy a limited number of songs. “When consumers pop [R&B… Read more »

Cut through the S&P analyst speak, and there’s a lot of sense. RNWK is going through an identity crisis, as it periodically goes through eve… Read more »

Verizon Communications Inc., the largest U.S. telephone company, on Tuesday said 2003 earnings would fall short of Wall Street forecasts, due in part to the cost of new labor pacts and weak demand for its services. [Yahoo! News - Business] Read more »

Federal Computer Week: “GIG-BE is DOD’s bandwidth World Series — an $886 million initiative to build a fast, secure, ubiquitous optical network based on IP. It will connect 100 sites worldwide so warfighters and analysts can post and access intelligence and data more quickly.” [via Werblog] Read more »

Propagate Networks, an Acton, Mass.-based provider of software used to optimize 802.11 wireless local area network equipment, said it raised $3.75 in Series B financing. Read more »

“We’re against the subscriber-only model. Our goal is to attract a large audience that advertisers want to reach. Newspapers need to charge… Read more »

The call routing scandal, as I had predicted would not die. Now MCI has struck back and is blaming Cingular and Verizon for pull some stunts, The Wall Street Journal reports bq.In a Sept. 9 letter to the FCC reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, an […] Read more »

Reuters – Asian phone companies are rolling out new pay TV services using their broadband Internet networks, injecting fresh competition into an industry dominated by cable and satellite operators. [Yahoo! News - Technology] Read more »

America Online, which only last week lost some exposure when its initials were taken off the name of its parent, will be the presenting spon… Read more »

Stories for Sep. 22, 2003

…took me a while to get down to it…we need to have some sort of a community going here, a thing I should have aimed from the start. Read more »

Maven Networks, a broadband technology company in stealth for more than a year, has launched today. The company, based in Boston, is promisi… Read more »

IBM’s new Web Fountain platform is cauing a lot of whoopee in the arcane world of B2B content…figure out for yourself:
— IBM’s WebFountai… Read more »

The Financial Times launched a new edition in Asia, in print and online, today. “ will also feature Asia Watch — a new online analysi… Read more »

(sub. req.): “During a period in which the Internet was arguably overhyped and then overcastigated by investors, Reed is credited with choos… Read more »

Here’s what Safa Rashtchy of U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray had to say in a note on China’s Internet growth, especially the triumverate of Sina.… Read more »

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