Stories for Sep. 22, 2004

Nokia Intelligent Content Delivery, which is expected to available in the fourth quarter, allows users to bar access to services based on it… Read more »

You know a market is hot when large giant companies are out shopping for technology. VoIP being the newest hot market, it is not surprising that Cisco and Alcatel have gone on a shopping binge. Over last two weeks the only two companies with any kind […] Read more »

Have telcos shot themselves in the foot? (Well, everyone else is surely to be happy with that…) According to this story, Simpay, the mobil… Read more »

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Greg Scoblete, a senior editor at TWICE Magazine has written a great piece over at Tech Central Station. VoIP In Your Hands is a great read especially if you want to think outside the box of VoIP as a cheap replacement for PSTN connection. TV Caller […] Read more »

E M E R G I C Rajesh Jain writes, “The Internet as we know it is about 10 years old. It has had its share of ups and downs during this period. As we look ahead, the Internet that we currently use is going to […] Read more »

A day after Martin Tobias asks Sony to get off the ATRAC3 jihad (“I want Sony to stop being as*****s and get off the memory stick and ATRAC3… Read more »

You can tell a lot about a company, and its future from one simple metric: sales per employee. It is also a good yardstick to measure how efficiently a company is run. Albert Lin of American Technology Research thinks that operating income per employee is a […] Read more »

Audible, the spoken word audio digital provider, has made its first move into the wireless space…it has signed a tech and co-marketing dea… Read more »

Channel 9 has posted a neat look at the SPOT watch that shows how configurable it is. If you have been curious about the SPOT watch then check out the video.An excellent overview of all the various SPOT watches available is on the WindowsForDevices web site. Read more »

Warner Bros. has agreed to license some films to Netflix as part of a test run of the Internet company’s upcoming movie-download service, ac… Read more »

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Martin Tobias in another post: “Today most mobile content companies don’t consider laptop or non carrier connected PDAs as their market. Why… Read more »

In a surprise announcement today Sony has announced they will be putting support for the popular MP3 audio format into their portable music players. They are also going to supply software to make some of their existing players compatible with the MP3 format. Sony has long […] Read more »

The new issue of Business 2.0 has started shipping, and I am frankly quite excited about this one. Many reasons – the first being that I wrote the cover story, The New Road To Riches (See Cover), which is about how tiny start-ups are shunning venture […] Read more » has an interesting take: most of the digital music providers, now that the likes of Yahoo, MSN and AOL are in it, are looking at IM… Read more »

(sub. req.): The story argues that by launching a host of splashy new ad formats, CNET CEO Shelby Bonnie helped lead the dramatic comeback o… Read more »

I have a Netgear WGR101 travel router that I really love. Providing 802.11b/g access in hotel rooms when traveling is a convenient way to work without wires anywhere in the room. As useful as this is there is one way to make it even better, and […] Read more »

Somebody needs to tell G4TechTV that there is no such thing as a cool geek. No matter how much you punk up their clothes or mess up their hair they still look like geeks. But once you punk them up they look like STUPID geeks. Case […] Read more »

Rumors have been floating around about the premature demise of the Sony U-50/70 Ultra-portable computers. I have confirmation from a contact in Japan that Sony is indeed discontinuing the U-50 due to low sales in Japan (compared to the U-70). The U-50 is the lower end […] Read more »

A lot of you might have read my interview with Juniper Networks chief executive Scott Kriens. Well following up, I have some juicy gossip on the company. It is about to snag a big $150 million four year contract from SBC Communications, one of the first […] Read more »

– Former Ziff President Joins Newsgator As CEO
– Effects Of Sun Cutting Down Web Content
– Screen Dreams In VOD, But Profits?
– More Evi… Read more »

Disney expects to launch a mobile content download service in Spain “in the next few days,” said Atilla Gazdag, the European managing direct… Read more »

Action Engine, a London-based developer, will launch Brand-n-Go, a package of nine mobile content brands, next month. The applications inclu… Read more »

Martin Tobias on mobile content: “I have a real problem with the current myopic fascination that mobile content companies have of trying to… Read more »

Jeremy Allaire continues in the ContentNext series: “It doesn’t seem likely that Apple will enter the phone business with the iPod…I think… Read more »

The new issue of Broadband Content Report is online now…
Covered in this issue, and more:
– The End of Television as We Know It
– BT Se… Read more »

OPA does a detailed study on the demographic…Online media rate highly in head to head comparisons with offline media across all age groups… Read more » is expanding its focus to wireless opportunities – inside and outside the park…besides its mobile content program, it is testing a… Read more »

Stories for Sep. 21, 2004

France is a force in the latest wireless craze: Video games for phones….and VCs are pouring in cash. They have invested $145 million in mo… Read more »

Drive strategy, requirements and implementation for the Moxi Digital Media applications (Digital Photos, Music Jukebox, Video). This positio… Read more »

I need help from some technical expert, or at least some pointers: I’ve been getting this barrage of spam e-mails since yesterday (much diff… Read more »

The primary function of the Product Marketing Manager will be to define, influence and drive platform product strategies that will extend Ti… Read more »

This is a Junior-Level position. Candidate should have 1-to-2 years experience in consumer marketing with an emphasis on online marketing. D… Read more »

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