Stories for Dec. 10, 2003
Stories for Dec. 9, 2003

With all the buzz around wireless LAN technologies, is it any surprise that Atheros filed for an Initial Public Offering with the SEC. Today when I met with some very smart folks on Wall Street, I was told that the IPO was already over subscribed six […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 8, 2003

Yahoo, in an effort to counter AOL’s broadband access/content combo, has launched “Yahoo Plus”…it combines various utilities, such as pare… Read more »

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Primedia has appointed Peter Horan as the new CEO of About, Inc, parent of…Horan recently served as CEO of DevX.Com, a web trad… Read more »

Somehow, I am not as sure as NYDN seems to be…”Disney is really taking a much more aggressive approach than the other companies,” said Tom… Read more »

So says “Dr Suess” (obviously not the CEO of NL!) in a comment in reponse to Northern Light’s relaunch: “This is a great example of when you… Read more »

A radio interview of me by the Greenlee team at Web Talk Radio, where I talk in some detail about weblogs and journalism…(I have realized… Read more »

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An FT editorial for and aganist deploying broadband in developing countries. Eli Noam: “The upgrade…difficult as it is, is simple in compa… Read more »

Posted via free Wi-Fi hotspot at Apple Core Hotels’ Ramada Inn in New York City. Last week I had a chance to chat with Raju Gulabani, CEO & Chairman of Telesym, a company that makes server and client software that turns PDAs and laptops into VoIP […] Read more »

The more I plan about expansion of my site, the more it seems like I’ll have to move back to US…and of course, I need to take out Dan Arie… Read more »

Dan Gillmor is cautiously impressed by new broadband TV service Hong Kong: If a new digital age of television is emerging, it may look a lot… Read more »

This is how Knight Ridder plans to make money from its recent invetment in social software company it is exploring a business mod… Read more »

It would be easy to write off the bosses of the UK’s Daily Mail as a bunch of laggards following the news that it will launch its first onli… Read more »

Microsoft will introduce a “club” service for AT&T Wireless subscribers who own a Motorola cell phone running the software giant’s operating… Read more »

Audible, the downloadable spoken word company, has extended its partnership with J & R Electronics retailer. J&R will sell AudibleListener c… Read more »

Dan Gillmor has discovered DSL TV. I had written about this in the real Red Herring and then in CBS MarketWatch. Baby Bells wake up and smell the bandwidth. Read more »

An Australian surf movie and a Indian Bollywood blockbuster have premiered as the first full-length feature films to be available–legitimat… Read more »

MSN Premium, the broadband Internet service from MSN, will debut in early January at CES. MSN Premium, which is based on the new MSN 9 code… Read more »

Finanical Times reports that Motorola, after jettisoning its semiconductor business is looking to partner with or buy communications companies in order to prop up its ailing businesses. In an interview with the FT, Lief Soderberg, director of global strategy for Motorola said: bq. The acquisitions would […] Read more »

Believe it or not, but consumers with high speed Internet access tend to shop more online, and more frequently, according to National Retail Federation, reports Bloomberg News. and eBay are two big winners of broadband-enabled shopping. Read more »

Cable & Wireless filed for bankruptcy for its US operations and decided to sell the business to Gores Technology Group for $125 million, thereby bringing to a close a very painful and super expensive chapter in its life. Caught in the broadband bubble, the old colonial […] Read more »

Moore’s Claw is squeezing Nokia! At least that’s what the 3Q 2003 handset market share data from Gartner Group shows. According to the research group, Nokia is still in first place at 34.2%. Motorola followed with 14.7% and Samsung held third with 11.2%. The remaining members […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 7, 2003

Ranjeet Sodhi loves his Vonage. Read more »

Darwin Mag has an interesting argument on why businesses should avoid going completely wireless even if the number portability is in place. Sometimes, PBX is a good thing. bq. Kevin Duffy-Deno, director of analytical services at PriMetrica, a telecommunications consulting firm, says there are, at the […] Read more »

Not a day goes by when we hear about a new kind of storage technology and the increasing capacities of the flash memory cards. It is an area which is full of innovation, and where MooreÌs Law is in full effect. The multimedia applications are driving […] Read more »

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