Stories for Dec. 3, 2004

With the XtremeMac audio splitter, you can easily share your music with a friend. The XtremeMac audio splitter does pretty much what you would expect, it splits the audio and sends it to two jacks. Never get stuck sharing only one headphone with a friend again. Read more »

Broadband Reports is pointing to CED magazine’s “Broadband Top 50.” Comcast is #1 – no question about that at all! Lots of ususal suspects – Time Warner, EchoStar, Verizon, SBC, Cox, Scientific Atlanta, Liberty Media, Cisco Systems and Microsoft. Surprisingly Sprint & MCI in the list […] Read more »

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A cool little web site, TopFiveSites lists their picks for the top five web sites in twenty different categories.  The categories are diverse and very useful and this site is a first stop when you are looking for a number of concise links to a particular […] Read more »

The New York Times has an article that states people close to the negotiations claim IBM is selling its personal computer business, likely to Chinese firm Lenovo.  IBM basically built the original PC and if this pans out it is very sad to see. Read more »

A lot of excitement this week as MSN debuted the new blogging service MSN Spaces.  Blogger asciident has pointed out something in the Terms of Use agreement that bloggers agree to when they create a blog on MSN Spaces: 6. MATERIALS YOU POST OR PROVIDE; COMMUNICATIONS […] Read more » “A certain segment of the American intelligentsia connects gleefully with exotic leftists like Ms. Roy. In fact, the Ms. Roys of our age, and their fans and subsidy-givers in the West, enjoy a touching symbiosis. Arundhati Roy, I’d venture to say, is George Soros’s political […] Read more »

Aswath Rao: We need to reconstruct the regulatory regime for the IP Communications era. Don Currie: Adopt your own open-WiFi policy James Enck: Skype, where is it going? Om Malik: BPL is an iffy-bet at best Read more »

Nearly a decade of Valley watching has made me realize one thing: VCs will jump at a chance of investing in any technology that they fail to come to grips with – market realities be damned. Take for instance the current obsession with Broadband Over Powerline, […] Read more »

Pocket-lint (great name) has a review of the Logitech Media Play Cordless Mouse which is a neat mouse that adds controls for Windows Media Player.  This makes so much sense I am surprised I haven’t seen this before.  Buttons conveniently placed on the mouse’s body let […] Read more »

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Developers: Fire up your XCode…Now check out the Job Posting on Specifically the portion that reads: “The iPod Division is looking for an individual who will be responsible for improving and maintaining the IDE for embedded applications. The person in this position will be required […] Read more »

Frequent TabletPC Buzz visitor Tracy Hooten just started a blog aimed at students using the Tablet PC.  The Student Tablet PC is a nice site and you will already find lots of good stuff there.  Worth a visit. Read more »

Are tech insiders making a mad dash for the exits, using the current upsurge in the stock markets. Data shows that might be the case. In November 2004, technology insiders sold $1.5 billion worth of tech shares, a month-over-month increase of 94%. Tech selling has not […] Read more »

America’s addiction to reality television reminds me often of the romans visiting the circus, watching the lions tear the gladiators apart. Our lives have become so numb, that we need to find joy in other people’s stupidity. Or its simply great TV. Whatever! One thing you […] Read more »

Dreamhost is pre-installing WordPress blogging software, can now be automatically installed on any account. Type the name of the MySQL database you’d like to create and their new utility takes care of the rest. Current DreamHost users can find it under the “Goodies” tab. Well no […] Read more »

DSL Prime reports that Belgium telecom operator, Belgacom has signed up nearly one million video/VDSL customers, roughly 25% of homes. “Microsoft and Swisscom are getting the TelcoTV headlines in Europe, but Belgacom is far ahead with actual deployment, soon going wide across the country,” reports DSL […] Read more »

There’s been a lot of speculation as to whether x-rated content would ever make it to US mobiles. Well, speculate no more because Playboy ha… Read more »

