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Update 2: NHL now says the problem was a glitch/miscommunication on their end. The conclusion to the story (hopefully this is it?) got so long, we wrote it up in a separate post. Update: NHL tells us: “We’re trying to determine why this happened…it wasn’t at […] Read more »

Megan over at Valleywag tipped us off to a project from Meetro‘s co-founder Paul Bragiel’s brother, Peter Bragiel called “The Walkstars.” Peter and his friends Josh and Sean are taking a week off and walking from Los Angeles to San Diego. That’s right, walking. “It is […] Read more »

When the Puritans landed on Plymouth Rock, and subsequently repaid the kindness of local tribes with wholesale slaughter, they bequeathed upon America the birthright of double standards. And lest you think that nearly 400 years later we’ve figured out that when given the choice between sex […] Read more »

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Partnering with Adobe and using their Flex software, Photobucket has added rich video editing tools. Currently run as a beta program available to paid Premium users, Photobucket CEO Alex Welch assured us in a phone interview that all 35 million users would have access in March. […] Read more »

Joost, the P2P TV venture from European hit makers, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis has signed on Viacom as a content partner, a move that will bring content from various Viacom properties – MTV, Comedy Central and Showtime – to the P2P service, reports the Wall […] Read more »

Still think Viacom is stuck in the old media mud? Robert Young would beg to differ in a post over on GigaOM Tuesday where he details why he thinks Sumner Redstone and the folks over there have a good thing going, especially with their made-for-online-sharing content […] Read more »

By Minic Rivera Over the weekend, Lisa Donovan, better known by YouTubers as LisaNova, made her network television debut on FOX’s MADtv. If it wasn’t spectacular, neither was it a pratfall, and it might not have even been noticable as anything out of the ordinary had […] Read more »

Old media offers vids, blogs for Oscars — A slew of popular magazine rack titles are devoting sections of their Web sites to Oscar night in the hopes of converting viewers to subscribers, reports the New York Times. People magazine, Vanity Fair, The Los Angeles Times, […] Read more »

Not unlike an unheralded draft pick who cracks the starting lineup, startup video-editing site Eyespot jumps into the big leagues Tuesday as the technology engine behind the NBA’s new “highlights mixer” web site. With league-sanctioned clips of dunks, blocks, 3-pointers and other top plays available to […] Read more », which critics including NewTeeVee lambasted for their byzantine age verification checks, apparently doesn’t infringe nearly well enough on your privacy for the likes of state attorney generals. Now 21 states have issued a call for Anheuser-Busch to make it more restrictive. Can we also get […] Read more »

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One of the commonly accepted bellwether sites for the market, Rocketboom, has had podCast411 compile the results of its user survey [PDF] conducted from Feb. 5-12. Some of the results indicate strong polling bias — for instance, 92% of respondents say they primarily view Rocketboom on […] Read more »

Om reports over on GigaOM that Joost, previously known as The Venice Project, has released a beta version of the application for Mac users. This should at least make the users who got one of the invites NewTeeVee handed out happy, and get Joost better press […] Read more »

I’m a sucker for the design section of the magazine rack — everything from ID to Communication Arts, Eye to Wallpaper. I’ve read all but the latest from Edward Tufte in a somewhat fruitless effort to hold up my own end of high level information architecture […] Read more »

Everyone’s, uh, ‘favorite’ Dallas MC, Vanilla Ice, has turned his, um, ‘fame’ into a gig pitching a UGC contest sponsored by TurboTax. Upload your verse about taxes and you get this year’s installent of TurboTax for free. There’s also a $25,000 grand prize for the best […] Read more »

It’s been a year since the first official release of the Democracy player and podcast client, and the Democracy team is celebrating this birthday with the release of version 0.95. So what’s new, what’s coming up, and when will we see Democracy version 1.0? I checked […] Read more »

Here’s some stuff that might not warrant full posts, but worth a look before you honor our Presidents by goofing off the rest of the weekend: The ‘conservative’ answer to The Daily Show, “The 1/2 Hour Comedy Hour,” was leaked to YouTube. You may have to […] Read more »

With the announcement of his Senate bid, the call came in from headquarters to go dig up some old clips of Al Franken from his days on Saturday Night Live — including the classic “Franken & Davis” show with Tom Davis and his mincing self-help caricature […] Read more »

In the music industry’s efforts to turn all those user-generated remixes and videos appearing on video sharing sites like YouTube into something that they can control and quantify, Sony BMG appears to engaged the services of video editing and mixing site Eyespot according to Phil Harvey […] Read more »

