Stories for Jan. 3, 2005

It is nice to finally meet a kindred soul. Mike in a well articulated essay points out that as broadband becomes more prevalent and bandwidth to the home increases, the operating systems and computers as we know of them today will become irrelevant. with Longhorn, Microsoft […] Read more »

A couple of days ago, I had urged Hewlett Packard to take the lead and help develop an online database of those who have passed away in the tsunami struck nations. While HP hasn’t stepped up, a bunch of volunteers have set up a website which […] Read more »

Broadband, or always on connections have brought together the three discrete components of our digital lives – content, computing and communications. I think the 3Cs together are helping shape the new era of comm-puting. Just like there are no telcos, and only commcos, there will be […] Read more »

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Even wanted to keep upto date with Bay Area start-ups and did not know how? Well Topix has set-up a new channel that tracks more than 2,500 SF Bay Area startups. Combine this with Topix venture capital channel, Alarm Clock and Silicon Beat and you have […] Read more »

Thanks to always on broadband connections, blogs are booming. Of course you would not find that in the conclusions of the Pew/Internet research report that is currently making the rounds. * 7% of the 120 million U.S. adults who use the internet say they have created […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 2, 2005

The 3G wireless networks have not even been turned on a world wide basis, the profits in wide area networks is still a chimera, but that does not stop the mobile carriers and equipment makers to come up with a new wireless standard. The so called […] Read more »

Well it was too good to last. Bluetooth spam and blue-jacking were already some of the problems for us near-network freaks, and now we have bluetooth viruses and worms to content with. The reports of this new bluetooth virus comes courtesy of James Seng, who almost […] Read more »

MobileRead has a two part article that details the thought processes and actions the author used when converting from a Palm PDA to a Toshiba e405 Pocket PC.  The article is a good read for anyone considering a switch and will likely prevent a few hard […] Read more »

I get a lot of comments from laptop users who don’t use one of the best convenience features in Windows XP.  Microsoft has included Standby and Hibernate options in the Shutdown menu for quite some time but since early implementations did not work very well people […] Read more »

Okay I have been obsessing about BitTorrent a bit too much these days, but I guess it is a technology which puts me in the media. It is also an area rife with innovation. Sajeet Cherian, emailed about his new software program, Videora. Videora is the […] Read more »

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Everyone is offering their VoIP predictions for 2005. This one seems more possible, but I am refraining from making any predictions. I think most people are overtly optimistic about VoIP and its impact in the near term. I am taking a more long term view of […] Read more »

Dave “King of DSL” Burstein needs your help. You can contact him via his home page. Jennie and I have choices like BitTorrent to distribute our next project, a documentary about a computing pioneer. He’s inspiring on the subject of humane interfaces, and has invited us […] Read more »

We head into the new year following a pretty good year in mobile tech with a lot of advancement in many areas.  The first of any year is a good time to reflect on things I would like to see happen in 2005 in the area […] Read more »

I just got an email from one of the readers: Om, your new blog format is causing stories to disappear. I’m running win98se and IE6. Here’s what happens. I click a link to a story on your site. When I get there, the text of the […] Read more »

Denver Post has this article which contends that wholesale strategies adopted by Qwest Communications and Level 3, primarily because they own thousands of miles of fiber could become a way out for for these beleaguered companies. Given that Level 3 lost money in 25 of its […] Read more »

Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired Magazine has started a blog to accompany a book he is writing, The Long Tail. He wrote an article with the same title and that really caught the imagination of the blogsphere. Today he talks about the role of mavens […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 1, 2005

I stumbled upon this rather interesting peer-to-peer application, code named Hamachi. Hamachi has been developed by Applied Networking, a company located in Vancouver, Canada. The program is a mediated peer-to-peer software. Install it on two computers and you can easily browse and share files between two […] Read more »

Most users are like me when it comes to always being on the lookout for good free programs for their Pocket PC or Palm OS PDA.  Two of the best web sites for keeping an eye out for these types of programs are FreewarePPC and FreewarePalm.  […] Read more »

In less than a week, the annual gizmo love fest, CES will get under way, and this year like previous years we will have grand visions of connected home unveiled. Bill Gates will spout his annual spiel, only to under deliver. Intel will make promises it […] Read more »

