Stories for Mar. 19, 2005

Initially this was to be a review of Moneydance and nothing more. But since I didn’t have experience with anything to compare it to, I checked out a few other personal finance apps for OS X as well, so I could give you the full scoop. In all, I tried Moneydance, iBank, Money, and iFinance. I left Quicken out because it seems to be the typical choice, and I wanted to see what the smaller developers had to offer.

To start off, I’ve never consistently tracked my finances (like I – and you – should) with software or a bank book. Yeah, I know: Bad Nick. Well, this has been a great chance for me to get into it, and surprisingly, I’ve taken to it like a homerun hitter to steroids… I should actually mention, that I keep track of my finances through online banking with my bank’s website. So on a daily basis I can see what’s happening with my accounts. This is great, so why use an app in addition to the online access? The first and most useful reason is the graphic depictions of what your money is actually going toward. Having a pretty, color-coded chart to show you where all your hard-earned cash went is nice for tayloring a personal budget, to say the least.

The online banking type of person will love Moneydance. It was the first one I reviewed, and it’s the one I’ll be sticking with. (If you do your banking by monthly, mailed statements, then you may find one of the other apps more to your liking. More on them shortly.) Read more »

Stories for Mar. 18, 2005

Nokia has agreed to put Opera’s mobile browser on several more handsets, bringing the total to 11. Opera expects the number to increase as m… Read more »

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Following on from the scathing dismissal of mobile content at the beginning of the month, has published parts two an… Read more »

Australia’s incumbent telco Telstra will trial DVB-H mobile TV technology later this year, according to a story I wrote for the Icon section… Read more »

This week I did something I’ve been threatening to do for a long time and got a buzz haircut.  I mean, all of it cut off.  It seemed like a good thing to do with spring coming along so I did it.  The funny thing is, […] Read more »

The world it seems accessed the web via their mobile phone. According to Ispos, wireless Internet access climbed nearly 30% in 2004. More than two out of five users globally have accessed the Internet via a wireless connection Ipsos-Insight reveals. Well, if that’s the case, then […] Read more »

Compro has a secret- their VideoMate TV DVB-T, which is barely bigger than a USB flash drive, is a bus-powered HDTV tuner.  Of course you need a computer with at least 2.4 GHz for viewing in HD but there’s another version for plain old TV viewing […] Read more »

Fujitsu Siemens has been busy rolling out new tech recently and they unveiled their new ultra-high definition equipped laptop at CeBIT 2005.  The Amilio M4438 is a behemoth sporting a 17" widescreen (16:10) display with 256 MB of video RAM that displays a pixel resolution beyond […] Read more »

Here’s a few snippets of mobile content news that came out this week that may have passed you by…

Bango Provides On-Bill Payment In USA:… Read more »

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Movieseer has licensed video content from iFilms for distribution in 13 countries and territories in Asia. The content includes “more than 2… Read more »

Ever since the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series of games, extreme sports games have done pretty well, and are usually pretty enjoyable games. The game MTX Mototrax was created by the guys at Neversoft, the same company that created the Tony Hawk games. It originally was […] Read more »

You can get as much information about the Chinese telecom boom as you want, but world’s second hottest market is going unnoticed and as a result, I am introducing a new once-a-week column by Dr. Abhishek Puri, who will send us the buzz about broadband from […] Read more »

Engadget got a good look at the diminutive pocket printer from Pentax, the PocketJet 3.  The little printer uses thermal printing instead of ink so it is easily the smallest portable printer you can carry.  It’s not too fast but would fit the bill nicely when […] Read more »

A proliferation of digital devices at home means that the unsightly collection of remotes in the living room is getting out of control. Personally I have about eight remotes at home – one each for TV, Stereo, DVD player, VCR (yeah I still have one,) Sonus […] Read more »

It was only a matter of time before someone produced a cordless Skype phone and Square7 has one available for about GBP100.  The Cordless DUALphone connects to a normal telephone line and a USB port on a PC and provides complete Skype functionality from the cordless […] Read more »

TrustedReviews has published a thorough review of the Fujitsu T4010 Tablet PC that has been in the news a lot recently.  They cover the Fujitsu with lots of photos and benchmarks and is a good place to look if you are interested in this capable Tablet […] Read more »

Skype is still taking the VoIP world by storm and hardware that makes using the free service is appearing regularly it seems.  Actiontec has introduced the Internet Phone Wizard with Skype (IPWS) that makes it possible to use your standard land line phone with Skype.  The […] Read more »

I have written about the old Screen Savers Show before, that great show on the old TechTV that starred Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton.  The show went away and all of the old regulars went their separate ways and are doing other things.  The only cast […] Read more »

Apple has used Austin’s South By Southwest music festival to introduce a new type of pre-paid cards for the iTunes Music Store, according to Playlist magazine. Over 200 bands appearing at South By Southwest are distributing their own numbered, limited edition iTunes cards, which usually entitles […] Read more »

AT&T’s disappointing number of sign-ups, and the mixed bag performance of other independent VoIP service providers tells me two things – Vonage works because it spends more money on marketing than that in the US treasury in signing up customers. Second one, admittedly is that the […] Read more »

I am getting sick and tired of this whole debate about how good VoIP should be? Just because we accept poor quality from cellphones, and PCs, we are supposed to expect poor quality or what some call, good enough quality in VoIP as well. Not so […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 17, 2005

Not the first time media company has gotten into mobile phone services (MVNOs: Virgin is an example. The upcoming ESPN and Disney-branded mo… Read more »

Clark McLeod is back in news, and so is his telecom disaster McLeod USA. The company announced that it is putting up for sale, and unless it finds a buyer, the company will have to file for bankruptcy again. McLeod USA had filed for bankruptcy back […] Read more »

Emily has pointed to a service that will send you a notification of lost luggage via SMS (or e-mail or phone). Unfortunately the system reli… Read more »

Games for the next generation of consoles will cost between $10-$25 million to make, so new studios are suggested to “make games for mobile… Read more »

All the kings men, and all the kings horses …. looks like spending millions of dollars was not enough and despite its brand name, Ma Bell could only snare up 53,000 VoIP customers. The data was revealed in an SEC filing, according to I see […] Read more »

m-Qube has teamed with with Major League Baseball (MLB) Advanced Media to offer mobile content on the sport, or specifically on each of the… Read more »

Lora points out that the Fujitisu LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC is now available with a SXGA (1400×1050) screen for only $50 extra.  This is good news for those who feel that 1024×768 doesn’t provide enough screen real estate and now have an alternative to the Toshiba […] Read more »

Nightline ran a great story last night that was right on time for St. Patrick’s Day today.  Certainly that was no coincidence.  The show was a great one that chronicled how Ireland has gone from a country in great turmoil 30 years ago to the Ireland […] Read more »

So you have this expensive iPod and you want, no you need to get the best sound quality possible from your little white jewel.  What to do?  Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an amp with tubes, the way amps are supposed to be?  Well, […] Read more »

Samsung recently announced a line of LCD monitors that will be released in the first half of the year that is aimed at users who are color blind.  The monitors, called Magic Vision, allow users with dyschromatopsia to adjust the red, green and blue settings individually […] Read more »

The Virtual Keyboard has been in the news many times over the last year but the company had so many problems bringing it to market it seemed it would never ship.  It is shipping now and CNET has reviewed the laser keyboard with several PDAs and […] Read more »

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