Stories for Mar. 10, 2005

Fine folks at IPinferno, have remixed the panel I did yesterday at VoN and I am using some of their fancy wordwork for re-reporting the main points the panelists made. On what’s new: No one seemed to be blown away by much they’d seen at the […] Read more »

Mobile content runs on mobile phones, and is restricted by the capacities of the hardware – and sometimes inspired by innovations in hardwar… Read more »

A very brave modder has rigged up a LED based clock on the front of his PowerMac G5. It is just a hacked up alarm clock placed inside of a G5 case but it is still kind of cool. Read more »

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I just did a quick inventory at home and discovered that my local storage has zoomed past a terabyte! How did this happen? A Maxtor drive with 250 gigabytes of backed up data, a Buffalo LinkStation for about 250 gigabytes of music, a 200 GB Western […] Read more »

Dubai-based Ilkone is targeting the “Muslim Lifestyle” segment of the world’s population, an estimated 500 million strong market of people w… Read more »

The great French website Akihabara News is one of the best sources of news of new gadgets coming out of Japan.  They always seem to get wind of the latest Japanese gizmo long before anyone else and I have longed for an English version of the […] Read more »

Microsoft has recently released version 3.8 of ActiveSync for Pocket PC owners.  As usual Microsoft gives no indication what is new in this latest release so if you are not having problems with AS then you probably don’t need to update. Read more »

The excellent web site for Pocket PC information, CEWindows.NET, has been renamed to Pocket PC FAQ.  The site is run by Windows CE expert Chris de Herrera and is the best site for information about the Pocket PC. (via Pocket PC Addict) Read more »

Written from the ground up for the Tablet PC. An addictive game based on the classic falling-brick game. Designed for Tablet PC, this innovative game can be controlled entirely with a stylus. But the innovation doesn’t stop there… The game features multiple bricks falling at the […] Read more »

During an announcement at CeBIT, Apple has committed to joining the the Blu-ray Association and will occupy a seat on their board. Obviously Apple’s joining will have a pretty big impact on the success of Blu-ray with Apple now using their technology. Dell and HP are […] Read more »

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I just finished playing the game “CSI”, from Ubisoft, ported to the Mac by Aspyr. It lets players jump in the car with the characters from the show and investigate all-new crimes yourself, using the tools they use to solve the mysteries, interrogate people, and match […] Read more »

WiderThan, a company almost synonymous with ringback tones, is now trying to move beyond it: it has launched its WiderMusic Service Platfor… Read more »

We’re all expecting great things from Tiger; that’s understandable. But I think it’s easy to forget just what goes on under the hood in a new OS release that many end users just fail to even notice. Core Image could end up being one of those pervasive tools that as users we take for granted, but which developers can’t help but play with. Read more »

Andrew Odlyzko: Technobubbles – Ancient, Recent & Future Andy Kessler: Nazdog & The MOMOs Om Malik: The Beholden Years Ross Mayfield: Relationships Over Transactions, A Learning from the Bubble Paul Kedrosky: The Bubble and Me Carl Haacke: learning to live with bubbles Elsewhere: Pankaj Narula, Bubble […] Read more »

After I was done writing Broadbandits: Inside the $750 billion Telecom Heist, many telecom insiders kept writing to me, lamenting the loss of their pension funds. Engineers who once worked for the most fearsome company in the world, AT&T were looking for part time gigs at […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 9, 2005

Gary Krakow of MSNBC loves his OQO, that much is apparent from his glowing review of the ultra-portable computer.  He has very little negative to say about his OQO and finds it meets his needs very well.  If you are curious about this tiny computer then […] Read more »

Fictionwise is a good source of ebooks that are available in several different device formats and they have just informed me of a surprising offering they are making to customers.  They have released a dedicated electronic ebook reader that is available for purchase on the Fictionwise […] Read more »

Electronic Arts has announced the launch of EA Mobile, which will release “between 15-20 cell-phone games this year, mainly popular titles l… Read more »

A study by M:Metrics found that only 58% of users of mobile phones in the United States used the handset for non-voice functions between Nov… Read more »

I have often wished the Tablet PC text input panel (TIP) could be made semi-transparent so I could still see what’s in the windows underneath.  While this is simply for convenience sake it is a very handy thing if you ink a lot.  I did a […] Read more »

Mobile developers are scrambling to license the rights to popular brands for the mobile space – at least, the big ones are. “It’s become a h… Read more »

Mobile games are being held back by several factors, according to this article, including a “lack of easy integration between game publisher… Read more »

Vonage says a cable operator was blocking the service in the midwest and that caused a massive outage last week. The news comes via Advanced IP Pipeline which reported the first incident of port blocking. Brooke Schulz, Vonage’s vice president for corporate communications, confirmed that the […] Read more »

Bad news for hardcore gamers – at the Games Developer Conference 2005 firms are focussed on “the casual gamer, connected via the ubiquitous… Read more »

PhatWare has announced a utility to make it easier to control your Tablet PC using just the pen and ink.  Pen Commander lets you assign scripts and macros that are called up simply by inking the command name in the ink pad.  PhatWare has even included […] Read more »

Last evening I attended a dinner hosted by Texas Instruments’ CEO Rich Templeton, where he very candidly talked about many issues including WiMAX, and 3G wireless. Often Silicon Valley insiders wonder how Texas Instruments continue to do well in every new digital market that comes along? […] Read more »

Notebook computers generate a lot of heat and if you’ve ever worked with one on your lap for any length of time at all you know how hot they can get.  Most people work with them on a desk or flat surface because of that and […] Read more »

Paul Thurrott of the SuperSite for Windows has published an article that discusses the next version of Microsoft Office and what it might bring to end-users.  There’s not a lot of detail in there but he does a good job of laying out the areas in […] Read more »

Chris Pratley is Mr. OneNote at Microsoft and every article he writes about it is a must read for all those interested in OneNote as a productivity tool.  His latest article is an impressive discourse with examples and tips for showing the benefits of OneNote to […] Read more »

Bibhu Choudhary and Suvarna Singh have written an article in Pocket PC Magazine that gives a good look at the future of mobile computing.  The article concentrates on new technology that is either just appearing presently or on the horizon and they provide a thorough overview […] Read more »

He may be the richest man on the planet, but Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has got nothing on Steve Jobs and Apple head honcho’s showmanship. Dressed in a pair of black trousers and black sweater, Chairman Gates introduced what could be the first real hot products […] Read more »

If you love Squeeze Box, then you are going to love the next version of the device, very imaginatively titled Squeezebox 2. Slim Devices is going to introduce the device tomorrow for $299 and will start shipping it by end of this month. The new device […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 8, 2005

A couple of gaming guys have gone on a “world tour of mobile games” for a presentation last monday at the Games Developer Conference. There’… Read more »

Virgin Mobile has signed a one-year 450,000 pound deal with MTV UK for branded credits throughout the show, and a new content area on the MT… Read more »

“In the past month In-Fusio, Action Engine, Nokia, Elata and Volantis have thrown their hats in with new products aimed at content providers… Read more »

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