Stories for Nov. 2, 2004

Texas Instruments is going to be flexing its VoIP muscles next week, as company announced that it has shipped 2 million chips that go into voice-over-cable products. In addition, the company is going to be announcing a deal with Arris for its voice-ready cable modems. Read more »

NBC is the only TV network transmitting its live feed online (for free, on, with about 10 seconds delay…of course, as it usually… Read more »

Upcoming Events relaunched this week with access to a digital edition of the print magazine. The digital edition goes online Sunday nights before… Read more »

CNBC is confirming the 700 layoffs…first reported by WaPo. The firing will be done in December….the main reason for layoffs is the fall… Read more »

The BBC continues to experiment and innovate online. The latest twist — a dictionary program that translates words as the user moves the cu… Read more »

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Mark Handler, executive vice president and managing director of Walt Disney Internet Group International has outlined the company’s strategy… Read more »

A survey of 5,000 consumers from Britain, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain and Italy by Jupiter Research has revealed that most people don’t w… Read more »

Many popular blogs are down, as of this writing, due to election related traffic…, Wonkette, DailyKos (it is up but slow)..… Read more »

Microcell Solutions’ Fido has launched Name That Tune, a music recognition service that enables customers to take the guesswork out of figur… Read more »

Rock outfit Rooster are playing what has been billed as the first ever concert broadcast by phone on Tuesday evening from a London venue. T… Read more »

Ebooks Corporation today announced it has entered into a five-year distribution agreement with Nokia Corporation of Finland to distribute a… Read more »

Daily Wireless explains why Verizon may not be complaining about Nextel getting all that spectrum. “Perhaps there’s another reason to bury the hatchet over the Consensus Plan. A $10 billion VHF, trunked network using interoperable, Project 25 radios with an IP backbone is planned to serve […] Read more »

Cody Calhoun, director VAR channel development with Level 3 Communications says Level 3 is planning to make a solution generally available next year that will allow its partners to deliver IP phone service to homes, including emergency 911 service. He says about half a dozen companies […] Read more »

Tiny Nuvio is picking up the fight biggies are refusing to fight. The Kansas City-based carrier wants the FCC to prohibit MSOs, Baby Bells and other broadband providers from blocking or degrading access to other VoIP services, reports cable Datacom News. The company has a point: […] Read more »

Telcos are planning on selling CD-quality songs over their mobile networks to boost revenue, and hopefully recoup the billions they invested… Read more »

Ringtones are driving future hardware developments in mobile phones as users continue to demand increasingly complex personalization options… Read more »

A super hard scratch-proof LCD screen coating has been developed in Japan. This could revolutionize the handheld and cell phone industry if this pans out. “The colour LCD screens on cellphones and PDAs can get badly scratched in pockets stuffed with loose change and keys. And […] Read more »

Nokia is still the #1 cell phone maker in the world, reports In-Stat/MDR. Nokia shipped 51.4 million handsets in the third quarter. Motorola is #2 with 23.3 million handsets. Samsung is next with 22.7 million units, or 13.8% market share. Samsung’s share has been rising steadily. […] Read more »

Firefox is gaining market share versus Internet Explorer, which has seen its hold on the browser business decline 0.8% in October. AMD is showing slight gains against Intel – 0.3%. Minnows are slowly winning. Expect no such miracles in telecom/broadband space however. FCC gods are against […] Read more »

International Company, based in Tampa FL needs a strong sale personality to promote wireless content and application.
Well organized, with a… Read more »

Dumb quote of the day: “If it works, the XM Radio portable is a much bigger deal than the latest iPods. Think about it, just about everybody listens to radio, while only about 60 percent of the U.S. buys any music at all,” said Jupiter Research […] Read more »

James’s original post, and my follow-up have created a big buzz and a lot of smart people are weighing in with their feedback and ideas. Stephen Castellano has some really good practical tips for all of us. Read the comments on my post from Jesse and […] Read more »

If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you know I have little or no faith in FCC and its ability to put consumer interests first. Things are unlikely to change, whosoever gets elected tonight. FCC and the regulatory authorities have little in […] Read more »

William Bao Been, a Taiwan based analyst is slightly sour on D-Link. IN his recent report he points out that while, D-Link is a long-term winner, there are a “few near-term catalysts.” He thinks the fourth quarter 2004 is turning out to be even softer in […] Read more »

Karl Bode: If you thought dirty tricks were reserved for presidential politics, you should try wiring your town with fiber optic cable. As several communities prepare to vote on such home-grown broadband networks today, they face disinformation campaigns, bogus think tank studies, and an uphill battle […] Read more »

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