Stories for Jun. 30, 2008

At first we were scratching our heads over the idea that the Dash Express, an Internet-connected navigation device, has a Twitter app — given how stupid texting while driving is. Surely tweeting while driving would fall under that category? However, the Twitter app for the Dash […] Read more »

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Matrix Partners and eBay (NSDQ: EBAY) backed free online classifieds website has re-branded itself as The site as of th… Read more »

In planning for last Wednesday’s Structure 08 conference, we at GigaOM had our heads in the cloud. We aimed to draw attention to the resurgence of hardware underlying the various software and web services that consumers and businesses now use, and hoped to define the emerging […] Read more »

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With many software applications as bloated as they are these days, I still favor many tiny applications that I can get in and out of quickly for specific tasks. I’ve written before about you can stock up on many interesting mini applications to keep on a […] Read more »

Solar panels are growing more efficient each year, but certain external factors continue to keep them from being as efficient as they could: They get dusty. Trees or adjacent buildings can cause shade and block sunlight. Leaves and other debris can stain the panels. Even mismatching […] Read more »

ON24 is expanding beyond traditional corporate webcasting with its new Virtual Show product. Think of Virtual Show almost like a Second Life for trade shows, only without the avatars and full 3-D world. Customers can create customizable digital convention floors where attendees can log in, visit […] Read more »

I have always been nervous about syncing my contacts and pictures to my iPod because they would be accessible by other people if I ever lost it, or it was stolen. I also have never sold a used iPod for the same reason. That is why […] Read more »

Mashery, a provider of tools to help companies build APIs and open up their content, has raised $2 million from .406 Ventures, Marc Benioff,… Read more »

If you’re looking for a simple way to get stuff online in blog format, look no further than Posterous. How simple? Just email Your message subject becomes your blog post title, the message text the body of the blog post. The service treats attachments smartly […] Read more »

It’s official: Tesla Motors has named its electric sedan (codename WhiteStar) the “Model S” and the company says it has decided to bring the manufacturing of its vehicle back to California. We just got out of a press conference at Tesla Motors headquarters in San Carlos, […] Read more »

Web workers save on the daily commute especially now with the high fuel cost. But there are times when we need to go out for meetings. I chanced upon, a free nationwide carpool matching website, that helps carpoolers save money on gasoline and help reduce […] Read more »

My gut reaction to the news that AOL’s Platform A would offer a guaranteed CPM (cost per thousand) for applications developers building widgets for Facebook and Bebo was that it’s a subsidy and subsidies are an unnatural and bad thing for business. Then I found out […] Read more »

The upcoming Olympics are bringing out the competitive streak in NBC. Though the network will make more than 2,200 hours of live competition available online, according to the AP, events scheduled to be on TV won’t be shown on the web until after they’ve been televised. […] Read more »

EMI Sues VideoEgg; music label suing over copyright infringement as part of a larger suit against the social network Hi5, which had received video services from VideoEgg in the past. (TechCrunch) Car Shoppers Turning to Online Video; almost half of in-market car shoppers and roughly a […] Read more »

Must be an "alpha" day because this is yet-another pre-beta today. It’s still exciting news though since up to now Mobipocket was absent from regular or feature phones that support Java (J2ME). If you have a device that can run it, you can find the software […] Read more »

Just like with golf, technology is as much about ensuring that your bad hits are recoverable as it is ensuring that you make great ones. Here are 10 common mistakes made during platform development — and the ones we believe are the most important to avoid. Read more »

I just plugged in my 4th external hard drive today – the 1TB My Book Essential Edition. That brings my total external storage capacity to about 2TB – which is pretty good considering most people don’t have ANY sort of backup solution. But as I was […] Read more »

I’ve only been using it for a few hours but I’ll offer up my initial impressions of the BlueAnt Z9i Bluetooth headset.  It’s very small and so light that I don’t realize it’s on after just a minute of putting it in my ear.  It comes […] Read more »

Former Intel Chairman Andy Grove says the grassroots plug-in hybrid vehicle movement is like the 1970s-era Northern California Homebrew Computer Clubs that paved the way for the personal computer. The way the early PC-hobbyists kick-started the personal computing movement, plug-in conversion shops will similarly be able […] Read more »

Does this sound like anyone you know? I’m not qualified for the work I’m doing. It’s only luck that I got this far in my profession without being found out. I’ve forgotten just about everything I learned in school about how to do this job. Other […] Read more »

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