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Windows Media Player and iTunes are duking it out with incompatible DRM, trying to leverage their respective dominance in operating systems and media devices. Like Sauron, Gates and Jobs are trying to forge the one media player to rule them all. In the meantime, could a […] Read more »

While NewTeeVee’s buddies at GigaGamez get to work the Second Life beat, thanks to screen capture and Second Life’s internal camera tools, there’s plenty of video leaving the online world and turning up at places like YouTube. I figured I’d make up for crashing Linden Labs’s […] Read more »

NewTeeVee writers Jackson and Liz are hopping on flights bound for Austin today in advance of the annual South by Southwest conference. It’s my first time, Jackson’s — let’s go with a high number, cause he’s old and grizzled and on a plane so can’t correct […] Read more »

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Just when you get jaded, along comes something you should have known about for months but is totally news to you. Like Zattoo, a P2P television company currently in testing in Switzerland, which streams live channels using peer-to-peer packet sharing. Zattoo, dually based in Zurich and […] Read more »

CBS, the longtime exclusive broadcaster of the NCAA hoops tournament, said it will be nearly doubling the number of simultaneous supported online video streams this year to 300,000 at any given moment. The streams will be free, first-come-first-serve, and purportedly of higher quality than last year. […] Read more »

NewsCorp’s Peter Levinsohn made waves with remarks at an investor conference Tuesday about licensing other companies’ media content for distribution on MySpace. Levinsohn, the new president of Fox Interactive Media, said his group is “in very active negotiations with all of the media companies to create […] Read more »

What do you get when you put a former producer of Rocketboom and a former vice chairman of MTV Networks at the same table? How about the same company? Well, it’s not exactly a mind meld, but it’s an interesting dynamic, which we witnessed last week […] Read more »

Reshet, one of the largest commercial television networks in Israel, has released a beta of its own online video service, “Video Machine.” The Flash-based application is Hebrew-only, but gives users all the familiar features such as sharing links via email, searching on tags and creating playlists. […] Read more »

With millions of users, an estimated $10 million in revenue this year from ads and promotional contests, licensed content from major Chinese networks, and expected profitability by the end of this year, it’s no surprise that China’s attracted interest from venture capital funds like Draper […] Read more »

Well that didn’t work. On-demand movie company MovieBeam, a much-toiled-over Disney spinoff, has been bought by Movie Gallery for less than $10 million. With burnout speed of bubble proportions, MovieBeam had just one year ago relaunched with $48.5 million in recapitalization from major backers after a […] Read more »

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Lots of NewTeeVee news out there today, so here’s our drive-thru espresso version of several stories you may want to slurp down: Microsoft, AP building online video network for newspapers: Beet.TV’s Andy Plesser has the deets on a plan from Microsoft and AP to share and […] Read more »

Looking more like a web video sharing site than a mobile video sharing site, Zannel could become a popular bridge between the two platforms. Publishing to the site is as easy as publishing to YouTube or any other service, and sending content to your, or a […] Read more »

As promised, online video-editing startup Eyespot is scheduled to unveil Wednesday another white-label deal with a big-name client, this time Paramount Pictures. Eyespot’s video-sharing tools will power a mashup-your-own-movie-trailer contest for the forthcoming (March 23) Mark Wahlberg thriller Shooter, with the winner getting an XBox 360 […] Read more »

Pageflakes, which makes customizable start pages, let us know it will be formally launching a whole bunch of video-related widgets Wednesday. The tools will help you create a web page that automatically updates with searches on your favorite video sites and keywords, so you can access […] Read more »

What Blogger did for personal publishing, wants to do for video. The San Francisco-based company, which has raised capital from well-known venture capitalists (the same gang that backed Skype), wants to turn its (which we covered last week) offering into a platform that allows […] Read more »

We’re as frustrated as you are with YouTube’s seemingly capricious removal of clips from the site — which wreaks all kind of havoc on the embedded videos in our post archives and occasionally brings down random inoffensive posts. While the YouTube terms of service are explicit, […] Read more »

In a recent story on Torrentfreak, an employee at Red Swoosh made some rather bold statements regarding a leaked torrent client, FoxTorrent, which Red Swoosh is still developing: “Bram is going to s**t his pants when he takes our client for a spin.” Strong words — […] Read more »

On February 22, CNBC Fast Money‘s Dylan Ratigan called for a correction in the bull market based on news about “three blondes” — Britney, Anna Nicole and a “Goldilocks” economy that’s neither too hot nor too cold. Of course, the central indicator of worldwide economic activity […] Read more »

Even when he’s on unsure legal ground, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin never seems to pass up an opportunity to make the big telco companies happy. His latest move was the approval of new rules for local video franchising processes, which include a 90-day deadline for local […] Read more »

Image fingerprinting for user-generated content is in hot demand right now, as video-sharing sites rush to be on the good side of powerful content owners. Audible Magic has emerged as the leading contender, with a rumored deal with YouTube, but it faces competition from the likes […] Read more »

