Stories for Mar. 14, 2005

I am always on the lookout for good games that play well using just the stylus.  These games are perfect for playing on the Sony U750 ultra-portable and on Tablet PCs.  I found a new one today that plays wonderfully on the Sony and is a […] Read more »

P Diddy, the rap mogul and entrepreneur (don’t mess with that wording…), gave a rousing (oh well) speech today at CTIA confab, happening… Read more »

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– Consumer Reports On Mobile Phones: Starwave Mobile, a recently launched mobile publishing and licensing label from the Walt Disney Intern… Read more »

It’s already been noted that the number of exhibitors and the amount of exhibition space have both increased by 20 percent…”One factor in… Read more »

Qualcomm is at CTIA trying to convince telcos to use its products (much like everybody else, really), and should be especially keen to promo… Read more »

Greenlight Wireless has added a new feature to Skweezer which slices large Web pages to fit into the memory restrictions of the handset. “Ma… Read more »

This is reasonably interesting – Mobot is a service that allows owners of camera phones to take a picture of a CD cover, (presumably) send i… Read more »

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If you look at the current fracas over the much awaited iTunes phone by Motorola, it is becoming increasingly clear that the wireless carriers are getting too dominant and flexing their muscles. I have written about this topic extensively in the past, and here are some […] Read more »

Keep your podcatcher warmed up this week as there are a couple of fun things in store for you listeners. The next full TabletPC Show with guest co-host Marc Orchant is in post production and should be out in the next day or two. Marc and […] Read more »

Business 2.0 : Many of the new startups in the convergence space — such as Grouper, Mercora, Orb Networks, and Sling Media — have developed their products only for the Windows platform, though there are vague promises of Mac support sometime in the future. They might […] Read more »

It’s pretty hard to swallow the rumors floating around that Tiger (OS X 10.4) may be announced by Apple on April 1st. I mean, really. Who announces something that big on a Friday, but especially April Fool’s Day? Well, in recent history, Google’s GMail was announced […] Read more »

Mobile media content provider 2dayuk has announced it has completed a deal with Hollyoaks’ production company Mersey Television to manage co… Read more »

Motorola plans to hit it big with Rokr, it’s “iTunes phone”. But carriers don’t want it, and stopped the handset maker from displaying the d… Read more »

Motorola’s iTunes phone is on hold for now, thanks to poor signal quality from the carriers. Frankly, why is anyone surprised that carriers are trying to make sure that the iTunes phone sleeps with the fishes? The stunning Rokr no-show at two of Motorola’s prime product […] Read more »

Those clever BlackBerry folks at RIM have announced a couple of new rollouts that will delight fans of the mobile workhorse.  The BlackBerry will soon support AIM, ICQ, and AOL Mail right on the device that so many mobile professionals swear by.  The other rollout surprises […] Read more »

Bitstream has announced the availability of ThunderHawk 2.0 for both the Pocket PC and Smartphone.  ThunderHawk is a web browser and service that provides the best browsing experience for mobile device with small screens.  Version 2.0 provides the following features: Effortless scrolling. Fast, fluid Web page […] Read more »

There is word that Sony has lined up all sorts of fashion people to design accessories for its PlayStation Portable device. Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Coach, Baby Phat, and Charlotte Ronson are some of those who have signed up for a special fashion show, Engadget […] Read more »

Back in the bubble, for most European telecom operators, it was mega-billion dollar mergers that were seen as a quick if dirty way of expanding out of their home bases. Remember the $100 billion bid for Qwest by Deutsche Telekom? (Nacchio should have sold, instead of […] Read more »

In the Rainbow Six 3 games, you’re part of “Rainbow” – an elite squad of counter-terror specialists, taking down the scum of the earth, wherever they roam. Your team is the last hope for all of the citizens on earth. But don’t be confused – this […] Read more » is National Public Radio on the Web. We serve news, music and
entertainment to a rapidly growing audience of four million users mont… Read more »

In a general story on ongoing CTIA, some bit of news: Verizon Wireless and 20th Century Fox have tied up to launch “made-for-cellular” seri… Read more »

– Music Videos As Ringtones on Sprint: Music video ringers from Sprint PCS, the first such in U.S. It has signed up Sony BMG and Warner…… Read more »

In this position, you will work closely with the Content industry and Intel divisions to develop/drive high impact global alliances to suppo… Read more »

This position focuses on Radio, Search and Partners. Can you connect users to the music they know they love and the music they will love? Do… Read more »

2004 was a whopper of a year for Ericsson. The demand for wireless network equipment boomed, and so did Ericsson’s fortunes. Big network build-out across the planet in general, China and India in specific along with severe belt tightening helped the Swedish giant notch up margins […] Read more »

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