Stories for May. 19, 2008

Here’s a short quckie: if you want in on the Evernote beta that we’ve been raving about, you’ve got until 2pm tomorrow afternoon. TUAW has a special 24-hour deal with Evernote via a special link. It’s their deal, so I won’t steal their thunder and promo […] Read more »

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Every year Engadget gives Readers’ Choice awards and Editors’ Choice awards for different gadget related items. Guess which company won the most awards? You’re right, Apple. Here is the shortlist of Apple’s accolades: iPhone won Best Gadget, Best Smartphone, and Most Anticipated Gadget (3G) for the […] Read more »

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull whips its way into theaters this weekend, and much like his archaeologist hero, Spielberg is still a big believer in the importance of relics. Jones has his crystal skulls, Spielberg clings to his beloved film stock. While […] Read more »

Conspiracy theorists might just be onto something after all. As we open up our homes and wallets to electronic devices, we’re also opening up our lives to surveillance. So before you head to the mall, hop in your car, fire up Facebook or pose for your drivers license photo, consider who might be watching. Continue Reading Read more »

I first heard about Scrivener on MacBreak Weekly a couple days ago, and although it has been around for a while, this was the first time that I heard about it. It was only mentioned as “I only use Scrivener now” when they were talking about […] Read more »

Cultural transposition is always a bit…weird…and the accessibility the Internet provides doesn’t really change that. Case in point: Remember how one of the alternative revenue streams for Vuguru’s Prom Queen was to come from licensing the show in Japan and France? Well, the Japanese version has […] Read more »

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With Nokia, Apple and RIM all trying to flex their muscles and become the new gatekeepers of the mobile Internet, carriers are responding by making their own moves. AT&T and Vodafone are amongst likely buyers of Huawei’s handset unit. Huawei Technologies, the largest mainland manufacturer of […] Read more »

Elon Musk, chairman of electric car startup Tesla Motors, plans to take the firm public by the end of the year, CNET reports. Musk, who estimated Tesla would raise some $100 million via the IPO, made the remarks on-stage at the TiECon conference in Santa Clara, […] Read more »

Congdon Comes Full Circle; with big media behind her, she’s back to video blogging, her new show Sometimes Daily launches today in partnership with Media Rights Capital. (, NY Times feature) Sweeps Kinda Suck for Networks; despite new episodes of popular shows, audiences dropped by 10 […] Read more »

If a recent research report by IDC (sponsored by Nortel) gets some traction, a new word will likely enter the web-worker lexicon: hyperconnected. After surveying 2400 members of the “global information workforce” in 17 countries, the IDC folks performed a cluster analysis of communications and connectivity […] Read more »

Somehow, I missed this despite subscribing to Adam’s blog, but Bee Docs’ released Timeline 3D this month. The main new feature is the ability to display/present timelines in (no surprise) 3D mode. The best way to see what this looks like is by viewing the demo […] Read more »

Have you ever been in a meeting involving collaboration around a whiteboard, sketched up brilliant ideas or diagrams on the whiteboard, only to have to erase it at the end?  Or perhaps you’ve wanted to permanently preserve a hand-written note or quickly scan a printed document, […] Read more »

Sprint isn’t just losing millions of customers and billions of dollars, it’s in the midst of pioneering a new management philosophy. We’ll call it the Three-Megabit Monte. Similar to the venerable street con, this is where Sprint leads a customer down a confusing line of lies […] Read more »

Apologies to all as I’m a bit late with what I was hoping to be a regular Sunday post. Again, here are my pics for the best program updates and new releases from the past week (and, remember, these are programs I either use regularly, tried […] Read more »

Web TV company Joost has made two hires to help where it is sorely lacking — content. Danny Passman is the company’s new global head of programming strategy and John Schultz is now the director of programming strategy. Both were previously at vid sharing site Dailymotion. […] Read more »

We reported in April that the CEO of ethanol startup AltraBiofuels, Larry Gross, had left the company and planned to head up a spin-off firm called Edeniq, which will focus on cellulosic ethanol. This morning AltraBiofuels put out an announcement officially naming former Exxon Mobil exec […] Read more »

Today I’m talking to a longtime friend of mine and my favorite hipster tech girl, Sara Robertson. I asked Sara to share some of her day-to-day Mac experiences at Warner Bros. Records, the workflow for her personal projects and in the greater entertainment industry. Travis Vocino […] Read more »

As I continue to see the benefits of moving more of my work and organizational tools online, it gets harder to see my friends and family continue to use their traditional desktop counterparts. I could go on and on about the productivity gains I think they […] Read more »

Earth2Tech: 5 Energy monitoring start-ups to help you cut home power. NewTeeVee: How Generation Millennial control the future of video and television. WebWorkerDaily: How to switch from Exchange to Google Apps. NewTeeVee: Comcast DVR: Still dumb, but doing better. Found|Read: 8 commandments for marketing your startup. Read more »

I just downloaded Release Candidate 1 for Firefox 3 since barring any major code-tastrophes, it’s a safe bet this version will be the final release. What’s the first thing I did? Checked the tablet and ink input methods, as they’ve been an issue since early on. […] Read more »

EasyTZ is a simple tool with just one purpose: to help you coordinate scheduling meetings or events with participants across multiple time zones. Its interface is composed of an embedded Google map, a list of participants, and a calendar. Click on the map to add a […] Read more »

Kids these days are wielding more power over how video and televised entertainment are being pumped into their homes, according to new research from Motorola. The company studied the influence and behaviors of the Millennial generation (young adults ages 16 – 27), and the results are […] Read more »

Iberdrola Renewables, one of the largest owners and operators of renewable energy facilities in the world, announced yesterday its plans to invest $8 billion in American renewable energy by 2010. A large part of the money will go to expanding Iberdrola’s wind energy capacity, but the […] Read more »

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