Stories for Aug. 26, 2014

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Many journalists probably see Reddit as an internet sideshow filled with nerds discussing video games, but GM Erik Martin makes the point that it’s also a great way to find people who care about the stories journalists are writing about, and that’s a useful resource Read more »

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Eyefi, the company that lets you pop a Wi-Fi enabled SD card into a traditional DSLR camera, has built an If This Then That integration that will make it easier to dictate how and where photos are shared. Pics taken from the DSLR get sent to the Eyefi cloud, where a user can then add tags that will trigger the IFTTT recipe. So one might tag a photo #social, and the recipe would share it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It apparently works in reverse too. If you want to get a snapshot from your smartphone into the Eyefi cloud just tag it #eyefi (or whatever) on Instagram and it gets stored in the Eyefi cloud.

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Stories for Aug. 25, 2014
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Google apps on mobiles
photo: Google

Google updated two of its Google Apps for iOS on Monday while also adding a third new title. Docs and Sheets get the updates that the Android versions gained in June: The ability to open Microsoft Office docs and spreadsheets. Google Slides is new for iOS, bringing an option to create presentations on Apple iPhones and iPads. It too has Office compatibility support. Google’s strong support for iOS continues to make it very easy to use Google services, even if you prefer Apple’s hardware: One reason I’ll very likely I’ll buy a new iPhone later this year to complement my Android handset.

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San Francisco-based IoT startup Aether Things is now ready to ship its connected loudspeaker after initially delaying shipments in July. The Cone, as the speaker is called, is for now only available to paying subscribers of Rdio’s music service, but there’s a twist: Rdio subscribers will get $5 off their Cone for every month they’ve paid for the music service, up to a total of $180 of discounts off the $400 sticker price of a Cone. There’s still no word yet on when Aether’s Cone will support additional services, or ship to folks not subscribing to Rdio.

In Brief

As Sprint tinkers with its family plans to encourage prepaid customers to go postpaid, T-Mobile is tweaking its entry-level prepaid plan. The barebones $40 Simple Starter plan is a good deal for light data users, but its 500MB cap means it wasn’t an option for many. On Monday, T-Mobile announced a $5 add-on which brings the LTE data cap up to a more reasonable 2GB. After that’s used up, your data gets shut off unless you buy a one-day 500MB bucket for $5 or a seven-day 1GB plan for $10. T-Mobile warns the plan is subject to change, and it will be available starting on September 3.

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