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Apple’s stock may have taken a digger today based on its disappointing outlook, but there were still a couple bright pieces of news relating to digital media. While there are no actual Apple TVs to ship or stock on shelves, that hasn’t stopped it from being […] Read more »

It’s not the kind of news that is going to help Chris Anderson sell books, but it does make sense: Big TV shows from the big networks are piling up big online viewer numbers, which at some point could become a big business. According to a […] Read more »

Can’t make it to this year’s Sundance Film Festival? Well, thanks to the Internet, there’s no need to actually travel to Utah. Between cell phone bloggers, YouTube, Second Life and iTunes, you’re virtually there already. The festival has its own channel on YouTube, and has hired […] Read more »

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As if there wasn’t already enough crap to buy on the Internet, home shopping network QVC is now streaming 24/7/365 on AOL Video. Soon, you’ll even be able to watch your favorite QVC ‘shows’ on-demand, just as you would with AOL Video’s existing offerings. According to […] Read more »

Pulitzer-prize winning humorist and columnist Art Buchwald died of kidney failure yesterday at the age of 81. In a twist on the old newspaper tradition of have obituaries prepared for notable figures in advance, The New York Times is using the occasion of Buchwald’s death to […] Read more »

Everything you think you know about IPTV is wrong. That’s part of the message from Italy’s Fastweb, one of the world leaders in IPTV deployments. During a refreshingly honest conference call Wednesday hosted by RBC Capital Markets, Fastweb’s Paolo Agostinelli talked about what early-days lessons the […] Read more »

I was an early subscriber to Netflix back in the day, and recently signed back up. In the interest of confirming some details of their new ‘Watch Now’ service, like what client-side software they were using, I asked if they could hook up my account so […] Read more »

Mark Cuban has somewhat of a mixed record predicting BitTorrent’s future, having once suggested that nobody would ever download HD content over peer-to-peer networks. Obviously, he got that one wrong. But he does have a point when it comes to a growing obstacle to P2P becoming […] Read more »

Ze Frank, whose top-notch year-long videoblog ends in two months, has been busy making plans to go Hollywood. The New York Observer gives us the blow-by-blow on his signing with United Talent Agency and embarking on a slew of pitches. It’s funny, they treat Frank as […] Read more »

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IsoHunt, one of the most popular tracker indexes, got shutdown by its ISP. Promises to be back up shortly. [Slashdot] The Pirate Bay now has multiple torrents of HD-DVD movies indexed, and rubbed it in the MPAA’s eye by announcing it on its blog. [Slyck News] […] Read more »

If politicians can use YouTube to announce their presidential plans, then why can’t an airline make its case using video? Virgin America, the company started by billionaire Richard Branson, has been denied permission to operate in the U.S. on local routes because of too much foreign […] Read more »

Yeah, you read that right. $59.5 million is the amount of online video startup Brightcove‘s Series C round. Om has the story over on the mother ship. He had previously gotten wind of the deal while it was still in the works in November. Brightcove is […] Read more »

We stumbled across YouTubed copies of some professional football raps from the ’80s last night. If you’re old enough to remember them, it’s a blast from the past. If you’re young enough to be totally shocked, believe me, it’s still worth it. The Bears, so far, […] Read more »

Another week, another national government demanding that a clip on YouTube be censored. First it was the Brazilian courts, which ended up reversing its decision. This time it’s India’s Information and Broadcasting Ministry, which is up in arms over standup comedian Gautham Prasad’s sketch of Gandhi […] Read more »

Turns out that the DVD with the first four episodes of 24 that was leaked earlier this month was produced by Fox to be released shortly after the episodes aired. In a shift from the normally glacial pace of DVD releases, the disc on sale today. […] Read more »

Yesterday we took note of an early report from Variety about Netflix’s digital addition to its DVD rental business. Now that all the major news outlets have taken their turn, we’ve learned a few more details about the cost and logistics of the new “Watch Now” […] Read more »

Barack Obama today launched his presidential bid using this year’s preferred method: an online video. The Illinois senator posted a Brightcove clip to his official site. “I’ll be filing papers today to create a presidential exploratory committee,” is the official announcement. What does Obama’s choice of […] Read more »

What’s the next boring, billion-dollar digital market? Digital Signage, according to Cisco, which is scheduled to announce Tuesday its first comprehensive offering for publishing, managing and display of digital-sign content. Exactly what is digital signage, and how might it become a $2 billion market by 2010, […] Read more »

