Stories for Sep. 29, 2003

Since everybody is quoting “sources” on this story, is it real sources anymore? Funny.
Anyway, Reuters Group suddenly has emerged as a hub f… Read more »

(sub. req.): Or is it just a fat pipe dream? FT writers look at the experience of the Asian market, where usage is growing fast. “The eviden… Read more »

Commercial media companies in UK are to ask the Government for tough restrictions to be placed on the BBC’s internet activities, including a… Read more »

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Many of you must be wondering what is going on with me, and this blog. Well a quick update – I have been working on a story which is going to be the next cover story for Business 2.0. That has kept me quite busy. In […] Read more »

TeleKnowledge, content and telecom billing vendor, has appointed of Eilon Ginsburg as the new CEO. Read more »

Peppercoin, the micropayments startup, has received $4.25 million in venture funding. I reported earlier last week on the appointment of new… Read more »

Peppercoin, the micropayments startup, has received $4.25 million in venture funding. I reported earlier last week on the appointment of new… Read more »

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This surely had to be the goofiest headline and report of all time. LightReading, the much visited telecom website has come out with a report that costs a whopping $4950 dollars. In a headline today, the telecom news site says: bq. One in five carriers don’t […] Read more »

I have added many more new features to the site over the weekend, including opening comments, featurettes such as important headlines during… Read more »

(sub req.): Disney has launched Moviebeam, a low-cost effort to deliver movies from most of the Hollywood studios directly into homes, where… Read more »

Business 2.0 : In our annual ranking of tech’s supercharged, a company most people never heard of grabbed the No. 1 slot with a not-so-simple feat: It made a fortune in China. Of course we are talking about UTStarcom and here is a link to the […] Read more »

Business 2.0 : Bad news from two telecoms – Verizon and Level 3 Communications is depressing for the entire industry. This is my latest column now online. Of course you can click on the link and download the file. [Download file] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 28, 2003
Stories for Sep. 26, 2003

MusicMatch plans to jump into the digital song-selling business next week, with Dell promoting the company’s new download service…it will… Read more »

As a public service to the toiling journalists who are working at the new Red Herring, and who are not getting credit for their work (or the… Read more »

(one-page PDF): Russell Perkins, CEO of InfoCommerce Group writes on the micropayments issue, mainly from the data publishers perspective: “… Read more »

On the debate of whether there’s a business model to weblog publishing, Frank Barnako puts its like this: “My own take on the idea is that i… Read more »

Nokia has unveiled a top management shake-up and a restructuring, including naming a new CFO…the shakeup is aimed at strengthening its foc… Read more »

Stories for Sep. 25, 2003

A brilliant essay by Emily Bell, on Microsoft’s real motives behind closing chat rooms: “Social connectivity through the internet is an awes… Read more »

Opera Software has updated its Web browser for the Sony Ericsson P800 smart phone, improving the way some complex pages render on the handse… Read more »

eUniverse, the online entertainment/gaming network, which was delisted from Nasdaq recently due to accounting errors and SEC investigations,… Read more »

AOL will integrate online games WildTangent produced into its IM service. “AIM 5.5 will include a ‘games’ button that will give people the o… Read more »

Wired News reports on Weblogs Inc, the project headed by Brian Alvey and backed by Jason Calacanis (and about which you read here first, of… Read more »

George Mannes nails it on the head: “As viewers demand more from their television sets, will they demand less from the Internet? That’s a qu… Read more »

OJR: Jonathan Weber tells Mark Glaser his opinions on new Red Herring: “Someone can do something now…But the question is: What are you goi… Read more »

Intel’s One Unwired Day, today’s nationwide free WiFi event also includes festivals in New York City, Chicago. San Francisco, and Seattle. The festivals will feature live concerts, as well as product demonstrations and prize packages including notebook PCs based on Intel Centrino mobile technology… [DailyWireless] Read more »

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