Stories for Dec. 16, 2003

Macromedia is partnering with VitalStream to provide customers with the Flash Video Streaming Service. The new service will stream Flash vid… Read more »

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Clearly going after Sprint, AT&T Wireless will give you a free Sony Ericsson GC82 wireless laptop card (for connecting to AT&T’s new high-speed EDGE cellular network, reports Gizmodo. That is a clear sign that mobile carriers have finally figured out that wireless wide area networks are […] Read more »

A detailed interview with chairman of Time Warner’s Media and Communications Group, Don Logan…
On Time Inc content going behind AOL wall:… Read more »

In an interesting development on the media player side, America Online is expected to release an upgrade for its free Winamp multimedia soft… Read more »

T-Mobile and iPass announced a distribution deal that will allow iPass customers to roam onto the T-Mobile Wi-Fi network. T-Mobile research shows that 88% of their wi-fi hotspots are used for business. While I-Pass’ whole business model is built around enterprise-level connectivity, ease of use and […] Read more »

This is Bambi Francisco’s reading, in wake of Loudeye’s announcement of a tie up with Microsoft for and ASP music service…”Selling online… Read more »

OK, so it has happened, despite some differences over agendas of the two organizations in UK…the UK Association of Online Publishers (AOP)… Read more »

loading external resource has purportedly launched a new site…I am confused. All I get here in India is a text-based, ad-free version of its site…is it… Read more »

Subscription vide-on-demand will be a big part of TV’s future, thinks Glenn Britt, chairman of Time Warner’s cable unit. “Today, it’s just t… Read more »

NTT DoCoMo is dropping its business link with America Online and pulling out of a partnership that runs AOL’s Japanese service.
Update:: CBS… Read more »

Another interesting item from OutsellInc’s excellent weekly e-mail newsletter: “About two years ago we predicted that open Web venues that h… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 15, 2003

Is Treo 600 the new IPod? It seems so! Last week was spent the cold canyons of Manhattan. And I saw an awkward behavior – there were people who behaved strangely around a certain device called Treo 600. Let me back-up a bit. Peter “Gizmodo” Rojas […] Read more »

USA Today lists the reasons, and how competitors have not been able to keep up. Some interesting admissions on Apple’s superiority by compet… Read more »

More praise heaped on Apple: Ad Age has named Apple as its “Marketer of the Year” for 2003…
Also read Scott Donaton’s editorial, “Apple’s… Read more »

John Chambers, the ever smiling chief executive officer of Cisco Systems is cutting himself a nice christmas bonus check. bq. San Jose Mercury News is reporting that “Chambers collected a net gain of about $38 million from exercising options and selling shares in the San Jose […] Read more »

Music fans have purchased more than 25 million songs from Apple’s iTunes Music Store…Apple also said that more than $1 million of iTunes o… Read more »

Digital media group Roxio has raised its guidance for software sales for the next two quarters and said it expects sales for its online musi… Read more »

Destra has launched Australia’s first legal online music service, albeit with a small initial catalogue. Sanity, HMV, JBHiFi and ChaosMusic… Read more »

Cameraphones are fun and all, but this clearly is a wonderful application. bq. Scanbuy has launched ScanZoom-A new product from Scanbuy that allows mobile camera phones to work as portable barcode scanners. Users snap a quick picture of a bar code to check competitorsÌ prices and […] Read more »

The new name/banner is an experiment…what do you think?
Update: Jeff Jarvis approves it and says that it better reflects what I am trying… Read more »

Lucent’s bubble era antics cost the company plenty – forget nearly $225 billion in lost market capitalization, but lots of hard cash. There was plenty which was amiss at Lucent, as I point out in Broadbandits. Lucent has reached a $653 million agreement to settle shareholder […] Read more »

Digital media company Loudeye, working with Microsoft, is expected to announce new digital music solutions that enable companies to have a m… Read more »

Sony has taken a 10 percent stake in British iTV company YooMedia. YooMedia, which develops applications for Sky Digital and other broadcast… Read more »

“I think there is an Achilles’ heel in SMS,” says Diamond of Capstone Investments. “SMS is hot, but these companies are getting 85 cents on… Read more »

Downloading copyrighted music from peer-to-peer networks is legal in Canada, although uploading files is not, Canadian copyright regulators… Read more »

The design and functionality decisions underlying Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation 2 reflect the differing strategies of their makers… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 14, 2003

Last week, I met people from IndiaTimes, one of the biggest portals in India…the portal is owned by the Times of India Group, the “Time Wa… Read more »

How can a two hour flight be delayed by two hours? I am sitting at the hot-as-hell Palam Airport in Delhi, awaiting my late evening flight t… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 13, 2003

(sub. req.): LexisNexis, the information system owned by media company Reed Elsevier, is expected to announce the rollout of a $100 million… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 12, 2003

(via J D Lasica): NewspaperDirect, the print-on-demand newspaper service, is launching on online version of its service, much like say Newss… Read more »

The Content Reference Forum, which announced its formal launch yesterday, has gained a mixed reception, as perhaps expected…it seems like… Read more »

Some more WaPo bashing: not sure why Don Graham even gave the statement…the paper can’t add the online circulation even if it wants to, fo… Read more »

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