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By Jesse Kopelman This year we are seeing widespread US deployment of CDMA EVDO Rev A. The next two years should bring the same for both UMTS HSPA (both uplink and downlink) and WiMAX. What these technologies have in common, besides a lot of capitalized letters, […] Read more »

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced the nominees for the Daytime Emmys, and included categories for web shows for the first time. The winners are getting “technical achievement Oscars” treatment, as they’ll be announced on June 14, a day before the live telecast […] Read more »

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NBC Universal premiered “The Lunchbreak Show” this week. The DotComedy spin off is sponsored by also-ran fast food chain Arby’s. Viewers can sign up for a notification email to be alerted when the show starts, and there’s even a boss button in case Sarah Silverman gets […] Read more »

Wow, what an amazing accomplishment: can you believe that tomorrow will Ilium Software’s 10th Anniversary?!? I know I just realized that I’m not loading smartphone software much these days due to my UMPC usage, but when I was in the habit of loading third-party apps, my […] Read more »

Hanging around the coffee shop, sipping a latte and logging on to the wireless network makes for a fun day for the modern web worker. But sooner or later your friendly barista is going to hand you a bill. So is your landlord, for that matter. […] Read more »

We hadn’t talked to the Cyworld US team in awhile, so we stopped by their San Francisco offices this week to play catch up. The South Korean social network that launched in the U.S. last August, told us they are planning on launching a mobile application […] Read more »

This was suggested earlier by El Reg, but ZDNet UK has some specific details… Vodafone UK has launched a data package, 7.50 pounds per mon… Read more »

Looking for a small Tablet PC that’s bigger than a UMPC but smaller than most other tablets? The LG C1 Tablet fits that bill with its widescreen 10.6-inch display and Jason Dunn provides an extensive review over at Digital Media Thoughts. There’s no question that the […] Read more »

Colbert Cracks Wise Introducing Viacom’s Dauman: Leave it to the writers at the Colbert Report to make jokes at Linus Torvalds’ expense, to great effect. (Brightcove) Slate to Launch More Video: The project, dubbed “Slate V” will produce at least one featured video clip a day. […] Read more »

Now that HDTV is becoming quite the buzzword, it is time to start looking for something newer, shinier and prettier. How about UltraHD, a new technology developed by Japan’s NHK’s (Nippon Hoso Kyokai) Science and Technical Research Laboratories that makes today’s HDTV look like something out […] Read more »

Sounds like a good use for mobile tech to me: three Japanese cellular carriers are devising a cellphone alert  system to warn residents of earthquake activity. The idea is to quickly shoot out alerts after the primary quake because it’s often the secondary quakes that cause […] Read more »

While not everyone has or needs a truly mobile office, it’s always nice to see the setups that people use. I’ve recently shared mine, so jkOTR reader Hector shot me the above pic of his mobile cubicle. He features a Samsung Q1P running Vista, the Samsung […] Read more »

I’m on a media kick today, so be forwarned! I’ve got the SlingPlayer Mobile beta client for Windows Mobile 6 running as I write this (more to follow on that) and I also see that you can now play YouTube vids in TCPMP on your Windows […] Read more »

There have been several mobile banking announcements in the US announced recently, but uptake is still small: “Only 400,000 consumers are us… Read more »

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is reportedly planning to move into mobile games and has hired former THQ Wireless executive Balbi… Read more »

Motorola has upgraded its Chinese online entertainment portal MotoMusic so it now includes play list creation, management, and sharing, budd… Read more »

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has ruled against Disney Mobile after a complaint that its ads for some mobile games didn’t include t… Read more »

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