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Asus Android Wear sketch

Asus has already teased a shadowing image of its first smartwatch in advance of next week’s IFA event in Berlin. SlashGear noticed that the Google Android Wear partner offered more device details on its official Facebook page with a sketch of the watch, along with some handwritten notes. Unlike the first two Android Wear watches, it looks like the Asus model has some style: A sandblasted backside as well as a polished satin watch frame and genuine leather strap, for example. As the Android Wear market gets crowded, I wondered how new entrants would make their products stand out. Looks like Asus has a potential answer: Make watches that actually look nice.

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Plenty of apps are adding Chromecast support these days, but two of them are worth singling out: NPR added the ability to cast audio to the iOS and Android versions of its new NPR One app, which the broadcaster launched just a month ago as a new way to consume public radio content. ABC added casting to the iOS and Android versions of its Watch ABC app, which offers pay TV subscribers access to full episodes of TV shows like Scandal and Modern Family. And there’s good news for Apple TV owners as well, as the Watch ABC iOS app now also supports AirPlay.

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Many journalists probably see Reddit as an internet sideshow filled with nerds discussing video games, but GM Erik Martin makes the point that it’s also a great way to find people who care about the stories journalists are writing about, and that’s a useful resource Read more »

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Eyefi, the company that lets you pop a Wi-Fi enabled SD card into a traditional DSLR camera, has built an If This Then That integration that will make it easier to dictate how and where photos are shared. Pics taken from the DSLR get sent to the Eyefi cloud, where a user can then add tags that will trigger the IFTTT recipe. So one might tag a photo #social, and the recipe would share it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It apparently works in reverse too. If you want to get a snapshot from your smartphone into the Eyefi cloud just tag it #eyefi (or whatever) on Instagram and it gets stored in the Eyefi cloud.

Stories for Aug. 25, 2014
In Brief

Google apps on mobiles
photo: Google

Google updated two of its Google Apps for iOS on Monday while also adding a third new title. Docs and Sheets get the updates that the Android versions gained in June: The ability to open Microsoft Office docs and spreadsheets. Google Slides is new for iOS, bringing an option to create presentations on Apple iPhones and iPads. It too has Office compatibility support. Google’s strong support for iOS continues to make it very easy to use Google services, even if you prefer Apple’s hardware: One reason I’ll very likely I’ll buy a new iPhone later this year to complement my Android handset.

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