Stories for Mar. 30, 2005

Korea mobile operator KTF is launching a service allowing users to read magazines from home and abroad such as Woman Sense, Living Sense and… Read more »

Nielsen//NetRatings is “creating a ratings system to measure the number of people who are accessing news, entertainment and other services o… Read more »

Dave Burstein who writes DSL Prime, the best newsletter on DSL points out… To get orders in before the end of the quarter, Dell through March 28 is selling for $379 a 2.8 gig Pentium 4, a 15 inch flat screen monitor, a printer, and free […] Read more »

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Whether or not you believe the claims that adult content will drive uptake of mobile services in the same way it drove uptake of the Interne… Read more »

Almost Broadband comes to Zambia, Africa, via fixed wireless. iConnect, an ISP has started selling 512 kbps connections using non-line of sight fixed wireless technology. Fixed wireless technologies are actually slowly making their way into non developed markets, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America. iConnect […] Read more »

Mobile 365 has signed a deal with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to supply its mobile services. This mostly involves ways to… Read more »

The Mobile Technology Weblog recently (OK, a few weeks ago but I thought I had mentioned it earlier) listed their list of the 14 Best Mobile Blogs and I am honored to be on this short list!  Thanks Russell! Read more »

The Tablet PC can fill many roles within the workplace, many of which are not always obvious.  Patrick Mayfield has written an article that details how he used his Tablet PC and MindManager to manage a large meeting.  It’s a must read for Tablet owners wanting […] Read more »

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Business 2.0: The size of a pack of chewing gum, the USB flash drive combined cheap flash memory with omnipresent USB connection technology to kill off the floppy drive. At first blush these devices are poster children for the curse of commoditization. Falling prices have boosted […] Read more »

The folks at MindJet, the developers of the great mind mapping program MindManager, have a blog that is chock full of useful information about the program.  A recent blog entry detailed how to make a visual RSS reader so you can work with your RSS feeds […] Read more »

Looks like the distressing telecom business reality is catching up with XO Communications. I was reading through their SEC filings and came across something interesting. Essentially what it said was that unless XO meets some minimum EBITDA requirements, it could not comply with a financial convenant […] Read more »

PSP is getting a lot of developer attention. I have posted about some earlier, but here comes another classy piece of work. PocketMac for Playstation Portable (PSP), will automatically sync Mac users digital music, photos and contacts to their PSPs. Until this product was created, Mac […] Read more »

The I-VO is a VoIP phone that works with Skype and other VoIP services that is definitely the coolest looking phone I have seen.  There is nothing special about the features, it just looks stylish.  If that’s important to you then this might be your phone.  […] Read more »

It’s that time of year again so all you iPod lovers rejoice- the new ipodlounge Buyers Guide 2005 is now available for free download on their web site.  The Buyers Guide is the most comprehensive collection of iPod accessories and it comes along with tips and […] Read more »

EMERYVILLE, Calif., March 29, 2005 – Orb Networks, Inc., a developer of streaming media software and services, today announced the company’s groundbreaking streaming media software, Orb Media, will now be FREE to all users. Orb’s software and service gives consumers the ability to spontaneously access their […] Read more »

There have been notebook stands around for a while that provide a docking solution while propping the notebook up so a more ergonomic placement is possible.  These stands allow you to dock the notebook so it can be used with USB peripherals such as mice and […] Read more »

Qwest Communications is not done fighting over MCI. Tomorrow company’s board of directors are going to meet and decide if the company should raise its bid for MCI again, by about a $1 a share to $27.50 a share. Verizon has offered $23.50 a share, while […] Read more »

The techADDICTION Show #004- 31st March 2005 (43min 19sec)MP3 – 16MB Welcome back to The techADDICTION Show! Kevin and I had a great time making this show and brought in special guest Dave Ciccone from Dave’s iPAQ, one of the longest running Pocket PC and iPAQ […] Read more »

The Supreme Court is hearing the Brand-X case and this all important case is going to a large extent decide the future of Broadband competition. Brand X case puts three major associations against the consumers and independent ISPs. FCC, National Cable & Telecommunications Association, ( the […] Read more »

Trump’s various towers are getting a lot of bandwidth, thanks to GigaBeam’s WiFiber technology. Using company’s wireless technology, Microwave Satellite Technologies (MST,) a small New York City service providers is connecting the Trump International Hotel & Tower at Columbus Circle and a residential Trump building, Trump […] Read more »

This building – Prudential Insurance – is about 5 1/2 miles from AT&T’s South Jersey consolidated R&D center in Middletown, where a lot of the CallVantage product work takes place. It’s also about 3 1/2 miles from the old AT&T Holmdel lab. The Holmdel lab went […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 29, 2005

In the early days of digital video recorders when folks like Michael Lewis would write tomes in praise of TiVo and its ability to skip ads. We seem to have come a full circle – now TiVo is experimenting with pop-up advertisements. Funny – how life […] Read more »

I had a summons to jury duty yesterday and it was a day of such ranging emotions and experiences that I thought I would share the experience, even though it’s not tech related.  I live in Houston which is in Harris County and my summons was […] Read more »

Xingtone has landed a worldwide distribution agreement with Roxio. Xingtone’s new ringtone software that allows people to convert MP3, WAV a… Read more »

Mobile games passed the US$1 bn revenue mark in 2004, apparently an important point. “According to a briefing note by senior Ovum analyst Da… Read more »

This is an article about 3G technology, but you can’t talk about it without discussing content…one question about moving to the next gener… Read more »

Dwango is another mobile content company that’s seen tremendous growth from a very small base. “For the full year the company had sales of $… Read more »

A German church has taken to selling Christian ring tones to fund the restoration of its organ…For the equivalent of about £1.40, worship… Read more »

One analyst thinks carriers need to consider more carefully their strategies for streaming content to their customers. He argues that the co… Read more »

Making mobile handsets more useful to businesses Samsung has said it will release “file viewer phones” which can view MS Office files (inclu… Read more »

Motorola is focussing on music to promote its handsets, offering hardware from 2GB of memory to 3D sound. It has also signed another deal wi… Read more »

British mobile content provider DirtyHippo has signed deals with Cingular Wireless and T-Mobile to offer its content to US subscribers. It’s… Read more »

Matt Maier is taking a might bat at the Gizmondo, which despite being a sweet looking feature packed device might find going tough in the long run. All those B-List celebrities might not be able to save the device that runs on Microsoft .CE operating system. […] Read more »

Ammar Hannafi, Cisco’s Vice President of New Business Ventures quietly left the equipment giant and has joined Alloy Ventures as a general partner. During Ammar’s tenure, Cisco’s Business Development Group completed over 50 acquisitions including optical networking and integrated voice and data infrastructure and applications. Maybe […] Read more »

McLeodUSA, the beleaguered competitive local exchange carrier which has been through bankruptcy once before is shutting down its Texas operations, and apparently has laid off employees from their Austin offices. I have heard that they will shut down their offices in Texas – Austin, Houston, Dallas […] Read more »

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