Stories for May. 13, 2008

Network management practices employed by Bell Canada have led the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic to ask for an investigation of the telecommunications company. The CIPPIC, a University of Ottawa legal clinic, accuses the firm of using deep packet inspection tools to determine what […] Read more »

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YouTube announced a new advertising product today called “buzz targeting” that makes a ton of sense. Since advertisers (like just about everyone else) have no clue what’s going to be hot on the site, YouTube will monitor videos that are seeing an acceleration of viewing, favoriting […] Read more »

Studios, SAG Still Clashing Over Clips; studios want to pay a flat fee to use clips of old TV shows and films online rather than bargain with each performer. (Reuters) ABC Unveils New Ad Measurement Tool; to combat lower ratings and ad dollars shifting to the […] Read more »

While wind power has been growing by leaps and bounds — a record 45 percent last year — and is on track to set a new record this year with 1,400 megawatts of capacity installed in the first quarter, the Department of Energy thinks we can […] Read more »

The last time we looked at multiplatform note-storage application Evernote, they supported Windows and Mac and had a web version. That’s still the case, but with the release of Evernote for Mac 1.1 this week, their Mac support is much improved. The new version adds support […] Read more »

Today marks the kickoff of another HP HDX Dragon contest as part of the 31 Days of the Dragon giveaway by HP and BuzzCorps.  Today’s site is Geeks to Go and it looks like they actually kicked off their contest over a week ago (bad, bad […] Read more »

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PubMatic, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup focused on online advertising, just released its PubMatic AdPrice Index based on data from over 3,000 publishers and billions of ad impressions. The findings of this month’s report: The U.S. economic slowdown is beginning to impact online advertising in a […] Read more »

The future of biofuels belongs to biology, and startups are getting more and more funding to engineer alternative fuels. Synthetic biofuel startup Gevo has raised another $17 million in a Series C funding according to Existing investors Khosla Ventures and Virgin Green Fund participated, as […] Read more »

As reported yesterday, HBO shows are now available through iTunes — and Apple is indeed charging more for the privilege. Popular series like The Sopranos and Deadwood go for $2.99, while The Wire Season One and Flight of the Conchords are $1.99 an episode. Now that […] Read more »

Here’s a nice little OneNote add-on called Instant Navigator that gives you another way to find your notes. Once you install it, you can start typing any part of a note title and the results are instantly updated as you type. I rely heavily on the […] Read more »

Philadelphia looks to soon join the ranks of Houston and San Francisco as muni-WiFi provider Earthlink is close to shutting down the network.  It seems that municipal WiFi networks are too expensive to set up and run profitably what was to be the largest such network […] Read more »

Sometimes, business relationships tend to be too straightforward and formal. Those things have their place, but we need to include a more human touch when it comes to web working. After all, it’s much easier for clients to ignore and forget you if they don’t see […] Read more »

One selfish thing I love to do on my Tablet PCs and notebook computers is read me some New York Times using the very nice Times Reader application.  It provides a very newspaper-like reading experience without the black fingertips and I do it every day.  I […] Read more »

I have an answer to my question about the Verizon EVDO service here in Houston.  This morning I arrived at my office in Big Oil Co. at 6:30 am and at 6:50 I called Verizon technical support.  Despite the early morning hour in just a few […] Read more »

What began last March with Warbook, a no-frills Facebook fantasy strategy game first conceived by an intern, has lead to today’s announcement: Social Gaming Network, a startup still based in a Palo Alto garage, is getting $15 million in Series A funding from a VC team […] Read more »

VoIP has some major advantages over traditional landline phones. First, typically you can call phones in the US and Canada for one monthly flat rate. Also, international calls can be made very cheaply. Included services with your flat rate service include: call waiting, call forwarding, online enabled voice mail, CallerID, and many more. Whereas conventional phone companies charge you individually for each of these services, VoIP providers give them to you for one flat rate.

Where do you begin if you’d like to use your broadband connection to lower your phone bill dramatically? Lets walk through some of the options. Read more »

Boingo, already one of the world’s largest providers of wifi hotspot services is hitting AT&T where it lives…or at least where it gets its coffee. Boingo announced in an e-newsletter to customers that it will be expanding its service into Starbucks restaurants across the United States: […] Read more »

A Korean software company called NomadConnection has released Chameleo, a pretty-looking open-source video player with a focus on extensibility and widgets. The software, based on GStreamer and other open-source projects, supports a wide variety of codecs. Chameleo doesn’t come pre-packaged with any content but will play […] Read more »

Updated: With the Microsoft-Yahoo battle fading from the dynamic random memories of our over stimulated brains, it is time to turn our attention to Hewlett-Packard’s $12 billion $13.9 billion deal to acquire EDS, a services giant in its own right. The news was announced this morning. […] Read more »

Chinese solar cell wafer maker LDK Solar posted what appeared to be a pretty strong first quarter earnings report on Monday: a net income of $49.8 million, compared with $21.6 million from a year ago reports Reuters, and a raised revenue outlook for the year. But […] Read more »

Stories for May. 12, 2008

As noted earlier, wireless industry experts believe that mobile backhaul networks represent a big opportunity, mostly because of the proliferation of 3G and 4G networks and the easy availablity of iPhone-type devices is going to boost mobile data and video use. Infonetics Research has issued a […] Read more »

Those folks at Google have just made my day. I love Google Reader — it is always open in one of my tabs. Today, the Google Reader team announced a new beta version of Google Reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is a lot […] Read more »

Love it or hate it, one has to admit that Apple’s iPhone has been quite a game changer forcing the wireless industry to get off its duff and start innovating. I think a lot of people forget that iPhone is not just a pretty face and […] Read more »

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