Stories for May. 14, 2008

Where did the time go? If you ask yourself this question at the end of your workday and don’t know the answer, odds are you’ve wasted some time on unnecessary tasks. As web workers, our unproductive time doesn’t go to water cooler gossip or hanging out […] Read more »

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Deca’s new online video series Bush League is dedicated to all things dude (because the young male demographic is sorely underserved online). The Bush League blog/web show combo thinks its comedic take on guy topics like gadgets, video games and, of course, girls will set it […] Read more »

This June will mark the one-year anniversary of the original release of the iPhone (though it was announced several months prior). Many Apple fans are chattering that this June’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco will be the time and place to announce a “3G” version […] Read more »

Sometimes it’s the little things that count. If you’ve been holding off trying Zoho applications (now up to 9 productivity apps and 8 business apps) because you didn’t want to manage yet another account, they’ve got two new options for you: you can sign in with […] Read more »

Google continues to rev up its plans for Android, spending liberally on developers, but the other mobile Linux platform effort, LiMo, isn’t keeping quiet and is aggressively adding bulk to what is an unenviable line-up. Today, the foundation got eight new members, most notably carriers Verizon […] Read more »

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I’ve used TextMate before, mostly for heavy development with PHP or Ruby on Rails, but it began to fall out of focus for me when I started using Panic’s Coda instead. I loved Coda’s interface more than any other text editor/web development application. But I lamented […] Read more »

BrightSource Energy, the solar thermal startup that scored one of the industry’s biggest solar power plant deals in April, has just raised a massive $115 million in Series C funding and has added some big new names to its list of investors including, BP Alternative […] Read more »

I updated my iPod Nano (3rd Gen) to software version 1.1.2 this weekend. I was even going to write an article about it, but it never happened. Today, I plugged in my iPod to charge it, and what did I find? iTunes was asking if I […] Read more »

Today is one of those perfect San Francisco days — clear blue skies, hot but not humid. In other words, a perfect day to have back-to-back meetings — mostly in the morning. This afternoon, I am on CrankyGeeks, hanging with John Dvorak and the boys. But […] Read more »

The two newest kids on the block, Pixelmator and Acorn, have both been updated to version 1.2, each carrying increased stability and new features. Ars Technica’s Infinite Loop blog has a post covering some new features – including Curves, Rulers, and more – clearly planned to […] Read more »

I’m constantly uploading, downloading and editing docs on-line and yesterday’s post on Evernote got me realizing that it’s another web-service where I can have information e-mailed for later use. Google Docs is the other big one for me; I can upload new docs, or I can […] Read more »

One of the main reasons I became a web worker was so that I could be around when my son got home from school. But I can’t imagine what it would have been like to work from home when he was in preschool. Peanut butter, meet […] Read more »

Nvidia has plans for a mobile chipset that will change the look and functionality of smartphones when it hits in mid-to-late 2009. While many of the big chip vendors are placing bets on the concept of a mobile Internet device that’s larger than a smartphone, but […] Read more »

Say what you will about how long it took Axiotron to get the Modbook to market the continued interest level over the wait demonstrates the desire many have for a Mac tablet.  The Modbook is still today the only one of those mythical beasts and Ars […] Read more »

Daniel Robin’s short film my olympic summer, about how the 1972 Munich Olympics kidnappings had the unlikely side effect of saving his parents’ marriage, won the Jury Prize earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival. Robin has been producing Quicktime-based web series since 2000, and […] Read more »

With the presumptive Republican nominee stumping at a wind turbine facility on climate change policy, we think it’s time to better acquaint ourselves with Sen. John McCain’s energy plan. McCain is trying to use a stance of “slightly to the right of center in the environmental […] Read more »

Stories for May. 13, 2008

Even though Dish Network is testing mobile TV transmission equipment this summer, don’t hold your breath for the service to arrive any time soon. On its earnings call today, Dish chairman Charlie Ergen and vice chairman Carl Vogel made it abundantly clear they are in no […] Read more »

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has announced plans to add a mapping service (Nokia Maps 2.0) to its Ovi portal at the end of May, unsurprisingly based on… Read more »

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