Stories for Nov. 21, 2003

Americans love to fly. It is their symbol of freedom to go anywhere anytime. Which is why I am surprised that they have not gotten rid of their lame land lines and gone totally wireless. However, that might be changing. According to market research firm InsightExpress, […] Read more »

AT&T on Thursday filed suit against eBay and PayPal, alleging patent infringement…That patent, according to AT&T, describes “transactions… Read more »

China’s most popular messaging service, positioning itself for an IPO, is setting up a Web portal to help it compete in a market that is hom… Read more »

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Yahoo is buying out a Chinese software firm, 3721 Network Software, for up to $120 million in cash over two years. 3721 is a local Chinese d… Read more »

Rumor mills are in over drive, and the latest one says that beleaguered baby bell, Qwest Communications is looking to buy bankrupt competitive local exchange carrier, Allegiance Telecom. The news is being reported by Wall Street Journal (via Quicken), which places the value of the deal […] Read more »

ð SBC just announced a new VoIP service for midsize businesses in major cities, across all of the US.ð Like traditional VoIP, this service will render the ability to consolidate voicemail and email, forward calls to other phones, call from a PC, and conduct conference calls […] Read more »

Business 2.0: Five tips for navigating the new number-portability process. Download file Read more »

Business 2.0: Commoditization isn’t a curse. For a new wave of entrepreneurs, it’s a blessing. Here’s how they’re using it to make millions. Krishna “Kittu” Kolluri calls it “a gift from God.” He’s not talking about the $295 million he recently got for selling his baby-faced […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 20, 2003
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Comcast has launched ‘The Fan,’ a new broadband-powered multimedia player for its high-speed customers. The media player, developed using te… Read more »

Discovery Communications cut 20 percent of the staff in its new-media division yesterday…Discovery’s iMedia division serves as an incubato… Read more »

UK telecom operator O2 has delivered on its promise to launch a music download service via mobile phones – a move first mooted last month…… Read more »

RealNetworks will provide AT&T Wireless with technology to stream digital video to cell phones…The deal will give RealNetworks another lar… Read more »

MTV is doing a backdown on its ambitions with its earlier announced online music service…”I look at us as serving our audience that we hav… Read more »

Americans could be watching newly released movies via the Internet as soon as mid-2005, Motion Picture Association of America chief executiv… Read more »

“There are a lot of barriers to mobile TV, and this is another area in the development of the mobile world, where heads need to be banged to… Read more »

America Online has acquired audio and video search service Singingfish…AOL will tap Singingfish technology to let AOL Search users look fo… Read more »

“Users could very well be willing to pay for new, expensive media-ready phones, and the services to go along with them, but no one is sure e… Read more »

AOL is spinning off its personals service, according to this story… will use the AIM community as a way for subscribers to get to… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 19, 2003

If you like millions opened the Wall Street Journal this morning, you would have seen this headline screaming at you: Big Bet Behind Intel Comeback: In Chips, Speed Isn’t Everything. The story waxes eloquent about how chipzilla survived the downturn and is making a comeback, thanks […] Read more »

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals threw out the FCC ruling designating cable services as information services, not to be regulated as telecommunications. The FCC has said it will appeal the decision to the full Appeals Court. bq. “There is considerable doubt that the court […] Read more »

If there ever was a proxy for the future of Networks then it is Larry Smarr. He has an uncanny ability to predict the network evolution. SmarrÌs latest project, an OPTIputer, is trying to develop a blueprint of the network of the future. By combining optical […] Read more »

In 1985, Larry Smarr started championing the construction of the first National Science Foundation (NSF) backbone, which connected the five NSF supercomputer centers in 1986. The project that involved the likes of Milo Medin (of @Home) rapidly evolved first into the NSFnet, and then into todayÌs […] Read more »

College Sports Television, an independent sports cable network, is buying out the Official College Sports Network from Student Advantage. OC… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 18, 2003

Spent the last two days in LA on a personal visit…my first time here..tons of fun.
Meanwhile, I want to thanks all the guest bloggers help… Read more »

Microsoft’s MSN online service reached an important milestone when it posted its first quarter of operating profitability–but that doesn’t… Read more »

(By Peter Krasilovsky):Packer Insider, The Milwaukee Journal-Interactive’s oft-cited success story among premium sports newsletters, is near… Read more »

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