Stories for Apr. 21, 2005

How about an Apple MVNO Media Think Damian Said It First, Apple + MVNO One of my readers emailed and asked the question: will iTunes phone ever see the light of the day? Given that both Sprint and Verizon, following Gecko’s credo, have decided that they […] Read more »

Following closely on the heels of British Telecom’s plans of 21st Century Network (21CN), Cable & Wireless says it will build its own next generation network – for a total cost of $365 million. Basically what these next generation networks do is get rid of legacy […] Read more »

SingStar consists of a couple of microphones which connect into your Playstation 2. You then sing along to some popular songs, and it scores you based on how good you sound. The technology behind it is very clever, as is the quality of the software and […] Read more »

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Stories for Apr. 20, 2005

Elite Financial, a PR firm used to spam me with these releases from a little company called Xybernaut Corp. The damn things would slide through the junk filters and what not. In total 110 press releases came into my In-Box, and went into the trash bin. […] Read more »

If India and China who have skirmished for decades and still bury the hatchet, I am not surprised that the leading proponent of open telecom standards and stupid network, Martin Geddes can fall prey to the charms of Skype. “The number of open SIP nodes addressable […] Read more »

This is a little disconcerting…”Symbian anti-virus specialist SimWorks announced today that it has identified 52 previously unknown trojan… Read more »

I know what you’re thinking — what’s the point of a VoIP service on mobile phones when the devices are intended primarily for talking and v… Read more »

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Jamdat has bought Blue Lava Wireless for $137 million. “As part of the transaction, JAMDAT has acquired an exclusive, 15 year worldwide lice… Read more »

“Google is planning a WAP version of its new local mapping service for the UK, but admits it will make no revenues from its SMS service…Ka… Read more »

“The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association compiled mobile game data for the first time from 2004…It produces the offi… Read more »

Xingtone has launched mStore, “a turnkey e-commerce solution for independent content owners to market, sell and deliver real-music ringtones… Read more »

Now I love Tetris as much as the next guy, but I won’t pay $137 million for it. But Jamdat would, and did! MobilePlaya points out that “Tetris could be the perfect mobile game,” and lauds the Jamdats’s $137 million purchase of Blue Lava Wireless. The […] Read more »

(sub. req.) A story on the venture money in the mobile content and services market. Research from VentureOne found that start-ups in the m… Read more »

Japanese mobile giant DoCoMo is planning to buy up a 33.4 per cent stake in the credit card company Sumitomo Mitsui, with a view to bolsteri… Read more »

The International Digital Media Project aims to create interoperable digital rights management (DRM), and “is expected to release the indust… Read more »

“South Korean electronics giant Samsung unveiled the first of two cell phones that translate speech into text, in the latest attempt to make… Read more »

iPods have been headlining in the news for some time now, and recently the gleeful predictions of podcasts killing radio have been replaced… Read more »

If you are looking for a convertible Tablet with a big, high resolution screen then don’t forget to check out Toshiba’s new Tecra M4.  The 14.1" screen is a high res wonder producing a resolution of 1400 x 1050.  The M4 is definitely aimed at users […] Read more »

Toshiba has announced the introduction of the new Libretto U100 mini-notebook computer in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first laptop computer.  OK, they also mentioned bringing it back is due to customer demand so that’s probably the real reason.  The Toshiba Libretto series of […] Read more »

I am watching this whole scandal about NBC Today show tech editor Corey Greenberg who gets paid to say nice things about consumer gizmos on NBC affiliate shows. Apparently he got about $15,000 to talk up products from the likes of Apple, Sony, HP and Creative. […] Read more »

There is a whole new movement around “making a fortune at the bottom of the pyramid.” Which essentially is a euphemism of how to make money off people who don’t have much money. California-based Hop-On which is aiming for a whopping 2% of the global cell […] Read more »

Thumbplay, which recently launched an independant mobile content portal, is looking for “content partners” from around the world. However, “… Read more »

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