Stories for Jan. 14, 2004

That’s me talking to Vin Crosbie, on the trends in premium content over the last year, the the inability of the digital media industry to se… Read more »

Apple is learning a new lesson: how to live under the microscope. Thanks to the massively popular original IPod, the Cupertino coolio now is now under relentless scrutiny when it comes to anything that is related to digital music. Not surprisingly, the company announced its new […] Read more »

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Business 2.0 is the latest magazine to laynch a blog…seems like a decent effort…I think this is the first magazine with the Time Inc sta… Read more »

As Yogi Berra says, its like deja vu all over again. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Cingular and AT&T Wireless are in serious merger talks, and are likely to spark off a massive wave of consolidation in the wireless industry. Expectedly all parties have […] Read more »

An interview with Lisa Gurry, MSN Group Product Manager on the challenges facing MSN – present and future.
Q. Will customers from ISPs such… Read more »

This is Microsoft, on recent HP-Apple deal. “Windows is about choice – you can mix and match software and music player stuff,” Dave Fester,… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 13, 2004

HP’s recently announced deal at CES with Apple to sell HP-branded iPods does not mean that it intends to extend support of Microsoft’s WMA a… Read more »

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Yahoo and Chinese Web portal Sina have agreed to set up an Internet-based auctions service in China.
The two said in a statement that the a… Read more »

MP3 player manufacturers, including Apple Computer, Dell and Hewlett-Packard, are challenging a recent regulatory ruling in Canada that woul… Read more »’s content will now be pushed onto Blackberrys…the site’s using Outercurve’s InfoEdge delivery service. Read more »

Fox News has become the latest major media outlet to offer streaming video clips of its TV programs for free on the Web…the site lets visi… Read more »

Well, after yesterday’s report that the ringtone market has flattened and will decline soon, comes another report that sales of ringtones la… Read more »

This one is from the archives! Boston made me eat my words, much respect for how they won, but I don’t love them. – Om Roger Clemens is back, and he is going to pitch for Houston Astros, with his buddy, Andy Petite. Wells wagged his […] Read more »

GigaOM, the weblog is now one year old. It went live in its current form exactly a year ago! Read more »

Business 2.0 makes a strong case for IPod Mini and uses pure math to prove that there is no limit to Jobseonian economics. Read more »

Bill Gurley is like Intel, he is everywhere. And like Intel, he talks too much…errr, he writes too much. Here is his latest, at Always On Network, interestingly called, Predicting the Unpredicatable.It is a column, pretty much about nothing. bq. The second reason to shy away […] Read more »

Yesterday there was news of Chinese going on a telecom shopping spree with nearly $2 billion in their wallets. Well looks like Motorola will be selling wireless equipment – worth more than $1 billion – with wireless operators China Unicom and China Mobile. No more details […] Read more »

Level 3 Communications has started selling low cost cost VoIP toll-free calling across the U.S, according to this report. The company is offering this service in partnership which Raindance, and is leveraging its big fiber infrastructure, and billions it spent on softswitches, gateways etc. This is […] Read more »

Yahoo is gauging demand for new instant messaging features that would allow people to listen to music while chatting, or manage a single add… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 12, 2004

The launch of Napster’s online music service for Penn State students generated about 100,000 downloads or streaming-audio requests Monday, t… Read more »

Increasingly, Macromedia’s Flash has surfaced as an alternative platform for streaming video and rich content development…If the incumbent… Read more »

Dell copies IPod, Microsoft rips off the whole OS, others steal their laptop designs, and now they are ripping off names. I mean people who are stealing ideas from Apple. Here is a perfect example – WinExpose. Here is what Apple did with its Expose! To […] Read more »

From this morning’s San Jose Mercury News, I learned that HP CEO Carly Forina brought out the stars – Ben Affleck (also known as Ben Lopez), and some random B-listers. bq. In between all the celebrity razzle dazzle, there was one genuine piece of news: HP […] Read more »

The latest phenomenon in the Netherlands, the mobile soap opera, is set to hit the UK market in the next few months. The show ‘Jong Zuid’, o… Read more »

A very interesting story on Wildseed, a company which develops intelligent faceplates for mobile phones, aimed at the teen market…
The co… Read more »

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