Stories for Apr. 13, 2014
Stories for Apr. 12, 2014

Recently, Google and Amazon enhanced their networking options, getting a potential leg up in the four-way performance competition between cloud providers. But how do they compare with Rackspace and Softlayer? David Mytton puts all four through their paces to see which service really comes out ahead. Read more »

Video data holds a treasure trove of marketing data, yet few companies know how to gather and analyze that data in a smart way. Now that the tools are available and more accessible, more companies can analyze this data to better understand their sales and marketing numbers. Read more »

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After contributing to standards organizations for more than seven years, engineer Vidya Narayanan decided it was time to move on. Although she still believes that these organizations make the Internet a better place, she wonders about the pace of change versus the pace of organizations. Read more »

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New Gilded age, return of the Mad Men, David Letterman’s last great moment, Kevin Kelly, Bill Gross, fraught life of a Raiderette and beyond quantum computing — that’s what’s on the menu this weekend. Read more »

Stories for Apr. 11, 2014
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Aereo has plans to expand to 50 cities within the next 18 months if it wins its Supreme Court case, reports the Houston Chronicle, which recently got a tour of the Aereo facility there. The company is still keeping mum on current subscriber numbers, but CEO Chet Kanojia told the Chronicle that it’s already profitable in Houston, where it has hardware to serve up to 40,000 subscribers. Aereo has to defend itself in front of the Supreme Court in two weeks.

In Brief

Chromecast owners just got a few more ways to beam audio to the big screen: Player FM, a podcast app and cloud service that we previously covered on Gigaom, added Chromecast support to its Android app Friday. Also now Chromecast-capable is Rocket Music, an Android music player that includes features like an equalizer and lyrics viewing. Don’t want to listen to your podcasts or music on your TV? Then you can always turn Chromecast into a networked audio player.

In Brief

Woohoo! SmartThings has added support for TCP Lighting, Quirky Pivot Power Genius, and my personal favorite, the ecobee thermostat. This will allow people who currently use apps to control these devices to control them through the SmartThings app, cutting down the number of places you have to go to control your home and giving users a way to set automation plans that incorporate the newly supported gadgets. I’m excited because I’ll now be able to program an away mode that will lower my thermostats, cut my lights off, lock my doors and shut my blinds.

In Brief

According to Dan Primack’s email newsletter Kleiner Perkins greentech-focused Partner Amol Deshpande appears to have launched a startup called the Farmer’s Business Network. Here’s the SEC filing for it, which shows it’s raised $4.6 million (or a $6 million round) and the company’s headquarters are in Kleiner’s offices in Menlo Park. Deshpande is listed as President and CEO.

Making agriculture more efficient through IT, as well as genetics, is a hot area for investment, while traditional “cleantech” has continued to decline. Deshpande lists on his bio that he’s worked on waste energy company Harvest Power, veggie protein startup Beyond Meat, and “a stealth agricultural company,” among others.

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To take full advantage of what data analytics can offer and integrate data into every decision process, businesses must put flexible tools directly in the hands of operations. This webinar will evaluate the challenges to and potential for creating predictive data tools and making those tools available and useful to knowledge workers. Read more »

Stories for Apr. 10, 2014
In Brief

The Senate passed an amended version of the Data Accountability and Transparency (or DATA) Act on Thursday, nearly five months after the House passed its version 388-1 in November. The bill standardizes the process, platforms and formats in which federal agencies report how they spend their money. The bill had strong bipartisan support but faced opposition from the Office of Management and Budget. It could be a coup for certain technology vendors, including supporter Teradata, which stand to win more government deals as all that data becomes easier to store and analyze using commercial software.

In Brief

Twitter announced Thursday that it will roll out new web notifications for its online platform slowly over the coming weeks. If a user is logged in on Twitter’s website and receives a follow, favorite, reply, retweet or direct message, an interactive pop-up window will appear in the lower right-hand corner. Users can opt out or adjust the notifications in the platform’s Settings section. By adding notifications to the newly revamped profile pages, Twitter is clearly interested in making its native platform the place to be in an attempt to lure users away from more efficient third-party systems.

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