Stories for Sep. 8, 2003

The first wave of mass laswuits against file-sharers online has started…the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) today said it… Read more »

InfoSpace is relaunching its site to be a destination for yellow pages…but the challenge for InfoSpace will be to build up its brand name… Read more »

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Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group has become the latest company to take decisive action to address plummeting single sales by pledging to s… Read more »

What does MCI stand for? My best guess Ò Massively Corrupt Institution. Jokes apart here is a quick update on whatÌs are the latest developments at MCI/WorldCom. The bankruptcy court proceedings are currently underway in New York. * Bankruptcy Court Opens WorldCom Hearings (Associated Press) * […] Read more »

A small US company called E-Data has sued the HMV Group and UK online music distributor OD2 over a far-reaching European and US patent that… Read more »

(WSJ story reprinted on WSJ gives a huge boost to RedPaper, an Adobe-backed project , and, both sites where users can se… Read more »

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(subscription required): In a case that could change the nature of online shopping, a federal judge ruled that trademark and copyright laws… Read more »

Lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives are circulating a proposed bill that would prevent wholesale copying of school guides, news a… Read more »

IsnÌt this amusing! Despite spending almost $250 million on promoting itself as the wireless company, Intel still does not have the technological leadership in the WiFi space. Its Centrino is nothing but a re-packaged wireless solution, and all it can do is 802.11b. Others are busy […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 7, 2003

OSI gets $15 Million Earthlink DSL follies MCIÌs moment of truth on Monday Let the sleeping networks lie Lights Out: Optovation ChambersÌ $5 Billion Comment Total cost of number portablity: $20 billion Does your spin cycle come with WiFi? Read more »

With all the hoopla around Fiber-to-the-premises, it is no surprise that Optical Solutions got another $15 million in funding from a sundry of investors including Cisco Systems. Established in 1994, OSI has raised a total of whopping $143 million to date, but it has products ready […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 5, 2003

“Do you need an RSS strategy? Not today, perhaps. This isn’t a question of if, but when, your target audience demands, ‘Feed me!’”
Slightly… Read more »

(via IWantMedia): So think CBS MarketWatch and, together.
MKTW: “So, is a perception of an image turnaround going to be enoug… Read more »

IDC Expects Mobile Phone Market to grow Qwest, 802.15.4 wireless standard approved GOP chairman fires back on finance ethics Now a wireless Gateway (Computers) UC Santa Cruz gets $22.7 million for optics research Little Optics Delays Time Cisco’s $100 million advertising bonanza Read more »

Ironically I had much of the same problems when I moved from San Francisco to New York in 2001, and for about a month or so was without Broadband because the companies could not figure out what was wrong. bq. When I moved to my current […] Read more »

Ma Bell’s Justin Sims thinks that the fiber networks which were build during the boom are going to be unused and will go to waste, according to a report in The Asian Wall Street Journal. He predicts more companies will go under, and others will struggle […] Read more »

After months of drama, he said -she said acqusitions, on Monday, MCI and its enemies will have their day in court. MCI will be at a bankruptcy-court hearing that starts Monday. Many are betting that MCI will get the reorg approval. bq. “One of the things […] Read more »

eBay on Thursday canceled an auction that sought to resell a music download that was purchased through Apple Computer’s iTunes Music Store,… Read more »

Stories for Sep. 4, 2003

It had to spill online, one way or the other. has started advertising its Media/Marketing vertical on industry sites like E&P and IW… Read more »

MCI re-org to net creditors 36 cents on a dollar Qwest, WhatÌs another billion among friends Sprint cleans up after spotty outage Hot (spot) in the city – a Wi-Fi tour of London Easynet: Sales Up, Marconi Out GSM phone encryption “can be cracked” Colorado town […] Read more »

Microsoft moved forward on its DRM strategy this week, releasing the first of several Windows add-ons associated with the technology and rev… Read more »

(via Frank Barnako): Sony Group plans to launch an online music service, for users of its consumer electronics and mobile devices….Sony’s… Read more »

About a new independent collective journalism site to be launched in December, called The NewStandard…I got their release earlier this wee… Read more »

The latest CJR (which has redesigned its site, by the way) has a series of articles on blogging/independent media/emerging media alternative… Read more »

(Update: 4:20 GMT: the site’s back up now) Guardian Unlimited, the popular website of Guardian UK, has been down today, due to what it calls… Read more »

In response to the effects of file-sharing, Universal Music has cut prices on its news CD releases: newsly pressed CDs suggesting a $12.98 r… Read more »

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