Stories for Apr. 14, 2005

If you are the leading broadband company in the planet – nearly 7 million customers – then it doesn’t look good when you say we don’t know what is the real reason why there has been an outage in your broadband network. Excuse me… what kind […] Read more »

British fixed wireless broadband operator, Mesh Broadband is off the air, and that puts citizens of rural Bedfordshire County without high speed access. The company has ceased operations for now. Bedfordshire on Broadband was jump started by funding through the County Council by the East of […] Read more »

Vodafone has announced that it will charge content providers for undeliverable premium messages. “From next month, if the successful billing… Read more »

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Japanese company Faith Inc — which owns Moderati (previously known as FaithWest) — has quietly acquired Takenet, the Brazilian mobile cont… Read more »

On the heels of Google (NSDQ: GOOG), Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) and (NSDQ: ANSW) testing local mobile search and information, comes the… Read more »

Charles Arthur has taken a recent news story about a study that found mobile phones do not cause cancer and extrapolated it to a utopia for… Read more »

Using Skype to make conference calls, well all you need is a Jazz Hipster! Citron wants A Broadband Bill of Rights. Skype Journal: Skype today represents 1% of broadband usage at any point in time, and this figure is growing rapidly? SkypeIn has now added SkypeIn […] Read more »

Last time I met with Randall Kruep, he was out pushing Procket Networks. And now he is heading up a new start-up, Stoke, which is building products that help cell phone networks play nice with WiFi networks. With funding from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins, the […] Read more »

MipTV was invaded by mobile phone companies this year, and the TV guys are becoming interested. “We spent most of last year trying to pitch… Read more »

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Clear Channel is concerned about the future of radio, and is thus looking to expand into other media — particularly online and mobile. “An… Read more »

Groove Mobile has launched Discover HITS, a ‘push’ mobile music service. Rather than assuming that users know what music they want when they… Read more »

“Adult mobile content provider PhoneBox Entertainment announced that traffic on exceeded 500,000,000 hits in February 2005.… Read more »

While I’m sure iPodLounge will be all over this in the weeks ahead, here’s a quick glimpse of the iPod DJ Mixer. Looks super cool. I’m no DJ, but I could have fun with that I’m sure. Hat-tip Gizmodo Read more »

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is how to go about buying a Tablet PC.  The question is usually posed by someone who feels they would benefit from a Tablet PC but since they have never owned one they want to make sure […] Read more »

The Inkernet is all abuzz about an article on Microsoft Watch that hints at a "mini-Tablet that can do everything that a traditional Tablet PC can do, plus store electronic books".  First of all I should point at that current Tablet PCs are a great platform […] Read more »

Lora lets us all know that Channel 9 has added ink for posting comments on their great web site.  Now those of us with poor handwriting have another forum in which to share that.  :) Read more »

Stories for Apr. 13, 2005

In this position, you will be working closely with the content industry and Intel divisions to develop and/or drive high impact global conte… Read more »

The Product Manager is responsible for end-to-end ownership of the product. This includes identifying user and market trends, helping to def… Read more »

Moreover Technologies, the premier provider of real-time news, current awareness and business information successful, is searching for a mot… Read more »

This job is an excellent business development opportunity for someone who wants to be at the forefront of IGN’s emerging technologies. Respo… Read more »

LOCATION: New York City, Cambridge, Massachusetts, or San Francisco Area


COMPANY SUMMARY: Maven develops, mark… Read more »

LOCATION: Cambridge, Massachusetts


COMPANY SUMMARY: Maven develops, markets, and sells a broadband software s… Read more »

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