Stories for Apr. 20, 2005

Death Of iPod — My Two Cents

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated…Mark Twain

The hot news of the minute is whether Apple’s… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 19, 2005

Rojo, the latest entrant to throw its hat in the news reader ring is out of beta, and is ready for general consumption. Given that I prefer to live in the three-pane world of Net News Wire, I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked the […] Read more »

London is a massive city – 10 million people and much more sprawling than New York or even San Francisco Bay Area. So perhaps a tiny sliver of it is now a hot zone should not be big news. Still, I think the idea of free […] Read more »

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The big Enron Broadband trial started today, and as per Reuters: federal prosecutor Lisa Monaco in her opening statement said, “The mission of Enron Broadband Services (EBS) was to pump up the Enron stock price by telling investors they had a solution — a solution to […] Read more »

Lucent Technologies, thanks to wireless equipment sales has managed to somehow over come the negative trends overwhelming the telecom markets. In the fiscal 2Q 2005, the company reported sales of $2.34 billion and net income of $282 million, essentially flat sequentially and up marginally year-over-year. Of […] Read more »

Back in the day I question the validity of Treo as a mobile platform. The sales showed that Palm OS based Treo never really got the traction of rival smart phone platforms like Symbian. Russell Beattie, has come to the same conclusion and says that instead […] Read more »

Extreme Tech reports that “Wi-Lan and Fujitsu partnership will announce their own chip at a wireless conference beginning this Thursday in Las Vegas. The spokesman declined to offer details of the chip in advance of the launch, but characterized it as ‘real silicon’.” Given the bitching […] Read more »

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T-Mobile (Europe) is impressed with the results of its Flarion OFDM trials. According to Unstrung, T-Mobile’s VP of RAN Engineering, Klaus Juergen Krath, claims that the trial achieved average data downlink speeds of 1.5 Mbit/s with a peak of 3.2 Mbit/s. Average uplink speeds were 500 […] Read more »

InfoSpace has teamed up with Morpheme Wireless to release another game in its “Pub Series”. “Pub Pinball challenges players to test their sk… Read more »

Online bookmaker UKBetting’s football content site Football365 has launched a stand-alone soccer channel on the 3 portal, offering free and… Read more »

LocalTechWire has a Q&A session with the CEO of Motrocity, Ryan Wuerch. It covers what the company does, key figures, market size etc… Read more »

The BUSMAN project has developed a system to search within videos for specific events, or for similar scenes. It’s interesting that although… Read more »

Sprint has signed a deal with Fox to give its customers the opportunity to watch continuous live Fox News Channel programming nationwide on… Read more »

Nick Jones, research fellow at Gartner, claims that businesses are interested in mobilizing their work force but have difficulty with the mo… Read more »

I think all of us including me over reacted about Verizon’s naked DSL news. Thanks to Jesse, I re-read the news and figured out that this naked DSL offering is for Verizon’s existing broadband customers. Just to clarify, I went ahead and called the Verizon PR […] Read more »

Scoble’s boss Lenn Pryor, the Channel 9 founder, is leaving Microsoft and joining Skype. Google, Yahoo and Technorati have become homes for former Microserfs. Given the recent exodus of officials and senior executives from Microsoft, you know Bill has a serious problem at hand. Stagnating stock […] Read more »

The old UFO game from years past was one of my favorite PC games.  It was well done, with good graphics for that time, and I must admit I lost hours and hours to this fun game.  A couple of years ago Russian developer SMK Software […] Read more »

I have lamented the passing of TechTV and The Screen Savers show in particular.  G4 ruined a great tech TV station when they dismantled TechTV and I miss the great chemistry between Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton and the others on the old show.  I am happy […] Read more »

April 19th, 2005 by James Kendrick The techADDICTION Show #006- 19th April 2005 (49min 10sec)MP3 – 17.2MB  Kevin and I are back with a new techADDICTION Show and this one is full of cool gadgets, talk about prison, the cheapest M205 ever and much, much more. […] Read more »

Well talk about flirting with danger… Mercora, one of my favorite programs on the Windows platform and promoter of P2P radio concept (More in Business 2.0) is bringing time shifting to its software, risking the ire of the close minded and super greedy Hollywood types. This […] Read more »

I’ve spent the last four days toying with the Samsung P207, and it has convinced me that soon I will never physically type another text message again. Otherwise an unremarkable EDGE-capable, $79 clamshell phone—the Samsung P207 comes bundled with some innovative voice recognition software that translates […] Read more »

Is 3G here or not? From the conflicting reports about the uptake of 3G services, that is a megabillion dollar question. Whenever faced with such a quandary, I normally turn to the basics – silicon. The chips always tell the story, albeit nine to 12 months […] Read more »

Stories for Apr. 18, 2005

Couple of good jobs at UMG and WMG:
— Universal Music Mobile: VP, Product Development & Operations
— Warner Music Group: New Media Marketi… Read more »

That’s a very interesting figure, and I’m sure slightly controversial: Cellcasting, the streaming of audio or video to a cell phone costs s… Read more »

Verizon’s head honcho Ivan Seidenberg antagonized a lot of people yesterday with his comments in The San Francisco Chronicle. Given his previous comments about faith in wireless and its critical importance to Verizon’s future, I still find it hard to believe that he said what he […] Read more »

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