Stories for May. 25, 2007

Fresh off the NewTeeVee news ticker, headlines from the world of online video: CBS Partners with Social Networks, Community Sites, will allow content to be embedded, shared across a wide range of platforms (here’s the press release list: new deals with Automattic, Clearspring, DAVE Networks, Goowy […] Read more »

Vivendi plans to launch a multimedia website which will offer music, video, film and games content both from Vivendi and partners, reports F… Read more »

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As you might have guessed by now, our server upgrade is complete. We are now using’s premium service and are thrilled to be their infrastructure.  They call it VIP hosting – we call it sleep at night. Big shout out to Barry and Chancey – […] Read more »

‬37signals‭’ ‬online organizer tool,‭ ‬‬Backpack ‬has been a favorite with GTD geeks and web workers for some time now.‭ ‬It’s sleek,‭ ‬it’s cool,‭ ‬it’s got all kinds of Ajaxy goodness.‭ ‬And it can be used in many different ways to make you more productive.‭ ‬There are […] Read more »

Nokia has announced that it has 1 million registered users of its Widsets service, a set of widgets that allows users to get selected intern… Read more »

Facebook has announced the Facebook Platform, which allows for third-party development of applications that interact with Facebook. Over at… Read more »

I spent the last hour hunched over my keyboard trying, desperately trying, to somehow free associate a connection between the topics of boobs, misheard lyrics, and script selling. I failed. Blame the boobs. So, instead of a cohesive post that pleases with its narrative symmetry, I […] Read more »

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Stories for May. 24, 2007

Public health insurance offices in the Osaka region in western Japan have launched a trial of a dieting service that allows users (heart pat… Read more »

Alongside welcoming a raft of third-part application builders today, Facebook announced its own video application. Users can upload and record videos directly to their profiles and send them as messages to friends. They will also be able to upload video directly from their mobile phones. Facebook […] Read more »

There is a good deal of buzz in the tech-news world about a $3.9 million investment that Google has made in a company called 23andMe, a startup in hiring mode with dreams of “helping consumers understand and browse their genome”. $3.9 million? What’s the big deal […] Read more »

Is Amp’d Mobile gearing up for a change of the guard? Valleywag prints a rumor that the CEO and founder of the high-spending youth-oriented MVNO, Peter Adderton, has left the company. We heard this rumor a few weeks ago and asked Amp’d’s PR team directly if […] Read more »

It shouldn’t come as a surprise: Sean Parker, co-founder of Project Agape is launching a limited edition version of his activist tool on Facebook, the last start-up he was affiliated with as founding president. The new tool is called, Causes for Facebook, and is seamlessly integrated […] Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg is channeling Steve Jobs here at Facebook’s big launch day. A giggle just went through crowd at his presentation of the three key elements of his announcement, complete with choreographed hand gestures and reiteration: “deep integration, mass distribution, and new opportunity.” Read more »

SnapStream emailed to point up their TV Viewers Bill of Rights, which lays out a number of guidelines that networks would be well suited to follow if they want to hold on to their audience. Television is no longer the only, or even best, option available […] Read more »

Although Microsoft has continued to support the development of Office on the Mac platform, many of its other Mac offerings have been left for dead, including Internet Explorer, Virtual PC and Windows Media Player. But according to a blog post by a member of the company’s […] Read more »

What’s the ROI on marketing in Second Life? After attacking the topic from a couple directions (most SL users seem receptive, but so far, are largely unimpressed with existing attempts), we finally have some concrete numbers to work with, at least on the more relevant metric […] Read more »

When technology analyst group Gartner recently asserted that “80 percent of active Internet users (and Fortune 500 companies) will have a ‘second life’, but not necessarily in Second Life” by 2011, a lot of people jumped the gun and assumed 8 out of 10 of all […] Read more »

What we have here is a failure to communicate. We’ve talked about how you can work with your friends. What happens when your colleague is someone you just don’t like? Maybe you have very different personalities or work styles. Maybe the project is falling behind because […] Read more »

So you know the warm and fuzzy feeling you get all over when you’re in the Apple Store to actually make that Mac purchase? It’s as if nothing could bring you down from that geek-high. Then you get the Best Buy style protection plan sales pitch. […] Read more »

Since Steve Jobs announced the switch to Intel nearly two years ago, it’s been continually rumored that Macs would gain the ability to run Windows applications natively within OS X. And with Jobs set to reveal Leopard’s “secret features” at June’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the idea […] Read more »

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