Maven Networks, a web video services startup that’s the darling of old media, has launched The Maven Internet TV Platform — which adds syndication, social networking and customer support to its existing core video platform. They’ve also added Hearst Magazines to bring their roster of clients […] Read more »

Snapstream, which produces the PC-based PVR Beyond TV, has found another use for the TV listing engine it subscribes to — Couchville, a simple and clean online guide to channel listings. Enter your zip code, choose a television provider, and you’re presented with a click-and-drag grid. […] Read more »

I had a slight freak-out this morning when I thought my speakers were broken, but really it was just that one of the rules of Vlog Deathmatch‘s Silent Air Guitar Challenge is the submissions have to be, well, silent. Put together by the some of the […] Read more »

The well-funded YuMe Networks is launching today a video ad network, aiming to match video publishers with video advertising using a bit of contextual analysis. It’s not quite a highly automated AdSense for video, as ad placements are based on broad categories and in some cases […] Read more »

Babelgum, the IPTV venture that will likely butt heads with the more-publicized Joost, is getting some more time in the spotlight thanks to a profile in the International Herald Tribune. Of course, NTV readers got an early review of Babelgum with screenshots back in January. Like […] Read more »

Local-search and advertising startup Smalltown is getting a bit bigger Monday, adding a few new towns as well as support for video to its web-based local-business directories. Hal Rucker, CEO of the San Mateo, Calif.-based Smalltown, says web-based video gives business owners a chance to break […] Read more »

Hey, can’t wait until tomorrow evening to get your Heroes fix? Well, Episode 18, “Parasite” is currently available online as a torrent download at Mininova. No, I won’t tell you who Mr. Linderman is. And you’ll still have to wait for the NBC’s exclusive online preview […] Read more »

Tim Shey dropped by the Giga Omni Media world headquarters in sunny San Francisco last week and said nice things about NewTeeVee. And at NewTeeVee, flattery will pretty much get you everywhere! Tim mentioned he’d read a post about Galacticast where I made a joke about […] Read more »

UPDATED AS OF 01/08/10: Please check 10 More Sites for Free and Legal Torrents for an updated list of free and legal downloading destinations. Bittorrent downloads are either illegal or DRM-infected, right? Wrong. There are plenty of websites out there that offer free and legal Torrent […] Read more »

Cinequest, an annual film festival currently showing in San Jose, California, has signed up with Azureus’ content portal, Zudeo, to feature content from the festival online. While Cinequest has featured content on the web since 2004, using a P2P model has the potential to reduce considerable […] Read more »

Back in the day, it was all about the b-boys, b-girls and the poppers and lockers. My brother used to get cardboard boxes from a downtown liquor store so that me and my friends could breakdance for change (which all went into his pocket). The kids […] Read more »

Ah, Viacom and YouTube, once such a cute couple! Sure, the breakup was messy, but now they both seem to be doing fine. In its earnings call this week Viacom said traffic to its Comedy Central website had increased 90 percent since it requested removal of […] Read more »

Regular readers know we have a fondness for startups exploring use of smart video search to serve ads that aren’t irrelevant. The Wall Street Journal tackles the topic today, with added detail about closely held startup ScanScout and YuMe Networks. YouTube has signed more than 1,000 […] Read more »

The Onion, the enduringly funny print weekly, will make the jump to video in late March, reports Wired News. Now that is some seriously good news. The video segments will be mined from a supposed 75-year-old 24-hour TV news broadcast run by The Onion, rather than […] Read more »

Mazeltov to Avrom Hoenig of Chalutz Productions — while it’s not exactly The Food Network, my personal favorite web cooking show Feed Me Bubbe will be airing via cable and satellite today. It will be on CN8, “The Comcast Channel” at noon and on DirecTV’s “The […] Read more »

Playing with BitTorrent’s new content portal this week was interesting. The site looks great, it’s easy to navigate, and while the library of available content is certainly large, it’s not exhaustive. The downloading experience is first rate, even if there isn’t a large swarm of peers […] Read more »

Apple has finally let an indie video production, Forum Snowboards, get its foot in the door of the iTunes store, according to a report from Variety, “iTunes is all ‘That’ to indie producers.” That is the kind of independently produced niche sports video that’s been thriving […] Read more »

What on earth took this so long? The DLO HomeDock Deluxe costs $150, has S-Video and Composite video out and a remote control so you can browse your library from your couch. This means you don’t have to give your TV the ‘RCA cable reacharound‘ every […] Read more »

What’s NewTeeVee going to look like in three to five years? It’s not that far away, but we’re imagining it’s going to be a light year from the video-viewing experience from five years ago. Yesterday’s video sharing sites, cameraphones and high-definition promises are the mainstream realities […] Read more »

BoingBoing yesterday featured a clip mocking a Canadian politician known for pushing tougher copyright law and receiving generous contributions from the entertainment industry, Bev Oda. The clip reworks the Durham MP’s name into the Kinks classic ‘Lola,’ and highlights reports that she spent taxpayer dollars on […] Read more »

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