Stories for Jul. 16, 2007

[qi:007] Vinod Dham, also known as “The Father of Pentium,” Vani Kola, serial Software entrepreneur and Kumar Shiralagi, former head of Intel Capital India, the venture capital group have closed their first India focused fund, NEA-IndoUS Ventures at $180.4 million. The fund is going to invest […] Read more »

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Stories for Jul. 15, 2007

[qi:035] Grouper, a web video company that tried a variety of strategies and business models before being acquired by Sony for $65 million nearly a year ago, is back with a new angle. It’s renaming itself Crackle and launching an original content discovery site, applying the […] Read more »

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Grouper, a web video company that tried a variety of strategies and business models before being acquired by Sony for $65 million nearly a year ago, is back with a new angle. It’s renaming itself Crackle and launching an original content discovery site, applying the distribution […] Read more »

For the past month, I have been sitting in a federal courtroom in San Francisco watching as ex-Brocade CEO Gregory Reyes is tried for criminal securities fraud in the backdating of employee stock options grants. It has been a learning, if mostly boring, experience. But once […] Read more »

– MIH India Acquires 30 Percent Stake In ACL Wireless For $12.3 Million
— Eros To Invest $33 Million In Joint Venture With Tamil Film Dis… Read more »

Mochi Media, a San Francisco-based in-game advertising network focused on casual games, has received an undisclosed amount of funding from A… Read more »

This post is about how to protecting your own IP as a contractor. I have three clients who spend their time developing toolsets for three very different business disciplines. One develops websites. Another works in grid computing. A third does cleantech business analysis. They are consultants, […] Read more »

As Motorola’s woes continue other manufacturers are on the ascendant. “Samsung churned out 37.4 million handsets in the second quarter, comp… Read more »

[qi:020] If you are looking for an escort, then you might want to turn to Facebook. It is one of the services that is being promoted via Facebook Flyers, Facebook’s own ad-service. (Readers tell us they have been around for about 18 months, though off late […] Read more »

How many gas station owners can say that presidential hopeful Barack Obama has given a speech amidst their pumps? OK, so that was a leading question — I know of one: Kristopher Moller. The founder of alternative fueling station Conserv Fuel received the senator from Illinois […] Read more »

[qi:022] Microsoft Mac BU had promised Microsoft Office 2008 in the second half of 2007. Technically we are in the 2H 2007. There is no sign of even a beta release, which doesn’t bode well for the release of a much-needed upgrade to the long-in-the-tooth Microsoft […] Read more »

Sharon Vosmek writes on VentureBeat how unspoken rules in World of Warcraft could apply to entrepreneurship. Listening to her husband and brother-in-law talk about WOW reminded her of the way entrepreneurial ecosystems work. Sharon offers three guidelines, which might apply equally well even if your only […] Read more »

In case you forgot or keep missing the little reminder at the very tippy top of the home page, today’s the last day to enter for a chance to win a Facade license from SBSH. This smartphone app is a solid Today plug-in with a relatively […] Read more »

That’s what a recent study would like you to believe: you’re getting dumb by using mobile technology. Some of the study results appear to support the claim with results like: 25% of Britons don’t remember their landline number Only 33% can recall three immediate family member […] Read more »

This week, the biggest bit of news in the online world industry didn’t come from E3 in Los Angeles (though we’ve got an on-the-scene wrap-up coming soon); no, it emanated from the DigitalLife conference in New York City, as reported on the blog of Scientific American, […] Read more »

Sunil Paul was among the first of a now sizable group of Valley investors who segued from successful careers in the Internet to the clean tech world. He makes VCs who are just getting into clean tech investing today look like noobs. Now 5 years after […] Read more »

TechTool Pro has always been known as a big player in the community of Mac utilities, but has maintained its unique approach to combining an extremely powerful program with a very user-friendly interface. Unfortunately for utility developers, OS X is a fairly robust system and doesn’t […] Read more »

One of the conclusions which developed from my last post about Japan is that the big difference between Japan and other countries is not the… Read more »

Thirty-six episodes into its run, Where are the Joneses? from comedian Steve Coogan’s Baby Cow productions is a fantastic example of what can be done with the serial format with online shows. The premise is fairly simple — the rather dotty Dawn discovers her biological father […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 14, 2007

Wow, it took a mainstream pub, The Wall Street Journal to remind us that it is the 10th year of blogging. They have a special feature running in the paper, today which talks about most of the pioneers of blogging, including Dave Winer. WSJ calls Jorn […] Read more »

This is too funny – and too clever – to pass on. If you’re an iPod owner, or more recently, an iPhone owner, then you’re likely aware of the high level of interest that thieves may have in getting their hands on your nifty Apple gadgets. […] Read more »

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