Stories for Mar. 4, 2005

If you are looking for a media card reader that can not only handle 21 different media card formats but also store those cards for you then Brando has a small gadget for you.  The 21 in 1 Card Reader looks a bit like a GameBoy […] Read more »

Vonage’s suit against an “unknown” local service provider which had been blocking its service has been successfully resolved. The blocker – Madison River Communications – has decided that well, it will not block the VoIP traffic. Everyone has been quick to jump on to this story, […] Read more »

The freeware utility today is a full-featured PIM replacement for Outlook that looks good and provides a lot of the PIM functions that individual users find useful.  EssentialPIM provides easy import of existing PIM data from Outlook, Windows Address Book and any other program that can […] Read more »

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MXL Electronics has a new battery operated microphone with a portable stand that is perfect for making quality audio recordings from any PC.  The Desktop Recording Kit eliminates the need for an external amplifier and comes complete with everthing needed to make quality recordings from a […] Read more »

WinZip is the de facto standard for working with zipped files and a program I have used for longer than I can even remember.  I just received a notice from the WinZip folks about the introduction of the new WinZip Companion for Outlook add-in. The Companion […] Read more »

Skype and wireless broadband operator Broadreach announced today a free service for Skype users at over 350 hotspot locations in Britain.  Skype users will be able to place calls for free while using Skype which will now automatically log onto the hotspot when the application is […] Read more »

A month ago, everyone was talking about how you could hack Napster and download music from its monthly subscription service and break the digital rights management using the Winamp player. Winamp, which is a division of AOL upgraded the software and basically shut down the music-theft […] Read more »

Broadband boom, world wide continues. The latest data on sales of broadband modems, routers and gateways shows that slowly but surely we are all living an always-on connected life. Infonetics Research says that the revenue for broadband modems, routers, and gateways totaled $4.6 billion in 2004, […] Read more »

I’ll expound on my theory over the next few days..the long tail meme, developed by Wired magazine editor-in-chief Chris Anderson, has certai… Read more »

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Aswath Rao emailed me this morning and pointed out while other bloggers chase down the truth and fact check stuff, the VoIP bloggers are a bit reactionary. The more I thought about it, the more I agreed with him. Like others who write about VoIP, I […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 3, 2005

Fujitsu has announced the latest entry in the Stylistic line of Tablet PCs, the ST5022.  The new Tablet has a 12" screen running in XGA resolution and weighs 3.4 pounds.  The array microphones on the ST5022 cancel out background noise and the battery is rated at […] Read more »

In good news for the battle of mobile phones against portable MP3 players a recent poll by WebTV Europe found that “of the 5,000 tracks that… Read more »

Friends of mine have pinged me with news that iMac G5 machines are having a meltdown. Apparently, the machines have been a hit with corporate users who are snapping up these puppies. However, most corporate employees tend to leave their computers powered up overnight. This is […] Read more »

We take the download of files from the net largely for granted. Most of us do it without thinking, you retrieve a PDF here, a disk image there, movies and music, not to mention numerous applications, utilities and updates. But managing your downloads can be difficult, especially since new browsers don’t seem great at managing the process. Read more »

The buzz around video-over-the-Internet is reaching cacophony levels. Yesterday’s post about Jeremy Allaire’s new start-up, Bright Cove, got a lot of attention, and diverging reactions. I think many people are as interested in this technology, despite the questionable business models. I have teamed up with Roger […] Read more »

Rob is using OrangeGuava, a great program for the Tablet PC that I mentioned on The Tablet PC Show, and he’s discussing it on his blog: OrangeGuava lets you ink all over your desktop, create new desktops, activate applications from your ink, etc. For example, I […] Read more »

Clear Channel and Infinity after becoming de-facto duo-ply in the terrestrial radio business, and nearly killing it with mega-formats, have decided that it is time to stream their radio stations on the web. I see the logic of it – broadband has finally arrived, people listed […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 2, 2005

There have been some rumors going around that Lingo might be for sale, and Vonage might be a buyer, indicating a consolidation in the market place. Vonage, says not a chance, and they are not looking to buy anyone. One point Citron explained to me was […] Read more »

Leo Hindrey, the former cable guy turned CEO of Global Crossing is one of the few people in telecom who makes lively copy. Not the one to pull any punches, it was always fun chatting with him. Hollywood Reporter says that Hindery, who in his most […] Read more »

Bernie Ebbers’ despite claims of no knowledge about minor details of the business called WorldCon had intimate knowledge of the goings-on at his company, according to his testimony. There are some juicy nuggests from today’s proceedings, that come to you via fine folks at Light Reading. […] Read more »

A fancy new trend – Indians are signing up for VoIP services offered by overseas companies, getting US/Canadian phone numbers and calling across the world on super discounted VoIP rates. Plans start at $7.95 a month with unlimited local calling and 2.1 cents/minute U.S. and Canadian […] Read more »

Okay there is no justice in the world. The more you screw up, the higher up the food chain you go. The Wall Street Journal reports that Carly Fiorina is being considered for the top job at World Bank. In other words she is going to […] Read more »

Most fashion designers do three kind of clothes – couture, which is the premium line, the diffusion line and of course the Target line. SBC has gone the same way with its DSL service and has announced a new mid-tier DSL service with a monthly price […] Read more »

There have been some rumors going around that Lingo might be for sale, and Vonage might be a buyer, indicating a consolidation in the market place. Vonage, says not a chance, and they are not looking to buy anyone. One point Citron explained to me was […] Read more »

Update – March 3, 2005, 8 am: Thanks to the tireless efforts of some really talented people including Foofy, the master FooBuilder, the site is back online. (He is the best, in case you need someone for design work and PHP programming!) Some of the archives […] Read more »

Just nine weeks after Japan’s KDDI launched its MP3 ringtone service, dubbed “EZ Chaku-uta Full”, the telco has sold 2 million songs to subs… Read more »

Apple today announced that the 300 Millionth download has occurred from the iTunes Music Store. For those of you not keeping track, this is the second the iTMS milestone of the new year, occurring just 5 weeks after the last. Doing the math, this means that […] Read more »

Not mobile but certainly tech related- Poseidon Resorts plans to build the first ocean bottom resort in the Bahamas.  The luxury hotel will be built in Florida and transported by barge to the assembly site.  Suites are 550 m2 and will run a measly $1500 per […] Read more »

UK band New Order is using Hypertag technology to promote their latest album. Hypertag units will be installed in a couple of HMV stores, an… Read more »

Based on Jamdat’s fourth quarter results announced recently the mobile game industry is looking healthy. “Jamdat’s performance was especiall… Read more »

You know it is mainstream when New Yorker does a story on it…a fascinating story. “The ringtone also teaches us how songs work. Which clip… Read more »

It’s not quite at critical mass but music-to-mobile is picking up steam. Virgin Radio has a new deal with provider Sydus to offer Virgin Rad… Read more »

Well, the first techADDICTION Show is in the can and Kevin Tofel and I hope all you listeners find lots of useful information you can take away with you that will help you be more productive in your mobile lifestyle. Actually, we just had a lot […] Read more »

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