Stories for Dec. 9, 2004

I’ve seen a few small mentions of it. I’ve got a call in to my local Saab dealership to get details. I’ll be sure to update here if it’s true, and all the facts (car models supported, cost, setup, etc) – and hopefully pictures once I […] Read more »

It might not be too useful until they get a toll free phone number but Amabuddy is an interesting idea that sounds like a useful free service.  From the Amabuddy website: You are in a bookshop or a record shop. You found something that interests you.You […] Read more »

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Users of the Fitaly text entry method will be happy to note a VGA version has been released.  The Fitaly 3.5 VGA for Windows Mobile 2003 SE Release Candidate 1 (I wonder how long it would take to enter that name using Fitaly). Read more »

Amorphous Media Design has released version 2.0 of their remote control software for the Pocket PC.  From their web site: PPC Tablet Remote Control Suite 2.0 is a Pocket PC software that uses a Pocket PC screen to emulate input devices such as keyboard, touchpad or […] Read more »

Entrepreneurs have outfitted recreational vehicles with state of the art dental clinics that travel to various casinos and provide basic dental care for the casino employees.  The mobile dental offices are pleasing both employers and employees.  The casinos are finding that employees take less time off […] Read more »

Some assorted Skype tidbits: Plantronics has begun pitching their line of computer headsets as Skype ready.  They offer a number of headsets that will work well with Skype and are available on the Plantronics web site. Marc Orchant of The Tablet PC Weblog has the perfect […] Read more »

Busy with interviews and then flying back to San Francisco. Posting is going to be very light. Read more »

On numerous occasions I have said that IM could become the VoIP doorway for companies like Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo. In fact, I had written a piece about how Microsoft is planning to become a big player in the VoIP space. Today, I have this email […] Read more »

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Stories for Dec. 8, 2004

People tend to do what they have always done, but use their mobile to do it, according to the BBC. The technologies are slowly taking off as… Read more »

Reuters has launched a business and financial news and information channel on Vodafone live!, in a bid to increase its audience reach in the… Read more »

Mobile media firm Enpocket is bringing greeting cards to mobile users, through a deal with Hallmarks cards…Subscribers can click and selec… Read more »

Indian cell phone company Bharti Tele-Ventures plans to air a new Bollywood movie on mobile handsets for free and in full Thursday in a bid… Read more »

Mobiles are being used as tour guides, taking the “personal tour of the museum” technique to the streets. There’s three different strategies… Read more »

According to Bango the average 3G user spends approximately 60% more than the users of older mobile phone technology. They claim the most po… Read more »

China Mobile plans to boost investment in 3G by 85% to as much as 110 billion yuan ($13.3 billion) over two to three years, new chairman Wan… Read more »

The Mobile Media Company AS today announced a partnership with Australian-based Viva la Mobile to provide 3G multiplayer games to mobile car… Read more »

This article in the Houston Chronicle caught my eye today.  Medical researchers in London have correlated a significant lowering of fertility in men that frequently work with their notebook computer in their laps.  Seems the temperature from the laptop raises the temperature of the bits of […] Read more »

Newtons around the world is a Newton community that has taken pictures of its members with thier newtons at locations all over the globe. Read more »

A Lockergnome member and software engineer, Mary Barnes, wrote about an innovative keyboard/ mouse that has enabled her to use her computer despite painful arthritis in the hands.  The Touchstream Keyboard is certainly the most innovative keyboard I have ever seen and Mary says it best: […] Read more »

Toyota entered competition with the Segway earlier this year when it released info about the i-unit personal mobility vehicle (PMV).  The futuristic gizmo can be operated in either a low-speed mode which leaves the rider in an upright position or the high-speed mode which reclines the […] Read more »

Update: I have been able to confirm Dr Li’s new gig at Cisco, where he started working December 6, 2004 as Technical leader in the IOS XR-Routing group. He will be reporting to Mike Volpi, the senior veep incharge of routing group. Talk about the return […] Read more »

Warner Music Group chairman and CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr has claimed that the advent of 3G networks and handsets capable of high quality sound… Read more »

The original latin superhero now has a mobile game, The Blade of Zorro. The game will be distributed by GlobalFun in selected markets in Eur… Read more »

Movies and literature will come to your mobile, after a fashion. As one publisher put it: “Right now the content on mobile devices is almost… Read more »

Telecom Communications (via its subsidiary Alpha Century Holdings Limited (Alpha)) has offered a service that allows people in China to par… Read more »

As much as it pains most people to hear it, mobile content will soon include advertisments. This may make the content cheaper, or it may mak… Read more »

Mozilla released the gold version of their email program Thunderbird this week.  Thunderbird is a free and open source program that offers high-end email handling features in a nice small package.  This version, 1.0, offers advanced spam filtering, RSS integration, message grouping and a whole lot […] Read more »

Amazon has a special deal on the Averatec AV3250H1-01 notebook computer that is a phenomenal deal for anyone looking for a cheap laptop.  The AV3250 sports an AMD Athlon XP-M 2200+, DVD/CD-RW, 512 MB of RAM, 60 GB hard drive and a 12.1" display.  This is […] Read more »

RedNova: Cox is getting serious about VoIP and is banking on Level 3 to handle the load, report says. The company has implemented VoIP service in five small markets so far this year. Level 3 is counting on VoIP to help reverse its mixed fortunes and […] Read more »

ZigBee is a wireless standard (802.15.4) that is being developed to provide home automation functions from mobile devices.  The ZigBee Alliance is a group of interested companies who are actively developing and promoting this protocol with the ultimate goal to produce products for the consumer market.  […] Read more »

Earlier this year, many in the voice-over-the-internet business predicted that we are going to end the year with about a million users. AT&T was one of those who believed that a million was a reasonable target. Well we are inching towards end of 2004 and we […] Read more »

The Feature: Forget HSDPA, and DoCoMo’s 300Mbps 4G system — a Siemens lab has hit 1Gbps, a new record for wireless transmissions. Read more »

Mike ponders the quandry facing broadband service providers: customers who use broadband to the max. Like those who play Halo 2 and Warcraft online for hours. “The economics of broadband works when most users leave their connections wasted for most of the time. The problem, though, […] Read more »

Mobile Tracker reports that LG Electronics has chosen the SavaJe OS for future mobile phones. The OS will be used on a range of 2.5 and 3G handsets starting in 2005. What does that say about current generation of smart phone OSes – Symbian, Pocket PC/Windows […] Read more »

Alcatel and SK Telecom have announced they will open a “3G Reality Centre (3GRC) in Seoul, Korea. This 3GRC will be located in an SK Telecom… Read more »

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