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YouTube, aligning itself with the indie creators who it’s nurtured rather than the pro creators who are suing it, will launch the YouTube Video Awards Monday (link not live as of Sunday night), according to various reports. The site has picked nominees in seven categories: most […] Read more »

Videoblogger Steve Garfield takes Internet TV creation and viewing to the next level, using only a Nokia N95 phone to shoot and view video. (This video was Steve’s entry into the Network2 contest of “how I watch Internet video.” Contest winners are scheduled to be announced […] Read more »

Dabble, the video search startup that tries to rely on the intelligence of people rather than machines, is trucking along. We had the chance to catch up with founder Mary Hodder at SXSW this week, and got an update on her company’s status. First up, Hodder […] Read more »

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While you might get the impression that St. Patrick was the patron saint of violent, homophobic alcoholics, based on the antics at parades from Boston to Chicago, in fact he was a voice for peace who proclaimed in an anti-war Letter to Coroticus, “A murderer cannot […] Read more »

Videoconferencing service SightSpeed Friday launched a personal webcam community called Vlip. All you need is a webcam of your own to post to the site, either starting a conversation or participating in an existing one. However, the site isn’t standing up well to launch-day traffic, so […] Read more »

Leave it to the fans of the original Star Trek to not only spend the kind of time and money it takes to recreate the original show, but to bring back some of the groundbreaking storylines and characters that made the original so compelling to a […] Read more »

If I had to come up with my ultimate videoblogger, living or dead, it might just be Jack Black. Luckily, Nacho Libre himself has become aware of his calling, and is launching a video show to be shown both online and on TV (on VH1). The […] Read more »

Are a surge of spam videos turning up in search results on sites like YouTube, Revver, and Break? That’s the contention of Kevin Delaney at the Wall Street Journal (no reg req). It seems he’s basically talking about tag spam — when videos are mislabeled with […] Read more »

Pursuers of moral rectitude, you have no better friend than online video. The latest head in the pillory belongs to none other than Michael Crook, the ironically- and aptly-named ne’er-do-well who, in an attempt to have embarrassing photos of himself removed from 10 Zen Monkeys and […] Read more »

Forget Y2K, Forget the new Daylight Savings Time. If anything is going to crush the innerwebs, it will be March Madness, and all the well-educated desk-job jockeys who sign on to CBS starting Thursday to catch the NCAA men’s basketball tournament online. Never mind CBS’s lame […] Read more »

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Are we ready for full length TV shows on cell phones? — If you watch a lot of mobile video over 3G, you’ll probably say heck no. Well, it’s coming anyway — NBC Universal and MobiTV say they’ll be offering full-length prime time shows on-demand over […] Read more »

SXSW REPORT — One of the things I kept hearing in the panels about the convergence of online video and offline video at the South by Southwest conference in Austin is that creating media for tiny web windows and mobile device screens is different than creating […] Read more » will announce later Wednesday that it has cut a deal with NBC Universal Digital Studios to produce an original show exclusive to the video site. The show, called “The Breakers,” will feature “girls that demolish products in interesting ways,” said Break CEO Keith Richman in […] Read more »

Acclaimed television producer Stephen Bochco is set to lend his imprimatur to a channel of webcam confessional clips on Metacafe called “Cafe Confidential” starting March 19. The Next Net blog says the categories will include “My First Time,” “My Weird Family,” and “Most Embarrassing Moment.” After […] Read more » has plans to expand its recommendation engine to include video, starting with music videos, according to the Register. The UK-based company has not only added a web-based player but signed deals with major labels like Warner and EMI. With a large installed base of 15 […] Read more »

Among the many dubious achievements in Silicon Valley recently, none pique my interest so much as the creation of an absurd corporate moniker language apparently cribbed from menopause commercials and erectile dysfunction literature. Daylife. Vuguru. Stickam. Signifying nothing (it’s a brand new word!) and everything (it’s […] Read more »

Yahoo’s Pipes platform has been generating lots of buzz in the blogosphere since it launched a few weeks ago. But after the initial excitement waned, people inevitably started asking: What can you actually do with it? Discover tons of online video content, for one thing. Yahoo […] Read more »

Video search service Blinkx has put together a white paper detailing how to optimize your content for video search and a wiki where the online video community can update and advise each other going forward, launching today. The document covers everything from title to metadata, where […] Read more », the original content play from Anheuser-Busch, was supposed to garner two to three million visitors per month by the end of this year. February’s total: 253,000. Oops. Big thumbs down with a fart noise on that one. You are now free to play verbal punnilingus […] Read more »

Television Without Pity, a fantastically snark-filled television recap site, has been acquired by Bravo for an undisclosed amount. As a longtime reader of the TWoP (since back when it was called Mighty Big TV and utterly fixated on the size of that guy from Dawson’s Creek‘s […] Read more »

