Stories for Apr. 22, 2005

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Ringtonia has pointed to a competition to create video ringtones, with a 1,500 euro prize. From the website: “Why use just an acustic ringto… Read more »

Using public computers presents unique problems for those who surf the web and deal with email and the problem is greatly magnified in our public schools.  The mass production of USB flash drives has driven the cost down to the level that is acceptable for most […] Read more »

The latest accessory to hit the world for Mac Mini owners is just what I’d be looking for if I had a Mini at my house. Gizmodo points to the miniMate (by MicroNet) which sits beneath the Mini, looks much like the Mini, and adds 3 […] Read more »

It seems I’ve run into more people who built their own PC in the last few months than I have in a long time which leads me to believe that some users are not happy until they can control every component of the system.  Components are […] Read more »

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As mobiles allow more media-rich content to be consumed on the devices people are beginning to think about the implications of putting conte… Read more »

Reviewing the list of Tiger enhancements makes it fairly apparent that Konfabulator is not the only 3rd party application who’s functionality will be mimicked in the new version of OS X. Every piece of software (especially operating systems) ships with little holes in functionality that leave […] Read more »

It’s time to query the community of TAB readers. If you’re anything like me you’re thinking ahead 1 week, to Tiger. With that comes the nagging feeling that there will be some issues with broken 3rd party shareware apps scattered among my Applications folder. I’ve begun […] Read more »

It’s beyond me why the majority of car stereo systems (even newer ones) don’t have an auxiliary input. And if they do have one, they’re somehow “strategically” placed on the back of the unit inside your dash. It just seems to me that with the massive […] Read more »

I first encountered Mike on mobile tech community forums and we started off on shaky ground.  Our online relationship was contentious to say the least as we can both be rather, ah, opinionated when it comes to what we’d like to see in mobile technology.  Over […] Read more »

WazTempe, a wireless network that uses all sorts of wireless technologies is all set to go live soon. The network which will be built and maintained by MobilePro will also provide municipal services to Tempe police, fire, emergency and city/Arizona State University personnel. The network will […] Read more »

Just when you thought it was over, well Qwest has come up with another big offer – $30 a share, or a total of $9.75 billion for MCI. That’s a 30% premium to Verizon’s $7.51 billion. I think with this offer. Q has matched the demands […] Read more »

If you recently appplied for these five Yahoo jobs, please reapply to the new e-mail contact listed in these jobs..the old e-mail listed wen… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 21, 2005

A Marshall guitar rig can cost you upwards of $3000. What about a Marshall rig that mixes your guitar with thousands of your favorite tunes, runs off of a battery, weighs in at only a few ounces and fits in your shirt pocket? For a mere […] Read more »

A very good point: “Phone-based music has tremendous potential but it doesn’t necessarily lie in having Cingular become iTunes. It lies in d… Read more »

It’s not really mobile, but…Viseon, which sells a VoIP digital phone to hook up to a homes broadband link, has announced that “AccuWeather… Read more »

JackpotJoy, one of the UK’s biggest casual gambling sites, is to launch on mobile, saying a deal with a major network operator is just weeks… Read more »

“Media agency MediaCom has embarked on an initiative to measure response rates from mobile marketing against other media – a move that the a… Read more »

The Register has an article claiming that once “compulsory licensing” is introduced (something the author views as a forgone conclusion) the… Read more »

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