Stories for Apr. 6, 2005

Is Vonage’s much talked about IPO being postponed as company goes out and raises more cash. Jonathan Askin who works for was speaking at a panel here in San Francisco yesterday at the NCTA show. Light Reading: “I’m hearing that Vonage is now thinking of […] Read more »

Stories for Apr. 5, 2005

Pop Sugar tells us that even Paris Hilton is podcasting! So that makes its six million and one podcast fans. Anyway she is going to use podcasting to promote her new movie House of Wax and will begin podcast her promotions, parties and more beginning April […] Read more »

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In real world when you go for a job interview, and you (falsely believe) that you have impressed the interviewer, you try and do the hard sell with your Harvard MBA, your 4.0 average and if all fails, your stunning good looks. Somehow that always results […] Read more »

The Online Editor leads AP’s news coverage for the online market, working with all news departments and directing the AP Digital news staff… Read more »

“ABC News announced ambitious plans to expand its 24-hour digital news operation, offering a suite of multimedia services through television… Read more »

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MSNBC reports that IBM has released the next generation notebook computer to replace the X40.  The X41 features an updated processor (1.5 GHz Dothan), biometric fingerprint security, 512 MB RAM and a 40 GB hard drive.  The whole package weighs just 2.7 pounds making it great […] Read more »

Jamster, a service owned by VeriSign that sells ringtones and other content to mobile phone subscribers (those ads you see everywhere on MTV… Read more »

Newsweek via MSNBC: When Rosensweig came to Yahoo in 2002, the company had become a piñata. Its reputation, stock price and employee morale were all getting repeatedly whacked. But last week an article being passed around the blogosphere was titled “How Yahoo Got Its Mojo Back.” […] Read more »

Steve Wallage has written a good piece on the effect of the recently introduced MEF Code of Conduct for UK mobile content companies. “The ti… Read more »

After deciding to offer its product for free Orb Networks has decided to make it available worldwide – which is easy if you don’t have to wo… Read more »

Intel Corp. President and Chief Operating Officer Paul Otellini believes that US government has to boost broadband in the US like other governments around the world or just lose its preeminence in the technology markets. “We need to ask ourselves a fundamental question, and that is, […] Read more »

Clickgamer is giving away a free Windows Mobile Pocket PC game — “High Noon Drifter – Dead Man’s Gulch” — to celebrate/promote the redesig… Read more »

NextWeb, a California fixed-wireless Internet service provider for business, will expand its coverage area that will now span the Greater Los Angeles area. The expansion will come in four phases, the first of which was completed in March 2005. As part of phase one, NextWeb has […] Read more »

Founded in 1956, Elkhart Telephone, has decided to go all fiber. The Kansas-based independent phone operator will be deploying Wave7 Optics gear in its new FTTP network in Kansas.  Elkhart will offer 4-lines per residence of VOIP, 100-channel RF-video television and high-speed data services, throughout its […] Read more »

Mobile technology makes it possible to work productively no matter where the individual might be and more companies than ever before are outfitting their professional workers with the mobile tech gear to make that easier.  The proliferation of BlackBerrys, Smartphones, Tablet PCs, pagers and laptops makes […] Read more »

HDTV is one of those technologies that spoils you once you try it and it is no surprise that companies are racing to the market with products to capitalize on the growth of HDTV.  NEC has developed a small transceiver to go with their new transmission […] Read more »

The Apple Blog is looking for a few new writers for the site. If you’re interested, contact us. When you contact us be sure to include some examples of your past writing. Do note that these are currently not paid positions though you do get free […] Read more »

Note to self: time to stop taking anything Pew people have to say seriously. I am surprised that how can such a well respected and established research group put out research report which even they don’t believe in. Yesterday, they used a colorful way of describing […] Read more »

So I would love to revisit this news in six months, and then point out that some ideas like streaming radio streams on to cell phones is just plain dumb idea. Even if the wireless networks had bandwidth to waste – which they don’t – the […] Read more »

A new preview version of OrangeGuava is now available for those users who can’t wait to try the new features.  To participate in the beta email the developer at  beta at orangeguava dot com.  Here’s a list of the new features as found on the developer’s […] Read more »

Law of unintended consequences – Juniper Networks might be the real winner in the MCI buyout. MCI has been one of Juniper’s biggest customers, and well hasn’t been spending much money (not that it had any) to upgrade its infrastructure. Either of the two likely buyers […] Read more »

Cisco working with start-up Broadlogic Network Technologies (investors include Time Warner, Cisco and Intel) has come up with a technology they call Wideband, that can deliver one gigabit per second ethernet speeds over cable networks. The technology, first noted by Dave Burstein, is backward compatible with […] Read more »

Richard says, “Skype was basically nothing new, but it was launched exactly at the right time and in the right context.” The reason for its growing popularity – third party applications. Its open-API just might save its closed garden approach to IP telephony. More recent third […] Read more »

British Telecom just started offering 2 megabits per second connections to some of its small business customers. Some of its smaller rivals think its no big deal, especially if you start adding hidden costs like $20 a month additional for static IP address. AltoHiway accuses BT […] Read more »

Stories for Apr. 4, 2005

Marc Orchant is back as co-host and Tablet mayhem ensues. MindManager is one of the main topics of the day as we discuss unusual ways mind maps can be useful. OneNote tips and tricks that can be used on any computer are covered including a screen […] Read more »

Thanks to broadband and quick download abilities that fat pipes, more than six million people are downloading podcasts, and listening to the mp3 files on their Treos, iPods, Pocket PCs and other digital music players. I am frankly taken aback by this report from Pew’s Internet, […] Read more »

Major League Baseball continues its move to mobile phones with a deal with Cingular to offer live audio feeds to its games. Why not video? I… Read more »

There’s a lot of effort going in to working out the best way to interact with mobile phones, since your typical number keypad doesn’t really… Read more »

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