Stories for Mar. 27, 2005

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Stories for Mar. 26, 2005

PRIMEDIA’s Enthusiast Media segment produces over 120 magazine titles and has market leading positions in the Automotive, Outdoor, Action Sp… Read more »

No, it’s not about mobile spam…it’s a service called Send Word Now for sending messages to a large number of people in emergency situation… Read more »

This isn’t directly about content, but it is about “who owns the customer” and what that means…Mobile operators have largely succeeded in… Read more »

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DoCoMo’s i-mode is being offered by numerous telcos around the world — 176 million people will be covered by its service once all the opera… Read more »

The XV6600 being sold by Verizon is a full featured Windows Mobile Phone Edition that supports Verizon’s high speed EVDO network.  Pocket PC Louisville has a dual reviewer look at the XV6600 and really liked this capable phone/ Pocket PC.  Anyone looking for a Pocket PC […] Read more »

Take a monster hard drive (400 GB), give it both USB and Firewire connectivity, and then add an extra USB port for attaching another peripheral and you would have one useful hard drive.  The IO Data Device UDH-UEH400 has been released in Japan and maybe just […] Read more »

As seen in many places Skype has released version 1.2 of their VoIP application that has become almost mainstream with millions of users happily chatting with each other.  This version adds some new features and better support for SkypeIn, SkypeOut and VM.  The best new feature […] Read more »

I just ran across this article in Technology Review magazine from last year that covers Microsoft’s research into the Magic Pen.  Jian Wang of the Microsoft Research Asia lab in Beijing is developing a pen that takes lets you write on paper and captures it digitally […] Read more »

Rob Bushway of Tablet PC Buzz had the opportunity to interview Ben Thacker, HP’s Manager of the Specialized Products and Options Group.  His interview sheds light on HP’s plans for the future of the Tablet PC and is a good insight into HP’s philosophy regarding the […] Read more »

Microsoft has updated their popular ebook Reader program for the Pocket PC.  The new version is 2.4 and contains bug fixes and adds two new features: Pan and zoom capabilities Screen rotation The Microsoft Reader web page has this to say to owners of pre-Windows Mobile […] Read more »

WebIS has announced the release of a new version of their powerful Mail application.  WebIS Mail 2.1 adds a number of new features as outlined in their newsletter: Mail 2.1 has been released after a very long beta test starting in December of 2004. We’ve added […] Read more »

A handful of blog-evangelists, a couple of key buys and some libertarian friendly moves have turned Yahoo from a dot.has.been to the new darling of the chattering classes. It is only a matter of time when mainstream media rediscovers Yahoo, and a stock market resurgence follows…. Read more »

Stories for Mar. 25, 2005

There is a lot of people who take less than 30 seconds to beat up on incumbents and their business practices. VoIP blockage, oh it must be SBC or Comcast. Never mind that these companies are under such heavy scrutiny from federal regulators and consumer watchdogs. […] Read more »

FCC today announced that states cannot force phone operators to offer naked DSL service. Naked DSL, in case you did not know, is a phone line that is purely used for a DSL connection, and carriers no voice or no voice related charges. This ruling makes […] Read more », the NJ-based (20 miles from NYC and readily accessible via public transportation) provider of premium spoken audio services for… Read more »

Silicon Beat writes co-founders Michael Yang and Yeogirl Yun asked job candidates to take a “larry & sergie test” and come up new ways to best Google’s search algorithm. Nearly 100 applicants, spent about 40 hours each, to come up with their best hacks. That’s […] Read more »

By Dr. Abhishek Puri Broadband Madness: After making its geeks go through broadband equivalent of chinese water torture, Indian telecom and broadband providers have suddenly decided its time to open the pipes a little wider. What prompted them on a nation wide roll out now? Two […] Read more »

Alatto is trialling a WAP content discovery service with four European operators that allows users to store addresses of WAP pages they like… Read more »

Style concious magazine Wallpaper has gone mobile, launching – unsurprisingly – mobile wallpapers and screensavers. The target audience is “… Read more »

Making a rare joint appearance, Rafat Ali, publisher and editor, and Staci D. Kramer, executive editor of, both will be at D… Read more »

Over at out new Billboard Postplay blog, Todd Beals is blogging the M3 music summit from Miami (and no, that’s not Moby, but Mike Conte, GM… Read more »

I was excited to get my hands on this little mouse – and I mean little! It’s the perfect size for my 3 year old son to use, and he loves that. It’s definitely for travel purposes – I don’t think I’d recommend it for regular day to day use or you’re sure to end up with carpal-tunnel before you know it. But in order to bring accurate news and reviews to our faithful readers, I’ve used it regularly for 2 weeks, sacrificing my personal health in the process.

The quality is very high, and with the included 2 AAA rechargeable batteries, it’s got a nice little heft to it. It’s really just enough to let you know you’re moving something around in your hand – not so much that you’ll notice its added weight in your laptop bag. Read more »

Wacom Japan has announced the Wacom Favo A5 sized tablet that connectes wirelessly via Bluetooth.  The graphics tablet can be used up to 10 m. away from the computer and runs for 25 hours on a single charge. (PhotographyBLOG via engadget) Read more »

Software companies often have a difficult time providing good customer service and a recent experience points out how not to support your program by alienating an entire platform to save spending a couple of thousand bucks on a Tablet PC.  The following is an exchange I […] Read more »

Vazu Click 2.0 lets you cut and paste content from your PC to your mobile. “simply copy (Ctrl-C) any text in any application on the PC deskt… Read more »

I have mentioned OrangeGuava a lot both on this blog and on The Tablet PC Show because it is a unique program that adds a lot of utility to the Tablet PC.  Trying to describe what the program does is difficult, it is one of those […] Read more »

We have all heard about Texas suing Vonage over the whole issue of a 17-year-old not being able to make a phone call to the cops when her family home was being robbed. I guess, Texas is fair in saying that Vonage should have told that. […] Read more »

Despite a growing demand for broadband, the equipment sales for all sorts of broadband gear will decline for near foreseeable future. Synergy Research Group forecasts that revenues of broadband gear is going to decrease 5.4 percent to $6.0 billion in 2005. By 2009, decreasing prices will […] Read more »

Its fairly fashionable to dismiss cable service providers and their HFC (and) coax networks, especially when compared to the new fangled fiber and copper-fiber hybrid network being planned by phone companies. In the near term cable guys are better equipped to handle the triple play offerings. […] Read more »

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