Stories for Mar. 22, 2005

Sony U owners who are willing to pay to be stylish and want a wireless keyboard and mouse to use with your docked UPC should have a look at the Vaio VGP-WKB1.  The Sony keyboard and mouse not only looks good but has a couple of […] Read more »

The Jackito thumb-operated PDA made the news almost a year ago and then went away.  The unique PDA meant to be operated totally via fingertips seemed to be just another piece of vaporware that would never actually be sold.  Gizmodo is reporting today that the Jackito […] Read more »

I have mentioned in the past that 43 Folders is a great web site covering all sorts of productivity enhancing subjects.  I just noticed that they have started a 43 Folders Wiki to facilitate the sharing of productivity tips and tricks.  Neat stuff, nice going Merlin! Read more »

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infoSyncWorld is reporting that Symbian has licensed the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol for use in Symbian smartphones. Symbian today announced that it has licensed the Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync protocol for use in Symbian OS, and is to develop an Exchange Server ActiveSync protocol “plug-in” for […] Read more »

Sometimes too much growth is not such a good thing. Especially when you have not scaled your systems to meet the rising demand from consumers who like your service. Latest example is Skype, which is now facing a unique set of problems – it is having […] Read more »

Electrovaya is known for batteries and have stuffed that technology into every Scribbler Tablet PC they have produced.  Their latest offering is no exception with  run times of over 8 hours with WiFi running constantly.  MobileTechReview has published a thorough review of the Scribbler SC2200 and […] Read more »

Guest Post by Robert Young: What happens when you have 100 megabits per second connections on the edge of the network? In your homes, or in your pockets, or in your cars – an always-on 100 megabit per second pipe that wirelessly networks your life. No, […] Read more »

Just testing the new RSS feed as some people are reporting trouble.   If you can’t get the feed properly please post a comment or send me an email. Thanks. Read more »

I’m sure you’ve all received messages inviting you to join (which stands for “Short Message Service, Always Connected”). I’ve receive… Read more »

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One company has entered the mobile video market with short videos of such things as as “breaking news, entertainment stories, fashion catwal… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 21, 2005

Looks like Gizmondo might be in for a big opening weekend in UK. The handheld gaming device plus entertainment center was launched today in London, where 2000 screaming fans greeted the product at Gizmondo flagship store at 175 Regent Street. The store sold out its inventory […] Read more »

A (thankfully non-commercial) hack to make your iBook match the World’s Scariest iPod Case. Read more »

More dominoes keep falling in the wake of Bernie Ebbers being found guilty by a jury in New York on all counts of fraud and other nefarious stuff. Bert C. Roberts Jr., WorldCom’s onetime chairman, today agreed to pay $4.5 million of his own money as […] Read more »

Tweens, also known as the sixth grade set, are the newest wireless demographic. They want their toys and they want their mobile phones, and parents, well they better suck-up and spend the dollars. Or perhaps deal with surly kids for a long long time. (Hey maybe […] Read more »

Monstermob has bought Upper Mobile Limited, which owns “Information Gateway Inc. (‘IG’), one of the Philippines’ leading mobile content and… Read more »

Samsung has produced a CDMA handset with DVB-H functionality – whether there will be much of a market for this will be interesting, consider… Read more »

My colleague Damon Darlin points out over at business2blog that “Jeff Hawkins, the inventor of the PalmPilot, Handspring, and the Treo, just announced at PC Forum that he is going to start a new, and as-yet-unnamed, company based on brain research he has been pursuing at […] Read more »

Mobile operators and music labels are currently fighting over the mobile music industry, or specifically which industry should get the lions… Read more »

A forum of experts will discuss the potential of mobile content for media enterprises on the 8th of June in Germany. The panel is titled “Me… Read more »

California wants SBC to sell naked DSL, but FCC is saying – don’t even think about it. In case People’s Republic of California gets away with it, then well every state is going to come up with its own set of rules for naked DSL. Florida, […] Read more »

Vonage calls are being blocked again, this time by a cable operator and a wireless broadband service provider, according to Brooke Schulz, a spokesperson for Vonage. broke the story. The company has not revealed any details, but previously it had faced similar issues with Madison […] Read more »

Dell makes all these noises about cutting back on outsourcing, bringing back jobs to the US…. blah blah blah… we have had a bad experience there…. blah.. blah… blah! Well not really! Last week Michael Dell went over to India, to Mohali in particular which is […] Read more »

The third edition of The techADDICTION Show is now available for your listening pleasure. techADDICTION is hosted by The Podcast Network and brought to you by jkOnTheRun and KCT’s Digital World and chronicles the adventures of two tech heads totally addicted to tech. Follow Kevin and James […] Read more »

Readers who follow jkOnTheRun through the RSS feed will notice something different today.  I get a lot of feedback from readers who hate the fact that the jkOTR feed only shows a snippet of the article.  There are a number of people who follow the site […] Read more »

Jake Ludington points to a nice plugin for Windows Media Player that lets you share Windows Media libraries among computers on a LAN.  This function duplicates what iTunes users have always enjoyed.  On2Share runs on all computers on the network and shares the media library among […] Read more »

Chris de Herrera’s great site Tablet PC Talk has added RSS feeds for the Tablet PC newsgroups so Tablet PC owners can follow discussions in that helpful resource.  The nicest feature this brings is the ability to go straight to a particular post from your RSS […] Read more »

Indian telcos target rural community are adapting wireless networks for unique uses. Sunil Bharti Mittal, chairman of India’s second-biggest mobile-phone network, says fishermen on the nation’s southern coast are using their cell phones while at sea to call traders and find out who’s paying the most […] Read more »

Loren Heiny (Incremental Blogger) informs us: TabletFlash update almost ready Just finished an update to TabletFlash–a Tablet PC flash card program. The biggest change? The cards now have a back side so you can write your answers there. I also made several enhancement and bug fixes […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 20, 2005

Sony PSP is going hit the stores this week, and as Russell says it is one of the most eagerly awaited platforms on the market, something that could actually turn Sony’s fortunes around. I think so too. (There is a great story on PSP in Business […] Read more »

Fred Wilson says there are two kind of companies – we companies, and they companies. Well we companies are the ones that are supposed to thrive because of their community, sort of like Craigslist. They companies include Microsoft and Apple (because it is charging for putting […] Read more »

I installed Google Desktop Search on my computer when it first rolled out months ago but quickly removed it when I became concerned about security issues.  The current version addressed most of the concerns I had so I installed it and have used it every day […] Read more »

Loren Heiny points us to The Vermont Slate, a blog about deploying Tablet PCs in the school.  It is always good to see slates in schools as it was in the olden days.  Or so I hear.  :) Read more »

CNET has run a story from Strategy+Business warning that digital terrestrial television (DTT) is a threat to mobile operators as it provides… Read more »

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