Stories for Jul. 27, 2007

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*Want to Grow a Winning Company? It’s All About Balance.* Often I am asked what I have learned from my experience as a founder and entrepreneur. What are the best ways to outsmart the competition? How do innovators stay ahead of market trends and opportunities? Is […] Read more »

The Internet has inarguably changed how we consume motion pictures, and has offered a new distribution medium to filmmakers. But when it comes to aesthetics, the process and techniques used to create content hasn’t fundamentally changed since even Eadweard Muybridge’s first motion tests. Even if done […] Read more »

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Stories for Jul. 26, 2007

What and who is Teleblend? Those were the often asked questions in the comment thread that followed our post about the failure of SunRocket. Many readers feared that it was a SunRocket snake oil bottled in a new bottle, with a different label. Teleblend is part […] Read more »

Sometimes even I get tired of repeating myself – but I have to. The big media, especially Time Warner (my former employer) is a tad clueless about this new video revolution. With a studio mentality, management by consensus and a bonus-driven culture, they are waddling in […] Read more »

Macs having the reputation they do for creative endeavors, there are as many (or more) video and audio encoding tools for OS X as their are file formats in which to encode your media. Some of the tools available are free and open-source, but many of […] Read more »

I confess I have checked email on my iPhone-Nokia E61i-Blackberry while in the bathroom, crossing the street and during dinner at a busy restaurant. I used to think that with my email addiction, I was an extreme case, an email addict of the worse kind. Apparently, […] Read more »

Political blogs are picking up reports that Republican interest in the CNN-YouTube debates may be flagging. Rudy Giuliani may be dropping out due to “unspecified scheduling conflicts.” Mitt Romney is criticizing the Democratic version this week for being too cheesy. “I think the presidency ought to […] Read more »

[qi:_webworkerdaily] It’s hard when no matter how good you are, your brother is still everyone’s darling. Mozilla Thunderbird is a rather amazing email client in its own right. Despite Thunderbird’s obvious advantages, Firefox is Mozilla’s crown jewel. Does Thunderbird continue to grovel for table scraps or […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Om’s post about the power grid as the Web’s weakest link got me thinking about where utilities like PG&E are spending their money if it’s not going into capital expenditures to fix the cables that are decaying beneath our feet. I singled out PG&E because […] Read more »

The European Space Agency has joined the mobile TV race, backing the satellite S-Band DVB-H system promoted by Alcatel. This support comes i… Read more »

Operators have been looking to non-voice services to boost ARPU in the face of flagging voice revenue for a while now, and have finally come… Read more »

I’ve known for some time that I have terrible posture when working at the computer. If I ever forget that, my neck and shoulders usually remind me through the night. I’ve tried better desk and chair settings, but how the heck do you know when you’re […] Read more » Although I’m showing Earthcomber on the iPhone, it works on multiple devices: Palm, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, even a standard cell phone that’s web-capable. Earthcomber is touted as "personal radar for your phone" and that’s a pretty accurate description. Although there are other location-based applications to […] Read more »

It’s hard when no matter how good you are, your brother is still everyone’s darling. Mozilla Thunderbird is a rather amazing email client in its own right. It’s quick on its feet, it’s customizable, it’s cross-platform, and it handles IMAP email and identities better than most […] Read more »

I’ve decided to start doing a monthly “Game Showdown” in our lovely community. Each month I’ll pick a specific game and then everybody will have 7 days to play the game. Whoever has the highest score at the end of the 7 days will get a […] Read more »

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