Stories for Apr. 24, 2005

The boring world of telecom standard bodies is getting a “political makeover” and is likely the new playground of partisan politics. Time Magazine reports that four of the two dozen or so US delegates headed to Guatemala City for Inter-American Telecommunication Commission, have been “bumped by […] Read more »

Earlier this month, the news of a home brewed WiFi-EVDO router/bridge, left many wondering – should I build one too? I have an easier solution … just buy it. Our friend, Robert Kim who is somewhat of an EV-DO expert tells us that he is selling […] Read more »

Stories for Apr. 23, 2005

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Flavorpill is a free, weekly email covering a handpicked selection of arts, music, and cultural events in various cities…Flavorpill Produc… Read more »

We are looking for a dedicated professional to join our team as a marketing manager focused on subscriber acquisition and retention. This pe… Read more »

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So the last bid from Qwest seems to have worked. MCI board is basically saying that yes this is a fantastic bid, and unless Verizon can do one better, well we are going with Qwest. Bloomberg quotes Leon Cooperman, chief executive of Omega Advisors, and owner […] Read more »

Brad Isaac is the mastermind behind a great program for the Pocket PC that helps the user focus on all of the next actions needed to accomplish all of life’s goals.  AchieveIt! has just been updated to version 2.0 and is a solid performer in the […] Read more »

The Student Tablet PC has always been one of my favorite stops on the web with lots of good information about maximizing the Tablet experience from a student’s perspective.  They now have added a disscusion forum so head over and check it out.  There is already […] Read more »

Finnish digital gambling company EGET (European Game & Entertainment Technology Ltd Ab) has added mobile lotto to its lottery product line.… Read more »

Chris Pratley must be listening to The Tablet PC Show as Marc Orchant and I recently discussed the utility of using note flags in OneNote.  Chris has written a typically useful article on his blog that explains how to unleash the full power of flags and […] Read more »

A little while ago, in my Business 2.0 column, I pointed out the detrimental impact the mega-mergers will have on the telecom equipment market place. It seems that does is arriving sooner than later. Siemens, which is trying to find out ways to get rid of […] Read more »

I know what your thinking. Mind Mapping software; this has got to be cool. Well, your right. Just not in the way you think. Almost all educational institutions, when teaching students how to compose essays and articles, or how to organize their ideas, teach them to […] Read more »

Stories for Apr. 22, 2005

With all the hoopla around Microsoft’s XBox 360, I thought maybe it is time to get in on the action and blog a bit about a preview commercial. I find it ironic that the commercial is available in Quicktime movie format and not Windows Media. Here […] Read more »

Folks looks like blogging is going to be way slow this weekend. Maliks. aka parents are visiting for the first time in years and as a result I am going to be concentrating hard on mom’s cooking, getting pampered and of course hanging with Mr. M, […] Read more »

Ringtonia has pointed to a competition to create video ringtones, with a 1,500 euro prize. From the website: “Why use just an acustic ringto… Read more »

Using public computers presents unique problems for those who surf the web and deal with email and the problem is greatly magnified in our public schools.  The mass production of USB flash drives has driven the cost down to the level that is acceptable for most […] Read more »

The latest accessory to hit the world for Mac Mini owners is just what I’d be looking for if I had a Mini at my house. Gizmodo points to the miniMate (by MicroNet) which sits beneath the Mini, looks much like the Mini, and adds 3 […] Read more »

It seems I’ve run into more people who built their own PC in the last few months than I have in a long time which leads me to believe that some users are not happy until they can control every component of the system.  Components are […] Read more »

As mobiles allow more media-rich content to be consumed on the devices people are beginning to think about the implications of putting conte… Read more »

Reviewing the list of Tiger enhancements makes it fairly apparent that Konfabulator is not the only 3rd party application who’s functionality will be mimicked in the new version of OS X. Every piece of software (especially operating systems) ships with little holes in functionality that leave […] Read more »

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