Stories for Sep. 28, 2004

Well, Nokia has finally convinced a second station to carry its visual radio interactive-radio-through-mobiles technology. Virgin Radio aim… Read more »

Stories for Sep. 27, 2004

(via LAObserved): The much-hyped is not working: Los Angeles Newspaper Group has laid off its top managers, including manager Lynda K… Read more »

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For our next ContentNext series of guest blogs/interviews, I’m very pleased to introduce Don Katz, the CEO of Audible, a company I’ve admire… Read more »

A review of the upcoming MSN TV’s new version…here’s the verdict: “If you want a decent all-around internet-capable machine and you don’t… Read more »

A new technology capable of storing the equivalent of 100 DVDs on a single DVD-sized disc has been unveiled by researchers from London’s Imp… Read more »

Just an audio rant about the Digital Hollywood conference…way too chaotic to cover with any semblance of journalism…I walked up to the P… Read more »

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According to this story, The Washington Post Company is said to be close to buying Slate. The New York Times took a look but decided to pass… Read more »

CNet, which unveiled the new look over the weekend, hopes to reach a wider advertising audience, increase usership and profit from the explo… Read more »

Perryopolis has had a broadband makeover, thanks to some good samaritans from Carnegie Mellon University. The students of the school installed a line-of-sight antenna atop Frazier High School which allows residents and businesses within the two mile radius to get high speed internet access. There are […] Read more »

Vodafone has made it painfully clear that it will do whatever it can to squeeze the handset makers, and get savings and use them to reduce their own costs. This will come from its One Vodafone plan, which should produce cost savings of £1.4bn and extra […] Read more »

Microsoft is ready to put a stripped-down version of Windows on the market if it fails this week to persuade a judge to suspend a landmark E… Read more »

America Online is putting out a call to developers to bring its instant-messaging software to more cell phones…The AOL Mobile Developer pr… Read more »

A look at the gaming landscape and how it is influencing all media. “In an average day, I perform numerous activities which have nothing to… Read more »

There was a time, when The Register mean technology news first. I guess, these days they simply scan the blogs, and find something and turn it into news. A full week after I first wrote about LINDOWS logo going on sale over on EBay and after […] Read more »

Networking Pipeline has a rather in-depth explanation of why Cisco bought DynamicSoft last month for $55 million. Officially, the acquisition gives Cisco a credible VoIP offering to sell to wireless and wireline vendors. Unofficially, it gives Cisco key expertise needed to further its enterprise VoIP solution. […] Read more »

Tom has figured out a new use for Treo 600 — hailing a cab. I switched on the screen, which is quite bright and large on a Treo 600, and waved it high above my head. Within seconds the taxi flashed back a response, and it […] Read more »

Tech Dirt says that some wide area wireless broadband offerings in Australia are doing quite well. Of course, in some cases, it may be catching on too fast, as Unwired is admitting that they’re slowing down their marketing efforts after they realized they’re running out of […] Read more »

In response to a new survey and report from AT&T and the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Aswath gives another interpretation (just for fun) of the same data used by AT&T and EIU. 254 senior executives worldwide are evenly divided on the use of VoIP, with majority […] Read more »

The New York Times, has a piece about the challenges facing the combined Cingular & AT&T Wireless. Nothing new, except, now that the Times has published this story, it must be important. Its really a nothing new piece. And the real good stuff is at the […] Read more »

VoIP Inc chasing small cable companies: Net2Phone failed to do this, but VoIP Inc. will succeed. Sure! Packet8 dials-up A new survey and report from AT&T in cooperation with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) reportedly shows that a majority of corporate executives now predict that […] Read more »

UPDATE: What ever you do, don’t call Nortel Networks newest executive Clent Richardson, chief marketing officer. Given his charter to clean up the tarnished and severely damaged reputation of Nortel, he should be called Captain Clean, armed with a brillo pad and some ammonia. He has […] Read more »

Moment of truth for the Baby Bells?The Wall Street Journal reports that credit rating agency, Standard & Poor’s is contemplating cutting the credit rating of the baby bells within a week or so. Such a move would be the first time the ratings firm has acted […] Read more »

Steve Jovertson is making another wild prediction, that we will soon transcending Moore’s Law with Molecular Electronics. And you know something, he does have a point on this one, and a lot of research in the labs is leaning in this direction. The future of Moore’s […] Read more »

In the penultimate issue of Red Herring, I had written a long piece about IP-TV, and pointed out that Europeans and Asians would whole heartedly adopt the IP-TV, but it will be a bit of a slow starter in the United States. A story in Reuters […] Read more »

I’m at the Digital Hollywood conference (in Santa Monica) for the next two days…it is a good, extensive conference…
For the first time,… Read more »

A report following the Mobile Commerce World conference held in London last week: Disney plans to launch “Disney Town” to sell merchandise f… Read more »

A great overview of the bandwidth issues surrouding RSS, which have cropped up recently: RSS bottlenecks are the early indicators of busines… Read more »

Stories for Sep. 26, 2004

Daily digital music related stories, in a convenient wrap-up.
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— Bertelsmann’s Latest Tune: (sub. req.): CEO… Read more »

What should RealNetworks do now? Mark Cuban wants it to stick to digital media subscription services…
Ted Cohen, senior VP for digital dev… Read more »

The age-old story: the founder wants more money to expand the franchise, but doesn’t want to give up control… Read more »

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