Stories for Sep. 19, 2004

(reg. req.): Former Academy of Television Arts and Sciences chairman Bryce Zabel wrote this surprisingly strong essay on TV, and some great… Read more »

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Daniel Berninger, an old friend, a seriously smart guy and VoIP guru of sorts, and more recently senior analyst, for Tier1 Research, has been a great man to bounce ideas off. He and I have chatted about many things, and each time I come away learning […] Read more »

Andy points to a new VoIP P2P service called DingoTel which from the looks of it is taking a crack at Skype’s business. Apparently it is a server less model, and is seemingly better than Skype. The DingoTel™ Network allows users to connect directly to one […] Read more »

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The upside of weekends is that one gets to indulge in spring cleaning. Upset at th Yankees loss Friday night, I cleaned the apartment furiously. The place is shining given that Yanks have made losing a habit. I also stayed up and cleaned digital house, and […] Read more »

Bjørn Hansen points out that ISP Speakeasy has started to offer VoIP service. I guess since they are a Covad reseller, it was only a matter of time. Andy says it is Level 3 they are reselling as VoIP provider. The Speakeasy support phone number have […] Read more »

US News & World Report: You know this wifi thing is getting close to the end of the wi-fi cycle when magazines like USNWR start writing about it. Big article on why more and more cities are trying to enable broadband connectivity using WiFi. The story […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 18, 2004

Manage online marketing & budget for all Mattel brands. Brands include but are not limited to: Barbie, Hot Wheels, My Scene, Polly Pocket, E… Read more »

:As Walt Disney begins its search for a new CEO by 2006, Yahoo CEO Terry Semel has emerged among Hollywood insiders as a top contender, repo… Read more »

Andrew Burke has been thinking about the evolution of mobile devices and has “developed” a conceptual operating system called the Savi OS. Taking a cue from the Notepad function on the Apple Newton, Andrew is expanding that functionality to adapt it to modern devices. While it’s […] Read more »

Two Days To A Manic Monday The upside of weekends is that one gets to indulge in spring cleaning. Upset at th Yankees loss last night, I cleaned the apartment furiously. The place is shining given that Yanks have made losing a habit. I also stayed […] Read more »

For F*ck Sake, VoIP The Movie. Techdirt rants as well and adds, “an advertising campaign for VoIP that involves a series of movie trailers about “VoIP: The Movie” which are designed to look like trailers from a thriller movie” Lure of the Virtual Numbers: Aswath writes, […] Read more »

Come on Baby Light my Fire: FireFox that is! Politics of WiFi in Redwood City: Chris Nolan writes in EWeek about WiFi and how technology is reshaping the politics of Redwood City. “Back in 1999 … it was a dusty little out-of-the way county seat with […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 17, 2004

Over on VoIPDaily, I posted this item about VoicePulse carrying nearly 20 Million VoIP Minutes Using IAX2 Protocol. IAX2 stands for the Inter-Asterisk Exchange (IAX) protocol. It is used as a primary protocol for Asterisk, the open source PBX developed by Digium. IAX is used on […] Read more »

8X8 shares surge after distro deal VoicePulse: 20 Million Minutes Using IAX2 Packet8 VoIP Now Available At Ingram Micro, Navarre Comcast Adopting AT&T For VoIP? Read more »

I love to read and have probably bought several hundred ebooks over the last two or three years. I switched totally over to ebooks back on the Palm Xv and have never gone back to paper books. The convenience of carrying over 50 books around in […] Read more »

So they claim…after shedding its software arm and becoming a digital music pureplay…Gorog believes there will eventually be five leading… Read more »

Sure it took a long time, but it did happen. The broadband penetration is growing at speed which makes everything else look puny. (okay take wireless adoption out of the equation.) Point Topic reports that globally broadband lines have galloped past 123 million. The number of […] Read more »

San Diego, Phoenix and Detroit are the top three broadband enabled cities in the United States, according to Nielsen-Net Ratings. The results are surprising. The so called technology and commercial hubs are pretty low down in the list: New York is #4, San Francisco is #8 […] Read more »

Just when you think that the worst is over at WorldCon, here comes another does of bad news: SEC is investigating the creditors committee and has subpoenaed members of committee in the bankruptcy case of the former WorldCom. The Wall Street Journal reports that SEC has […] Read more »

Hudson Entertainment has called on Reaxion to enable the wireless delivery of The Source magazine to wireless customers. As part of the deal… Read more »

Jerry Roest, CEO of mobile music recognition company Shazam Entertainment writes about making mobile content genuinely interactive…”What i… Read more »

In Malaysia, mobile video serviecs arre taking off: for telco Maxis, 98,000 subscribers have signed up for its video streaming service so f… Read more »

Flat-rate data pricing, snazzy phones and an insatiable consumer appetite for high-tech services, are all contributing to Japan’s mobile int… Read more »

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