Stories for Apr. 18, 2005

Ascent Media Group, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Hewlett Packard have signed an agreement to move Sony’s film and TV production to digita… Read more »

Thomas Hawk has taken the bait and is posting something about Microsoft’s “” Could it be a remixed eBook/PC/MiniTablet PC, perhaps? Daily Wireless has the details. The whole thing could be tied to the WinHEC. Microsoft apparently is putting together an innovative hardware section at WinHEC […] Read more »

Two companies who have not kept up with times – Adobe Systems and Macromedia – are hooking up. Adobe is buying Macromedia for $3.4 billion in stock. The deal is proof that there is little or not growth organic growth left in the old Silicon Valley. […] Read more »

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In a move that will horrify some and bring joy to others, Adobe have agreed to buy Macromedia for a straight stock swap of $3.4 Billion. Read more »

Sony’s 3.1 pound ultra-portable, T250, is becoming a favorite of the CEO set. Till recently, most chief executives who popped into Business 2.0’s 29th floor offices in San Francisco’s financial district, would show up toting an IBM Thinkpad T-Series (T-40 or higher). In past month or […] Read more »

So Visual Radio is headed to U.S., after a hard and long gestation period…it is an interactive radio technology developed by Nokia and bei… Read more »

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Crown Castle Mobile Media (a subsidiary of Crown Castle International Corp) has announced it’s gone with Microsoft for its broadcast TV, and… Read more »

Steve Jobs earlier this year had declared that 2005 is going to be the year of HD. And he was not talking about just macs either. From Alias torrents to televisions to DVD players, everything is going hi-def. Even the lowly video conferencing hardware. I recently […] Read more »

Stories for Apr. 17, 2005

They might have been late to the party, but it seems SimplyHired, the job search site is wasting no time adding interesting features and services to its offerings. The latest being a hook-up with LinkedIn. The companies are likely to announce an official partnership later this […] Read more »

The best utilities work well when they’re needed, and stay out of sight the rest of the time. So it is with Stuffit Deluxe 9 from Allume. In fact, I almost forgot about the new Stuffit version after I installed it to review. But there’s more there than meets the eye – that is, if you look for it. Read more »

After years of waiting, Intel’s finally going to put its silicon where its dollars are – in WiMAX. The company is going to announce Rosedale chip, that costs $45 to make and connects homes with fixed wireless networks tomorrow, according to Reuters. Scott Richardson, general manager […] Read more »

SkypeIn is marching in, 100 million copies have been downloaded and there are tons of companies making products that are Skype-happy. Except one tiny problem, and that’s on the horizon. As per James Enck, some Mexican users are complaining that Mexican giant Telmex’s ISP subsidiary Prodigy […] Read more »

The ink on the funding papers is not even dry, and I can almost feel that we are onto the next big thing – visual bookmarks. David Galbraith, who has now defected to the right (coast) side of the country, aka New York, has told […] Read more »

Producers of children’s TV shows are gearing up to offer mobile content suitable for toddlers — “you can’t ignore the convenience factor wh… Read more »

Expose is one of the coolest utilities on Mac OS X and I’ve been looking for a Windows equivalent that works just as well.  A good graphical task switcher is useful on any Windows XP computer but especially good on the Sony U since the screen […] Read more »

I admit I haven’t looked at the Zinio Reader for quite some time.  It must have been over five years ago that Zinio debuted their innovative system for delivering and displaying magazines in digital form and I tried it when it first came out and liked […] Read more »

One of the most amazing things about TiVo is that how it managed to shoot itself in the foot time and time again. I guess the whole Comcast issue is forgotten but that showed that there are some serious issues with the company. Then there is […] Read more »

Enron Broadband trial begins this week, and many view it as a precursor to the really big Enron trial set for next year. “It’s the most important Enron trial to date,” Dan Cogdell, a criminal defense attorney in Houston who represents Ken Rice told Texas Lawyer, […] Read more »

Bangladesh is not anywhere on the global broadband map, but it is doing its best to get online. Local service provider, DNS SatComm has started deploying fixed wireless gear from Cambridge Broadband and will offer access to government offices, and other commercial entities. Eventually, the plan […] Read more »

Broadband Reports forum users are complaining that some of the VoIP providers are reneging on the “unlimited plans” if the customers talk too much. The latest complaint from our users on this issue is concerning RocketVoIP; one user was told their excessive usage makes them unqualified […] Read more »

Stories for Apr. 16, 2005

Back in December 2001, I wrote a piece called, Virtela Takes a Soft Approach to Fiber-Optic Networks. I suspected as bandwidth got commoditized and IP became a predominant protocol in the networks, we could see the emergence of a new breed of a carrier, Virtual Network […] Read more »

Picturephoning has linked to another competition that requires making a two-minute film using your mobile phone…”users must take pictures,… Read more »

“Key issues for the future of Digital Rights Management (DRM) are the question of proprietary versus “open” technologies, and whether govern… Read more »

This past Friday, Chris Alden’s new start-up, Rojo, had arranged a special preview session for its service, and mostly bloggers were in attendance. I was the only hack in the pack, mostly because Chris is a friend and I happen to blog as well. Still, I […] Read more »

It’s shameless plug time- if you like our techADDICTION Show please vote for it on Podcast Alley. Right now we only have two votes which is probably Kevin and me. :) Here’s a link to make voting for us easy. Read more »

engadget reports on a new Sony Vaio PCG-4E1L that has been detailed in the FCC filing that has integrated tri-band GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth for communications.  This makes the notebook a truly connected device with high speed connections always available.  Not much else is known for […] Read more »

Fujitsu has always produced very nice slate Tablet PCs and the ST5000 series is no exception.  The thoughtful design and included features makes this Tablet a winner for anyone looking for a great slate.  Tablet PC ReviewSpot has published a thorough review of the ST5000 and […] Read more »

Eric Mack is still waiting to take possession of his Tablet PC but in his usual fashion he’s wasted no time in evangelizing the platform on his blog, Eric Mack On-Line.  He has been in conversation with Michael Hyatt who recently switched from the Tablet PC […] Read more »

Dave Ciccone of Dave’s iPAQ is usually playing with neat gadgets and always seems to get his hands on cool smartphones and Pocket PCs.  It looks like he’s upped the ante and is looking at the Sony U71 and has written a full review of the […] Read more »

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