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House Republicans recently complained in a press release that Nancy Pelosi was infringing on copyrights by posting video material from C-Span on The Gavel, the Speaker of the House’s web site. Turns out that all but one of the clips was actually public domain footage, and […] Read more »

It all comes back to the highlight reel. Just one week after hooking up with Eyespot to launch its own video-mixing site, the NBA began soliciting today homemade YouTube gems from would-be hoopstars. The new YouTube channel, “Post Up the NBA,” asks users to submit clips […] Read more »

Merlin Mann has expanded his “entropic web empire” to include an online program simply titled The Merlin Show. Maybe better known for his work compiling funny lists on 5ives or giving advice an how to get things done at 43 Folders, Mann in person is a […] Read more »

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According to various news reports, Apple is delaying its Apple TV ship date from February to mid-March. Production of the device is taking “a few weeks longer than we projected,” according to Apple spokesperson Lynn Fox. According to previous accounts, pre-orders have been selling quite well […] Read more »

We have nothing against ugly people, but video is a visual medium, after all. If you’re in a meat market kind of mood, head over to local gossip blog Valleywag’s “Vlog Hot” feature. The massive beauty contest, facing off some 80 videobloggers, is set to have […] Read more »

Last week, the director of a documentary about the technology industry called In Search of the Valley made his movie available for download using Streamburst’s DRM-free watermarking technology. The online movie costs less than half what it would on DVD via Customflix. A UK-based company, Streamburst […] Read more »

Our Monday morning reading of print media sites finds them spending a lot of time on NewTeeVee turf. Here are our quick takes on stories about video syndication, money-hungry YouTube celebrities, the emergence of video resumes, video search, and short films on mobile phones. Google enlarging […] Read more »

It’s still early in the game, to be sure, but so far it looks like YouTube can keep calling Viacom’s bluff, especially since early research shows that YouTube traffic has surged, not suffered, since Viacom demanded the takedown of 100,000 purportedly purloined video clips. According to […] Read more »

Om, writing at GigaOM, is less than optimistic about the new BitTorrent Entertainment Network (not yet live as of this writing — when it actually launches Monday we’ll do a full review). Om thinks the company hasn’t settled the outstanding doubts about ISP demands, ease-of-use issues, […] Read more »

As you scan websites for the choice video moments from Sunday’s Oscars ceremony, you should also take time to peruse Robert Young’s latest missive over on GigaOM, titled Hollywood Disrupted. Clearly over here on NewTeeVee we understand the model of putting creativity into the hands of […] Read more »

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Walk a few blocks in parts of San Francisco and you’ll pass half-a-dozen offices that house online video companies. That’s why we like it here. So, in honor of the Bay Area’s booming online video industry, there’s this monthly online video meetup event, that I’ve been […] Read more »

Now former presidential candidate Tom Vilsack has shown that ‘first mover advantage‘ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in terms of vlogging an election campaign. Though he can count another first to his credit: the first candidate to throw in the towel on a vlog. […] Read more »

Azureus beat Bram Cohen’s Bittorrent venture to the punch when they soft-launched a Torrent-powered content platform in December. features film trailers next to semi-professional HD content and has since seen 1 million visitors. All these folks will soon have to learn a new moniker, because […] Read more »

Funny thing about working the online video beat — sometimes you find content in the strangest of ways. Scanning my feeds, I spotted this article in Techdirt, “Carlos Mencia Claims Copyright Infringement On Comedian Who Accuses Mencia Of Stealing Jokes.” Personally, I’m not a fan of […] Read more »

I like film festivals. I try to go to local ones when given the chance. For me, It gives some order and selection with the wide array of genres. DivX today announced the launch of DivX Film Festival, an online film festival devoted to creativity, storytelling […] Read more »

I’m not sure what’s more surprising: That Steve Jobs took a nominal stand against DRM, or that Cory Doctorow’s article dissecting Jobs’ apparent motivation was brief, lively and engaging. (I kid because I love, Cory) [Salon] A 27-year old California man has been arrested for distributing […] Read more »

The Internet is a gameshow, let us count the ways: The YouTube-Cingular contest. The YouTube-McDonald’s contest. The YouTube-Hallmark contest. Veoh: Make a public service announcement and win some stuff. Metacafe: Make a funny video and win some cash. Heavy: Make a funny video, win a Wii. […] Read more »

On Saturday, Brian Conley of Alive in Baghdad wrote a message to the video blogging group expressing frustration with the way their work was being represented on the homepage of Ourmedia, an non-profit video sharing service operated by JD Lasica. That two sites known for both […] Read more »

While Castfire isn’t exactly a household name, even among techies, the startup has been around for two years and provides audio content management software for a number of clients. In November, they signed a deal with C/Net to provide the software necessary to manage C/Net’s long […] Read more »

From the head-scratching, why-is-this-news dept. comes a press release today of a deal between Revver and Verizon, under which Revver’s user-generated content will be available on Verizon’s fiber-based FiOS TV service “later this year.” Run this by me again — I am paying a boatload of […] Read more »

