Stories for Oct. 29, 2003

InfoSpace has swung to a Q3 profit on higher revenue from its search and directory segment, topping most Wall Street expectations. It earned… Read more »

It is a curious move (see below), but if you think about it, it makes sense: from the looks of it, the information unit will be ad-driven, w… Read more »

Ten percent of Europe’s SMS traffic now comes from value-added services and content such as ringtones, quizzes, and mobile chat. The opportu… Read more »

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This is a curious move from MSN: it is splitting into two units, one to take control of Web communications while the other develops its info… Read more »

Napster is back, with an inescapable marketing campaign that’s put the familiar kitty-with-earphones everywhere, from Yahoo Mail boxes to st… Read more »

CanWest, which owns Canada’s biggest newspaper chain and the website, has provided more details of its previously-announced plan… Read more »

Update: Viewpoint PR told me that the deal is non-exclusive, so other companies can still license the technology. There are some standard re… Read more »

Many of you are aware that come November 24, 2003 and we will be free from the shackles of phone companies, who in my opinion have run rough shod over consumers for the longest time. Given that most of these guys are on very thin ice, […] Read more »

The pre-paid retail (card-based) channel might make sense for a lot of content providers, especially in the entertainment arena: Napster lau… Read more »

During the fiscal year ending June 30, PaymentOne had $27 million in revenue from all payment options, compared to $14 million the year befo… Read more »

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Tech publisher Ziff Davis’ online revenues increased by $1.9 million or 95.6 percent for Q3, 2003, due to “continued growth in consumer traf… Read more »

William Dean Singleton, CEO of MediaNews Group: “Bad content doesn’t get better just because it is on the screen,” he said. “It is time to a… Read more »

Why file-sharing Canadians have not been sued? A big reason for the lack of lawsuits against file swappers is Canada’s different legal syste… Read more »

Steve Outing does some big-picture thinking of what newspapers of the future should be doing…must-read for musty-heads… Read more »

Barry Parr on the economics of bundling…”Outside of monopoly markets, I don’t believe it’s possible to create a successful bundle that doe… Read more »

Tech guru Tim O’Reilly cites Apple’s iTunes Music Store as an example of how the company is leading a revolution in Net-enabled software…h… Read more »

Umm..that means soccer…AOL UK says it has scored a series of broadcast deals to bring football highlights to its broadband subscribers…… Read more »

Sandlot, one of the oldest sub. management companies, has been taken over by its VC firm Granite Capital Partners, and it has fired all the… Read more »

It is funny when clueless reporters come in and pass of open-secrets as news: Kagan has been on the block for some time now (and no one want… Read more »

Sandlot, one of the oldest sub. management companies, has been taken over by its VC firm Granite Capital Partners, and it has fired all the… Read more »

Chinese portal NetEase, shares of which have jumped 471 percent this year, said late Tuesday that sales from e-commerce and SMS 21 percent f… Read more »

Alex Salkever does some pin-pricking in the Friendster bubble, looking at the cultural factors why it may be a tough sell business. “Despite… Read more »

Quick Update: If interested, here is a little piece I did a while ago which pointed out the obvious, well at least that’s how it seems today. Here are excerpts: bq. The WLAN ÏswitchÓ vendors – and there are many (e.g. Airespace, Trapeze, Aruba, and at […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 28, 2003

(sub. req): “The more pertinent question is whether its business model will retain the lead…The biggest uncertainty is whether its focus o… Read more »

Must read: WSJ does a story on Nokia’s latest 7700, and wonders whether there’s a business model to beaming TV onto mobiles: “f consumers do… Read more »

A few days after Amazon debuted its book text search feature comes the news that Google is making the rounds of publishers as well, hoping t… Read more »

XM Satellite Radio has surpassed one million subscribers, reaching the milestone in less than two years since its national debut in in Nov.… Read more »

(sub. req.): FT does a story on Sony, following the announcement of the upheaval/restructuring at the company…The second meteorite [for So… Read more »

Hey, anyone at the Future of Money Summit? Want to send over your notes, or guest blog? Email me.. Read more »

Netomat, a rich-media web publishing company, has received $3 million in second round of financing. The round was led by Topspin Partners w… Read more »

In the wake of the telecom bust, if there is one market that has taken it on the chin, then it is the long haul optical gear market. Nortel, Lucent, Ciena and Sycamore Networks – all were rocked by a market that literally vanished into the […] Read more »

It’s official – more than one million products built with Bluetoothwireless technology are shipping per week, according to a press release issued by the Bluetooth Speical Interest Group. bq. “Bluetooth has hit a major milestone in its evolution as the technology enters the maturity stage of […] Read more » will this week launch a news alerts service to help drive new subscriptions, backed by a nationwide marketing campaign.
The tailored… Read more »

Sina, the Chinese Internet media company, has swung to a Q3 net profit on the back of healthy sales of advertising and data services on mobi… Read more »

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