Stories for Mar. 23, 2005

I have written many times about early mobile devices and my experiences with them.  The evolution of mobile gadgets and notebook computers is an amazing one considering where they started when you look at what we have available today.  Marc Orchant pointed me to a new […] Read more »

James Kendrick and Marc Orchant sit down for a solid hour and discuss a wide range of Tablet PC related topics in The Tablet PC Show #3. Join us as we cover everything from an Apple iTablet to the Tablet PC goes to the rodeo. We […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 22, 2005

It is like you are watch telecom version of Grumpy Old Men – Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau fighting over Ann Margret. Qwest and VZ are sniping at each other, as they tussle over MCI. Never mind, that anyone who ends up with MCI is going […] Read more »

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If all was fair and good in the world, then Global Crossing should not even be here, making an announcement that it is selling off its small business to Dallas-based Matrix Telecom, a company owned by Platinum Equity for $40.3 million. “Since our primary focus is […] Read more »

Nearly three dozen of WordPress fans braved the elements, and dubious choice of a venue to celebrate the 100,000 downloads of WordPress, a fast growing open source weblogging software. The event was at the far end of Mission Street in a bar called Odeon. Cold rain […] Read more »

Susan Mernit reports that has been acquired by a consortium that includes Knight Ridder, Tribune Media Company and Gannett, as they try and stay relevant in the fast changing world of content. This has been an interesting month for self-funded/angel funded companies. Flickr got taken […] Read more »

3 will launch multiplayer games on its mobile network in April. Initial real-time games will include No Refuge, a tank battle war game from… Read more »

Don’t expect an answer from this BBC article, although it does raise a series of interesting problems facing the industry. For example: “Ser… Read more »

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PlayerX and CNN Mobile will release CNN Business Translator phrase guides for mobile phones this week on Orange in the UK. The CNN Business… Read more »

Research and Markets has released a report — Global Mobile Data and Content Markets – What Is the Future? — covering mobile data and mobil… Read more »

The record labels are claiming global music sales fell again in 2004 by ignoring sales from digital downloads or for music ringtones. Which… Read more » has linked to a story about a mobile poker game that allows people to play other people over the mobile phone network, for eit… Read more »

4INFO has closed $8 million in equity funding to help accelerate the growth of its patented mobile search technology. You can try out its se… Read more »

Viruses, hackers, spam, junk, phishing… it is the wild west out there which is going to cause the Internet to buckle under its own weight. Professor Hannu H. Kari of the Helsinki University of Technology last year had made headlines when he postulated that the growth […] Read more »

One of my favorite features in the whole social media space, PubSub link ranks is dead, gone, kaput, finish. The company pulled it because it got spammed and thus broken. Remind me never to take start-ups seriously, for you never know when something cool is going […] Read more »

eReader Pro has long been my favorite ebook reader application and podcast mate Kevin Tofel points out they are touting a new version for Symbian phones.  The Symbian version looks to provide all the features from the other eReader versions and is a welcome addition to […] Read more »

In response to my post yesterday, wondering if Jeff Hawkins was going to leave Palm One, Mr. Hawkins replies… I have no intention of leaving palmOne or changing the amount of time I work there. I said so in my talk yesterday. Basically I split my […] Read more »

Other Tablet PCs have been getting all the press recently but Fujitsu was showing the Stylistic ST5022 at CeBIT and infoSync World has publish a preview with nice photos.  The ST5022 is a 12.1" Tablet PC with a lot of nice features and the article covers […] Read more »

Looks like the arbitrage party VoIP has been having may come to a swift end. Today Level 3 withdrew its forbearance petition, though the company said it might file the petition later. Level 3 Chairman/CEO Jim Crowe in a statement said, that since Kevin martin had […] Read more »

The big news this morning in the wireless world, Symbian licensing Microsoft’s ActiveSync technology which allows Symbian-based products to interact better with Microsoft Exchange servers. Russell Beattie worries about the potential problems for Symbian. No one wins in deals with Microsoft (except Microsoft). I’m not sure […] Read more »

Sony U owners who are willing to pay to be stylish and want a wireless keyboard and mouse to use with your docked UPC should have a look at the Vaio VGP-WKB1.  The Sony keyboard and mouse not only looks good but has a couple of […] Read more »

The Jackito thumb-operated PDA made the news almost a year ago and then went away.  The unique PDA meant to be operated totally via fingertips seemed to be just another piece of vaporware that would never actually be sold.  Gizmodo is reporting today that the Jackito […] Read more »

I have mentioned in the past that 43 Folders is a great web site covering all sorts of productivity enhancing subjects.  I just noticed that they have started a 43 Folders Wiki to facilitate the sharing of productivity tips and tricks.  Neat stuff, nice going Merlin! Read more »

infoSyncWorld is reporting that Symbian has licensed the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol for use in Symbian smartphones. Symbian today announced that it has licensed the Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync protocol for use in Symbian OS, and is to develop an Exchange Server ActiveSync protocol “plug-in” for […] Read more »

Sometimes too much growth is not such a good thing. Especially when you have not scaled your systems to meet the rising demand from consumers who like your service. Latest example is Skype, which is now facing a unique set of problems – it is having […] Read more »

Electrovaya is known for batteries and have stuffed that technology into every Scribbler Tablet PC they have produced.  Their latest offering is no exception with  run times of over 8 hours with WiFi running constantly.  MobileTechReview has published a thorough review of the Scribbler SC2200 and […] Read more »

Guest Post by Robert Young: What happens when you have 100 megabits per second connections on the edge of the network? In your homes, or in your pockets, or in your cars – an always-on 100 megabit per second pipe that wirelessly networks your life. No, […] Read more »

Just testing the new RSS feed as some people are reporting trouble.   If you can’t get the feed properly please post a comment or send me an email. Thanks. Read more »

I’m sure you’ve all received messages inviting you to join (which stands for “Short Message Service, Always Connected”). I’ve receive… Read more »

One company has entered the mobile video market with short videos of such things as as “breaking news, entertainment stories, fashion catwal… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 21, 2005

Looks like Gizmondo might be in for a big opening weekend in UK. The handheld gaming device plus entertainment center was launched today in London, where 2000 screaming fans greeted the product at Gizmondo flagship store at 175 Regent Street. The store sold out its inventory […] Read more »

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