Stories for Jul. 20, 2004

I’ll be at two conferences this week: the first one, on Wednesday, is iWirelessWorld here in LA, and then in SF on Friday for the BlogOn soc… Read more »

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Stories for Jul. 19, 2004

Includes a subscription service for “heavy users of the Monitor website”..what does that mean? Read more »

Also in the latest issue of B2B’s Media Business magazine (download here): a story on TechTarget, the B2B tech media company which received… Read more »

Another story in the latest issue of B2B’s Media Business magazine (download here) (on page 16): In a curious move, Reed Business Informatio… Read more »

The latest issue of B2B’s Media Business magazine has some good stories…download the PDF here.
Among them, a story on how B2B media compan… Read more »

Trying to converge all the digital media scattered around the home is not easy…
A few different startups are tying to integrate all of a u… Read more »

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Digital media companies are beginning to court the universities with some ferocity: As part of a pilot program, Duke University has teamed u… Read more »

Well, not exactly, but the experience is addictive, according to a new study by Comscore. The study revealed that an average of 4.7 million… Read more »

Rava Ideologie Inc. is a game developer currently looking for a Licensing Manager for current and future developed games for the North Ameri… Read more »

The NY Daily News is seeking an experienced, motivated executive to manage internet operations, sales, and marketing of a highly visible new… Read more »

BtoB magazine has released its list of top B2B media and services’ top executives…
Among them, Jim Spanfeller, CEO of…The CEO… Read more »

(reg. req.): BBC new media director Ashley Highfield has revealed that the corporation could launch its own low cost broadband service, just… Read more »

A reader of mine passed me the tip on Blockbuster’s upcoming online DVD rental service’s beta website. Check the beta website here…
Hackin… Read more »

By now most of you must be sick of the whole BlinkX thing. Still there are some updates, I thought I should share with you. For instance there is a big story on them in The Daily Telegraph today. They got SlashDotted. Venture Wire Professional has […] Read more »

Globix, back from the dead is now merging with Neon Communications of Westboro, MA. As a result of the merger, Globix doubles its size with respect to employees and revenue while acquiring a fiber-optic network footprint that spans the Washington/Boston corridor, complementing its already-impressive global backbone. […] Read more »

Nearly a third of the US workforce, or 44 million individuals, is expected to regularly work at home on at least a part-time basis in 2004 reports In-Stat/MDR. And in order to do so, they need Broadband connections. “Telecommuters are an important, and growing broadband audience, […] Read more »

Who needs fuel cells? No really! Strategy Analytics predicts that the market for battery cells will exceed US$9 billion by 2010 driven by the growing demand for portable devices, however, the demand for small form factor fuel cells will be disappointing. More efficient power usage will […] Read more » Bay Area residents can take a free Wi-Fi guide on their IPOD. Download from here. AT&T has failed to sell its take in Canadian wireless company, Rogers Wireless. ATTWS refused a $1.15 billion offer from Rogers Communications, the company that owns a majority stake in […] Read more »

I have known Tony Perkins for a longtime, and consider him a friend. I worked for him, enjoyed his wit and loved reading his column. Infact, I have been one of the biggest supporters of Always On Network. Perhaps that is what makes it difficult to […] Read more »

Business Week magazine has a piece on Reliance and Tata VSNL buying Tyco Global Network. The reveal that some other players like Trinity Ventures also took a look at the company. Pivotal Private Equity is another name that has cropped up in the article. Incidentally I […] Read more »

What Netflix needs to do to survive against competition: “Open up. Google did it, Amazon did, Apple did it, Netflix Read more »

This morning LG Electronics reported its earnings and as expected they beat expecations, mostly due to strength in the LCD and cell phone handset markets. For the second quarter net income was about $427 million. While the company had forecast total handset sales of about 12 […] Read more »

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