Stories for Mar. 17, 2005

When it comes to innovation – there is a lot of hustling going on in the search business. No I don’t mean Vertical Search, but the aggressive competition going on for developing new technologies between MSN, Google and Yahoo. You can check out MSN Sandbox, Google […] Read more »

Metalink of Israel says it has started selling 100 VDSL chips that can send sen symmetric 100 Mbps for more than 200 meters. These products are targeted at two markets which are on the cutting edge of copper-based broadband: South Korea and Japan. The chips also […] Read more »

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The Register pointed to a press release from SanDisk about an announcement at CTIA on DRM enabled Flash Cards. “This will allow mobile netwo… Read more »

CinemaNow has announced agreements with Warner Music Group, Epitaph Records and TVT Records to sell music videos on a download-to-own basis.… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 16, 2005

Dumb devices like this never fail to amaze me. Some dope heads have come up with a MP3 player that allows customers to make VoIP calls if and only if the device is connected to a PC using a USB cable. Like we cannot do the […] Read more »

Okay before you start laughing, read this thoughtful piece over on Democracy in Media. Alex explains that there was a big power struggle inside TiVo with outgoing CEO Mike Ramsay in one camp pushing for more independent, Internet centric strategy that depended on monthly fees and […] Read more »

It is time for Qwest to cut it losses and run, and let Verizon deal with the mess. Today another new accounting snafu at MCI, which tells me the innards of that company are rotting, and Michael Capellas and his crew want to hand over the […] Read more »

JP Morgan Chase, which sold billions of dollars worth of worthless WorldCom bonds a year before the company filed for bankruptcy has reached a settlement with Alan Hevesi, comptroller of New York and trustee of the New York State Common Retirement Fund and will pay about […] Read more »

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Responsible for the day-to-day business management and content strategy of dotcom properties:, and greatoutd… Read more »

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) is the largest online movie rental service, providing nearly three million subscribers access to over 35,000 DVD titl… Read more »

CNET Networks is looking for a Partnership Manager within the Network Strategic Partnerships team. The Partnership Manager suggests, develop… Read more »

CinemaNow just announced a new site called, where folks can see music videos from music labels such as Warner Music Group and TVT Records for between $1.99 and $2.99 for a permanent copy of each music video. The site will launch with 75 music videos […] Read more »

Gamespot announced the winners for The Second Annual Wireless Gaming Awards, also known as The Mobies, at the CTIA WIRELESS 2005 conference… Read more »

Before he became part of the Broadbandits gang, Clark McLeod was viewed by many as a maverick and a telecom entreprenuer who found gold where others saw lead. During the bubble years of telecom he lost some of his bearings – his McLeod USA filed for […] Read more »

Reuters people told us about a correction in our earlier piece on Reuters’ mobile efforts. The news and info company will be working with op… Read more »

–Wireless Content Hype Hides Dark Clouds: “The loudest buzz at this year’s CTIA Wireless show is, as the organizing trade organization puts… Read more »

Kevin Martin has been named the new head of FCC by President Bush. “I am deeply honored to have been designated as the next Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, and I thank President Bush for this distinct privilege,” he said in a statement. “I thank […] Read more »

Yet another mobile TV deal, this one between Alcatel and video over internet protocols provider Path 1. The agreement will enable “the deliv… Read more »

Well, it’s actually eight-ish as I grab breakfast before heading to the airport but I was up at three am as a crackling thunderstorm rolled… Read more »

American Society for Quality has just come out with a report that compares customer expectations and quality of goods being sold to them. In plain simple english, the quality has fallen all around, even as customer expectations have increased. The reason quality has suffered is not […] Read more »

I received an email from Tom Clarkson of OrangeGuava informing me that the version of OrangeGuava that incorporates ActiveWords hooks is now available.  He also pointed out that the video demo I mentioned yesterday was not from the DEMO conference, but he did exhibit there.  This […] Read more »

Ken Camp is the author of a really good book about VoIP, IP Telephony Demystified, and his blog is a must read for me.  He recently wrote an excellent article about the current state of VoIP and who is actually benefiting the most from the non-telco […] Read more »

A lot has been written about employers giving their workers cell phones with GPS-enabled geo-locator services that lets them keep track of the whereabouts of the workers at all times through the cell phone.  These services work with phones with GPS integrated into the device and […] Read more »

Card Guard and Samsung are exhibiting at the CTIA in New Orleans their joint effort to supply the healthcare industry with remote patient monitoring. Card Guard’s PMP4 healthcare monitors measure and transmit medical data via a Bluetooth card inserted into the SDIO slot of the Samsung […] Read more »

Gizmodo found the MDA IV at CeBIT and snapped a photo of it on display.  The MDA IV is manufactured by HTC and takes the Pocket PC to another level with the integrated phone functions and the nicely usable keyboard.  The keyboard coupled with the VGA […] Read more »

Russell Beattie has a nice post on his blog that analyzes the various form factors that different mobile devices need to accomplish different tasks and he simplifies this overview with a wonderful abstract graphic of the different forms currently available.  The main point of his article […] Read more »

Lora Heiny points out that Googgy Software has a blog covering their Tablet-GTD program.  Tablet-GTD is a nice application for Getting Things Done users who need a good way to work the system using a Tablet.  Marc Orchant and I discussed this program on the latest […] Read more »

You can’t go two steps on Sand Hill Road, the epicenter of venture capital without some money man espousing the virtues of vertical search. So often you is it repeated that it harks back to the bubble era euphemisms like “market places,” “new paradigms” and of […] Read more »

When the rumors of Microsoft’s new portable OS emerged, we first heard the phrase Magneto. Then someone told me that no silly its not the OS, but its a codename for the next version of Microsoft’s ActiveSync technology, which will be a “RIM killer.” (What’s with […] Read more »

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