Stories for Oct. 14, 2004

UK yellow pages company Yell has launched a new mobile service giving users access to’s business information on shops from their mo… Read more »

UK operator O2 has partnered with digital media firm Buongiorno to provide its customers with a mobile Internet service, aimed at providing… Read more »

PlanetOut, the GLBT-focused media and communication portal company, debuted on Nasdaq today…it priced 4.65 million shares at the low end o… Read more »

Upcoming Events has relaunched its site, but in a small way, for now… is now a portal for subscribers to access many of its service’s featu… Read more »

Google rolled out a preliminary version of its new desktop search allows users to search e-mail in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Ex… Read more »

Google unleashed the desktop beta on the world today. And as expected there is a huge furor around it. Since I am using Windows XP for a few days, I put it to test against Blinkx. My tests, admittedly very unscientific, show that Blinkx is a […] Read more »

Folks at SBC are pretty kicked about the whole fiber decision thing. Following the extension of monopolistic situation, SBC says it will dramatically accelerate its plans to build a new fiber-optics network, reaching 18 million homes in two to three years, rather than five years as […] Read more »

Nokia’s 3Q is one of those good news, bad news type scenarios. “The company beat Rev/EPS expectations and guided above Rev/EPS for next quarter,” writes Loop Capital and adds, “Nokia shipped a whopping 158M units shipped (industry) for the current quarter. Looking ahead, Nokia estimates 630 […] Read more »

FCC’s decision to extend monopolistic control over the last mile has The Consumer Federation of America and Consumers Union all riled up. They are worried that lack of competition will only increase prices, limit choices, and result in slower innovation. “The FCC today took our country […] Read more »

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(an open request to OEMs and Microsoft)Tablet PC users get it. They have experienced first hand how a well designed Tablet PC can enhance their daily productivity. The ability to use ink intelligently in most programs can be a big time saver and allow the creative […] Read more »

A man in Rhode Island can use his computer to open his email, control a TV, and play Pong. If this sounds pretty basic it takes on new meaning when you realize the man is a 25 year old quadriplegic using only his mind to accomplish […] Read more »

For the next generation of web users, the real Web 2.0, RSS and email don’t mean anything. Its all IM all the time. I think this should be a reminder for the folks at AOL that their single biggest asset is the AIM client, not some […] Read more »

Craigslist’s success in the local space has many wondering how do we cash in! Google and Yahoo have new and improved local editions, which means I don’t ever have to use Citysearch ever again. Next up, Yelp, a new start-up, that has been bankrolled and mentored […] Read more »

Into the ranks of the portals, with its relaunch of…that’s the big question. “By fishing for ad dollars on a non-subcription site,… Read more »

“If Apple licenses FairPlay, it could sacrifice some sales and profits from its iPod line in the near term. But over the long haul, sowing t… Read more »

Daily digital music related stories, in a convenient wrap-up.
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— Music service Puretracks opens up shop in U… Read more »

The keitai has become a social necessity in Japan, with one-in-three Japanese signing up for a service to use their cell phones to send e-ma… Read more »

This is perhaps the most open mobile music service till now: KDDI, Japan’s second biggest telecoms company, is to launch a full song mobile… Read more »

The convergence of mobile phones and the Internet has been a slow fizzle due to high costs and slow take-up. Pay-back time may be nigh..a go… Read more »

“If 24-hour connectivity is useful and fun for customers, it means 24-hour revenues for operators, developers and service providers. Multi-m… Read more »

The Times UK has a special section this week on the rapidly developing world of mobile technology and biometrics…some good stories..some a… Read more »

An admission from Sony, finally: they sucked, and still do. The company’s digital music service Sony Connect will undergo major improvements… Read more »

Stories for Oct. 13, 2004

Targeted advertising on TV is getting major interest from VCs now…Most cable operators plan to make household-level TV advertising availab… Read more »

Tony Soprano, move over. For there is no one who can issue threats like the Broadbandit Bernie Ebbers. According to Associated Press, WorldCon’s ex-CEO and bankrupter-in-chief is looking for a reimbursement from the company for his millions of dollars in legal bills. This came to light […] Read more »

Intel reported its earnings yesterday, and while most of the media reported that it was not such a bad quarter, I don’t think there is much good news left for this company. As Businessweek earlier pointed out that things are getting increasingly tougher for Intel, and […] Read more »

Apple’s just reported its Q3 numbers: it had a net profit of $106 million, compared to a net profit of $44 million in the year-ago quarter.… Read more »

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