Variety is the first to report on solid details of the long-expected Netflix digital download service, which “will be rolled out over the next six months.” Netflix chief Reed Hastings has previously complained that the terms attached to digital downloads were too onerous; it appears he […] Read more »

The Venice Project can’t escape hype, with GigaOM and NewTeeVee no exception. Finally, the online television startup from the founders of Skype has a production name: Joost. Of course, the premature hype streak lives on, as that URL is still password protected. We have some new […] Read more »

The HDTV Blogger has found a tracker distributing the torrent of an HD version of the movie Serenity, resulting in an Internet-wide nerdgasm. The 19.6GB file is apparently in full 1080p resolution with Dolby 5.1 surround sound, and is playable in PowerDVD or WinDVD. This means […] Read more »

Who’s behind My Box in a Box, the spot-on parody of Dick in a Box? Turns out it’s another lonelygirl15-esque team. Check out the love they get from Keith Olbermann on MSNBC: Check out Eat the Press for a rundown on the whole “Bunny” cast and […] Read more »

With presidential candidates embracing online video — Tom Vilsack is posting vlog entries to and John Edwards is stumping on YouTube — the 2008 presidential election is set to be a watershed for online campaigning. Now, Reuters is reporting that the Huffington Post is looking […] Read more »

User-generated video growth is set to tail off, despite being a relatively new phenomenon, according to a new report from British market research firm Screen Digest. At the end of 2006, user-generated videos made up 47 percent of the U.S. online video market (updated) of 12.5 […] Read more »

If just watching the Golden Globes broadcast awards show Monday isn’t enough stimulation, MSN and Dick Clark Productions will have a companion online red carpet show that will offer live feeds from the press room (ooh look! media people with laptops!) as well as interviews with […] Read more »

With all the recent talk about bringing Internet video to the living room, a little nugget of an idea about a YouTube TV channel got me thinking that a better idea would be The YouTube Show — say, a half-hour program every now and then compiling […] Read more »

How to deal with free online distribution? Hollywood has hardly made up its mind on an approach. The methods are certainly getting more formal. While waiting for YouTube to roll out its promised automated takedown service, NBC employs three people responsible for trolling YouTube in search […] Read more »

The Pirate Bay (TPB) has teamed up with their ally, the Armed Coalition Forces of Internets (ACFI), having declared ‘mission accomplished’ in Ladonia, are now raising funds toward a kopimist invasion of The Principality of Sealand. If unsuccesful, the pirates plan to find another island to […] Read more »

It’s no accident that the Adult Entertainment Expo and Consumer Electronics Show are always held on the same week in Las Vegas. The adult video industry was largely made possible by the introduction of the VCR, and the production and distribution of erotic content has always […] Read more »

Over at GigaGamez, Wagner James Au takes a look at the History Channel’s effort to promote a television show with a video game: When the History Channel wanted to promote a new show called “Shootout!“, yet another combat-oriented documentary series for the cable station’s roster, they […] Read more »

It’s Friday, which means I’ll be keeping an eye on the VCD Quality index to see what new releases have appeared online. I also generally check in on the Mininova front page just to see what’s popular at the moment. But in the quest to improve […] Read more »

These days, it’s rare to come across a startup in the online video space that’s doing something we can’t name five competitors for. But it happened this week with SideKlick, whose concept of providing relevant video based on cues from instant messaging conversations is just wacky […] Read more »

The Venice Project is not just another online video start-up. The Luxembourg-based company is the latest co-production of the two-person hit factory of Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis. The founders of Kazaa and Skype are hoping that The Venice Project will upend the television experience just […] Read more »

This post probably should have gone up earlier, but I was too distracted by Steve Jobs’ iJunk in a box. So in the spirit of service, I’m putting my top three “In a box” response videos in one place. Because if there’s one thing I learned […] Read more »

Since it seemed like every other person at CES this year was sending video up the tubes, we asked a videoblogging authority — Blip.TV’s Dina Kaplan — for her take on the intersection of Vegas, videoblogs and the future of TV. We caught up with Dina […] Read more »

Emily Steel at the Wall Street Journal spoke to some network execs about the prime-time hits they’re now offering online. She reports back we should expect more shows moving online, and more shows produced exclusively for the web. Also on the way are “more interactive components, […] Read more »

Do you love online video? Can you string words together in informative and entertaining ways? We here at NewTeeVee are looking to expand the team. If you’re interested, send clips to Read more »

With Dovetail joining the club of sites that promise to pay you for your video content, I decided to look around for a list of places for media makers looking to distribute their work and get paid. Online video isn’t going to see many professional productions […] Read more »

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