Stories for Dec. 28, 2004

Better jump fast as today’s Woot! is the HP iPod with 40 GB drive for just $319.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. Read more »

Ask anyone, and they will all tell you that 2005 is going to be a breakout year for the Internet Voice technology. Just like a teenager who gets his(or her) drivers license and burns rubber, many are expecting sales from VoIP to zoom, and of course […] Read more »

Internet Telephony talks to Popular Telephony founder Dmitry Goroshevsky who promptly trashes the whole concept of PBX. “What do I need all this infrastructure for if I just need a phone? There is no longer a need for an $80,000 PBX (or IP-PBX) or even the […] Read more »

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Just kidding! Actually this is a pretty cool development especially for those of us who love to drive and are constantly on the move. The Texas Department of Transportation and Coach Connect Corp. are bringing free wireless internet to Texas 102 safety rest areas, with access […] Read more »

Back in the go-go 1990s, like every other chip company Triquint Semiconductor tried to expand into the fiber optics business. A chip maker whose main business was wireless handsets, the company bought its way into the optoelectronics business, which seemed smart back then, but is not […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 27, 2004

I am a firm believer in using any tool that helps accomplish a certain goal or that helps me be more productive and efficient in my work routine.  I use a LOT of different utilities to accomplish this, some that serve a stand-alone function and others […] Read more »

Cisco bought a lot of companies this year, but the focus was mostly on software for the market leader in switches and routers. The acqusitions, included software players that help improve security of Cisco’s core offerings and also companies that have developed products for the VoIP […] Read more »

Walter Hutchens has uncovered a couple of cheap innovative cases for the Sony U computer.  Lots of photos of both cases and links to purchase on his blog.  My favorite is this one: Read more »

The good folks at Engadget are now running their 2004 Engadget Awards where you can vote for your favorite gadgets.  The competition is divided into 17 different categories such as Gadget of the Year, Worst Gadget of the Year, etc.  Head on over and enter your […] Read more »

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Marc Orchant has done it again with a nice review of Josh Einstein’s wonderful Tablet Enhancement for Outlook (TEO).  TEO adds native inking to Outlook for tasks like creating appointments and tasks.  The unique approach that Josh has taken with the current version of TEO is […] Read more »

Alpha-Data’s USB 2.0 hard drive enclosure is nothing special unless battery operation is important to you for mobile use.  You supply your own hard drive (up to 80 GB) and the Alpha-Data will power it with four AA batteries.  A copy function is also supported that […] Read more »

I have taken a long time in writing something about the tsunami/earthquake tragedy in South and South East Asia. It is not because I did not want to say something, it was because I was too emotionally vested and perhaps could not put two words together […] Read more »

South Korean governement has chalked out a plan for a new broadband convergence network, that would need an investment of around $58 billion, reports The Korea Herald. “The Korean information and communication technology sector is heading toward a stagnant state and it needs to come up […] Read more »

Andy points to a report on Pacific Epoch which says that there might be 2 million users of Skype’s chinese version. And then asks the most important question: “Everyone looks at Skype’s impact on telephony, but what about on IM? Of late I personally have been […] Read more »

Broadband and the presence of always-on connections is changing consumer behavior. From making phone calls over the Internet, to buying clothes online and downloading songs for 99 cents a track, the always on lifestyle is finally become pervasive. “People are more able and willing to just […] Read more »

One has to love Internet America, the ISP. When not flirting with VoIP, it is romancing some new technology perhaps in a bid to keep that stock floating. CED magazine says it has a broadband over powerline deal in north central Texas with power utility HILCO […] Read more »

The Oregonian: reports that Portland, Oregon-based Network Elements is desperately looking for a buyer. Founded in 1998, the privately held Beaverton company made optoelectronic devices and had raised $115 million in funding altogether, including $15 million in new investment secured in November 2003. But as we […] Read more »

Nokia has been buying into content start-ups. Actually scratch that – mostly mobile content start-ups and invested nearly $100 million in 18 companies in 2004. The latest one being Enpocket which just raised about $9.5 million in series C round of funding. Other Nokia investments include […] Read more »

