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The YouTube Award winners for 2006 have been announced, and the trophies are presumably being shipped to points around the world. Unfortunately the closure of voting came with little fanfare, as the YouTubers aren’t spending their billions on an awards ceremony. NewTeeVee contributor Minic Rivera has […] Read more »

Here’s some fresh online video news to get your week started right: TV Guide talking more about its online video search tool (previously mentioned here), due next month. “Everybody says, `Who’s going to be the TV Guide of online video?’ and we say, why shouldn’t it […] Read more »

Mac fans rejoiced when Apple TV finally hit the shelves this week. Their happiness was shared by a growing number of third-party software vendors whose business models are almost as interesting as their products are colorful. Want to watch your DivX downloads on your Apple TV? […] Read more »

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YouTube’s defense against claims of copyright infringement has long been the safe harbor of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which clears service providers from liability related to material transmitted through their systems (see text). But if Google were to implement copyright filters, proactively screening content before […] Read more »

Not since the last presidential election, when a Bush supporter photoshopped John Kerry and Jane Fonda together, has a digital mashup created outside the aegis of an official campaign had a media impact like “Hillary 1984″ (AKA “Vote Different“). It can probably now be considered a […] Read more »

Just a couple days after the Apple TV ceased to be a figment of the imagination and started showing up on shipping trackers, hackers worldwide have already begun to explore and expand the device’s functionality. Of course, what does it say about the device that it […] Read more »

Welcome to the brand-new NewTeeVee! Three months ago we started this project with little more than an orange-tinged GigaOM design and an imperative to create ‘the Variety of online video.’ We had high hopes but also quite a bit of doubt about whether we could attract […] Read more »

Amidst all the hubbub about frontrunner YouTube’s legal troubles and wannabe front-runner ‘NewCo’, smaller sites are taking their disappointing developments under the radar. In the last day, news got out that Viacom’s IFILM will be folded into the website of its brother property SPIKE TV, and […] Read more »

Yesterday came the announcement NBC Universal and News Corps are teaming up on online video in an effort to rival YouTube, recruiting Google’s top competitors as distribution partners. Upon hearing early details, we were initially impressed by how open the group seemed to making content widely […] Read more »

Limelight Networks, a Content Delivery Network provider that competes with companies like Akamai, has filed its paperwork for an initial public offering. The company will be listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol LLNW, and hopes to raise up to $201 million according to the filing. […] Read more »

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Call it a Walter Cronkite moment — in his widely read technology column, the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg Thursday issued a digital call to arms, telling the U.S. Congress that it’s time to pass laws to straighten out the digital copyright mess that’s keeping us […] Read more »

Don’t think I didn’t notice the news about GodTube this week. It’s all about the niche content here at NewTeeVee. I’d be happy to pick videos from PornoTube, but sadly I need a reason more newsworthy than “Dude, boobs!” Not that religion and sexuality are in […] Read more »

Starz has filed suit against Buena Vista Entertainment, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney, Co. for breach of contract. Starz, which bills itself as “one of the largest content aggregators in Hollywood,” alleges that Disney’s practice of selling movies through digital channels such as the iTunes […] Read more »

One of NewTeeVee’s own must-reads, The Daily Reel, has been produced a twice-weekly three-minute news and clip show, “The Daily Reel Podcast.” Hosted by assistant editor Felicia Williams, it’s got all the cheery, enthusiastic, flip touches you’ve come to expect from the web news format set […] Read more »

Walt Mossberg yesterday praised the Apple TV device today in his Wall Street Journal Column, while David Pogue raved about its simplicity in today’s New York Times. One of the reasons that Walt liked the device so much was its simple-minded utility: Read more »

If it delivers as advertised, the forthcoming peer-to-peer video distribution network from the Chicago-based Neokast could shatter current illusions about what it takes to stream live video over the Internet, allowing anyone with a webcam and a Net link to broadcast live to “an unlimited number […] Read more »

If you go whoring it up for the promotional juice you get from encouraging the participatory media, don’t go slapping the very people who participated in your marketing orgy with cease and desist nastygrams. The softest word to describe that kind of behavior is hypocritical. But […] Read more »

Plenty of coverage has accompanied yesterday’s announcement that the Apple TV finally shipped. NewTeeVee would have a review but we’re not exactly on Apple’s short list of reporters who get review models over a week before the rest of the press. That would be Walt Mossberg, […] Read more »

A News Corp and NBC Universal joint venture to distribute TV shows and movies online could be announced as soon as Thursday, according to the Los Angeles Times, following on a similar report from paidContent earlier this week. The site would include premium video and “clips […] Read more »

A Disney exec speaking at a conference today spilled the beans that his company is impressed with Joost. Kevin Mayer, Disney’s EVP of corporate strategy, business development, and technology group, said in general he was skeptical about bringing the TV experience to the PC, but specifically […] Read more »

