Stories for Dec. 21, 2004

I have been excited the last couple of days as the great folks at MindJet have been cooperating with me on a review of their great program MindManager X5.  MindManager is a fantastic mind mapping program with a really nice implementation of inking for the Tablet […] Read more »

Cablevision is the fastest “facilities-based” (ruphemism for companies that own their own infrastructure) VoIP service and is adding 1,000 new customers per day. I think even Vonage is adding more than 1000 new customers a day. Cablevision says that the company has surpassed the 250,000-customer milestone. Read more »

It is the holiday season and everyone is looking for gift ideas so here’s another idea for that geek of yours.  Everyone who uses Windows has seen the "blue screen of death" (BSOD) and ErrorWear has a line of shirts that show it off nicely.  Mac […] Read more »

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PocketMind has released a new program called appropriately enough, CD to Mobile.  CD2Mobile rips music CDs directly to your Pocket PC and lets you play around with the folders on the Pocket PC, too.  If I am not mistaken I thought you could do this with […] Read more »

PocketMind just let me know that their great music player, PocketMusic, has just been updated.  Version 3.2 is free to registered users and adds the following features: Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition support (Hi-Res devices and different screen orientation support). Option to fast forward/rewind track by […] Read more »

Is the iTunes music store in trouble? Chris Gorog, CEO of Napster, sure thinks so. Napster runs on a subscription based format that allows you access to 700,000+ songs for your listening pleasure, all for only $9.95 per month. The catch is that if you want […] Read more »

The Broadband Daily: Karl Bode says that when it comes to broadband over power-lines being anything more than a niche technology, believe it when you see it. Read more »

The Broadband Daily: James Enck talks to Gary Lerhaupt, the developer of Torrentocracy, the fusion of BitTorrent with open-source PVR, and more recently, Prodigem, a web-based, largely idiot-proof system for allowing independent content creators to create hosted torrents. He created one in less time that it […] Read more »

While SmarTone has launched its 3G service touting “exciting video calling” with “animation characters”, competitor CSL doesn’t believe the… Read more »

International Sports and Media Group has announced its Total Soccer Network (TSN) Internet Media Division has signed an agreement with Smart… Read more »

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Business 2.0: Not since the halcyon days of the mid-1990s, when Motorola’s (MOT) Star-Tac was redefining the look and feel of mobile phones, has the company enjoyed this much buzz. Its sleek new Razr V3 — a design masterpiece doubling as a quad-band cell phone — […] Read more »

Business 2.0: From text messaging, to e-mail, to photo messaging, to video e-mail, and then to television on cell-phone handsets, Sprint PCS (PCS) has always been at the vanguard of introducing bandwidth-hogging, cutting-edge services that induce folks to part with extra dollars. I think it will […] Read more »

Dana Edwards of Pocket PC Tools has written a very thorough review of the OnCourse Navigator 4 GPS package.  OnCourse Navigator is one of the first (if not the first) navigation programs to fully support VGA in both portrait and landscape on those devices running Windows […] Read more »

Just saw this in a Tablet PC Buzz forum: "NotateIt software creates a multi-page ‘magnetic’ whiteboard on your computer helping you to brainstorm, mind map, collect, organise and store your thoughts and ideas For complete flexibility, you can change the background of your ‘whiteboard’ to graph […] Read more »

E Week: Trillian 3.0, the cross network IM client is getting the Rendezvous religion. “The Rendezvous protocol, which is a key feature in Apple’s Mac OS X platform, allows users to set up a network without any configuration. In the new Trillian 3.0, the Rendezvous plug-in […] Read more »

Walmart and Linspire have teamed up to offer a $498 laptop computer running the Linspire operating system.  Dubbed the Balance, the laptop runs on the VIA C3 1-GHz processor, has 128MB RAM, a 30GB hard drive, a CD-ROM drive and a 14.1-inch liquid crystal display.   It […] Read more »

Alek’s Christmas Lights Webcam Use the christmas webcam to view live images of a buncha christmas lights and also CONTROL them – i.e. YOU can turn them ON and OFF via your web browser! The christmas webcam has PAN and ZOOM capability that you can also […] Read more »