Mobile Monday says that the GSM Association (GSMA), the global trade association for the world’s GSM mobile operators, has set-up a database that can track stolen GSM phones. Here is how it works – local operators upload a list of stolen phones and their information into […] Read more »

Orange is sponsoring a movie making competition for mobile phones. This next-gen promotion has people making 60 second films out of 3D paper… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 26, 2004

One of the most useful websites you will find is the Tech Support Alert site, a good source of information for getting the most out of using and maintaining your Windows PC.  They have just listed their picks for the 46 best ever free utilities and […] Read more »

I have not seen much mentioned about BlogMatrix Sparks but this free program couples Podcast handling with audio stream recording which makes perfect sense. The utility will put the Podcasts and recordings into both iTunes and Windows Media Player for listening or for downloading to your […] Read more »

Cox Communications 122-fiber-strand optic cable is being used to deliver high speed Internet and San Diego Padres to the residents of Tijuana, Mexico according to San Diego. This is the only US fiber optic cable to cross an international boundry, reports San Diego Union Tribune. The […] Read more »

San Jose Mercury News points out that 2005 will be a big year for WiFi chips. Craig Barratt, chief executive of wireless chip maker Atheros Communications, is looking at a growth year in 2005. International Data Corp. estimates that the WiFi chip set market will grow […] Read more »

Telephony magazine reports that Fonix Telecom subsidiary, LecStar Telecom, has teamed up with Duke Power to expand on ongoing test of broadband over power line (BPL) technology and market acceptance. The report says that the trial is going include 15,000 homes in the states of North […] Read more »

Barrons this week is asking the all important question: why can’t country’s largest cable provider get no respect? It has finished a $38 million makeover that makes it one of the most cutting edge networks in the world, and yet Wall Street is shunning the stock, […] Read more »

What is the best smartphone to buy? Permanent 4 aka Dave is facing that question and he brings up some very valid points. Well it is a relatively personal decision, and despite a large number of choices, I think it boils down to how and where […] Read more »

About eight months ago, I had written a piece for Business 2.0, (Do this Get Rich) in which one of the business ideas I suggested was creating a specialized store to sell broadband and broadband related services. I think the argument still holds. Just like the […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 25, 2004

I have been dying to buy the new 50 Cent single, Disco Inferno, so this morning, I decided that perhaps it is time to visit ITunes store. Looks like the server/store is experiencing some serious slowdown. Marc sent me an email saying “I tried to purchase […] Read more »

An article in The New York Times Magazine tells us that Reed Hundt, the former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, has started his own very anonymous blog though no information is available where this damn thing is. ‘’It’s in the nature of a private diary, […] Read more »

Light Reading has a detailed analysis of the big packages some of the Lucent executives have received for their “good work” even as the company has cut back on retiree benefits such as health care. Unsurprisingly, the company’s pensioners aren’t too happy about the size of […] Read more » has a rather in-depth look at SBC’s transition from a plain old phone company to a fiber-enabled triple play giant which has bet $4 billion on the future. Still the market is very crowded and they have challenges. Still, I think this is more about […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 24, 2004

Happy Holidays to everyone and may this holiday season find you and your family safe and happy.  To those of you who are traveling have a safe trip and to everyone enjoy the company of friends and family.  I thank everyone for the continued support and […] Read more »

Just saw a deal that is so good I have to share it.  Altec Lansing inMotion Speakers for just $39.  This is the version of the inMotion that is not iPod specific and works with any audio device with a standard headphone jack.  Very good price.  […] Read more »

Earlier this year, Audiovox’s tiny ScoblePhone had the geeks and early adopters frothing, making it perhaps the first must have Windows Mobile phone. Now I expect a repeat performance from the XDA and its many variants that have a nice slider keyboard, and all sorts of […] Read more »

As 2004 comes to a close, I have finally had a chance to take a day off, and look back and reflect on 2004. By all means, it has been a year of personal growth, and professional growth. Highlight of the year has to be visiting […] Read more »

2004 is coming to a close, and boy what a year it has proved to be. Two big mergers – Cingular And AT&T Wireless’ $41 billion whopper, and more recently Nextel-Sprint $35 billion marriage – were announced this year. 3G services have started to roll-out, at […] Read more »

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