As you may have noticed, NewTeeVee loves us some “Will it Blend?” That’s why I’m shocked — shocked — that they may not have been completely honest about the blendability of neodymium magnets. In this YouTube response, “Blendtec Lies Exposed,” Steve (AKA “rgbflawed“) offers evidence that […] Read more »

Diversion Media, publisher of broadband channels, announced the launch of Snowision, a video site for the snowboarding community. Snowvision marks the second niche video site from Diversion, a New York-based company founded by Nicholas Butterworth, former CEO of MTV Interactive Group, and Tatum Lade, former head […] Read more »

So says Adams Media Research in their press release summing up the results of their “Video on the Internet” management report. That’s based on $1.7 billion in ad revenue from streamed content and $4.1 billion on pay-per-download models such as iTunes. AMR’s analysis points to a […] Read more »

While the New York Times wedding announcement section generally makes me nauseous, I know it’s a guilty pleasure of my mother’s. Especially since I’ve done nothing but let her down in the power-couple matrimony market on so many levels. That said, social strivers from Downtown to […] Read more »

The catch-22 of “I’m sorry” is that etiquette requires the apology, but people rarely believe the apologist. If you doubt that truism, let’s review the scorecard. Mel Gibson (sorry Jews), Michael Richards (sorry blacks), Isaiah Washington (sorry gays), and Hillary Clinton (sorry for not being sorry […] Read more »

Greg Sandoval over at C/Net reports that Microsoft recently took a tour of Revver’s offices on Sunset Boulevard shortly after Microsoft’s own late entry into the web video market, Soapbox, went live. While Valleywag seems convinced Revver is a cold case like the Elizabeth Short murder, […] Read more »

Every now and then, Google does something to remind us all that despite its awesome market cap, in many ways it’s still a company learning the ropes of the new businesses its search success drags it into. The latest such gaffe, of course, is its slow […] Read more »

From fake vlogger to movie star, Jessica Lee Rose (AKA lonelygirl15) has turned her moment in the YouTube sun into a film project featuring everyone’s favorite prodigal ingenue, Lindsay Lohan. Rose has dutifully posted to her MySpace page about working with Lindsay, kicking off the production’s […] Read more »

Looks like a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing — or maybe some old hockey puck head injuries are haunting the NHL folks. Now the latest word from the NHL is that the problem with the blocking of some […] Read more »

It seems that the Jeff Zucker-brokered meeting between NBC Universal and 20th Century Fox did net some results, as Fox’s MySpace now offers the hit comedy series “My Name is Earl” as a download. NBC also has made it available as a free, ad-supported stream, and […] Read more »

What if you could turn that collection of video games and DVDs collecting dust on your shelf into a rental shop? That’s the promise of PlayInterChange, a new site launched this month that’s hoping to enable consumers to turn themselves into a mini-Blockbuster or Netflix. You […] Read more »

A collaboration featuring some of my favorite web show producers, Wreck & Salvage, is auctioning off an opportunity to sponsor the first week of their new show. The winner of the auction gets their name, site and a short clip mentioned in the title card of […] Read more »

While it’s easy — even fashionable — to rail against current copyright law, most video production for commercial distribution abides by the rules. And while there’s no reason you need to be aware of the rules and restrictions in clearing rights for projects to share with […] Read more »

Update 2: NHL now says the problem was a glitch/miscommunication on their end. The conclusion to the story (hopefully this is it?) got so long, we wrote it up in a separate post. Update: NHL tells us: “We’re trying to determine why this happened…it wasn’t at […] Read more »

Megan over at Valleywag tipped us off to a project from Meetro‘s co-founder Paul Bragiel’s brother, Peter Bragiel called “The Walkstars.” Peter and his friends Josh and Sean are taking a week off and walking from Los Angeles to San Diego. That’s right, walking. “It is […] Read more »

When the Puritans landed on Plymouth Rock, and subsequently repaid the kindness of local tribes with wholesale slaughter, they bequeathed upon America the birthright of double standards. And lest you think that nearly 400 years later we’ve figured out that when given the choice between sex […] Read more »

Partnering with Adobe and using their Flex software, Photobucket has added rich video editing tools. Currently run as a beta program available to paid Premium users, Photobucket CEO Alex Welch assured us in a phone interview that all 35 million users would have access in March. […] Read more »

Joost, the P2P TV venture from European hit makers, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis has signed on Viacom as a content partner, a move that will bring content from various Viacom properties – MTV, Comedy Central and Showtime – to the P2P service, reports the Wall […] Read more »

Still think Viacom is stuck in the old media mud? Robert Young would beg to differ in a post over on GigaOM Tuesday where he details why he thinks Sumner Redstone and the folks over there have a good thing going, especially with their made-for-online-sharing content […] Read more »

By Minic Rivera Over the weekend, Lisa Donovan, better known by YouTubers as LisaNova, made her network television debut on FOX’s MADtv. If it wasn’t spectacular, neither was it a pratfall, and it might not have even been noticable as anything out of the ordinary had […] Read more »

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