Stories for Jul. 19, 2007

[qi:036] Moo of London, which makes quirky business cards is adding customized stickers to its line up of product offerings. Upload images direct or import from your favourite photo site or social network, and they will create a MOO’s StickerBook allows you to produce 90 different […] Read more »

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[qi:_earth2tech] Most people hate junk mail — how many are willing to pay to stop it? Palo Alto-based startup GreenDimes is betting a lot will, and according to PEHub has raised a whopping $20.5 million in a first round of funding, led by Tudor Investment Corporation. […] Read more »

Thanks to innovative software Simplify Media, sharing your killer iTunes library has never been easier. In the good ol’ days before DRM was such a hot topic, libraries could be shared unfettered across the Net. Simplify Media makes that possible once again by allowing users to […] Read more »

NanoDynamics sets IPO: 6.6 million shares, with an offering price between $12 and $14 — Forbes Yep, air quality likes plugin hybrids and electric vehicles: The EPRI, NRDC studies say that PHEVs will vastly reduce greenhouse gases for the next 40 years — Calcars-news, release Flexi, […] Read more »

Drew Clark, IBM’s Director of Strategy for its Venture Capital Group, knows his team isn’t dominating the venture world – and that’s the point. They don’t actually have a fund, but are a group of two dozen IBM execs that work with startups and venture capitalists […] Read more »

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Broadcom has another win in its patent dispute with Qualcomm — operator Verizon has agreed to pay royalties which will allow it to import a… Read more »

With so much AT&T-bashing over the last month, (really, has any iPhone owner said "w00t! AT&T rocks!") it’s nice to see some good press. Windows for Devices reports that the carrier is working with development shop Code Factory to get the companies products on their phones […] Read more »

Adobe’s Captivate, the demonstration and training simulation creation software, is moving into the final development stages of it’s third version. I had the privilege of being a beta tester, and I must say that it is really cool. It really is easy (and fun) to create […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Next New Networks, ON Networks, Revision3, 60 Frames, Vuguru, Telegraph Ave Productions, WatchMojo — what do these companies have in common? They all use Moore’s Law and low-cost distribution over the Internet to disrupt the studio model, in the process building audiences that can rival […] Read more »

Facebook’s new mission: buy all talent under 25 in the Palo Alto-Mountain View area. They are kicking it off by acquiring Sequoia Capital-backed Parakey, a company co-founded by the Firefox kid Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt. Nice way for Sequoia to get piece of the Facebook […] Read more »

The newest installment of NewTeeVee’s Pier Screenings series is coming up next Tuesday, July 24, and we’re bringing the show on the road…kind-of. We will be streaming the event live for the first time using Veodia’s video broadcasting service. Craig recently covered Veodia and liked it […] Read more »

Don’t think that just because you’ve got a new phone that cost as much as some PC’s that you are somehow above customizing the look of your phone. You know good and well you want to be in the crowd of 13-year-old teenage girls who customize […] Read more »

What’s in your wallet? If it’s big and bulky and you’re sitting on it, you may be at risk for piriformis syndrome. According to Wikipedia: Piriformis syndrome is a neuromuscular disorder that occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed or otherwise irritated by the piriformis muscle. […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Beware the MySpacing of Facebook. Apps abound and profiles snap, crackle, and pop now. But amidst the strippers, cosmologists, and Scandinavians there are some actual gems. Here is a list of 5 Facebook apps that help you record, share, and find videos across Facebook and […] Read more »

Beware the MySpacing of Facebook. Apps abound and profiles snap, crackle, and pop now. But amidst the strippers, cosmologists, and Scandinavians there are some actual gems. Here are five (well, four good ones plus a few others who tie for fifth) video apps that actually bring […] Read more »

[qi:009] Satisfaction, a small San Francisco-based startup run by former user experience consultants, is hoping to improve the abominable state of customer support forums and help lines. The company is starting to play around publicly with its “people-powered customer service” site, so you can get a […] Read more »

Where was the Buddi GPS tracker when Jack Bauer needed it last season? Oh well, better late than never. The Buddi isn’t available just yet, but when it does launch, you can expect your Buddi-wearing buddies to be found via GPS. The U.K. company behind the […] Read more »

Heavy Tries New Ad Format, offering custom series of sequential video spots to run alongside content, with Mike’s Hard Lemonade the first on board. (MediaWeek) MPAA Wants Filtered Internet, submits a comment to the FCC that takes no position on network neutrality except that it doesn’t […] Read more »

Some web workers are essentially workspace parasites, hopping from coffeeshop to client site without ever settling down in a space to call their own. Most of us, though, spend at least some of our time in the home office, or at least the home-corner-of-the-family-room. Assuming that […] Read more »

China’s economy is booming, why shouldn’t the country’s cleantech sector follow suit. According to a new report by The Cleantech Group, cleantech venture funding in China is on the up and up and will surpass $720 million in 2008. The China Cleantech Venture Capital Report (which […] Read more »

Single Click Downloading I was cruising around looking to spruce up my desktop and got to a page that offered many wallpapers and different screen dimensions. All of these dimensions are of course linked to a file that has to be saved somewhere. A simple click […] Read more »

Business 2.0, a magazine where I worked for over three years, is on the rocks. The news, has left me numb, and in an emotional fog full of memories – mostly good, and some bad ones. It was over four years ago when the real Red […] Read more »

Solar cell and panel maker SunPower released its second quarter earnings this morning, reporting a net loss of $5.3 million, regardless of a boost in revenues to $173.8 million. The previous year’s revenues were $54.7 million — that’s pretty good growth. The company has been spending […] Read more »

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