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Stories for Jul. 1, 2008

I’ve been in Tel Aviv for almost two days and I still haven’t been able to shake off the jet lag, mostly because I’ve been so busy catching up with old friends, making new ones, and learning all I can about what’s going on in this […] Read more »

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You know the joke about Microsoft — they normally get things almost right on the third try. After failing miserably to get Yahoo in two initial attempts thus far, Steve Ballmer and Co. might be returning for yet another try, reports The Wall Street Journal. Indeed, […] Read more »

UTStarcom, an equipment maker whose trajectory of fortunes resemble that of a bouncing ball, today announced that it was getting out of the handset business altogether. It stopped making handsets a while ago, but today it said it was spinning off its personal communications division, “selling […] Read more »

What happens when an independently produced political ad is stripped of its original intent? Well, it becomes a way of commentating on any public figure — from George Carlin to Cobra Commander. Today at the Station, we look at’s Yes We Can — in both […] Read more »

There’s grim data out today from two sources that track venture capital exits, both of whom noted that not a single venture-backed company went public in the second quarter of 2008. This is a grim news indeed, but not surprising. Update: Dow Jones issued a revised […] Read more »

Are Brazilian Biofuels the Answer to High Gas Prices?: The U.S. slaps a $0.54 per gallon tariff on Brazilian ethanol. Brazilian biofuel makers and U.S. Senator Richard Lugar say if the tariff comes off, cheap Brazilian ethanol can help with U.S. drivers’ gas price sticker shock […] Read more »

A company called Flexplay Entertainment is hoping to cash in on lazy business travelers with its self-destructing line of DVDs, but the company’s plan is raising the ire of environmental groups, according to Time. The DVDs look like regular ole shiny discs, but once exposed to […] Read more »

Kanye West’s career at this point seems at least partially built on his ability to put on a good show — his music is solid, but it’s the presentation of his life as a brand that has made him a major player in all aspects of […] Read more »

Recently, I did a post on video applications and utilities that can be of use to web workers. The readers weighed in with a lot of alternative selections in the comments, and I’ve got four more offbeat suggestions that I like, three of which are free. […] Read more »

As was first tipped last week, Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has confirmed the acquisition of semantic search engine Powerset. The announcement was… Read more »

Solarfun Power Holdings (SOLF) said Tuesday that it signed a long-term supply deal with Jiangsu Zhongneng Polysilicon. It also said it bought out Jiangsu Yangguang Solar. So overall, two pretty positive business deals for Solarfun. And how did the stock react? It fell nearly 8 percent. […] Read more »

It should be obvious by now that here at Web Worker Daily we are big fans of the Firefox web browser. We’ve covered the recent launch of Version 3 in detail and have published a good number of round-ups highlighting useful add-ons. Everyone has their own […] Read more »

Bomgar caught my eye with their tagline: “Virtualize Your People.” That certainly sounds web worker-friendly, and it turns out their products might be useful for some web workers as well. They make a series of network appliances designed to simplify remote access: with one of their […] Read more »

Last week, OStatic noted the rumor, first reported by VentureBeat, that Microsoft intended to buy Silicon Valley semantic search engine Powerset for $100 million. Lo and behold, Microsoft and Powerset are confirming today that an acquisition agreement has been signed. The terms of the deal have […] Read more »

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