Stories for Apr. 12, 2005

Finally Apple has announced that Mac OS X 10.4 aka Tiger will ship on April 29th. Fantastic news! But I wonder if this news has caught the lone coders or small developers by surprise. Many were not sure about the release date and are now scrambling […] Read more »

You want one of those personal media players but you don’t want to skimp on features.  In addition to playing music and video on the go you want light PDA features and even WiFi so you can do email.  If this describes what you need you […] Read more »

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Diabetech’s new wireless glucose monitor could be a boon for parents of diabetic children.  It is never easy to make sure your child is testing their glucose level when they should and anything that makes that simpler is welcome.  The GlucoMON automatically sends test results as […] Read more »

Stretching portable storage to the max, EDGE Tech announced the latest model in its DiskGo! 3.5 inch hard drive series, a 400 GB portable drive that provides both USB and firewire connectivity.  The new drive joins the other models in the DiskGO! line and retails on […] Read more »

Anybody who still doubts that RSS feeds are spreading like wildfire should be convinced now that the New York Times provides obituaries via RSS.  Check your feeds, see who’s gone. (via Jossip) Read more »

While checking out a recent story on StupidVideos I noticed an ad. The ad led me to the VCast getFAMOUS mobile video competition, which invo… Read more »

A few weeks ago I looked at Download Wizard. At about the same time, Josh pointed out to me Speed Download 3, another download wizard in pretty much the vein as Download Wizard. Speed Download 3 is a more mature product, and it has a few tricks up its sleeve that might make it more practical for some, but it’s also a more complex product, and the complexities might not appeal to all. Read more »

UK Online threw down the gauntlet and dropped the prices for its broadband service down to $20 a month, openly taunting British Telecom and AOL among others to cut prices or lose market share. Nearly 5 million britons get their broadband over DSL, most of it […] Read more »

2005 is turning out to be a nightmare year for Broadbandits who are now facing their moment of truth in the courts. After Bernie Ebbers got his due, now the US government is turning its focus on Enron’s broadband business, and in a two month long […] Read more »

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Nicholas Carr was right, technology markets are mature and many companies need to restructure. There are still no Google type ideas out there in the market. Time for what what Peter Dolan, Director of Private Equity, Harvard Management Company calls “a newly emerging investment category, venture […] Read more »

Bart Decrem, has become the latest of the Firefox/Mozilla gang to jump into the entrepreneurial waters. Blake Ross was first. Decrem has started Round Two, a company he describes as one offering services that improve firefox experience. More details are likely to come in a month […] Read more »

Stories for Apr. 11, 2005

David Endler, Voice Over IP Security Alliance chief: “VoIP networks inherit most of the same security threats that traditional data networks are plagued with today. A big part of the problem is that VoIP users just aren’t fully aware of the number and magnitude of security […] Read more »

“The mobile games industry is attracting rapidly increasing levels of venture capital, according to research published today by Screen Diges… Read more »

M:Metrics has released some mobile content metrics for February, claiming it shows people are making use of the increased capabilities of th… Read more » reports that MoMedia International has signed an agreement with StupidVideos to distribute reality clips to mobile platforms… Read more »

Mobile games developer Pixiem has been bought by gambling company Win Win. Or at least, the purchase has been agreed in principle. “The prop… Read more »

Pacman has hit 25 years this year, and owner Namco is celebrating the franchise being “2004’s best-selling mobile game on several of the wor… Read more »

Lot of talk about India and China in the papers. US VCs and technology companies cannot stop raving about China. A little reality check! The divergent paths Bombay Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange have taken. An old editor of mine used to say – pay […] Read more »

Gear Live is always finding cool stuff and these chainless bicycles from Dynamic Bicycles are just awesome.  The bikes utilize a driveshaft system that is totally enclosed in the tubes of the bike and the gears are all in the hub.  Since there is no chain […] Read more »

Global Crossing has settled a three-year investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission into the communication company’s business practices and those of its top three executives. SEC has issued a cease-and-desist order against Global Crossing and three executives: former CEO Thomas Case, former accounting officer Joseph […] Read more »

At the MipTV featuring Milia conference Ericsson has showcased how “an existing interactive TV format can be fully aligned with mobile devic… Read more »

Time Warner had 220,000 VoIP customers at end of 2004, and is adding 10,000 every week. Cablevision is adding 7000 a day. Others like Cox have achieved nearly 40% penetration in original test markets like Omaha and Orange County. The trends are that these companies will […] Read more »

Ki-Bi Mobile Technologies has announced plans to float on the London alternative investment market (AIM). “Market sources said that the comp… Read more »

Many in the mobile industry believe that content is what will keep the revenue of mobile operators growing in the future — which is a probl… Read more »

This week’s Tablet PC Show has Marc and I discussing recovery techniques, snow in Albuquerque, scanning documents with your camera phone and a cartoon monkey. We always have a lot of fun recording these shows and hope everyone enjoys this one. The great music we have […] Read more »

Most notebooks and Tablet PCs produced today are more than capable enough to be used as complete desktop replacements.  The availability of USB and firewire peripherals makes it a snap to add additional hardware functionality and still maintain a mobile form factor.  Many people add external […] Read more »

Mike Hall points us to an article on MobileTechReview, the first in a promised series, written by a long-time Palm user who has recently switched to a Pocket PC.  It is an interesting read as he makes a detailed comparison of the features of the two […] Read more »

New Scientist is reporting that a number of research organizations are working on methods for detecting speech without the use of microphones.  Very interesting technology and worth a read if you’re interested in speech recognition like me. One system, being developed for DARPA by Rick Brown […] Read more »

Rob Bushway points us to the blog of Jason Hamilton who recently got a HP TC1100 Tablet PC.  He is of course loving the fine computer and has posted his first impressions.  Boy I want one of these babies, really bad!  Look at his photo and […] Read more »

Toshiba was showing off its upcoming Tablet PC at FOSE in Washington DC this month.  The Tecra M4 looks to be a large screen Tablet PC and while full details are not released at this time techsage has spoken to Toshiba and mentions these features: 14.1" […] Read more »

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