Stories for Mar. 13, 2003

Cricket365:: Sachin Tendulkar is back on top of the one-day rankings, no surprise here. The man is in good form and is likely to play some more responsible innings. New Zealand strike bowler Shane Bond moved up 31 places to 11th in the PricewaterhouseCoopers bowling rankings […] Read more »

New Zealand Herald:: Steve Tikolo, a small man with a soft voice, is starting to believe in miracles. Who can blame him? The Kenyan captain says a victory over Australia at Kingsmead in Durban tomorrow night is not an impossibility, nor is a rematch in the […] Read more »

Guardian’s Rahul Bhattacharya reports that when Sachin Tendulkar arrived in southern Africa with two runs in three matches in New Zealand, a shadow over his batting position and the ever-insatiable expectations of millions, yet he steadily made the World Cup his own. Read more »

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BBC News:: Forget the battlegrounds, or cricket field, the India-pakistan war has gone hi-tech. According to BBC News, an Indian hacker group called the Indian Snakes has developed a variant of Yaha Internet E-Mail worm which is now attacking attacking websites in Pakistan, including government sites, […] Read more »

Fortune’s Peter Lewis is one of my favorite writers, simply because he is the kind of writer who very quickly dispels the hype around gizmos. In his most recent column, on the subject of convergence, he writes, “It’s far too complicated for a consumer audience, unless […] Read more »

San Francisco Chronicle :: Images from the Hubble Space Telescope show that a giant planet orbiting a star far beyond the solar system is flying so close to its hot parent that its own dense hydrogen atmosphere is being swiftly blown awayaccording to the San Francisco […] Read more »

From Broadband Daily:: “A slew of computer makers, including Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Toshiba, IBM and Sony have said they will include IntelÌüs Centrino technology in new notebook computers although reports suggest that these same laptop makers plan to make the Wi-Fi chips optional given that Intel only […] Read more »

Well now that there is much to write about the good times in technology, media, music and publishing, so everyone is writing about how miserable things are these days. is featuring, “, currently making the rounds of the unemployed, provides a good window onto the […] Read more »

Why Mediated Media Will Never Go Away?: A coherent argument on why interactivity and choices may not really be as big as media pioneers and… Read more »

Europe Online to Launch Subscription Broadband Channels: Wavexpress, a broadband technology and services provider, and Europe Online, operat… Read more »

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“Just as in the offline world, the online Sports category represents an attractive vehicle through which marketers can target highly engaged… Read more »

Some of the BBC’s websites are likely to close as the corporation cuts back on its online investment. After several years of explosive growt… Read more »

Can Online Publishing Attract the E-Generation?: “Web sites and newspapers are designed to be read in different ways, in different situation… Read more »

Destination Sites Biggest Losers in the Dotcom Bust: Traditional dot-coms such as e-commerce and content websites, known as Internet “destin… Read more »

Record label Sony Music Entertainment on Wednesday unveiled a new “mobile music” service for cell phones that’s missing something: tunes to… Read more »

3 UK Sign up Endomol UK’s Zeppotron: 3 UK, the 3G mobile service launched earlier this week, has entered into an agreement with Zeppotron, t… Read more »

Apple’s Chance to Get Online Music Right: The story presents a case for why Apple should break the mold among the online music services, by… Read more »

Will’s Move Be Followed by Others?: Hard to tell, but as I said before, I would have expected and to be the fi… Read more »

Save PDAs by Making Them More Fun: “All I’m suggesting is that the current line of Treos and other phone/PDA combos could be the first gener… Read more »

Mobile content delivery and billing specialist Mobileway claims to have deployed the first billable consumer MMS service in conjunction with… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 12, 2003

Mazingo to Stream AP Video on Wireless Service: Mazingo Mobile Entertainment Network, a subscription based wireless/PDA channel, will offer… Read more »

Swiss Paper Allows Content Payment Through Mobiles: Swiss newspaper Le Temps is to allow its online readers to pay for archived articles usi… Read more »

Video Streams Grow 53 Percent in 2002: According to new research by AccuStream iMedia Research, total streams served increased by 52.3 perce… Read more »

Plans to hard-wire copy protection into popular digital music and video devices (into the chips themselves) are being shelved as the consume… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 11, 2003

mmO2 To Start Music-Over-Mobile Pilot: British mobile operator mmO2 announced that it is to trial the world’s first ‘music over mobile’ serv… Read more »

MLB To Show Games Online, But Blacking Out Local Areas: Major League Baseball plans to Webcast nearly 1,000 games this season — but it will… Read more »

Traffic Tools Track Web’s Prime Time: Web researchers and competitors Nielsen/NetRatings and ComScore Media Metrix are starting to measure I… Read more »

Alive and Well: Now-defunct dotcoms tried a lot of dumb things. But that doesn’t mean the fundamental ideas they believed in are dumb. That,… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 10, 2003

TerraTec Buys BeSonic Music Service: TerraTec Electronic, the German based sound-card developer, has taken over the internet music service B… Read more »

Dow Jones Introduces Biggest Change in 120 Years: Dow Jones Newswires has made what it describes the biggest change in its 120 years of exis… Read more »

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