Stories for Dec. 14, 2004

AOL Canada has started offering VoIP service in Canada, according to Mark Evans. I think it is a baby step for the company; if it works and has a good uptake, then expect this service to be rolled out in the US and elsewhere. They are […] Read more »

No seriously…. because if that’s the case then I predict sun is going to rise tomorrow from the west, and the actual sales of IPOD will exceed that of Microsoft’s. Jupiter’s history of wrong forecasts and predictions should make us all wary about what they have […] Read more »

Andy says: CLEC Z-Tel has announced they are going the VoIP direction. Actually it is old news, in a new packaging. Z-Tel launched its VoIP service back in August/September 2004. Read more »

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For past 24 hours the blogsphere has been abuzz with all the talk about Microsoft’s new search tool. And Yahoo’s tool, and AOL’s desktop search and on and on. Now from where I stand, the whole discussion is about the features – aka speeds and feeds. […] Read more »

Mike is so on the money with this one. ICANN is wasting time and energy creating top level domains that no one really cares two hoots about. What a zzzzzz! Read more »

The Business: well if you are Vodafone, you should be mighty pissed. You spent billions of dollars on acquiring 3G spectrum, built out a plan that entails building a walled garden of really expensive applications, and just when you were ready to take it in…. boom […] Read more »

ARS Technica: US Court of Appeals in Washington DC. The court upheld a District Court ruling that the BlackBerry infringed on patents owned by holding company NTP, but reversed the lower court’s injunction against RIM selling BlackBerrys in the US. In other words NTP is going […] Read more »

The Bagger 288 is a machine used for strip mining, road destroying, and terrorizing innocent villagers.  It might be a stretch for a mobile tech blog but the Bagger is the largest mobile machine in the world (I believe it).  If you don’t believe how large […] Read more »

Mobile content may soon have its very own (official) top level domain. The .mobi domain is backed by Microsoft, Nokia, Vodafone, 3, the GSM… Read more »

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“According to a newly published report from Analysys Research, if WiMax wide area wireless networking can address “potential showstoppers” i… Read more »

Google is going to scan hard to find books from five major libraries into their online search engine to create an online reading room.  The project will involve books from the New York Public Library System in addition to four other major libraries-  Harvard, Stanford, Michigan […] Read more »

OSS Observer: forecasts that the number of VoIP subscribers worldwide will grow from 2.8 million in 2004 to 97 million in 2009. The US market will benefit as it accounts for 30% of the broadband market by subscribers. Longer term, the Asia Pacific region will account […] Read more »

Trust has a nice travel USB hub that is made of aluminum making it nice and light.  The four port hub is one of the thinnest hubs around that uses the USB 2.0 protocol and can be used either powered or unpowered.  The HU-3340M is Windows […] Read more »

InStat/MDR research reports that the camera phone shipments were up 200% in 2004, going mainstream in less than four years. with US penetration at about 14%, and growing. I need better camera phones, like those nice 5 mega pixel beasts from Samsung. Read more »

Sonus ranks #1 in carrier VoIP Market share: according to Dell’Oro Group, Infonetics Research, In-Stat/MDR and Synergy Research Group. Read more »

If you are looking for a cleaner and simpler option to and, well let me recommend HotSpot Haven. Very clean, very simple and effective. Read more »

WiFi card maker SyChip announced they have drivers for their SDIO based WiFi cards in beta. The new drivers should be ready in January and will work on the SD cards made by Socket and SanDisk.  These new drivers will not work on SD WiFi cards […] Read more »

British bankers will soon be able to check their bank accounts from their mobile phones, as well as top up their mobile accounts. A joint ve… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 13, 2004

According to MacDailyNews, Apple isn’t real sure what it wants to do about the next line of computers they kick out. The obvious progression would be to name them “G6″ but, General Motor’s has a new car out kindly named the Pontiac G6 and they are […] Read more »

Seattle musicians, Jeff Tolbert, has released a 106 page on making the most of GarageBand for home recording. It’s called Take Control of Recording with GarageBand. He covers topics on making the most of your current gear as well as some advice on purchasing new gear […] Read more »

The Feature: AT&T wants to roll out a MVNO wireless operator selling to business customer, and its entry might not be such a good idea. Especially now that Sprint & Nextel are about to tie the knot. It means, AT&T MVNO might end up competing with […] Read more »

MobileTracker points to a Wall Street Journal story which says that Verizon has gotten a thumbs up from partner, Vodafone to make a hostile bid for Sprint. If it happens the deal could make combined Sprint-Verizon the largest mobile carrier in the US with 65 million […] Read more »

Proving that you don’t need the latest technology to provide a useful service, has linked to a couple of stories about mobile… Read more »

Hollingworth of Ericsson’s Mobility World gives an overview of what the business thinks will make a successful mobile application. “Just bec… Read more »

Greenlight Wireless announced a free version of their Skweezer portal for PDA web browsing today.  Skweezer is perfect for browsing on PDAs and smartphones with limited screen real estate and the basic version of the service is now free.  Sign up is required. (via Pocket PC […] Read more »

If you’re wondering what all the acronyms that are being tossed around in reports on mobile TV actually mean, here is a good glossary. Read more » has drawn attention to a report by HP as to how and why people use camera phones. The study looked at what people were in… Read more »

It is not like we have a shortage of different formats for memory cards for mobile devices but Samsung just announced the tiniest one yet.  The form factor is so small it is surely intended for phones and the top capacity is 128 MB.  What is […] Read more »

MacMerc has a great article on the maintenance you should run to keep your machine in tip top running condition. Read more »

Cable Companies are looking add wireless to make “Quadruple Play” of services according to a research report from Standard & Poor’s Equity Research I prefer to call it four-play. Much more racier! [Via The VoIP Weblog.] Read more » : With all the noise around broadband over powerline, it is interesting to note that large energy companies still continue to get out of the bandwidth business. Today, Consolidated Edison agreed to sell its Consolidated Edison Communications Holding Co. fiber optic network operator unit to […] Read more »

Ever want to buy songs off of the iTunes Music Store, but you don’t have a credit card? On Friday, Apple began accepting Paypal as a meathod of payment for its music store, good news for those with checking accounts but not credit cards. Also, Apple […] Read more »

X-Gadget: PPC-6601’s large size make the Treo a much better bet as a smart phone.  The PPC-6601 should be limited to those interested in a PDA with cellular capabilities. Read more »

Treonauts : Some think buying CMS is a desperate’ attempt to rescue PalmSource’s fledging fortunes.  “For my part, I view it as a very smart and exciting strategic move and one that I envisage will completely and positively transform PalmSource, the PalmOS and the Palm community […] Read more »

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