Stories for Jan. 1, 2005

Jasmeet has put together a nice tutorial on how to make Nokia 6600 work with your Powerbook using bluetooth. I have tried using the same method for 6620 and 6630 and they both work beautifully as well. You will need Ross Barkman’s scripts in order for […] Read more »

When we normally think of Switzerland, we think of quiet valleys, snow capped peaks, skiing, murky world of private banking, Frank Quattrone’s former bosses and of course cheese. But we never think of the tiny landlocked nation as a battleground that will define the future of […] Read more »

LokiTorrent, one of the many Bit Torrent hubs currently facing the ire of Hollywood has decided that it is going to fight its tormenters. I think their decision to battle MPAA is going to become cause celebre amongst the digerati, even as other BitTorrent sites are […] Read more »

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BT’s mobile division will install kiosks for mobile users. “These new kiosks are easy to use and allow customers to top-up their phones and… Read more »

It appears 26 mobile phone operators are collaborating to create something called “Super 3G”. There aren’t many details, but it sounds like… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 31, 2004

Dear Readers, Happy 2005. I hope the new year brings you all a lot of joy and happiness. I enjoyed writing for you in 2004, and perhaps I will try and do better in the new year. I appreciate your support and wanted to take a […] Read more »

The normally blue California skies are under a gray pall of gloom, as cold winter rain beats steadily against my window. A rude reminder, perhaps that even heavens are crying at the tragedy that has left us, a wounded planet. A planet submerged in the tears […] Read more »

Keith points out that the big stores which feature so prominently in the ads for all the so called VoIP services, like AT&T, Vonage and Packet 8 have nary a clue about selling the service. when you see Voip Boxes on the shelves but do You […] Read more »

Transform your PC monitor into a HDTV with the Sigma Bluebox HD II receiver.  FeaturesLow cost HDTV converterPlug & play (No software required)Portable size (easy to carry)Compatible with display devicesATSC support (1080p/i/720p/480p)NTSC support (analog TV)Digital audio support (SPDIF)Multi aspect ratio(16:9/4:3/letterbox)RGB or DVI-out port High color on […] Read more »

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year from me to you.  As you take the time to reflect back on the past year and look forward to the new, may you remember fondly those who have shown acts of kindness toward you, have […] Read more »

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Laptop computers have been available with specs that can enable them to be desktop replacements for a couple of years now. Even casual gamers can pick up a notebook with components that will handle most video intensive games on the market today without having to resort […] Read more »

We here at The Apple Blog would like to encourage you to donate as much as possible as quickly as possible to help aid for the tsunami relief. We suggest any of the following organizations: American Red Cross International Response Fund AmeriCares South Asia Earthquake Relief […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 30, 2004

It has come to our attention that our RSS feeds are currently giving errors. We are taking a look into right now and things should be back to normal hopefully within the next couple of hours. Edit: RSS Feed problem fixed. Thanks to those who reported […] Read more »

I would like to thank ABC News for naming me a Person of the Year.  That’s right, ABC News ran a segment a few minutes ago on the nightly news naming me, along with all the other bloggers in the world, as Person of the Year.  […] Read more »

A little bird from down in Silicon Valley tells me that Plaxo might be getting a new top dog. The man tapped for the top job is said to be Benjamin Golub, senior vice president at Verisign, who is in charge of marketing and stuff. I […] Read more »

The article I posted a few days ago about the Acecad DigiMemo digital writing tablet has sparked a lot of interest from people who cannot afford a Tablet PC.  Tony of EverNote, the company behind the riteMail program, says that later versions of riteMail (version 2.5.59 […] Read more »

Ericsson Mobility World (EMW), which was established to merely provide a link between service operators and content providers, now offers a… Read more »

Pornography on mobile phones has been in the news a lot lately, but this ZDNet article is worth pointing to for its thoroughness. In additio… Read more »

Most web sites track a variety of statistics about the visitors that access the site and one of the most discussed statistics is browser share.  Firefox has taken the world by storm with like a bazillion downloads since version 1.0 was released.  A lot of discussion […] Read more »

I am going to start a new feature for jkOnTheRun called Freeware of the Moment (OK, I am fickle) and from time to time I will post a short item on a free utility or program that I feel is worth far more than the price.  […] Read more »

New Zealand is a cool place, nice scenery, great people, and a very tech-enabled society.  And now it’s even better as they have a fruit ripeness sensor that tells shoppers how ripe the fruit is before they buy it.  The ripeSense is a sticker on the […] Read more »

Imagine pulling out your cellphone and projecting photos onto the nearest wall.  Or projecting the screen of your PDA as a hologram in the thin air.  Scientists are now telling us this scenario is not only possible but likely in the near future.  Cambridge University scientists […] Read more »

It is hard for me to imagine that I am carrying around in my pocket a computer that is as powerful as my first generation Pentium powered AST desktop, I wrestled with back in 1995, typing out scintiallting stories about memory chip prices for Quick Nikkei […] Read more »

The sharp increase in the number of radio standards that modern mobile phones have to support is proving to be a design nightmare for chip designers, and things are going to get increasingly complicated in the future, according to EE Times. Today’s phones need to have […] Read more »

The Broadband Daily: Most people are not very good in communicating experiences using written language. People are much better in capturing experiences using audio, video, and other sensory mechanisms. Phones allow audio and (now video) to capture experiences of a communicator and may help in sharing […] Read more »

Denver-based Qwest and Comcast are getting ready to battle over VoIP customers, according to The Denver Post. Qwest is going to roll out is VoIP service in its region of 14 states early next year, just in time to catch the first salvo from Comcast, which […] Read more »

There is a lot of people who don’t care much for the often snarky, and funny tone of Light Reading, the real insider publication for the networking business. Especially the marketing and PR folks or the chief executives who get skewered. I find a new reason […] Read more »

With its rivals fighting tooth and nail over market share, competing essentially on price, and giving away some of the premium features, AT&T is taking another tact – it is going premium and is going to charge more for bonus features. For instance it is offering […] Read more »

Net2Phone is boosting the availability of local numbers as the company tries to get a further toehold in the VoIP market, which is expected to grow at a rapid clip in 2005. The company says it now offers local phone numbers in more than 80% of […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 29, 2004

Hewlett Packard has been trying to position itself as the digital photo/imaging company for years, and very successfully so. It has been a good corporate citizen and has helped many worthy causes. Now it has a chance to do something even bigger. How about Carly and […] Read more »

“Yesterday a Muslim man came to me and asked, ‘Father, can I enter the church? Can I stay here?’ I told him that we are all God’s children. You are welcome to stay here. It is only because of my cassock that you can make out […] Read more »

I haven’t mentioned the terrible disaster in Southeast Asia but it has been on my mind as it has so many others.  There is a site that has collected links from many of the relief organizations that are collecting donations to help the poor folks in […] Read more »

Chalk it up the the amplification powers of the blogosphere. Earlier this morning, Think Secret broke the news of a sub-$500 iMac: With iPod-savvy Windows users clearly in its sights, Apple is expected to announce a bare bones, G4-based iMac without a display at Macworld Expo […] Read more »

InformationWeek reports that Airspan, which makes WiMAX gear has snapped up VoIP equipment maker, ArelNet for $8.7 million in a bid to go after the VoIP market. Now if this was to go public, well you can expect a lot of interest in this company since […] Read more »

Call this a strange twist of fate. In a tragedy which has taken thousands of lives, the life line of new economy – the fiber cables have survived the worst tragedy in the history of South Asia. Light Reading reports that the telecom services, after some […] Read more »

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