The long, long, long-awaited Apple TV should start arriving on store shelves and the doorsteps of everyone who pre-ordered one shortly. The item, initially announced to arrive in February but delayed, has been selling like hotcakes since preorders were made available on the Apple web site. […] Read more »

Amidst boatloads of people exploring the promise of online video, Justin Kan is, without a doubt, the most extreme. Yesterday I joined Kan, who’s live-streaming his life 24/7 using a camera strapped to the side of his head, at the local climbing gym. Unfortunately just before […] Read more »

Once upon a time, commercial advertisers hired an agency to develop a concept, which was then contracted out to a production company and aired on networks. Then they had to buy the airtime. Jeff Pulver just got dozens and dozens of finished advertising spots along with […] Read more »

A tiny item in Variety yesterday noted Brad Hunt, Motion Picture Association of America executive vice president and CTO, is moving on “to pursue new business and entrepreneurial opportunities.” If you don’t remember, it was in a moment of candor during a conference Q&A last Fall […] Read more »

A few hours ago while surfing Digg Videos I saw an embedded clip on the right side of the page. Is that Amanda Congdon, I wondered? I clicked to play and was greeted with the vlogebrity’s voice welcoming me to “Science Stories from DuPont.” Maybe I’m […] Read more »

Ready to rumble? BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen had some fighting words for competitor Joost during a keynote at the VON New Video Summit on Monday. He even pulled out the dreaded “old media” slur. “Joost is kind of a quirky thing, it’s fundamentally based on the […] Read more »

Steven Bochco and Metacafe have certainly hit their marks in developing the new channel Cafe Confidential (see previous coverage). Rather than taking a high-handed approach to telling stories online, they’ve looked back into the past. “Cafe Confidential becomes sort of like an electronic campfire where people […] Read more »

Last week at South by Southwest, Jackson and I sat down for an interview with PodTech’s Irina Slutsky for her new project, the Vloggies Show (see our coverage). The video just went live: Though I feel much more comfortable staring at a screen than a lens, […] Read more »

As the online video world awaits the next project from creative genius Ze Frank, it’s worthwhile to step back a bit and see what made his year-long project “The Show” so heads-and-shoulders better than anything else out there. Besides being a unique talent, with a rare […] Read more »

Rudy Jahchan and Casey McKinnon are rather busy these days. When they’re not putting together new episodes of Galacticast — their award-winning weekly sci-fi geekdom parody comedy show — they’re jetting from their home in Montreal to conferences across the United States. The following is the […] Read more », a 2-year-old Palo Alto, Calif.-based start-up is joining the online video party, with the launch of its Web video guide, that allows users to collect and collate all types of online videos into – you guessed it – channels. founder and CEO Sean Doherty, […] Read more »

Apple TV, the much awaited television attachment device from Apple, is going to be a major boost for the video blogger community, according to industry experts attending the New Video Summit in San Jose, California. The two-day event is running in parallel with the Spring VON. […] Read more »

CBS News and Fox News will both announce on the air today projects inviting viewers to contribute video (as well as pictures and print, respectively). Both projects are powered by Neighborhood America, a white-label social network provider. Fox News’ Studio B has launched uReport, basically an […] Read more »

Blogger Whalesalad was just trying to download the “Knights of Cydonia” music video from the iTunes store but instead ended up with a full-length feature — Hondo starring John Wayne. The movie was originally produced by Warner Brothers in 1953, but distributed on DVD by Paramount, […] Read more »

I love Flash-based video content. It’s lightweight, widely supported, and can do neat things like embed across sites and ping servers even when played locally. QuickTime is a venerable institution, and Windows Media Player has its fans (I guess), but the usability and functionality of web […] Read more »

As modern poet and child-care expert Chris Rock once noted, fathers have just one important job: You gotta keep your daughter off the pole. Failing that, keep her off the pole on the Internet. Failing that: Therapy bills. So it’s with a bemused “sorry daddy” that […] Read more »

YouTube, aligning itself with the indie creators who it’s nurtured rather than the pro creators who are suing it, will launch the YouTube Video Awards Monday (link not live as of Sunday night), according to various reports. The site has picked nominees in seven categories: most […] Read more »

Videoblogger Steve Garfield takes Internet TV creation and viewing to the next level, using only a Nokia N95 phone to shoot and view video. (This video was Steve’s entry into the Network2 contest of “how I watch Internet video.” Contest winners are scheduled to be announced […] Read more »

Dabble, the video search startup that tries to rely on the intelligence of people rather than machines, is trucking along. We had the chance to catch up with founder Mary Hodder at SXSW this week, and got an update on her company’s status. First up, Hodder […] Read more »

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