Stories for Apr. 16, 2005

This past Friday, Chris Alden’s new start-up, Rojo, had arranged a special preview session for its service, and mostly bloggers were in attendance. I was the only hack in the pack, mostly because Chris is a friend and I happen to blog as well. Still, I […] Read more »

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It’s shameless plug time- if you like our techADDICTION Show please vote for it on Podcast Alley. Right now we only have two votes which is probably Kevin and me. :) Here’s a link to make voting for us easy. Read more »

engadget reports on a new Sony Vaio PCG-4E1L that has been detailed in the FCC filing that has integrated tri-band GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth for communications.  This makes the notebook a truly connected device with high speed connections always available.  Not much else is known for […] Read more »

Fujitsu has always produced very nice slate Tablet PCs and the ST5000 series is no exception.  The thoughtful design and included features makes this Tablet a winner for anyone looking for a great slate.  Tablet PC ReviewSpot has published a thorough review of the ST5000 and […] Read more »

Eric Mack is still waiting to take possession of his Tablet PC but in his usual fashion he’s wasted no time in evangelizing the platform on his blog, Eric Mack On-Line.  He has been in conversation with Michael Hyatt who recently switched from the Tablet PC […] Read more »

Dave Ciccone of Dave’s iPAQ is usually playing with neat gadgets and always seems to get his hands on cool smartphones and Pocket PCs.  It looks like he’s upped the ante and is looking at the Sony U71 and has written a full review of the […] Read more »

Like countless other mac addicts, I am patiently waiting for Apple to release their Tiger OS-X on April 29, 2005. Going through the publicly available information on their website, the feature that has me most excited about is the enhanced iSync feature. Thus far we have […] Read more »

Apple have released the final operating system upgrade to Panther before Tiger hits the shelves. It weighs in at a 51.3mb download, and is available now through Software Update. If you prefer, you could also download the Delta Update Installer to your hard drive to install […] Read more »

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Stories for Apr. 15, 2005

OK, the title’s fairly obvious, but according to this article its not just because mobile phones offer a new marketing channel. The record l… Read more »

Canada’s biggest digital content event, the Vancouver International Digital Festival, is offering a CD$500 for the best picture taken with a… Read more »

The Earth version of the Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy (the reference-to-everything made famous by Douglas Adams) has now been reformatted for mobile devices. A very nice example of life imitating art…The mobile edition of the guide has been timed to coincide with the release of […] Read more »

With US telecoms merging faster than singles at a speed dating event, you might think that the European telecoms may be getting an urge to merge. Research firm Ovum says that despite improving balance sheets, large telecoms are not looking to indulge in mega-mergers, and instead […] Read more »

Paul Thurrott is the Windows guru and source of advance looks at Windows operating systems and Microsoft programs but apparently he is also a closet Mac fan.  His site WinSuperSite has published a very good review of the next version (Tiger) of the Mac OS X […] Read more »

Loren Heiny is to blame for me wasting some time this afternoon.  He got me to thinking about what the screen resolution of the prototype Ruby mini-Tablet PC might be.  I have been playing around with screen resolutions on my Sony U in portrait mode and […] Read more »

I had been waiting for the inevitable moment when Microsoft apologist and brown-noser extraordinare Paul Thurrott would come out with a diatribe on Tiger, and credit goes to Slashdot‘s front page for bringing it to my attention. Thurrott has done this for each release since 10.1 […] Read more »

When P. Diddy declared “I am an MVNO” a lot of people tittered, and a lot of people thought “Actually, he’s got a very good point”. Let’s f… Read more »

I-play (formerly Digital Bridges) has signed a deal with Spanish Telefonica to offer its suite of mobile games directly from Telefonica’s em… Read more »

Thanks to the MIPTV/MILIA audiovisual and digital content trade show everyone is talking about TV on mobile phones. The general concensus se… Read more »

So a lot of buzz around Cingular launching ColdPlay’s latest single and basically giving labels another reason to think like Gordon Gekko. If you can get $2.99 for a single via a mobile phone, why offer it via iTunes store. Mobile Playa has an interview with […] Read more »

The Windows XP registry is the heart of a smooth running computer but unfortunately Windows doesn’t do a good job of keeping it cleaned up on its own.  If you do a lot of program installs and removals your Windows registry can become a minefield of […] Read more »

I recently ran across an interesting website,, that covers Linux based handhelds and actively promotes the adoption of Linux for both handhelds and wearable computers.  Their mission statement says it all: Our goal is to encourage and facilitate the creation of open source software for […] Read more »

A lot of Linux lovers have converted notebook computers to run the Linux operating system since it is so efficient and requires fewer hardware resources to run than Windows based laptops.  OSNews has written a nice article about optimizing Debian on a notebook computer to get […] Read more »

Laguna Niguel, CA (PRWEB) April 15, 2005 — Active Ink Software, Inc., a Microsoft Premier PC Partner announced the general availability of an entire new family of form design products for both the PC and Tablet PC platforms. The product offerings include a Standard Edition, a […] Read more »

According to Tech Insider, Microsoft has released a public beta of the Data Protection Manager (DPM) program which promises to automate disk backup protections.  DPM provides a disk to disk backup solution that is faster then current disk to tape backup systems and is designed to […] Read more »

I have received a dozen emails from readers pointing me to the prototype Ruby mini-Tablet PC that appeared today on Akihabara News.  My long-time desire for a small Tablet PC is no secret as I have written about it often over the past year.   The appearance […] Read more »

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