Stories for Jun. 13, 2008

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Tired of hearing bad news about the ethanol sector? For a change of pace, how about some really dismal news? Heavy rains in the Midwest are triggering floods and imperiling corn crops. So corn prices, which have been surging higher on rising demand, are now being […] Read more »

Stories for Jun. 12, 2008

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is trying hard to explain what this Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) deal isn’t, mainly to allay any regulatory fears, among other fea… Read more »

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As part of an overall makeover rolling out over the next week, MySpace has completely redesigned its video player. Long ago we’d gotten into the habit of avoiding watching video on MySpaceTV because of its atrocious player and load times, so in this case, change is […] Read more »

Last week men’s portal said it would spin off its ad platform into a proposed new company called Husky, and lay off 25 people to narrow its focus on its two distinct businesses. We didn’t quite get whether this was a good thing or a […] Read more »

Wanna buy a hybrid vehicle? Join the club: Hybrid car models are “flying out of showrooms” due to the surge in gas prices. The Prius, Highlander hybrid and Camry hybrid models are all but impossible to get in many locales — The Globe and Mail. Monitor […] Read more »

Yahoo, once known for great products and their ability to connect to the common man, now makes news of the wrong kind by tussling with Microsoft and waging a war of words with investors like Carl Icahn that lead to sharp declines in their market valuation. Against such a bleak backdrop, talent exodus continues and signs-up arch rival Google as an advertising supplier. What next? Perhaps, an anti-trust investigation. Continue Reading. Read more »

Wait, we thought the iPhone wasn’t capable of shooting video! So we were surprised to hear today that not one, but two startups have figured out how to stream live video from the older versions of the phones. These devices have been out nearly a year […] Read more »

Sure it’s early days in the mobile browser wars, but early days have a tendency to fly by quickly, and by the time Firefox introduces a beta version of its upcoming mobile browser later this year, it may be too late. Last night Aza Raskin, head […] Read more »

The Mac is storied for its ability to handle video, and many web workers are increasingly involved with video editing, using video for marketing purposes, and more. If you’re a Mac user who meets the profile, you probably already own some good video editing and production […] Read more »

If Tesla execs organized their sock drawers we’d write about it. Here’s the latest, according to a report on Fox Business news (via AutoblogGreen and Just-Auto), and it’s much juicier than OCD employees. Tesla’s rock star chairman, Elon Musk, says that the Silicon Valley electric vehicle […] Read more »

We’ve been known to chide Detroit for being slow at innovation, and laud all those Silicon Valley startups out there, but according to data on the number of granted patents in the first quarter of 2008, car companies are actually leading in terms of intellectual property. […] Read more »

Like Flixwagon before it, live video streamer Qik just said it had a working product on Apple’s iPhone. Competition in this space is stiff, despite it being very early on; Flixwagon had only made its announcement this morning. The product will be available for Qik alpha […] Read more »

It is that time of year again. Time to drool over the best designed apps for Macs and iPhones. Absent from this year’s list, Delicious Library 2, which won Best Leopard App last year. Let us know if you use any of these apps. My favorite […] Read more »

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