Stories for Nov. 20, 2004

Not today, and if Bells can have it, not anytime soon. Though Speakeasy will do its best to get you a naked DSL connection Read more »

Voxilla: SBC says its going to play fair with Tip Top. SBC Vice President James C. Smith issued a statement that said, “Contrary to the mistaken impressions of some parties who are trying to sow regulatory confusion, TIPToP is not a mandatory service and VoIP providers […] Read more » “The VoIP market is all about features and handy integration rather than how much it’s going to cost to call someone. It’s like the New York City Subway, you pay your ticket into the system and go as far as you like. Cleaner cars and […] Read more »

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Another VoIP-2-VoIP software. VoIPerized. I would love to get your feedback, since this one only works on Windows! Read more »

Newsday: The March trial of five former executives from Enron Corp.’s defunct broadband unit has been delayed a month because an attorney for one of the defendants will be trying another case expected to stretch into March, according to her order. The trial was expected to […] Read more »

Talk about Saturday morning good news bad news. No New York Times delievered this morning, no coffee in the apartment, slight hangover, and a massive spam attack that brought down the server because it used up nearly 2 GB of memory on the server. How about […] Read more »

Someone at SBC Communications got to be nominated for the best media strategist of the year award. What a masterful strategy! Announce VoIP plans, then to layer it thick, announce IP-TV plans, and while the whole world was gushing over you (SBC) embracing the future, stick […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 19, 2004

Rich Hall has written an excellent article about maximizing the use and enjoyment of your Windows Mobile Pocket PC.  Rich is the editor of Pocket PC Magazine and his article covers a lot of ground from protecting your investment to fine tuning your Pocket PC.  If […] Read more »

US Congress has reinstated the ban on Internet access taxes, which lets ISPs like Earthlink breathe a sigh of relief. This ban has been in place since 1998, and has been extended for three more years. Read more »

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Keith Amodt is the product manager for the Vulcan FlipStart, an innovative ultra-portable due out next year.  Keith has started a blog with user commentary on Handtops so if you have an interest in this tiny computer check out what Keith has to say. Read more »

Slashdot has evolved into such an influential web site that it has spawned a verb- slashdotted.  When someone publishes an article on their web site and it gets posted to the front page of Slashdot it can generate tens of thousands of visitors in just a […] Read more »

Regular reader Charlie Sierra, a smart man if there was any has an interesting insight into SBC and Yahoo’s relationship. I have trimmed his comments for all to read. Read more »

What with all those fat pipes coming to their homes, Japanese consumers could soon become the test bed for newer VoIP technologies. A new group, VoIP Forum of Japan (VFJ) has been established to further the VoIP cause in Japan. Read more »

Motorola has shipped its much awaited A630 messaging phone. It has already made an appearance on Entourage, the hit HBO series. Here is our review on the device. Read more »

EWeek has finally discovered Grouper. Wonder how that fits into the enterprise marketplace… Read more »

From a company I have never heard of comes an interesting gadget based on Windows CE .NET 4.2.  Ziga’s Media Tablet is a slate gadget with a 8.4" screen running at 800×600 and since it has an integrated DVD player is intended as a portable media […] Read more »

There is a reason why I refer to Jeff Pulver as “The Senator.” Consummate diplomat, he is the iron fist in velvet glove, the exact opposite of my nature. He has a nice take on SBC’s subtle takeover of the IP world. His is more in-depth […] Read more »

India’s Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran expects telecom firms to invest nearly $35.57 billionon expanding networks in the next two to three years. He said such a large investment needed to be supplemented through foreign direct investment, according to Reuters. So folks its time to head out […] Read more »

Sales of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) equipment, including softswitches, media gateways, and hybrid media gateway softswitches, grew 17 percent in the third quarter of 2004 over the second quarter 2004 to $431 million, according to Dell O’Ro Group. Softswitch sales were up 20% to $144 […] Read more »

Singapore Telecom and Telecom Malaysia are close to closing their deal with IDEA Cellular of India. The two companies will jointly own 47% of the fourth largest Indian carrier. IDEA plans to go public sometime next year. Indian industrial giants, Tata and Birlas own 51% of […] Read more »

So much discussion about the Wendland / Dvorak articles has flown around the Tablet PC community that it has me thinking about what a Tablet PC really is.  And once I get started thinking, well, here it goes again.  Mike Wendland has been chided because he […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 18, 2004

Mapway has launched a new mapping service, m-spatial, based on geographic data from Ordnance Survey designed for use on the small screen of… Read more »

David Hewson is at it again with some advice for people that do a lot of research and need to collect the information.  I recently told you how I use OneNote for collecting and organizing the research I do for writing but David’s needs are more […] Read more »

When it was first introduced in 1999 the Data Evolution Clio was a media darling sparked by the innovative swiveling screen.  It never achieved good sales numbers so it was discontinued a few years ago.  Apparently the company feels the market has changed and have announced […] Read more »

Juniper Networks, its recent problems with the NetScreen acquisition not withstanding seems to be holding its own against Cisco Systems. Recently, the company announced that it had won a much larger piece of the China Telecom deal. Today, more good news for the company. Dell O’ro […] Read more »

Pocket PC Passion was such a mainstay in the Pocket PC community that it reverberated like a shot when the site went down a few months back.  Dale Coffing put the passion in the Pocket PC and many people have been waiting for Dale to bring […] Read more »

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) will hold a mobile web workshop on 18-19 November in Barcelona, Spain. The purpose is to discuss the pro… Read more »

Syntax, is one company that makes LCD televisions for the masses. Today they introduced some high end features for their upcoming 32 and 37 inch LCD televisions which are going to sell for $2000 and $3000 respectively. I am starting to save my pennies. Read more »

Fortune magazine has a piece on Jamdat, a mobile games company, outlining why the industry is a good one to be in. The recently-public compa… Read more »

So MSN extended Yahoo-Overture’s contract for a few more months, and decided to well give Yahoo another lease of life. Or is it the other way around? My sources in Silicon Valley are telling me that the MSN deal came as a result of many “Overture” […] Read more »

Forget PCs, they are so passe. Even the bible of desktops is jumping on the VoIP bandwagon and has set-up a special section devoted entirely to VoIP and VoIP devices. (link tip, Buzz) Read more »

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