Stories for Dec. 25, 2003

I am taking a break…so is the site, of course. Next update on Jan 5, if I can resist not posting…I doubt I can keep away for that long..… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 24, 2003

Marguerite Reardon of C/Net has a rather interesting article on VoIP in the enterprise, and provides a much needed dose of reality when it comes to VoIP. bq. Analysts say it could be years before most companies are willing to throw out their old PBX […] Read more »

The New York Times has this long story on the hot gizmo of the season, the Rear Projection Television. Apparently, these are not the only ones flying off the shelves. Ipod and Treo, two devices that are Must Haves for the digital set are no where […] Read more »

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FCC has finally come out with the broadband data: last time they checked, high-speed Internet connections increased 18% during the first half of 2003 for a total of 23.5 million customers. And cable is still kicking DSL’s butt, though, weakly. These numbers show that the gap […] Read more »

The two-year long battle between Indian Cell Phone companies that use the GSM standards and those backing the Wireless Local Loop technology has ended, reports Dow Jones News Service. The battle has primarily between Indian cell operators and one company in particular, Reliance Telecom which has […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 23, 2003

For some odd reason, there is something romantic, not to mention challenging about the concept of high speed Internet access delivered from the heavens via a satellite. Many American and European companies have tried – some failed and others have had moderate success. Still that does […] Read more »

Sitting by the bay, surfing on my PowerBook… woops did I say it out too loud. What I really wanted to say was that here is a link to the free Wi-Fi hot-spots in the Bay Area/San Francisco. The list comes courtesy of Eric and his […] Read more »

bq. “The next 12 to 18 months promise a further shakeout and rationalization. While there will be fewer players, AT&T will not only survive, but thrive.” – David Dorman, CEO in Network World Read more »

The good folks at WiFiNetNews are quite impressed by Ken Denman, CEO of iPass. They chatted with him last week and talked to him about how the IPass-T-Mobile deal got done. bq. Denman was around when iPass originally made a deal with MobileStar, then he watched […] Read more »

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So far venture capitalist have poured $100 million into the social software space, according to this story…One scenario has online social… Read more »

Last month, I had predicted that number portability will become cellular phone business’ Waterloo. Some will go out of business, and others will merge. In short consolidate. A few months earlier, in an article for Business 2.0 (Gulp) I had pointed out that there was a […] Read more »

The Audit Bureau of Circulation in UK has taken a step towards including digital versions of magazines and newspapers in headline sales figu… Read more »

Well, it seems, people don’t like change…overwhelmingly, my readers did not like the name change to ContentTimes. Me, all I like is change… Read more »

Is AG headed for obsolescence? Unless it continues to evolve as fast as the digital media industry is, it will. “As long as companies such a… Read more »

“If use of the player drops, less content is developed for it, and fewer people buy the server. Breaking out of this cycle of declining mark… Read more »

The Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) has announced that from the end of this year it will be terminating its Internet streaming of radio p… Read more »

The fate of long-struggling digital media company iFilm may be determined today…the company will have a shareholder vote today on the prop… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 22, 2003

Taking a page out of’s Marc Benioff, Danny Shader, CEO, Good Technology has acquired a new habit: providing media with big picture outlook of his business guised as industry forecast: Hey, I am not complaining, but just pointing out the obvious. So here is what […] Read more »

Updated: In the spirit of the metaness of blogging, I present the list of round-up lists…below are look-backs at 2003 and predictions for… Read more »

(sub. req): Mythic Entertainment, a small developer of a popular online videogame is suing Microsoft for trademark infringement…the suit a… Read more »

Vodafone is to delay the introduction of a new OS developed by Microsoft, in a setback to the US software giant’s ambitions in the telecom i… Read more »

Read the post below and then read this: it all fits…AOL is aggressively striking partnerships with major news organizations and television… Read more »

Freemantle Media, the company that hit the motherlode with “Pop Idol” format, is developing a “World Idol” pitching the winners of its local… Read more »

Making sense of broadband bandwidth segmentation, consumption and QoS…a very interesting article on broadband issues…
“The broadband ISP… Read more »

A vanilla story on why streaming content/music may just win the day… Read more »

So says TW CEO Dick Parsons…”What AOL really needs is to create a new business model… I see AOL as a kind of wholesale supplier. They ad… Read more »

Could this be the first sign of troubles for the VoIP Cinderella story? TeleSym announced that it had fired its co-founders and is replacing them with a new chief executive. bq. TeleSym, a provider of software for VoIP over Wi-Fi, said founders Raju Gulabani and Karl […] Read more »

Is anyone interested in writing from CES (Jan 8-11, 2004, Las Vegas)? I am thinking of setting up a group blog with multiple contributors (o… Read more »

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