Stories for Nov. 5, 2003

Wired magazine has launched its first blog…it is using Tripod’s blog tool, which is slightly “live-journalish”…
Related: Time Starts Web… Read more »

Rex Hammock has to be the most bitingly funny guy in the magazine biz…his blog is a great read.
He’s coined a new term: Dejazine: it is a… Read more »

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Playboy Online has swung to profit of $500,000 in Q3, from a year earlier loss of $2.2 million, driven by a 40 percent increase in subscript… Read more »

Our friends at have come-up with the five best deals for wireless susbscribers. According to their ratings apparently T-Mobile is offering the best deals and that explains why the company is still gaining new users and is seeing little impact of the wireless number portability […] Read more »

Last week I had a big piece on the Wi-Fi bubble and the trials and tribulations of Vivato and Trapeze. This morning, WiFiNetNews has an interesting little piece on how Vivato is trying to promote its latest so called win at Lincoln University bq. The back-story […] Read more »

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Stand back, all you posers: Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, has told the music industry it expects to unveil an online music store t… Read more »

A good business primer on the broadband IP delivery market: Over the next 12 to 18 months, many believe that Broadband IP distribution will… Read more »

A rather simplistic story on the online media in India…but then, I’m here to solve that! I’ll be in India for about a month in Nov-Dec (se… Read more »

Tyco has decided to sell its global fiber optic network, an expensive exercise undertaken during the Kozlowski era. Apparently it was a way to piss off Global Crossing head honcho Gary Winnick. Anyway it was a dark hole for the company, a major money loser for […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 4, 2003

I’ll be travelling for the most of the next two months, starting Nov 12. I’ll be in Tampere, Finland from Nov 12-14, at the MindTrek media f… Read more »

Swisscom subsidiary Bluewin will test Microsoft’s new Internet-based TV technology to deliver video on telecom systems and into a fraction o… Read more »

America Online has begun testing a feature that lets its customers dial in directly to the Internet without launching AOL’s content-heavy so… Read more »

Federal Communications Commission has agreed to allow programmers to attach a code (broadcast flag, as it has come to be known) to digital b… Read more »

“There has already been talk of an upfront ad market for broadband and there’s no doubt online video will have limitless advertising potenti… Read more »

eUniverse has closed an $8 million financing with VantagePoint Venture Partner… In July 2003, in anticipation of this preferred stock inve… Read more »

While writing Broadbandits: Inside the $750 Billion Telecom Heist, I came across an interesting little tidbit, which ended up in the chapter titled, The Attack of the Clones. The perceived success of Enron in the bandwidth business prompted a whole lot of old line companies like […] Read more »

In the last issue of Red Herring, I wrote a cover story titled The Pragmatics (cannot find the link because the new archives are all fucked up. There is a PDF in my links article section, just in case.) One of the folks which I profiled […] Read more »

The Denver Newspaper Agency recently launched streaming video advertisements on the Web sites for the two papers in the city’s joint operati… Read more »

Newsknife has some good editorial comparison of Google News’ performance versus others…that is, software bot versus human editors… Read more »

The downward spiral of wireless carrier business has begun. The Number Portability is going to be a darwinian force. And here are some early signs of an industry in distress. Many of you have been following my continued coverage of the impact of wireless number portability. […] Read more »

With number portability less than a month away, many are wondering which wireless carrier will be a winner and loser. has just come out with a poll and an overwhelming majority of users are looking to switch to Verizon “can you hear me now” Wireless. […] Read more »

BitPass, the micropayments system, has signed on and The former allows folks to purchase for $1… Read more »

Apple’s plans to take a bite out of the still nascent European sector will depend strongly on its capacity to deal with the region’s complex… Read more »

iVillage has reported Q3 revenues of $13.6 million, down from $14.63 in the year-ago quarter. Net losses almost doubled to $9.3 million, fro… Read more »

MTV Networks is preparing to launch a music download service, to be debuted within the first half of next year. This also marks the fifth an… Read more »

Apple’s applications marketing chief Peter Lowe has urged PC manufacturers to bundle iTunes for Windows with off-the-shelf PCs…. Read more »

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