Stories for Jun. 19, 2008

Dutch startup Epyon says it can charge the battery of an electric vehicle in 10 minutes — a mere fraction of the 8-10 hours it can take to charge an electric car in a standard outlet. The two-year-old company’s charging technology, which was developed at the […] Read more »

Parallel processing isn’t just for supercomputers or GPUs anymore. Computer makers are throwing multiple cores at everything from servers to your printer. But the focus on horsepower misses a crucial problem associated with adding more processors. To really take advantage of them, you have to rewrite […] Read more »

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Stories for Jun. 18, 2008

The Adobe Media Player, Adobe’s platform-independent online video software, is adding more content from its launch partners MTV Networks and CBS, the company said tonight. But Adobe ends up looking bad in comparison to Hulu, because it only scored clips of The Daily Show with John […] Read more »

YouTube’s decision to allow long-form videos on its platform got a lot of people talking, including some bloggers claiming that it was a change in their strategy. (In case you want to know what changing strategy is all about, I can recommend reading this excellent article […] Read more »

PPLive has so many seriously stunning numbers, it’s hard to choose which one to lead with. But I think 5 million concurrent live streamers might be it. Let me back up. PPLive is sort of the Joost of China, in that its product is a peer-to-peer […] Read more »

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Two non-profit organizations, Free Press and Public Knowledge, have ridden down the data trail of ad insertion technology provided by NebuAd and declared that it violates “several fundamental expectations of Internet privacy, security and standards-based interoperability.” In a report published today, the two compare NebuAd to […] Read more »

This evening, I’m updating live from the YouTube Screening Room launch party in Los Angeles, where a press conference will reveal more details about YouTube’s plans to showcase and distribute online high-quality short films from around the world — four shorts to be released every two […] Read more »

Norwegian Solar Maker Building $2.5B Plant in Singapore: Norway’s Renewable Energy Corporation ASA said today it will invest 13 billion kroner (US$2.5 billion) to build a solar panel fab facility in Singapore. The plant is supposed to be online by 2010 and generating $2.1 billion by […] Read more »

Do you need to send and receive very large files on a very frequent basis. If you work with audio, video or presentations a lot, you probably do. I’m a fan of several of the online file storage and sharing sites. but the problem with these […] Read more »

Next to a 34-kilowatt photovoltaic array San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom signed into law the country’s largest municipal solar incentive program this afternoon. Starting July 1, San Franciscan residents can get up to $6,000 in rebates from the city to install a rooftop solar system. The […] Read more »

Let me get the important bits out right up front… I don’t think this is a fantastic solution for remote controlling a Mac (or a PC for that matter) from an iPhone, because it’s not. OK, now that I’ve lowered your expectations, I can share this […] Read more »

You want to see something scary? SpookyDan of horror movie news site Bloody-Disgusting does. While comedy one-offs get all the attention, horror is an up-and-coming genre with the likes of Buried Alive, Bloodcell and the work of FEWDIO all trying to scare the bits out of […] Read more »

I am an accidental web worker. I was given the pink slip not so long ago and has since then brought income for the family working from home, cafes, bookstores, and wherever there is WiFi. Though I am not yet fully immersed into being a web […] Read more »

If you’re building software, it’s important to pick the right operating system on which to run it. There are operating systems for mobile devices, data centers, desktops, nuclear reactors and embedded hardware. Pick the wrong one, and you’re bound to have problems. The cloud is no […] Read more »

PrimoPDF, makers of a free PDF utility for Windows, have launched PrimoOnline. As the name might tell you, it’s a service for automatically making PDF files from Microsoft Office documents, Visio, ODF, HTML, graphics files, or a variety of other things. Enter your email address, upload […] Read more »

YouTube, which turned the bite-sized clips of dogs skateboarding into a mainstay of popular culture, is taking steps towards offering longer-form content. Silicon Alley Insider points out a memo YouTube sent to its content partners last week in which it says that long-form content will be […] Read more »

Democrats and Republicans both agree they want to renew the crucial renewable energy tax credits that make wind and solar development possible but can’t agree on how to fund the credits. But what GE says the legislators are missing is the fact that these tax credits […] Read more »

I think it’s safe to say that the era of next-gen gaming as a driving force is over. Why? As of the week ending June 7th (the most recent tally available), just over 9 million copies of the highly touted Grand Theft Auto IV had been […] Read more »

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