Stories for Jul. 4, 2007

This is the fourth video posted from our The Economics of Social Media (EconSM) conference. The first panel video is here (Social Media CEOs… Read more »

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This is the fourth video posted from our The Economics of Social Media (EconSM) conference. The first panel video is here (Social Media CEOs… Read more »

Emap, the biggest UK magazine publisher, has become the latest UK media company to invest in the Indian market, investing $7.5 million (Rs.… Read more »

There are several main food groups when it comes to man-child entertainment genres. Hollywood has been slowly showcasing them one by one, giving each its own renaissance. The ninja, the pirate, the alien, and the zombie have all had a fair amount of spotlight time recently […] Read more »

Prominent software consultant Christopher Hawkins announced yesterday what we might characterize as the “baby and the bathwater” solution to dealing with information overload. He’s unsubscribing from all his RSS feeds, deleting all his browser bookmarks, and leaving all his social networks: There is a limited amount […] Read more »

MGM Releases Flick Online David “Stargate Atlantis” Hewlett’s new movie, A Dog’s Breakfast, premieres on iTunes and Amazon Unbox. (Hollywood Reporter) Dilithium Raises $33 Million, in a fourth round of funding for the company that develops mobile video transmission technology. (Red Herring) JewTube No Joke, with […] Read more »

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It’s just a Yanko Design concept by Adam Ohearn at the moment, but the DTR looks quite stylish for a convertible Tablet PC. The desktop replacement docking stand accepts that ‘vertible on the stand and provides what looks to be a wireless keyboard and mouse; I’m […] Read more »

E-mail sucks. How’s that for starters. If you’re like me, you spend hours of your valuable time separating the wheat from the chaff. Others like Fred Wilson are filing for “e-mail bankruptcy.” I think that is just an easy way out. What we need to do […] Read more »

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- HTC is the most innovative producer of Windows Mobile devices around.  If you doubt that statement take a look at these new photos of the rumored HTC Omni that recently surfaced on the web: OMG, the Omni […] Read more »

Samsung really ratcheted up the thumb-board/ no thumb-board debate with the introduction of the Ultra Q1 UMPC.  The unique split thumb-board certainly has birthed many debates over the utility that tiny keyboards bring to the UMPC platform.  One thing that these debates seems to verify is […] Read more »

Looks like Ed Hardy of Brighthand was at the same event I attended last week. I only grabbed stills of the Palm Foleo, but Ed provides a short video walkthrough of this mobile companion. Ed’s video confirms what I saw: the device is easy to use […] Read more »

At 90 Euros, or about $120, the Nokia HF-300 isn’t what I’d call inexpensive, but it does have some nice features. This Bluetooth speakerphone includes a visor-clip so it’s great for the car and you get 20 hours of talk time on a battery charge. No […] Read more »

One of our readers who is a happy iPhone customer emailed us and asked us this question: iPhone 2.0 – what will Apple add or change about the iPhone to enhance the next version? Since I don’t have one, I am not sure how to answer […] Read more »

Not sure if this is an everyday price or a holiday special, but a MobileRead tipster found a great deal on Sony’s eBook reader. Hit up this page at TigerDirect for a $99 deal on the PRS-500 standalone reader device. Looks like you’ll have to wait […] Read more »

Happy Independence Day to all out US readers. To our international friends, since it is a national holiday, we are taking the day off. I am flying back from Israel, and will be offline for most of today, and regular programming will resume tomorrow afternoon, if […] Read more »

Ah, summertime. Lazy days, holidays, vacation days. But are you too tired and burned out to benefit? A Yahoo! HotJobs survey says you might be: Nearly half of the respondents (49%) said they feel “burned out” by their jobs, and many did not fully use vacation […] Read more »

Azureus, creator of the popular P2P torrent client, inhabits a bursting-at-the-seams second-floor office in Palo Alto, just off the main drag, above Jing Jings and the gelato place. The 33-person company is working to capitalize on its 1.6 million average concurrent users by fashioning a legit […] Read more »

Right in time for the July 4th holiday week (after all, what’s more American than demanding your day in court?), businessman Kevin Alderman and his lawyer have just filed suit against someone who goes by the name Volkov Catteneo, for copyright infringement. This would be just […] Read more »

A blogger has received a cease-and-desist letter for embedding YouTube clips of lite-rock crooner Michael McDonald, Techdirt reports. Firm Baker and Hostetler, purportedly representing McDonald, issued entrepreneur Ronald Lewis the nastygram accusing Lewis of posting the videos to YouTube. Lewis, for his part, says that he’s […] Read more »

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