Stories for Sep. 27, 2004

A report following the Mobile Commerce World conference held in London last week: Disney plans to launch “Disney Town” to sell merchandise f… Read more »

A great overview of the bandwidth issues surrouding RSS, which have cropped up recently: RSS bottlenecks are the early indicators of busines… Read more »

Stories for Sep. 26, 2004

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Daily digital music related stories, in a convenient wrap-up.
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— Bertelsmann’s Latest Tune: (sub. req.): CEO… Read more »

What should RealNetworks do now? Mark Cuban wants it to stick to digital media subscription services…
Ted Cohen, senior VP for digital dev… Read more »

The age-old story: the founder wants more money to expand the franchise, but doesn’t want to give up control… Read more »

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Four good stories on DRM, on Indicare website…
— An introduction to Privacy Rights Management: Combine DRM and privacy, simple…
— Righ… Read more »

A brilliant essay by James Poniewozik…”We are the America of the iPod ads — stark, black silhouettes tethered by our brilliant white earb… Read more »

Moreover Technologies has relauched it complimentary RSS news feed service, though this time it is ad-supported…The company now plans to m… Read more »

Some spirited discussions going on the Pho List: here’s Mark Cuban’s take on music piracy: “Piracy as the #1 enemy of the music business is… Read more »

Web 2.0 is only a week away. I have spent the entire weekend trying to prepare for my panel, Telephone as the new platform. We have some serious power hitters for this panel, and we hope to debate about the future of telephone, and how IP […] Read more »

The Seattle Times: “When someone heard I was in telecom, they’d ask what they should buy to invest” in Internet phone calling, said Van Cullens, president and chief executive of Westell Technologies, of a trip back to his hometown in Georgia. “It’s a hot topic.” It […] Read more »

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts is under the microscope over the Wall Street Journal. When asked if telephony could be the next big revenue opportunity for his company, he hedged a bit. No one knows at this moment. Some would say it’s merely an application running on […] Read more »

Heroin withdrawal. Cocaine withdrawal. Caffeine withdrawal. And now there’s Internet withdrawal. Bluetooth will get you laid MSN TV lives, will be reborn on October 5, 2004 Nortel’s South Korea connection. More like a Joint Venture with LG VoIP for barbie Location based services, over-hyped or under […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 25, 2004

Joe Kraus has a wonderful tale about his first meeting with venture capitalist Vinod Khosla of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; how he gave Excite the money to buy the biggest hard drive, and how he forced them to bet big on buying a search button […] Read more »

From the “gadgets that actually make sense” category comes advance word about a Bluetooth-enabled motorcycle helmet that will be available soon. Momodesign, a manufacturer of artistic motorcycle helmets, announced a Bluetooth helmet will be available early next year.The HS830 Bluetooth Helmet Headset will allow riders to […] Read more »

Alex did what eWeek didn’t: he called Microserf David Proctor on his double talk! eWeek caught up with David Proctor, hardware lead for the Microsoft Portable Media Center, who predicts that in two years the “Portable Media Players will come equipped with 125GB of data storage […] Read more »

WiFiNetworking News is reporting that French independent, Altitude Telecom, the only owner of a nationwide 3.5 Ghz license in France, plans to use Alvarion gear to build a broadband wireless network in the country. It is a proprietary technology, like most fixed wireless hardware vendors. France […] Read more »

Techdirt has a posting on how the recent increases in the UNE-P charges is going to give VoIP a boost. Their reasoning is that since California regulators are letting SBC charge $2.60 more per line it sells to its competitors, it would result in people moving […] Read more »

Thomas Hall, Former Qwest has pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor count of falsifying documents, ending the first criminal case stemming from a federal investigation of the company. His cooperation resulted in prosecutors dropping three counts of wire fraud and one count of securities fraud. Hall […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 24, 2004

Anil turned me on to Dan Wood, the programmer behind Watson utility and Karelia Software. Apparently, Sun which has bought his company for an undisclosed amount of money is mothballing the product. I feel for Wood, who worked really hard on the software, which was mercilessly […] Read more »

Associated Press, one of the oldest and biggest news organizations in the country, is looking into using blogging on local community level..… Read more »

Chinese mobile content provider Mtone is slashing a third of its current staff…The company admitted that the staff cut is directly related… Read more »

Welcome To Broadband City – Business Week jumps on the Metro Nets bandwagon and pens in my opinion a full bodied piece. New technologies — which extend the range of wireless broadband from Wi-Fi’s cafe scale to metro-size — can cost a fraction of what competing […] Read more »

Nextel CEO Tim Donahue has started make polite noises about the spectrum swap. He pointed out that Nextel had some minor quibbles with FCC’s decision and those can be “fine-tuned” through an erratum.  Fine tuned means that FCC doesn’t have to go for lengthy public hearings and […] Read more »

The mirroring of movie downloaders along the line of online music downloaders not that big a deal…nothing revelatory about it.
The market… Read more »

Cable industry is betting on gaming as a broadband boost…Armed with high-speed pipes and a gaming-friendly PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM) a… Read more »

(sub. req.): An interview with Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, folliwing the recent deal with Sony and others to acquire MGM.
“The Sony/MGM… Read more »

A fascinating story about research developments in file sharing for academics..Researchers at Penn State are keeping developing and open-sou… Read more »

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