I just got off the phone with 88Slide executive producer Noah Bonnett who’s on his way back from the Podcast Academy V at Duke University. While 88Slide has been on hiatus since November, Noah has been working on developing his business model. “My goal is to […] Read more »

John Murrell at Good Morning Silicon Valley pointed up a project from Emre Sokullu and Richard MacManus of Read/Write Web to compile a list of all the players in the online video space. From sharing to search, commercial downloads to P2P technologies, it’s incomplete but already […] Read more »

Following Viacom’s public rebuke of YouTube, other big media players have joined in the slap-fest, in methods either very public (like this tirade from NBC’s Jeff Zucker) or in an aside, like a subtle dig delivered by Disney exec Preston Padden at a small telecom conference […] Read more »

In a very special online puppet video event, Dot Boom is presenting part one of a three-part series in “Papervision.” Art mirrors life as a an author races to the deadline on a project, and has to make some tough choices. Will Dot Boom’s Clark finish […] Read more »

Niall Kennedy looks in to the details of the Nokia announcement that Katie touched on in her roundup of news from 3GSM on GigaOM. While Nokia is touting its integration with YouTube, I’m more interested in the new phones’ support for MediaRSS and H.264 generally — […] Read more »

Tim Street is the man behind the web’s sexiest ‘how to’ show, French Maid TV (No offense, Make’s Bre Pettis). Similar to an infomercial, the maids take a break from dusting to explain in cooing detail how to accomplish a task — such as “How to […] Read more »

Microsoft’s homegrown video-sharing effort, Soapbox, came out of private beta and into public beta yesterday, meaning everyone can go use it. Soapbox is not terribly distinctive, but it helps round out MSN’s set of blogging and other personal expression tools. We had reviewed the private beta […] Read more »

What would be a crazy story by any account — a skydiver can’t open his parachute from a 12,000-foot high jump, crashes into the ground at 80 miles per hour, and survives — becomes all the more gripping with video. In December, professional skydiver Michael Holmes […] Read more »

Nothing says love like a delivery of groceries. Or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself this year as I await the arrival of the truck from Safeway. I just hope I don’t melt the frozen items with my lonely tears. In the meantime, I’ve been […] Read more »

Hundreds of would-be filmmakers post their videos online every day, hoping to catch the eye of a television exec and make it to the big-time. J. Crowley and Neil Punsalan have been there and done that, and now they’re out to prove it’s a sham. Having […] Read more »

Upstart video search project ClipRoller just posted a first draft of a pretty nifty customizable video homepage. Imagine Netvibes, but with all the widgets dedicated to the latest videos from any search query. Warning: this is a very raw project, but we’re interested enough in the […] Read more »

Fox is cracking down on leaked 24 episodes, and has gotten YouTube’s support. In January, we covered the episodes’ appearance on torrent trackers prior to the start of the season. The shows also showed up on YouTube, and 20th Century Fox Television went to court to […] Read more »

A paid web service that allows you to watch television online, Virtual Digital Cable (VDC) is complaining to the FCC that cable companies like Time Warner are unfairly refusing to allow them to purchase the rights for popular cable channels. Right now, VDC’s lineup of content […] Read more »

If it wasn’t over already, it’s now even over-er for AACS encryption, now that the keys to decrypt any and all HD DVD and Blu-Ray discs has been discovered and made public. [Engadget] Haven’t been able to catch up on all the movies nominated for Oscars […] Read more »

It’s not quite an Amanda-moves-to-ABC story, but it’s still kind of cool when a seat-of-the-pants vlogger gets a bigger stage. Such is the case for Peter Zottolo, an employee of video-messaging provider SightSpeed (aka SightSpeed guy), whose sometimes zany online antics (see video below!) have earned […] Read more »

San Francisco-based StumbleUpon is releasing tonight a customized version of its StumbleVideo for the Nintendo Wii. Like efforts from SofaTube and Veoh, the idea is to bring web video to the living room. StumbleVideo is a tool for serendipitous video browsing that learns from your likes […] Read more »

Eric over at backward five gives the new Lycos video playlist tool, “MIX,” a big “meh.” I do like having a bookmarklet to tag videos across sites for assembly into a sequence, if only as a personal tool. But there are plenty of options for that, […] Read more »

Despite the fact that I eagerly await weekly installments of “The Office” on iTunes, I’ve never sampled from Apple’s growing movie collection. Today that is going to change. OK, it just changed right now, after I wrote that sentence, because Apple added Lionsgate movies, and L.A. […] Read more », the self-serve white-label web video service we covered earlier this month, has closed a $1.2 million round of funding. The round was co-led by New York Angels and NextStage Capital, and included Chris Anderson of TED Conference (not Wired) fame. We had mentioned the impending […] Read more »

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