Jeff Pulver: Open source software communications will begin to influence the VoIP market in a big way next year, according to Jeff Pulver, who heads the industry standard VON (Voice on the Net) conferences and publications. In his predictions for 2005, Pulver also said some VoIP […] Read more »

Mobile Pipeline: In 2004, cities started treating wireless broadband like sewage and water, converged devices started flying off the shelves and the U.S. wireless industry got smaller. Continue reading.. Read more »

Mark Evans: “Videotron is expected to jump into the Internet telephony market soon, which would make it the first Canadian cable company to offer the fast-emerging service. There is strong speculation Videotron, the country’s third-largest cable company, with 1.45 million customers, could launch its service as […] Read more »

Sun Rocket, the so-called no-hassle $199 a year flat rate VoIP service is all set to go national next week, according to company officials. The company plans to add 50 more metro markets to its three current regions – Washington DC, Boston and Baltimore. The new […] Read more »

Venture Capital Journal: Venture capitalists have dramatically ramped up their VoIP investments this year, putting more money to work than they did in the previous two years combined. As of Nov. 10, they plunked down $355 million for 18 companies. The most active investor in the […] Read more »

Ever since Paul Boutin made it cool to write about retro-phones (read his review of Nokia 6600 in Slate magazine) we thought, perhaps it is time to offer some solid advice to phone shoppers. With four days to go, both I and Matt Maier, the fearless […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 20, 2004

Steve Makofsky (Furrygoat Experience, among others) has developed a way to put an entire Windows CE environment onto a USB keychain drive. While it definitely falls into the "because I can" category this could provide a secure way to use other people’s computers.  It might also […] Read more »

So…we still want more writers. Think you got the skills to pay the bills? Then chunk us an e-mail and we’ll chat. Read more »

People who have purchased a Sony Vaio U750P should be aware that Sony now has a Recovery DVD set available for purchase. The Recovery DVD is $17.95 and can be purchased at the Sony web site.  Note that it is showing as not currently in stock […] Read more »

Hong Kong telco Sunday Communications is predicting an imminent consolidation in the local mobile industry now that 3G has finally arrived.… Read more »

Virgin Mobile has partnered with Universal Music Group to expand its ‘First Dibs’ ringtone offering to include content from Ashanti and Ja… Read more »

Sprint will launch six streaming music channels on monday as the culmination of a deal mooted a month ago with Music Choice. Sprint custome… Read more »

Silicon Valley bashes are back. Our friends at Silicon Beat tell us that VCs and others are splurging on their big bashes. The Woodside Fund brought out the big wines, Duckhorn and Caymus. Doll Capital Management, fresh from its hit with Chinese job site, 51Job, rented […] Read more »

DailyWireless: Motorola has completed the initial phases of a technical trial of the company’s first 4.9 GHz broadband solutions. According to the Motorola project team and public safety agencies in Tulsa, Okla., where the technical trial has been underway since September, the trial has proven the […] Read more »

C/Net has an indepth analysis of Apple’s likely move into the flash memory based IPod market. And I expect a whiz-bang Flash-based iPod which sets a new standard for the whole category. It has reactions from the wannabes, who are possibly masking their fear with […] Read more »

Most of my readers know, I am not a huge fan of Skype. Stuart has taken me to task on this many times. Actually, rethinking Skype, I have realized that I am not a big fan of their lack of a clear cut business model, and […] Read more »

PC World: Boeing is planning to add live television to its Connexion by Boeing service during 2005. via its Connexion network, which allows 5 MBPS downloads and I MBPS uploads over the satellite-data network. Stan Deal, vice president of commercial airlines at Boeing’s Connexion unit tells […] Read more »

The CSIRO (Australia’s government funded science organization) and m.Net have developed a 3G video streaming application that “attaches meta… Read more » has pointed the way to a Web site of a class on mobile media, Cellphonia, at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York. Th… Read more »

Customers of ’3′ in Hong Kong can now bet on horse races using their mobile phones. The short time-frame of a race makes it ideal for delive… Read more »

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