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Stories for Aug. 27, 2014
In Brief

Red Hat’s CTO Brian Stevens is leaving the company after over a decade of service, the company said today in an announcement. Paul Cormier, Red Hat’s president of products and technologies, will be taking over CTO duties until the company finds a replacement. Stevens was a recent speaker at Gigaom’s Structure event where he discussed the company’s approach to acquisitions, two of which occurred in the past couple of months: Red Hat’s $95 million purchase of eNovance in June and its $175 million acquisition of Inktank in April. Be sure to watch Stevens talking about whether or not OpenStack can fuel the enterprise cloud during our recent Structure conference below.

In Brief

Expect Labs is expanding the scope of its MindMeld API with a new offering focused specifically on enabling voice-powered mobile recommendation apps for retailers. The company first announced its API business earlier this year (after becoming known for its MindMeld app that listens to conversations and surfaces related content in real time) and appears on a mission to create specialized version for a handful of industries. In July, Expect Labs released a search API targeting media apps like Netflix, and its website shows a handful of upcoming versions, including ones targeting cooking apps and customer service.

In Brief

Square is putting together a new $200 million funding round led by the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, according to a CNBC report. Square raised the same amount in 2012 in a big Series D that included Starbucks, and in April it went to the banks for an additional $100 million in debt financing. According to CNBC’s sources, the new funding would value Square at about $6 billion.

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