Stories for Jun. 25, 2008

Sun’s CTO Greg Papadopoulos paints a picture of The Invisible Hand of Web Architecture — sounds spooky. Here are some notes: You all “get” software-as-a-service so I don’t have to sell it to you. Here’s one conclusion — there is a danger of doing the proprietary […] Read more »

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OK, so this is the sexy panel. We have tech people from some of the biggest web sites out there telling us about how they scale their sites. Jeremiah Robison, Slide Sandy Jen, Meebo Jonathan Heiliger, Facebook Akash Garg, hi5 Networks Raj Patel, Yahoo! James Barrese, […] Read more »

Tata Communications has hiked its stake in South African telco Neotel by 30% by acquiring stake in two state-run firms Eskom and Transnet re… Read more »

We’ve written before about a variety of ways to interact with data on Amazon’s S3 service, including my favorite, Jungle Disk. This week, they released Jungle Disk 2.0, which offers substantial improvements over the previous version. New features include an improved and streamlined user interface, support […] Read more »

When the U.S. Department of Energy pulled the plug on the FutureGen project, the clean coal industry was left adrift, aimless in the cleantech sea. The DOE said FutureGen’s ballooning cost required “restructuring” of the program. That restructuring has come in the form of a $1.3 […] Read more »

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Along with Office 2008 updates and announced Macintosh Business Unit hiring, Microsoft has also bestowed blessings upon older Office users (2004) with the Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.5.0 Update and version 1.0 of their Open XML File Format Converter for Mac. The Office 2004 update […] Read more »

Salesforce Founder and and EVP Parker Harris gives us a peek into how his company built the architecture for its software-as-a-service model and what will make up the future of platforms. (Om and Fortune Senior Writer Michael Copeland are doing the interview): Copeland: When you guys […] Read more »

Over at Structure 08, the GigaOM conference about cloud computing (where Chris and I are, respectively, live-streaming and live-blogging all day), Drew Perkins, the CTO of optical transport equipment maker Infinera, tells us his company is having to rapidly scale its technology as the Internet grows. […] Read more »

Cloud computing isn’t as nebulous as its name implies. Thanks to virtualization, one can separate the storage from the servers and the servers from the software—but it’s also about bandwidth. The primary value will be more about moving data from the hardware to the end user. […] Read more »

TripSay, a Finland-based social network that boasts of offering travelers more value and activity-specific information than other travel communities, is expanding its private beta with a series of new features and invitation to WWD readers. Here’s a rundown of the new features: • Groups for sharing […] Read more »

App4Mac has introduced Sequence 1.0b1 a simple, yet powerful, screen capture/casting application for OS X Leopard. With Sequence, you can very easily capture and save an image or a movie of your screen to your computer’s clipboard or to a file in practically any image format […] Read more »

A reminder of the many items on Amazon’s (NSDQ: AMZN) plate… The retailer is acquiring, expanding into an area where its curren… Read more »

The human cost of the global biofuel switch was put in stark terms today by international advocacy group Oxfam, which released a report saying biofuels are responsible for pushing 30 million people into poverty (International Herald Tribune, Reuters and BBC coverage). The widely noted report asserts […] Read more »

Now we have a panel, The Race to the Next Database: Overclocking and Analytics Augment Your Data Layer. Our friend Nitin Borwankar is moderating. Panelists (pictured in reverse order): Mayank Bawa, Aster Data Systems Doug Judd, Zvents Luke Lonergan, Greenplum Damian Black, SQLstream Dave Schrader, Teradata […] Read more »

Drew Perkins, the CTO of Infinera, which sells Internet optical transport equipment, says that video is soaking up the Internet’s bandwidth — and lucky for him, driving the optical networking business. For those of you who don’t know what the optical transport layer is, it’s the […] Read more »

We’ve all been following Kevin’s attempt to embrace the cloud (those suckers are hard to hold) and from my frequent conversations with him it’s going overall pretty well.  His posts on the cloud have demonstrated that quite a few folks are interested in keeping their data […] Read more »

The debate around cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) has energized industry conversations on the future of software, often leading to attention-grabbing headlines and heated corporate rhetoric. Some vendors proclaim that “software is dead” and urge companies to transform their businesses to coincide with the SaaS vision […] Read more »

Zvi Marom, CEO of Israeli telecom gear company Telco Systems, was looking for a way to cut down on his company’s high electricity bills a few months back when he stumbled onto a green idea. He’d been talking to friends that had worked on solar systems […] Read more »

Not everyone is going to have the chance to deliver their presentation in front of millions with a 50 foot screen behind them. As web workers, we’ve all suffered through those webinars where you have half an eye on the boring, dry PowerPoint in the WebEx window and half an eye on your email. A few of us have had to present such webinars. They’re tough. You have no feedback from body language or eye contact. After all, you can’t hear people nodding and smiling, you can only imagine their nose hitting the keyboard as they doze off. These presentations can be almost as painful for the presenter as the attendee. Never fear. Nancy Duarte offers us some tips for engaging an audience while presenting remotely. Read more »

Oooh, our first panel of the morning, Working the Clouds: NextGen Infrastructure for New Entrepreneurs. We’ve got a six-person lineup to give us their perspectives, and our own Alistair Croll to throw them questions. The lineup includes: Christophe Bisciglia, Senior Software Engineer with Google Jason Hoffman, […] Read more »

Vint Cerf on Online Video; demand will mean downloading, not streaming. (Beet.TV) Programmers and Tech Vendors Push Higher Quality Video; broadband video evolving, debate over HD definition continues. (Broadcasting & Cable) Youku Raised $10 Million in Debt; Chinese video site’s previously unreported financing came from Wester […] Read more »

On June 24th, Microsoft released Office 2008 for Mac 12.1.1 Update which included numerous fixes to stability & performance. This is almost a mandatory update as it addresses significant bugs in almost all Office components. Users experiencing crashes in all Office applications will be glad to […] Read more »

“I’m the systems administrator for a small book shop in Seattle.” “Remember this is just a very small snapshot at the beginning of a movement.” Shows slideshow by Animoto of people at the Next Web conference in Europe (company analyzes music for mood changes and sets […] Read more »

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