Stories for Feb. 27, 2005

Reuters has a well reported, if slightly off target story on WiMAX. Even though tons of phone companies including Sprint and Qwest are trialing the emerging fixed wireless technologies, it is clear that the high cost of deployment and entrenched duopoly of cable and DSL service […] Read more »

Paris Hilton, the hacked socialite is getting some love – this time from Wall Street Journal and The New York Times – who have published remarkably similar stories in their Friday and Sunday editions. Gina Hoffman, Hilton’s spokeswoman told The Times: “She feels terrible that her […] Read more »

Stories for Feb. 26, 2005

The recent news that interactive marketing company 24/7 Real Media Inc. and wireless content vendor Vindigo have teamed up to provide advert… Read more »

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Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer was interviewed recently by MacWorld and outlined his views on the personal media center market and video players in particular.   Oppenheimer admitted that while some consumers are interested in seeing Apple produce a personal video player there will be no […] Read more »

Chris de Herrera over at Tablet PC Talk has published a review of the Sahara i213 Tablet PC that covers the whole enchilada right down to the rubber bumpers.  I particularly like the simple stand for holding the Sahara (or any other Tablet PC if you […] Read more »

Folks I am planning to do a special edition to mark the bursting of the bubble, which is coming up soon. I have teamed up with Carl Haacke, the author of Frenzy (Read his interview) and we will be writing special op-eds, about 600 words on […] Read more »

Chris Pirillo reports on the free satellite imaging program from NASA that has so many options built into the program that you can literally play with it for hours.  World Wind is described best on the web site: World Wind lets you zoom from satellite altitude […] Read more »

* VoIP Will Be Free, or so thinks VoIP Inc. CEO Steven Ivester, who claims that his company will make money because of telephony features and its unique position as a hardware maker and a wholesale provider. VoIP Inc, which till recently was traded on the […] Read more »

FCC is looking into scores of low-power television licenses that are not being used. There have been 4385 licenses issued so for for TV stations, 2034 are classified low power and only 1366 are operational. The spectrum could be used to offer wireless broadband and phone […] Read more »

More Broadband over powerline FUD, this time from the dubious and notorious New Millennium Research Council, a Washington, D.C.-based lobby and policy group. They have yet to show me anything I have not heard before. The believe that broadband over powerlines will be an alternative to […] Read more »

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Stories for Feb. 25, 2005

Uber-blogger in retirement, Andrew Sullivan in his latest column for The Times of London pens an ode to the church of Apple, and how iPod people have taken over the normally bustling, crazy and funky Manhattan. There were little white wires hanging down from their ears, […] Read more »

Recently I posted about iCal and Address Book, and my suspicion that they were a couple of unsung heroes amongst the OS X-included apps. As a follow-up, I’ll start with iCal and my findings after using it daily for a few weeks.

My general conclusion is that iCal is a good calendar program as far as calendar programs go. I mean, what do you really do to make a calendar really stand out from another? On its own, I don’t think it shines the way I suspected it would. It’s helped me keep better track of my life and all the stuff that goes on around me. (My wife is especially appreciative of this aspect of my new iCal use.) At the end of the day, that’s what it’s really about, isn’t it? Read more »

“The consumer electronics place is scary, because it’s an industry built on standards. At the end of the day differentiation has to be cosme… Read more »

Skweezer, a portal that reformats and compresses web pages for better viewing on a mobile phone, has added RSS feeds to its service. “RSS fe… Read more »

There is a legal battle underway in the US between the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) (and TV studios) and consumer rights groups o… Read more »

Qwest’s second attempt at taking over MCI is getting a cold shoulder from CEO Michael Capellas. In a conference call with investors he told investors that he likes the deal with Verizon. “We will do our utmost to drive that through.” Not sure if the board […] Read more »

Unwired of Sydney is finding lot of success selling its non-line-of-sight fixed wireless service in that city, according to a company press release. “We grabbed 17 percent market share of new broadband users in Sydney,” said David Spence, president and CEO, Unwired. That’s almost 14,000 in […] Read more »

Ever since I posted the story about Flickr-Yahoo deal over on Business 2.0 site, there have been many reactions and more tips. First of all, I think Kris’ idea of starting a pool – fantastic. Of course there is the non-denial denial from Caterina over on […] Read more »

Agenda Fusion has long been one of the major PIM replacements for the Windows Mobile Pocket PC platform and the new version 7 cements that position.  The major new feature appearing in Agenda Fusion for the first time is the inclusion of project management tools.  The […] Read more »

Samsung Electronics introduced a "push-to-all" (PTA) mobile phone this week and says the phone is the first to allow the owner to talk with several people simultaneously, make a video call and transfer data.  The phone works on mobile Broadband networks (w-CDMA) and WiFI in addition […] Read more »

Heber Acquafreda is an enterprising software developer in Sao Paulo, Brazil who has written a sophisticated decision analysis and maker program.  Pocket Decider is a decision tool based on the Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) model that is very useful when a rational decision must be reached […] Read more »

CNET reports that Skype began testing a service yesterday that lets Skype users send SMS messages to cell phones.  Connectotel is providing Skype with the short message service. Read more »

Email Sound FX lets you assign unique sounds to any person, group or domain in your Outlook Address Book so you get a unique audible signal played when an email is received based on who sent it.  Sounds like an easy way to tell if your […] Read more »

Stories for Feb. 24, 2005

Jamdat has released its figures for the fourth quarter of 2004. Revenues increased 122% compared to the same period in 2003, to $11.6 millio… Read more »

Qwest is upping the ante and is willing to offer $8 billion for MCI, in hope that this would finally scuttle MCI’s deal with Verizon. While the deal is marginally higher than the $7.8 billion Qwest offered earlier, there are some key differences. Associated Press has […] Read more »

One of those days – lots of news around WiMAX chip makers. First French WiMAX chip start-up Sequans Communications raised $9 million in series B funding, bringing the total to $12 million. It will need the money since there is a lot of competition – Wavesat, […] Read more »

Apple’s earbuds hurt. Plain and simple. They just hurt. I have yet to talk to someone who thinks the stock iPod earbuds are comfortable or even stay in their ears good. Upon realizing within the first 5 minutes of wearing the Apple earbuds that they were […] Read more »

The good people at TrueSoft have ponied up another prize to give away to one lucky reader of jkOnTheRun.  They previously gave us a personal license to True Launch Bar which we gave away a few weeks back and now they have upped the ante and […] Read more »

So says Strategy Analytics, in a new study, arguing that the vendor-led rush to bring broadcast services to market misses the critical issue… Read more » has a big piece on America Online and its plans to launch a VoIP service sometime next month. Its got the usual stuff, and the company will do the usual things – offer flat rate service for $25 a month etc. Sign-up for Time Warner […] Read more »

Artificial Life is back in the news for V-Girl, which has apparently now been named Vivienne (which has its roots in the Roman word for “ali… Read more »

The Broadband Blog ’s James Enck pays a visit to BBC and finds out how one of the oldest communications company on the planet is using blogs, wikis, forums and RSS internally – perhaps creating a blueprint for the corporation that knows how to knowledge manage […] Read more »

Corporate users are far from convinced that 3G is a worthwhile technology for their companies to use, and if they spent US$16 billion on mob… Read more »

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