Stories for Dec. 18, 2004

Internet Week says DoD is planning to use IPv6 as catalyst for net-centric warfare. The pane is pretty vague, but Pentagon planners were recently heard talking about IPv6 as the center piece of their defense strategy. With all the information coming from satellites and other sources […] Read more »

Just when things were beginning to go right for Symbian OS, David Levin, chief executive of Symbian has called it quits and has moved over to United Business Media. In a sense he has gone back to his publishing roots, though one wonders about the future […] Read more »

Yahoo News: Yap International, is expanding into the central and south American markets via a distribution deal with Representaciones Gorbea, S.A. Problem is that there is no way to put a monetary value on these deals, and given that Yap is on BB, I am a […] Read more »

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Apple and Motorola have hinted that iTunes may be available on some Motorola handsets as early as next January. The big thing about the deal… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 17, 2004

Zoo Tycoon 2 has made the leap from PC to mobile. Aside from the normal game play, there’s another game mode: Zoo Tycoon Mobile Photo. This… Read more »

A discussion has started on where the telecommunications industry is going, and where it will take us (humans). An interesting topic, one wh… Read more »

Techdirt Wireless thinks that there maybe a chance that Verizon might want to go after Alltel; which is highly unlikely because that deal is going run afoul of regulators. Alltel is a rural phone company first, with wireless operations. Verizon may not want to take the […] Read more »

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PC Magazine: readers are addicted to broadband, and more than 86 percent have broadband connections, up from 75 percent last year. They don’t like them, because they have to pay more. That is despite getting more speed and bandwidth. Cablevision, Road Runner and Cox rank the […] Read more »

John Dvorak: Downloading movies will never become popular unless a market is created for better mechanisms and a more secure underground—and publicity can create that market. By suing users, the MPAA makes the process seem effortless—if they need to sue, everyone must be doing it. Who […] Read more »

WindowsITPro has published an article on Exchange Activesync that Pocket PC users should check out.  I have been using a hosted Exchange Server setup for a long time now and one of the great benefits this brings me is the ability to sync with my Exchange […] Read more » offers baskets of iPod acessories for the hard-to-buy-for iPod owner. There are many different baskets to choose from, all offering a different selection of add-ons. Read more »

All is well with the world as I am listening to the best guitar ever played in any song.  Lou Reed’s Rock n Roll Animal is a fantastic album that has stood the test of time very well and the cut Intro/ Sweet Jane is undoubtedly […] Read more »

Wall Street Journal: This clearly is one of the most important stories about the most important merger of the month. It looks into the human cost of mega-billion dollar mergers. “All towns suffer when a major corporation’s headquarters moves away, but Kansas City is likely to […] Read more »

You hear the phrase "gets it" a lot when people talk about Tablet PCs.  As in, so and so "gets it" when they say something profound about how inking and the Tablet make life easier.  I had this turned around on me today by my 82 […] Read more »

Business Week has an excellent article on why Sprint and Nextel got hitched. “That grand vision aside, the immediate driver for the deal is survival. Sprint, a distant third with 20 million customers, and No. 5 Nextel, with 14.5 million, need each other to hold their […] Read more »

Tucows, long famous for its vast library of software that is made available through numerous affiliates, has launched a new, mobile library.… Read more »

I missed this earlier, but Vodafone has asked Digital Chocolate to create 3D games in a bid to showcase its 3G technology. I think many of… Read more »

I knew it would not be long before someone set up a "Wiki" of a Podcast so anyone can contribute their own recordings to an open Podcast.  The folks at have now done it and anyone can contribute short segments (under 5 minutes is suggested) […] Read more »

Rob Bushway of Tablet PC Buzz reviewed the Electrovaya SC2100 and is impressed with the long battery life of the Tablet PC.  Electrovaya has long been producers of long life batteries and the SC2100 does not disappoint in that area as Rob got 6 1/2 hours […] Read more »

Eleksen is a firm that has previously released a fabric keyboard for an Orange phone and  for Palm handhelds.  The keyboard is made of force-sensing fabric and aims to provide a small and light mobile keyboard.  The firm is now set to release a Bluetooth fabric […] Read more »

Verizon is releasing a new Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition PDA in January and it looks like it can use the carrier’s new 3G high speed network, EV-DO.  The nice looking device is the XV6600 and boasts 128 MB of RAM, 64 MB of Flash […] Read more »

Business 2.0: It’s not just carriers on the most-wanted list, but network security firms and equipment makers too. It’s been just two weeks since we speculated that 2005 could bring a rapid consolidation in the telecom sector. The industry’s chief executives proved to be more impatient […] Read more »

Wall Street Journal: On demand television is proving to be the savior of fiber owners, the story says. The story does mix up the metro nets with national and international fiber networks, but still it is a trend which is worth watch. “The growing use of […] Read more »

EE Times : Deutsche Telekom’s main equipment supplier, has warned the telecom industry that up to 40% of the free cashflow currently generated by the telecoms operators could disappear by 2007, as a direct result of the move to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). At present […] Read more »

Yahoo now has up to the minute traffic maps accessible and The Furrygoat Experience shows how simple it is to search from within MSN Toolbar to get traffic information from any of the Yahoo covered areas. The Yahoo traffic maps are very useful if you live […] Read more »

I have been asked by several people in the past few weeks if I would be attending the CES in January.  I had intended to try to go but due to the situation I wrote about earlier I won’t be able to.  I was looking forward […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 16, 2004

This is definitely something for the professionals. Tao Group has released SSEYO miniMIXA, which is available for smartphones running the Wi… Read more »

Things are looking good for Japanese mobile content suppliers, with eleven of the 15 suppliers of paid content for mobile phones expecting t… Read more »

China’s cell phone users sent 176 billion SMS in the first 10 months of this year, and are expected to make it to 220 billion by the end of… Read more »

The whole world is abuzz with almost certain rumors that there is a iPhone in the works – Apple and Motorola are working on a mid range, Bluetooth enabled device that is lets just say iTunes friendly. Oh I believe there is Santa. Thank you man […] Read more »

This evening on my way walked over to the Cingular store to take a look at the new Motorola RAZR, which is all the rage with hipsters and the likes of Gwen Stefani these days. Anyway no where to be found. As I booted up my […] Read more »

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