Stories for Jan. 20, 2004

Consider this a public service announcement – there is a high incidence of ATM Card scams going around and this is how they do it. The bastards are so slick that you would not even know that you have been hacked. And the banks, they are […] Read more »

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BBC Online’s Ian Hardy has a good round-up about the future of television, with a quick if sentimental look at television’s past. Reporting from the floor of CES, the Beeb is taking a look at the changes which are coming as a TV goes digital. Read more »

(by guest writer Romona Paden, at Sundance) : Movie stars and film industry executives aren�t the only ones making an appearance at thi… Read more »

(by guest writer Romona Paden, at Sundance) : Four years ago Robert Redford�s annual Sundance Film Festival, based in Park City, Utah s… Read more »

Well, you decide…these content cards haven’t really gained much ground except perhaps in the video games market….now UK retailers Phones… Read more »

(PDF Download): This is perhaps the most comprehensive study done on the digital editions of newspapers and other print publications. The re… Read more »

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Coca-Cola’s new music site, launched yesterday, has been down since the launch, due to technical glitches…
Even when the site was up and r… Read more »

The Newspaper Association of America presented its Digital Edge Awards to the best online newspaper projects on Monday at the Connections 20… Read more »

With little incentive to prosecute and few primary publishers of institutional content making noises about digital rights, these publishers… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 19, 2004

Online publishers play a major role in determining the impact of Microsoft’s decision on user experience and ad effectiveness. Many seem unf… Read more »

A rich media technology company has launched a pop-up blocker alternative that assures advertisers of a viewable impression even if their po… Read more »

(sub. req.): “Ads are a small price to pay for free content; in some cases they may even enhance, rather than spoil, the digital experience.… Read more »

Sprint has launched a multi-media app. for its wireless users, through which they can get up-to-the-minute election results and complete cov… Read more »

I know I know – it is like poking a rattle snake with your foot. But I am feeling feisty this morning. Now that Esther Dyson doesn’t really have anything to say about anything (smart guy in her company is doing his own thing), she has […] Read more »

Multiplayer game worlds such as EverQuest and The Sims Online look set to generate more than $1bn for the first time in 2004. According to a… Read more »

From the ever-informative Outsell Inc’s weekly e-mail newsletter, comes the news that KeepMedia is now positioning itself as the “online med… Read more »

If you’re buying into the online music services hype, well, think again: A hornet’s nest of performance and publishing copyright laws, marke… Read more »

More than a dozen media sites, including MSN, ESPN, Lycos and iVillage, will run full-motion video commercials from Pepsi, AT&T, Honda, Vona… Read more »

A year ago it would have been impossible to read a story about VoIP in a major news daily forget about smaller town and city newspapers. Star Telegram has this interesting little piece about VoIP and how is is spreading in smaller towns where people are […] Read more »

A bunch of economics and political science departments at Brigham Young University say that Provo, Utah should not get into the business of providing broadband services to their citizens and leave high speed Internet access to the professionals. bq. If faced with the full cost, it […] Read more »

The larger Web publishers…have reduced use of pop-up and pop-under ads. At Sportsline, pop-ups represented 5 to 10 percent of its ad reven… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 18, 2004

I am sure all of you have watched the SBC ad promoting its DSL technology, you know the one which goes something like “…. twenty five years ago an idea was planted to transmit photo, and data over the Internet ….” blah blah! The ad pans […] Read more »

Rob Pegoraro of WaPo doesn’t like the new RealPlayer too much…way too many promotional gimmicks, with no thought of usability–that is wha… Read more »

Among them, eDiets, which is pushing its subscription diet plans…Last year, eDiets spent $23 million, or about two-thirds of its annual ex… Read more »

Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group are the latest players in Sprint PCS Vision’s blossoming Music Tones business. UMG and WMG are… Read more »

As if P2P wasn’t disruptive enough, all of them are planning to be interoperable, promising to improve the efficiency of peer-to-peer search… Read more »

Well, so much for that: “RealNetworks did not reverse engineer, and therefore RealPlayer 10 does not circumvent, these or any other DRM sche… Read more »

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