Stories for Nov. 3, 2003

Gizmodo has this brilliant post. And if you are one of the bluetooth crazy people, then you are screwed. bq. Alberto Escalarte of CacheOp alerts us to the new practice of “bluejacking,” which involves using Bluetooth to surreptitiously send messages to strangers:[U]sing a phone with Bluetooth, […] Read more »

The New York Times has an interesting article about E. Biscom and its fiber to the home project and how it is competing against the newer ADSL technologies of Telecom Italia. bq. E.Biscom’s fiber rollout has achieved a measure of success, capturing a 20 percent share […] Read more »

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Stories for Nov. 2, 2003

This seems to be new: Time magazine has started a weblog by its political/war columnist Tony Karon…
Other major magazines which have alrea… Read more »

The iTunes service is one of the first truly useful examples of digital micropayments, according to Gillmor…”[I]ncreasingly, I can envisio… Read more »

Massively Corrupt Institution is out of bankruptcy, thanks to the largesse of the justice system. It committed a $10 billion-plus fraud and did no time – Kobe Bryant, take note, for the justice system does not go after people with powerful friends and tons of money. […] Read more »’s new book-searching feature no longer allows users to print pages from within books, according to Author’s Guild, soothing auth… Read more »

Longtime MediaPost editor Masha Geller is joining MarketingWonk, the trade blog on online marketing…she’ll be the managing editor there. Read more »

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Stories for Nov. 1, 2003

* Blame Harry Potter for N-gage and other bad Nokia designs * Falling in love with (Samsung) e-105 * MCI out of bankruptcy * Killing WLNP, one lawsuit at a time. * Next Season on the Sopranos * AT&T, BellSouth wedding off … maybe * Net2Phone+IDT […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 31, 2003

I am getting sick of this…
This time Friendster spurned a $30 million takeover bid by Google…hey, if any of you had listened to my advic… Read more »

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, much lauded in press last week, has run afoul of music companies: Loudeye, the company supplying… Read more »

So Yahoo has decided to solely be a media company and a media company alone: it is shuttering its enterprise software division and has laid… Read more »

N-gage, the new 7700 and more recent color-disasters – anyone else perturbed by the recent spate of bad designs from Nokia? Well since I am really bothered by these dysfunctional and not that interesting phones, I have been trying to figure out why Nokia has somehow […] Read more »

There is a special reason why in less than five years Samsung have become the third largest handset maker in the world – the Korean giant knows how to build great phones, which not only look good, but also perform better than their rivals. While the […] Read more »

If you are rich, contribute enough politically and trot forward the bogeyman that your company is vital to national interest, then you can easily overcome the odds of committing a $10 billion fraud. Well that is if you are Massively Corrupt Institution, oops I meant MCI, […] Read more » expands on my reasoning of why Yahoo’s Platinum video offering was a dud: their sports offering were anemic, at best. Even with… Read more »

As Nokia launches its Nokia 7700, and with it the Series 90 platform, the story ponders on whether Nokia’s plan to merge mobility and media… Read more »

This morning I read a report on how AT&T and Cingular are planning to choke the WLNP. bq. The reluctance of senators to support a delay in WLNP became apparent just as a federal appeals court Wednesday afternoon rejected a plea from AT&T Wireless Services Inc. […] Read more »

Techdirt Corporate Intelligence: Techdirt Wireless has a lot of links to the wireless number portability stuff, mostly good. This article which obviously was planted by an anti-number portability carrier, says TechDirt. Here in another one on WLNP Showdown and WLNP Delays Rumored. Here is a link […] Read more »

Microsoft – desperate to capture a slice of the popular and ad-generating search business – approached Google within the last two months to… Read more »

Mark Glaser gives us details of Canwest’s recent announcement to offer the most content online to print newspaper subscribers, with plans fo… Read more »

Stories for Oct. 30, 2003

RNWK’s CEO Rob Glaser on the state of online music…a comprehensive interview…

— RealNetworks Reports 250,000 Subscribers For Its Music… Read more »

“But streaming media can only thrive if there one standard. It is now time to put an end to the ‘click here to view with this, that or the o… Read more »

The change will not only reduce the effectiveness of rich media advertising, but also could cause confusion and distress to consumers who ma… Read more »

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