Stories for Mar. 25, 2005

3G is prompting many of the smaller players to think different. Earlier I wrote about the mobile broadband gateways that are being introduced in Germany by O2 and Vodafone. IP Wireless has introduced a product that taps into 3G UMTS. Now Novatel Wireless is developing a […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 24, 2005

AG Interactive has secured the rights to offer mobile content based on the movie “The Passion of the Christ”. On offer will be ringtones and… Read more »

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This is about the coolest website design I’ve seen. Ever. Make sure you’ve got the Flash plugin installed and your sound up for the full experience. I really don’t have anything else to say. It’s just so cool, you gotta check it out for yourself. Read more »

Fred Wilson and I rarely disagree on many things about technology, but finally we disagree on something – it is his whole “WE” versus “They” argument. And so you’d better involve the consumer, make them enjoy doing business with you, and make them part of your […] Read more »

Following up on my last October’s cover story, The New Road to Riches, many more people are coming around and embracing the build-it-flip-it model. Good to know that Jeff is on board. He writes, “What is interesting is that Topix is the yet another Internet startup […] Read more »

Artificial Life’s V-Girl has won another award. The award was issued for the professional category at the 3rd Hong Kong Digital Entertainmen… Read more »

This article is about Sony Ericsson’s move to grab marketshare by using its Walkman brand in a mobile, and goes on to discuss some of the ra… Read more »

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Bill Burnham, a good pal and a fellow blogger has finalized his future plans – he is starting Celsius Capital with Carlos Bhola, who by the way is a cofounder of Vonage. The new fund will raise $150 million, and invest in IT/Software in US and […] Read more »

Business 2.0: Three years ago companies like Ericsson, Lucent Technologies, and Nortel Networks were stock market pariahs. Yet in 2004 they staged remarkable turnarounds. Cellular-phone companies were upgrading their networks to meet the demand from millions of new customers, so they needed to buy lots of […] Read more »

Running a VoIP company costs money – a lot of money. Perhaps that’s why Vonage which has already raised $105 million in VC funding in its last round, is going for another $100 million in VC dollars, reports Business Week’s Justin Hibbard. That would bring the […] Read more »

I spend a lot of time thinking about mobile technology and how it can be leveraged to help me in my life.  I am fortunate in that I get to see and try many different devices, computers and tools that might take my productivity and enjoyment […] Read more »

We all know that they really did not want to sell DSL to the consumers, hoping somehow to protect their ISDN and T-1 Businesses, but looks like DSL and Wireless are two technologies that are keeping the profit-engine chugging for the Baby Bells. According to Fitch, […] Read more »

Samsung is eager to show it can do GSM as well as it does CDMA. The South Korean manufacturer, which is already dominating the young 3G market in the United States, just launched the first Korean-made, EDGE-capable phone—the Samsung P777—and made it available exclusively for Cingular […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 23, 2005

If you’re a developer, or maybe more specifically, an aspiring developer, you have got to check out MAMP. Some of you may be familiar with LAMP, which was the Linux Apache MySQL PHP installer package. Well the incredibly cool folks at webEdition have blessed the mac […] Read more »

Mike Masnick at his most brutal best. He says why is everyone over hyping technologies that don’t exist. The object of his un-affection, Wireless VoIP. The list of what wireless VoIP is suddenly expected to kill keeps getting longer. First, it’s going to destroy 3G offerings. […] Read more »

Mobile social networking company Saw-You has announced it has completed a new round of investment, securing multi-million dollar backing fro… Read more »

Many thought it was not possible, but looks like HDTV over plain vanilla copper, and not fiber is finally beginning to happen. British broadband provider, NTL says it is experimenting with HDTV services over copper lines using the ADSL2+ technologies. The trials of ADSL2+ started in […] Read more »

Only last week we were predicting that VoIP ATAs would do a Houdini and vanish right in front of our eyes. Well set-top box maker Digeo has just added VoIP functions right into its box and will be selling it to customers like Charter Communications. Their […] Read more »

Business 2.0 wireless writer Matt Maier writes, that “While music labels, handset vendors, and wireless carriers are experimenting in their quest to figure out if and how consumers will use their phones as music devices, they’ve left the door open for aggregators like Melodeo and Musiwave […] Read more »

I recently got the opportunity to play with Rogue Amoeba‘s latest offering, Airfoil. For those of you unfamiliar with Rogue Amoeba, they specialize in audio-based applications for OS X. (I’ve been a long-time user of Audio Hijack Pro and LineIn) Definitely check them out if you’re an audiophile of any sort.

Airfoil takes the idea of Apple’s AirTunes to the next level by allowing you to stream audio from any source (program) on your Apple Computer to remote speakers using an AirPort Express. You’re no longer bound to iTunes when it comes to utilizing your home stereo for audio from your Mac. Read more »

Partner Communications, an Israel mobile company, has revealed that “3G subscribers had already downloaded 100,000 music items to their devi… Read more »

Amazon is offering a US$35 mail-in rebate on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, the next major version of Apple’s powerful operating system. Amazon is selling 10.4 for $129.99, so the price will be $94.99 after the rebate. This offer qualifies for Amazon’s Super Saver free shipping […] Read more »

ZKid, a company that offers parents child-safe Internet browsing (for their kids, obviously, not themselves) has announced plans to offer a… Read more »

There are some compelling arguments why businesses should be getting ready to put their content onto the mobile network, if they haven’t alr… Read more »

Looks like media and consumer lover affair with Vonage might be on the rocks. Today there is a lot of buzz about Vonage being sued by Texas, the state, because the company “failed to clearly inform customers they cannot automatically dial 911 when they sign up.” […] Read more »

Eleven states are currently considering anti-muni broadband legislations of various types. These include Texas, Florida, Oregon, Ohio and Virginia. (Technorati Cosmos)The states are being close minded at a time, when even the Senate has realized the importance of broadband to the US economy. And typically these […] Read more »

Guest Post by Robert Young: What happens when you have 100 megabits per second connections on the edge of the network? In your homes, or in your pockets, or in your cars – an always-on 100 megabit per second pipe that wirelessly networks your life. No, […] Read more »

In the most recent issue of Business 2.0, my colleague Paul Sloan has done a fantastic story on what next could come out of Apple’s dream (gizmo) factory. Here is a link to the photo gallery which showcases stuff that might be on cards from Apple. […] Read more »

IBM has decided to take an interesting tactic in the fight against spam and this week unveiled a new anti-spam service called FairUCE.  IBM’s new service uses a giant database to identify computers that are sending spam and uses that information to fight back.  Emails that […] Read more »

I mentioned a few weeks back that VoIP providers like Vonage are not providing typical 911 service for customers who go with this service in the home.  Emergency 911 enhanced service, which is the service that provides the operator with the location of the caller, is […] Read more »

Windows XP embedded supports a feature that is extremely user for mobile computers that use this mobile version of Windows called appropriately Hibernate once/ resume many (HORM).  Every mobile user knows that hibernation on Windows XP based computers is extremely important for helping maximize battery life […] Read more »

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