Stories for Oct. 27, 2003

Business 2.0: Two years ago, the company received a rude wake-up call — revenues were shriveling, and its top customers were threatening revolt. Now the phone’s ringing again, but this time it’s opportunity on the line: Internet-based telephony has arrived, and so has Cisco’s chance to […] Read more »

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There, a new online computer game, which its creators say is more social and creative than other games of its kind, is expected to get its c… Read more »

The quarterly earnings data is in! A quick tabulation shows that the wireless industry is going through a mini-boom, and that just might be a harbinger of bad things to come. From Texas Instruments to RF Micro Devices to Nokia, to Cingular, AT&T and Sprint, everyone […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 26, 2003
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A nice overview of the present situation at InfoSpace, and how it is hinging on the mobile market to drive forward…
“One of the reasons In… Read more »

“Google recently brought in about 35 firms to pitch for the business and invited about a dozen back for more conversations. The company has… Read more »

It has been a long arduous journey but finally with the help of Mr. WebSpiffy, I have finally been able to come to what in all likelihood is going to be the final stop for my many weblogs. There are many reasons why I have gone […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 25, 2003

(Real Audio File): NewsHour with Jim Lehrer did a 7 minute segment on digital editions of newspapers, yesterday. Pretty balanced. Funny that… Read more »

Geekfishing Blog has a pretty snazzy round-up of download services. It is not complete but it is fairly elaborate in what it has. It misses out on EMusic, and Napster. Read more »

Nearly a year ago I had forecasted that Digital Video Recorder would become as common as a bottle of Asprin. It did not mean good things for TiVo, but there was a business model for a cheap DVR device. We might be on the money with […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 24, 2003

Well, MarketWatch is reporting that Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and CS First Boston are the likely candidates for the coveted lead underwr… Read more »

On public demand (!), I am starting coverage of Google’s IPO plans: broke it yesterday, and since then, all the hell broke loose. (if… Read more »

Google has bought the pay-per-click company Sprinks, from Primedia…the company also struck a deal with, also owned by Primedia,… Read more »

Read this one carefully….Microsoft wants to get inside your mobile phone, and Vodafone can help… Has Microsoft finally established a bea… Read more »

An interview with, well, me, in Media Life Magazine…besides the usual things you keep hearing from me on this site, I wanted to make a poi… Read more »

It may not be the safest place on the planet, but it surely is wired. Even though the tourism is pretty much dead in strife torn Jammu & Kashmir, there is now Wi-Fi available on Dal Lake, one of the prettiest places on the planet. bq. […] Read more »

The Chinese Net portal had Q3 profits of $2.67 million, compared with $112,000 in the year-ago quarter. Revenue surged almost three… Read more »

Microsoft reported that revenue at its MSN websites and online service rose 15 percent, to $491 million, and that MSN division had an operat… Read more »

Stories for Oct. 23, 2003

Is anyone going to the IFRA/WAN World Electronic Publishing Conference in Rome end of this month? I would be interested in some coverage and… Read more » on Thursday unveiled a new service that lets bookworms search through pages of thousands of books available on its online store..… Read more »

AT&T PrePaid Web Cents card, about which you heard here first (like, seriously, where else?!), has scored a heavy-hitter: Wal-Mart. These pr… Read more »

The two biggest telcos in Australia are upping the stakes on broadband, with Telstra hailing its V8 Supercar sports streams a success, while… Read more »

SoapCity, the online soaps download site from Sony, has added more classic soaps into its stable: episodes from the archives of “The Young a… Read more »

Comedy, film shorts and movie trailers are the latest additions to Sky’s paid-for broadband service. It has combined its news and sports bro… Read more »

More on the controversy you first heard about here: IAB and AOP in UK have differences on the road to any kind of merger or collaboration: A… Read more »

(Thanks, Robert) This is bound to get controversy in the coming days: MLB is attempting to protect its proprietary data and contending that… Read more »

EMI Group is in advanced talks to sell song downloads on legitimate P2P music service….EMI would make available over 100,000 tr… Read more »

If they want to hit home runs online, sports leagues need to focus on their exclusive content. Even then, they must carefully ration how muc… Read more »

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