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Many web workers are involved with digital photography, graphics and image editing. I know I am. There are a number of excellent, free resources available online for staying abreast of the latest news on these topics, and improving your skills. In this post, I’ll round up […] Read more »

Spire Corp. has spent the last year successfully pushing its solar equipment manufacturing products. Thanks to that success, the Bedford, Mass. company has gained some wiggle room with its bankers. Earlier this week Spire said it had broken the loan covenants on a line of credit […] Read more »

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Networking has always been a high art in business. Just ask Susan Roane, my mentor and author of the seminal tome, “How to Work a Room.” (I know a handful of VCs and startup kings on Sand Hill Road who have her book tucked into a […] Read more »

Microsoft will hold its fourth Microsoft Research Silicon Valley Road Show at its campus in Mountain View, Calif., next Thursday, May 22. The event, which will showcase examples of all kinds of cool things the Redmond giant is working on, including an Xbox-based programming game for […] Read more »

RSS tracking and ranking service AideRss (see our previous coverage) has slowly been accumulating features that make it more useful than ever. In addition to seeing which posts in an RSS feed are getting the most traction, you can see where the conversations are going on […] Read more »

IBM Makes Concentrated Solar Breakthrough: Like a kid with a big magnifying glass, IBM has magnified the sun’s rays more than 2,000 times in a concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) system to produce 230 watts off a square centimeter PV chip. The trick is to keep the silicon […] Read more »

Those of you who like me have been following with bated breath the new HTC Advantage 7510 and anxiously awaiting its release here in the US can take a deep breath and get on with your business.  I have confirmed with HTC that the 7510 contains […] Read more »

When you think of what values you seek from co-workers, colleagues, and clients, punctuality is probably one that wouldn’t immediately come to mind. Being web workers, parents, co-workers, spouses and just about every other role you can imagine, we have many demands for our attention and […] Read more »

I live in New York, so I’m constantly losing my iPhone signal when I go onto the subway. Sometimes when I get off the train and I’m back in range of the phone still can’t find the network. Recently, my phone has randomly also been telling […] Read more »

In what is proving to be yet another high-profile Metro Wi-Fi failure, MetroFi, a San Jose-based startup that raised over $15 million from Sevin Rosen and August Capital, is close to shutting down, according to WiFi NetNews and MuniWireless, two blogs that follow the MuniFi industry […] Read more »

However great an idea it might have seemed when it was first conceived, the One Laptop Per Child project has never been something I’ve been able to wrap my head around. I’ve always felt, despite the backers’ good intentions, that it was being shoved down the […] Read more »

Two mild-mannered dudes from Tennessee think they’ve come up with a cool way to add collaboration to the movie-making process. Their site, Rootclip, aims to rev up audience participation by letting users determine where the story goes. It works like this: Rootclip creates a one-minute short […] Read more »

These days, thanks to a visually intensive style of computing, a good GPU can improve the user experience much better than a fast CPU. In the data center certain tasks are moving from commodity CPU boxes to GPUs, meaning that over the next year or two, more of them will be sold for corporate computing use. Read more »

In a story, The Best Video Download Tools on our sister blog NewTeeVee, Liz Gannes has identified a very useful extension for (almost) everybody’s favorite open source browser: Firefox. Liz’s pick is optimized for downloading and saving video segments for the web–for those items you don’t […] Read more »

NewTeeVee: The men behind Obama Girl are going to the movies. NewTeeVee: Quincy Smith Q&A: CNET, EQAL and embeds. WebWorkerDaily: Do apps like TwitterFone signal the future? OStatic: How to download and save web videos, the Firefox way. WebWorkerDaily: Putting VoIP to work. Read more »

According to enthusiastic blog reports (here and here), startup Widetronix, maker of silicon-carbide based wafers for electronics, just won the Draper Fisher Jurvetson East Coast Venture Challenge, which will see it be awarded $250,000 in seed money from the venture firm. Widetronix is using technology from […] Read more »

There are very few books out there that address “Web 2.0″ issues from the perspective of coming up with sites that work well. Oh, sure, there are plenty that teach you the mechanics of building an application with HTML and Javascript and CSS. But getting a […] Read more »

Larry Strong and Kevin Arbouet, who directed the first few Obama Girl shorts for Barely Political, are shifting gears this summer — the two have tipped NewTeeVee that they’ll be producing a feature film tentatively starring DJ Qualls (Road Trip, Hustle and Flow) and Jerry Stiller […] Read more »

Rape Victim Posts Plea to YouTube; young girl part of a growing trend of victims reaching out for help online. (CNN) Dish Wins (but Kinda Loses) Five-Year-Long Piracy Case; jury finds DirecTV and NDS Group did steal satellite signals and engage in piracy — but only […] Read more »

Congress has finally passed the 2007 Farm Bill, complete with energy provisions that gently steer America’s burgeoning biofuel industry away from corn and soy fuels towards more sustainable energy crops, a much-needed boost for celluosic biofuel brewers. Congress added a new $1.01 per gallon production tax […] Read more »

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