We are getting a lot of visitors from the 2004 Weblog Awards where jkOnTheRun is in the Best Tech Blog category so I thought it would be helpful to those who have never come to the site before to give you a little linked overview to […] Read more »

Woot! always finds great deals to offer for their one day sales and there is no better place to get good current technology for rock bottom prices.  Their special today is such a good deal I want to make sure readers see it.  If you’re looking […] Read more »

Artificial Life has announced it won the first prize of the mobile games section of the Mobile Applications Award 2004 issued by Ericsson fo… Read more »

3UK has launced video shortcodes, which “enables customers to access 3′s wide range of video content by simply dialling a “Short Code” that… Read more »

Start-up OnAir Entertainment is promoting a solution to sell pay-tv over wireless hotspots. “A basic system that can deliver four channels o… Read more »

Apple and Steve Jobs must be muttering to themselves, say what you may, “the original personal computer company, aka Apple” is still standing. Pity you can’t say the same about IBM which copied the concept or Compaq, which copied the copy and hundreds that came there […] Read more »

Inventing Money: Plain and simple INTC has too much capacity and not enough demand, it can play the inventory games for a while but sooner or later it will catch up and that’s when you don’t want to be holding INTC. With all these questions its […] Read more »

James Enck in The Broadband Daily » What happens later is open to question, but it’s probably one of two things: Skype stays independent and becomes a platform for distributing other services and content; (or) someone takes the company out, and I have always assumed the […] Read more » By October of this year, 54.5 million Europeans surfed the Web via broadband, up 60 percent from 34.1 million 12 months earlier, market research group Nielsen/NetRatings reported. Read more »

Bob Friday, Co-Founder and Chief RF Scientist, Airespace on WiMAX: Supporters of the standard have some very lofty expectations for its potential, making the claims that “802.16 is as important as the Internet itself.” The premise behind this statement is that 802.16 is a technology that […] Read more »

The is dissing TiVo, with a reason: The earnings announcement revealed that subscriber acquisition costs (SAC) almost doubled in the quarter, which is somewhat disheartening to those who believe the company can act as a stand-alone operation. The higher the SAC, the longer the payback […] Read more »

David Isenberg thinks WiFi on commuter trains is a good idea especially if it can get folks off the highways. Only problem: despite the traffic, US residents love their cars and would rather drive than ride. What more, it could help save MTA in NY/NJ as […] Read more »

Fred has put together a perfect compilation of posts that speculate on where the money is in the blog world. Everyone will make money except the content creator, i.e. talent. How quickly we forget that blogging is a people’s revolution! Weblogs are more hollywood than Silicon […] Read more » is the new site for the development of the Power PC platform. They’re launching it in China (but it’s in english for the rest of us – woohoo!) and celebrating their millionth G5 chip being shipped. That’s a lot of PowerMacs, iMac G5′s, and presumably, […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 2, 2004

UMTS will eventually come, but for now EDGE is pretty good, says ABI Research, and expects faster roll out through 2005. It is an easy upgrade says Ray Jodoin, principal analyst of wireless infrastructure research. “A lot of the more recent GSM/GPRS base stations that have […] Read more »

Folks a little commercial break so to speak. I know most of you subscribe to Business 2.0, the magazine I work for. I have put a small subscription form for those of you who want to subscribe to the magazine and perhaps have not had a […] Read more »

They are crawling out of the woodwork… some out of bulletin board stocks as well… I mean VoIP service providers and are getting press as well. Jesus how quickly we forget the lessons of 1990s. Read more » Chris Wilkins, who sits on the Telecomm Commission in Burnsville, Mn. explains why local as well as state officials in Minnesota are none too pleased with the FCC’s recent ruling reserving the right to regulate VoIP at the federal level, and court findings prohibiting the […] Read more »

British Telecom is going to use Nortel’s VoIP products in a massive deployment across 500 business units across 124 sites in the UK. The contract is say to be worth $5 million. Read more »

Hip Hop artist Ludacris will record four ringtones live at the launch of his new CD tonight. The deal is a collaboration between InfoSpace M… Read more »

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