Stories for Oct. 21, 2004

So says Russell Beattie, about Macromeia CEO Robert Burgess’ calim on the number of multimedia capable mobile phones, and phones in general.… Read more »

Macromedia Q3 results were announced today..some good mobile related news: -Over 100 mobile partners; All three mobile operators in Japan (N… Read more »

(reg. req.): Texas Instruments, the largest maker of computer chips for mobile phones, is developing technology that will allow wireless han… Read more »

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Dave Morgan has some good advice on targeting ads: “It’s not enough to say, ‘Ads are the cost of doing business,’ if consumers want free con… Read more »

This latest CNET acquisition may be turning a bit sour…CNET’s acquisition of Chinese site ZOL conflicts with ZOL’s contracts with its empl… Read more »

(sub. req.): Broadband subscribers get 10 pics a month free — America Online and studio-owned Internet video-on-demand company Movielink ha… Read more »

(reg. req.): An interesting story about an inventor who has developed a game engine that piggybacks on instant messaging…programmer Jules… Read more »

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Daily digital music related stories, in a convenient wrap-up.
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— Online Tracking Firm: Kazaa Losing Users: e… Read more »

Stories for Oct. 20, 2004

VCs surely want to invest in whatever shape the next TV delivery market takes, whether VOD, IP, BitTorrent or plain old streaming…
VC Fred… Read more »

Since the ONA Conference is in my backyard, I wanted to attend it, but for $500 a pop ($400 if you’re a member), it is a bit too much for an… Read more »

This is a potentially useful technology, for web browsing on smaller devices…Researchers from Microsoft Research, Microsoft Research Asia… Read more »

SBC Communications, finally, is getting its FTTP groove on. The company has started to formalize and pick vendors for its mega-billion dollar rollout. The big winner of this bonanza is Alcatel, which has built a sizeable portfolio of FTTP/C products. To drive fiber deeper into the […] Read more »

Financial services and analysis company Hoover’s Online has relaunched its UK website, after a cash boost from its new owners D&B, with a vi… Read more »

AAs released by Handango…In September, the average selling price of mobile applications rose for the third month in a row to $17.92, up fr… Read more »

SkyZone Entertainment, a mobile conent provider based in Fort Lee, NJ, has bought out JSmart Technologies. JSmart, a developer of casual gam… Read more »

A wide ranging discussion among industry players about mobile content, the relationship with carriers etc…Among the discussion participant… Read more »

Nearly halfway through the first decade of the twenty-first century, and all the big mobile operators in Europe are heavily reliant on messa… Read more »

Cash-U, a mobile technology and content solutions company based in Israel, has closed a $15 million round of financing led by Carmel Venture… Read more »

Outsourcing: The Real Picture: See what outsourcing is really all about in this hard-hitting documentary. (It’s short and completely office appropriate.) Plus it is funny as all hell. [Via business2blog.] Read more »

Digital Bridges,the mmobile entertainment solutions and gaming company, has signaled its ambitions in the Japanese market for mobile games w… Read more »

Okay chest pounding and self congratulation that is something which needs to be left to basketball players, ESPN anchors and Hollywood types. Reporters should never ever congratulate themselves about anything they have done in the past. But what the hell, I am going to be shameless […] Read more »

Andy writes: I could spend all day at VoN and get nothing done while at the same time get so much accomplished. It”s the kind of show where one meeting leads into another, some unexpected and others necessary…. how many of these companies won’t be here […] Read more »

Motorola’s V710 problems, as noted by Russell, and a whole scores of others are pretty real and are causing the company major headaches. The company fessed up to this in its conference call. Moto said that the alignment of the camera module is off center causing […] Read more »

You have probably found yourself needing to send a big file to a friend or co-worker and run into that dreaded file size wall. Even Google GMail has a 10 MB file size limit for sending files. So what can you do? YouSendIt. YouSendIt is free, […] Read more »

Mobileburn has published a very in-depth look at the Motorola A768i smartphone running the Linux OS. On the surface the A768i (who thinks up these product names?) looks like a regular flip phone exept it has no number pad. Some of the basic features of the […] Read more »

Digital Light Processing technology is beginning to sizzle, and is going to gain further momentum. Clues of this could be found in the recent earnings report from Texas Instruments, the main proponent of this technology. In simple language, it is a worthy competitor to LCD technologies, […] Read more »

When I first started hearing about Smart and their line of plastic cars I thought that this would be another concept that never happened but I was wrong. Smart Brabus has been making these cars for a while now and they are innovative as all get […] Read more »

The New York Times: Bernie Ebbers, former chief executive of WorldCon, has two more months to put together a case, and defend himself in his criminal trial for conspiracy, securities fraud and filing false statements to securities regulators. Times says the trial is going to run […] Read more »

Infinera, one of the few start-ups I like has raised another $52 million, bringing its total pot to $205 million. Wow! That’s bubble era investment in the post-bubble era. The company is going to use the money to get the products to the market. It also […] Read more »

Business 2.0: Blake Ross is lounging at his parents’ Florida Keys condo, thinking ahead to his first day back at Stanford. His goal for his sophomore year: nothing less than to “take back the Web” from Microsoft (MSFT). You might think the shy 19-year-old is outmatched. […] Read more »

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