Bill Burnham: “When you net it all out, from even an optimistic perspective, Oracle looks to be paying about a 50%+ premium for a business that is growing about ½ the rate of Veritas and producing far less in absolute dollar profits.” This is a must […] Read more »

Back in November, I had come-up with a tiny little phrase: four play. It involved phone companies offering video, wireless, voice and data in one package. And cable companies adding wireless to their already triple play packages, offering consumers a single bill option. Anyway looks like […] Read more »

Jasmeet has put together a nice tutorial on how to make Nokia 6600 work with your Powerbook using bluetooth. I have tried using the same method for 6620 and 6630 and they both work beautifully as well. You will need Ross Barkman’s scripts in order for […] Read more »

When we normally think of Switzerland, we think of quiet valleys, snow capped peaks, skiing, murky world of private banking, Frank Quattrone’s former bosses and of course cheese. But we never think of the tiny landlocked nation as a battleground that will define the future of […] Read more »

LokiTorrent, one of the many Bit Torrent hubs currently facing the ire of Hollywood has decided that it is going to fight its tormenters. I think their decision to battle MPAA is going to become cause celebre amongst the digerati, even as other BitTorrent sites are […] Read more »

BT’s mobile division will install kiosks for mobile users. “These new kiosks are easy to use and allow customers to top-up their phones and… Read more »

It appears 26 mobile phone operators are collaborating to create something called “Super 3G”. There aren’t many details, but it sounds like… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 31, 2004

Dear Readers, Happy 2005. I hope the new year brings you all a lot of joy and happiness. I enjoyed writing for you in 2004, and perhaps I will try and do better in the new year. I appreciate your support and wanted to take a […] Read more »

The normally blue California skies are under a gray pall of gloom, as cold winter rain beats steadily against my window. A rude reminder, perhaps that even heavens are crying at the tragedy that has left us, a wounded planet. A planet submerged in the tears […] Read more »

Keith points out that the big stores which feature so prominently in the ads for all the so called VoIP services, like AT&T, Vonage and Packet 8 have nary a clue about selling the service. when you see Voip Boxes on the shelves but do You […] Read more »

Transform your PC monitor into a HDTV with the Sigma Bluebox HD II receiver.  FeaturesLow cost HDTV converterPlug & play (No software required)Portable size (easy to carry)Compatible with display devicesATSC support (1080p/i/720p/480p)NTSC support (analog TV)Digital audio support (SPDIF)Multi aspect ratio(16:9/4:3/letterbox)RGB or DVI-out port High color on […] Read more »

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year from me to you.  As you take the time to reflect back on the past year and look forward to the new, may you remember fondly those who have shown acts of kindness toward you, have […] Read more »

Laptop computers have been available with specs that can enable them to be desktop replacements for a couple of years now. Even casual gamers can pick up a notebook with components that will handle most video intensive games on the market today without having to resort […] Read more »

We here at The Apple Blog would like to encourage you to donate as much as possible as quickly as possible to help aid for the tsunami relief. We suggest any of the following organizations: American Red Cross International Response Fund AmeriCares South Asia Earthquake Relief […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 30, 2004

It has come to our attention that our RSS feeds are currently giving errors. We are taking a look into right now and things should be back to normal hopefully within the next couple of hours. Edit: RSS Feed problem fixed. Thanks to those who reported […] Read more »

I would like to thank ABC News for naming me a Person of the Year.  That’s right, ABC News ran a segment a few minutes ago on the nightly news naming me, along with all the other bloggers in the world, as Person of the Year.  […] Read more »

A little bird from down in Silicon Valley tells me that Plaxo might be getting a new top dog. The man tapped for the top job is said to be Benjamin Golub, senior vice president at Verisign, who is in charge of marketing and stuff. I […] Read more »

The article I posted a few days ago about the Acecad DigiMemo digital writing tablet has sparked a lot of interest from people who cannot afford a Tablet PC.  Tony of EverNote, the company behind the riteMail program, says that later versions of riteMail (version 2.5.59 […] Read more »

Ericsson Mobility World (EMW), which was established to merely provide a link between service operators and content providers, now offers a… Read more »

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