What do you get when you mix rock stars and culinary tips? “Cooking with Rockstars,” a web show that’s been thawed like the proverbial frozen caveman and released into the modern world of online video. The show, which is pretty well described by its name, featured […] Read more »

Now, we’re no legal experts, but here are some of the more salient points drawn directly from the text of Viacom’s lawsuit against Google and YouTube. Some of the claims seem a little far-fetched — like one bit about the existence of “hidden videos” shown to […] Read more »

Viacom sued YouTube in U.S. District Court today for more than $1 billion in damages. According to U.S. copyright law, when a copyright owner’s claim of willful infringement is upheld, the court can award damages of up to $150,000. That would be for every instance of […] Read more »

Viacom sued YouTube and Google today, seeking an injunction against the video site’s display of copyrighted materials and more than $1 billion in damages for 160,000 copies of its content on the site seen 1.5 billion times. In a press release accompanying the lawsuit (download full […] Read more »

SXSW REPORT — Monday’s keynote speech was by one of the most acclaimed names in broadcast journalism history, Dan Rather. The man who, rather unfortunately, became a symbol for the rise of the blogosphere when his report on President Bush’s National Guard service was called into […] Read more »

It’s just a name change, but it should go a long way toward eliminating confusion from those who thought a video player called Democracy had anything to do with government. Instead, it was only meant to be a player of the people, for the people… well, […] Read more »

Just in time to solve the Viacom-YouTube sort of problems that crop up around unauthorized file-sharing, startup MotionDSP is set to announce Tuesday a copyright-detection software package that uses video-fingerprinting technology. Sources close to the company say the product will be called Ikena Copyright, and it […] Read more »

SXSW REPORT — If last year was the year of ‘Web 2.0′ at South by Southwest Interactive, this is the year that video killed the Internet rockstar. A total of fifteen panels at the conference are, for the first time, cross-listed in both the Film and […] Read more »

There might be a lot of talk Monday about Google partnering with the Dish network and cable operators to sell video ads, but Om points out over on GigaOM that the search giant’s track record is somewhat mixed in moving beyond its successful web text roots. […] Read more »

It’s hard to watch internet TV for any long stretch of time, and no, that’s not because it all sucks. Finding content that matches your tastes requires searches, clicks, and lots of refinement — not exactly a “lean back” experience. Divvio, a new project from former […] Read more »

Ze Frank has indeed moved to, as we told you yesterday. Blip has secured scotch-maker Dewar’s as a sponsor for the last week of Frank’s show as well as two months of hosting the lifetime of its archives (see press release). Also part of the […] Read more »

The Oscars can still draw 40.2 million viewers, despite being increasingly irrelevant. Awards shows just have a certain allure, especially for people who might now or may in the future receive the awards handed out by that show. And while one can snark and quibble about […] Read more »

Have you been hooked by an online video series yet? Does anything make you tune in every day like the Lonelygirl15 fans? Perhaps it’ll be Prom Queen, debuting April 2. A serialized drama lasting just 90 seconds per day, the online-only show’s tagline promises blood and […] Read more »

Videoblogger Ze Frank, who’s being treated like a rockstar by the geeks here at South by Southwest, is now hosting his videos with rather than Revver. Here’s the latest show, from Friday, in the Blip player as it is now embedded on Frank’s site. The […] Read more »

SXSW REPORT — “There are oftentimes responses before I can click back and view the video,” says Miles Beckett, who’s just pressed publish on his WordPress draft, sending a new Lonelygirl15 video out to the world. He clicks over to the public version of the site. […] Read more »

What’s the difference between a digitally projected film in the theater, a digitally broadcast cable or satellite signal, a digital video disc or a digital subscriber line? Context, law and habit, primarily. While there’s certainly something to be said for seeing a film in a theater, […] Read more »

Online video-sharing and the law haven’t yet figured out what they think of each other, but today saw some resolutions worth noting. Turkey lifts its YouTube ban, two days after a court ordered the site be blocked until it stopped hosting videos insulting Ataturk. The reasoning […] Read more »

The science of advertising and marketing is both incredibly compelling and incredibly creepy. Case in point: a study written up on the Neuromarketing blog which used physiological data collected from test subjects to see if there was a way to quantify a uniform emotional response to […] Read more »

“Exclusives” do not compute in online video, where the point is often to get maximum distribution. It makes sense to publish your video to more than one site — even Lonelygirl15, who famously signed up with Revver, still posts everything to YouTube. But the scattershot method […] Read more »

Sometimes we don’t give traditional media enough credit. They’re not lording over their content like the RIAA, after all. They’re starting to give away the stuff they should, like their video, seeking distribution across the web. OK OK, news video is not exactly a hot commodity, […] Read more »

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