Stories for Mar. 13, 2005

Vodafone has added eight new channels to its Mobile TV program in Germany, since “mobile phone TV is now one of Vodafone’s most popular info… Read more »

Looks like someone wants to be sued. A company out of Taiwan known as LUXPRO has created a new mp3 player that was obviously ripped off inspired by the iPod shuffle called the Super Shuffle. I expect we will hear about Apple sending a cease and […] Read more »

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If you are in the market for a new portable computer whether it be a notebook, Tablet PC or ultra-portable, there are a lot of things you should consider to make sure you get the one that will work best for you.  Connected Home Media has […] Read more »

Information has been appearing about the CommWarrior.A virus that spreads on Symbian mobile phones via MMS messages.  The virus is particularly nasty because it spreads through photos and sounds and can attack any Symbian phone anywhere in the world. The Commwarrior.A virus tries to replicate itself […] Read more »

By Andrew Odlyzko Bernie Ebbers (along with some of the key players at Enron and other disasters of recent years) was able to make at least a semi-plausible case that he was not involved in any accounting details. The greater ability of modern business leaders to […] Read more »

Every so often a pundit or a journalist rediscovers South Korea and presents it as a broadband nirvana. And it is! Still, not many try and write about how South Korea became center of the broadband world. No mention of South Korean government’s generous subsidies or […] Read more »

We’ve started a Flickr stream using the clever tag “CTIA” — join in. (We’ll be posting our pictures here as well.) Unfortunately, in my ze… Read more »

It’s just turning noon on Sunday and the folks at the Media Entertainment Summit in the windowless La Louisianne ballroom of the Morial Con… Read more »

Paris Hilton, like all jilted lovers is on a rebound and has swooned right into the arms of T-Mobile rival, Verizon. Reporting from CTIA, MobilePlaya says that Hilton, “Starting in April, the “country’s two wildest interns”–Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie–will be the stars of 26 one-minute […] Read more »

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It is only a matter of time when Microsoft’s VoIP dreams come in the way of Cisco’s desire to be the king of enterprise VoIP. Cisco spokespeople say the two companies are going to work together, but some believe that trouble could be brewing. Cisco already […] Read more »

Skype CEO Niklas Zennström is back to taunting telecoms, this time at CeBIT. His rallying cry: “Free is good. Free service is very, very good. We think you cannot charge for phone calls.” Sure its easy to say Free when you are making PC-to-PC calls, but […] Read more »

A long time ago, when I started out in this business of writing about technology, I remember getting big packages from technology companies with a lot of paper – press releases, customer testimonials and power points, printed and nicely collated. A few years into the Internet […] Read more »

The growing popularity of VoIP might have a big downside – telemarketing. Many folks are focusing on the SPAM problem associated with VoIP, ignoring the fact that falling costs of dialing means telemarketers can now dial as much as they want, and skirt the pesky “traditional […] Read more »

Are the brutal price wars that plagued the wireless arena for past three years coming to an end? A quick analysis of the current offerings shows that the hostilities have diminished if not completely ceased in the mobile market. First the fourth quarter the discounts and […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 12, 2005

ZTE Corp, one of two Chinese telecom majors currently on a global offensive to take market share has won over a marquee customer – France Telecom. France is one of the hottest DSL markets where four carriers are pushing video-over-DSL and all sorts of neat stuff. […] Read more »

AT&T senior executives will get $31 million if SBC deal goes through and the new parent decides to bid adieu to Ma Bell’s senior executives. In addition, FCC has started a 180 day public comment period and the merger will be consummated in early 2006 if […] Read more »

Nero announced the availability of their new mobile device media player, Nero ShowTime Mobile, and it looks to be a promising cross-platform player.  NSM will be available for the Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and Symbian platforms.  The coolest innovation in the player is the support for […] Read more »

Christopher James of tc-one-thousand has been playing with the new hp4200 convertible Tablet PC and has published an extensive review with tons of photos.  The hp4200 is hp’s first convertible Tablet and has been anxiously awaited since its announcement a few weeks ago.  Christopher has really […] Read more »

Daniel Robinson over at Vnunet has decried the practice of mobile handset makers to promote their product as delivering “fantastic growth in… Read more »

British classified ad specialist Friday-Ad has created a WAP site to mirror its online services. Particularly interesting is the fact that “… Read more »

Bob Rapp from Microsoft has predicted gambling on mobile devices will be at least US$15billion by 2009, and has urged race tracks to update… Read more »

This edition of the techADDICTION Show is all about mobile technology and productivity and listeners should have no problem finding topics of particular interest. Kevin Tofel and I discuss everything from ebook readers to the iPod Shuffle in the ranging discussion of mobile goodness. We hope […] Read more »

I admit, codecs are something I don’t pay much attention to. But Aswath does, and today he points out that one of the reason why SkypeOut doesn’t sound as good as Skype-pure, is because the gateway makers don’t support wideband codecs which Skype uses. What it […] Read more »

Durex has a campaign to promote its new line of condoms that involves women sending mobile “brownie points” to their lovers – if they were g… Read more »

Normally I wouldn’t blog the launch of a product, but Trivantis has launched the Zirada Mobile Publisher, a computer-based system for creati… Read more »

FHM (For Him Magazine) has made the move onto mobiles in the United States, initially by selling wallpapers of the covers and ringtones. Fro… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 11, 2005

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs will keynote on Day One of CTIA Wireless 2005, and he will talk about his panned ventures in mobile content sector. We… Read more »

And don’t we know that…check out our dedicated CTIA blog…
And at CTIA, some of the innovations being discussed might be a bit radical: r… Read more »

TiVo is trying to move its experience to the PC, which is an inherently a bad idea. Thomas Hawk: I have suggested in the past that TiVo needs to offer a software solution to run on the PC. They did not elaborate on what form this […] Read more »

Analog Telephone Adapter aka ATA, the little box which plug into the broadband modem on one side and a plain old phone on the other is going to do a vanishing act, especially now that the market is soon going to be flooded with IP handsets, […] Read more »

Yahoo! News: Looks like Qwest is ready to sweeten the pot and offer more cash for MCI, according to Reuters. The new bid for MCI would value MCI at $24.60 a share, and the bid will be offered to the MCI board next week. Enough to […] Read more »

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