Stories for Dec. 4, 2003

(sub. req.): In an effort to lure customers to its lagging online service, America Online is offering a computer and color printer for only… Read more »

At a time when youth in Japan are spending most of their media dollars and time on cell phones and wireless content, admitted technophobe… Read more »

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Stories for Dec. 3, 2003

It’s official: (by guest blogger Staci D. Kramer) At noon PST Tuesday, converted from a functioning Web site to a billboard for CNE… Read more »

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Stories for Dec. 2, 2003

Betsy Bernard, president of AT&T unexpectedly resigned yesterday, drawing a lot of tittering from telecom glad-flys. However, her resignation, and appointment of William J. Hannigan as the new AT&T president shows that Ma Bell is about to make aggressive and perhaps strong moves into the business […] Read more »

The New York Times has a wonderfully inspirational story of a little town in Kansas – Lenora. Many old mid-sized towns and farming communities are dying because of the changing economic landscape. Lenora, however, has bucked the trend, thanks to the efforts of a former Sprint […] Read more »

IVillage, citing “strong momentum” in Internet advertising, reiterated its forecast for sequential revenue growth in the fourth quarter.
IVi… Read more »

Sometime its bad being an early adopter – or in this case early switcher. The Wall Street Journal reports on continuing troubles with switching cell phone carriers. bq. The problems appeared to arise from incompabitilies between carriers’ software used in a preliminary step to clear the […] Read more »

Ovid Technologies, a medical info. solutions provider, has implemented eMeta’s eRightsSuite into the Ovid platform to support its PPV servic… Read more »

Two new studies from Juniper Research conclude that Gambling and Adult based content have the potential to generate revenues in excess of $6… Read more »

ð A lot of rumbling coming out of these meetings today so allow us to boil it down for you.ð The VoIP topics were essentially the following: 911, wiretapping, disabled access, USF, access charges, and taxation.ð ð Suffice it to say that the first three issues […] Read more »

Cellular superman, Craig McCaw is getting out of telecom town. He has resigned from the Nextel board. The powerhouse behind what is now AT&T Wireless and Nextel, is a maverick who has uncanny timing about everything (except Fixed Wireless) and his decision to sell and leave […] Read more »

Buried in its S-1 filing, Atheros admits that it has so much competition, that you should pause… we compete with large semiconductor manufacturers and designers and start-up semiconductor design companies as well as large, established suppliers. Our primary competitors include Agere Systems, Inc., Broadcom Corporation, ….. […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 1, 2003

The Financial Times is to offer both free and paid-for content to mobile phone users with Vodafone…The standard deal will give WAP users a… Read more »

…And please do not ask me to explain this, beyond the fact that I am holding a small parrot on my fingers…I am in Lucknow, the capital c… Read more »

This interesting chart is from eMarketer’s latest report “Online Paid Content: Trends & Opportunities”. Read more »

Social networking is the next big thing. Many in the technology media have latched onto the idea that social networking will be an economic… Read more »

A group representing Canadian songwriters has asked the Supreme Court to rule that ISPs have to pay them royalties for music files. The ISPs… Read more »

Best Buy announced the launch of an online radio subscription service and digital music sales offering. The national consumer electronics re… Read more »

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