Stories for Jun. 17, 2008

CNET (NSDQ: CNET) Networks, in the process of being bought by CBS Corp (NYSE: CBS). is buying Beijing-based 55BBS, a lifestyle and shopping… Read more »

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Blog search engine Technorati today launched Technorati Media, an advertising network that would hopefully bring back its old glory and make their service once again compelling for bloggers. With most web workers maintaining their own blogs and monetizing through Google Adsense or other advertising networks, Technorati […] Read more »

It’s time to exhale: Our first Structure 08 conference, slated to be held on June 25th in San Francisco, is almost sold out. With a week to go we have just 25 tickets left, and I have to tell you that despite the long sleepless nights […] Read more »

Tidal TV, a startup trying to compete with Hulu and Joost with its offer of premium content, launched in beta last week. But just a couple days later, its CEO, Mollie Spilman, stepped down, for reasons that are not entirely clear. Scott Ferber, co-founder and chairman […] Read more »

Yahoo said today it has added five more partners to the list of carriers that uses its mobile search, bringing the total over the last 18 mo… Read more »

It used to be if you wanted business intelligence software for your company, you’d just write a check for $100,000 to Oracle, SAP or IBM, wait for the 18 cubic feet of paper documentation to arrive, then assign a few dozen programmers you had handy to […] Read more »

M2E Power, a startup building technology that can harness everyday motion to power gadgets, is currently developing an external charger for powering cell phones and mobile devices that could be available as early as 2009. The company sent us these pictures of the prototype of the […] Read more »

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Ah Vermont, that lovely New England state known for its maple syrup, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream…and now, limited liability corporations that only exist online. On June 6th, Gov. Jim Douglas signed an inauspicious-sounding bill entitled “H.0888, Miscellaneous Tax Documents” that could revolutionize the way startup […] Read more »

I’ve been reviewing a wide array of applications over the last few months, and there never seems to be an end to the new ones coming out or the old ones I’m hearing about for the first time. I decided to check out several competitors to […] Read more »

The launch of the final version of the Firefox 3 browser is not going the way Mozilla planned. This was supposed to be Download Day — an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in a 24-hour period. Instead, after the […] Read more »

Buy whomever decided to livestream yesterday’s epic finale of the U.S. Open a frosty Pabst Blue Ribbon. Tiger Woods’ nail-biting victory gave its highest-trafficked day ever, with more than 9.1 million page views, more than 2 million unique users and over 1.5 million video streams […] Read more »

We’ve looked at DivShare, an online file sharing and storage service, several times, and generally liked it. Yesterday, though, an ominous notice showed up on their blog: Late last night we were alerted of a security breach that allowed a malicious user to access our database, […] Read more »

For those of you underappreciated server jockeys keeping data center costs down and utilization up using duct tape and homemade software, the New York Times salutes you. Actually it recognizes how important people like you are, especially now that demand for compute power and energy efficiency […] Read more »

GreenFuel Technologies, a startup that uses recycled CO2 to grow algae, which can be turned into biofuels, has hired a new CEO…finally. Since June 2007 the company has been led by “interim CEO” (and Ethernet inventor) Bob Metcalfe; it had initially been aiming to find a […] Read more »

Updated: Hulu says that they are doing server maintenance. The timing of it is seriously stupid – 9 am PST or 12 PM EST – not exactly off hours for web users. Some one should be spanked for the unfortunate timing of this “maintenance.” Read more »

Perhaps with the writers’ strike over, people went back to oldteevee in April. U.S. Internet viewers watched approximately 11 billion videos online during the month, according to comScore, down from 11.5 billion in March. Roughly 135 million unique Internet viewers watched an average of 82 videos […] Read more »

Hulu, the online TV service that allows liberal embedding of its videos by nearly any web site, has disabled videos embeds. Embeds (little bits of code that blog and other site owners can include on their pages that play specific videos from Hulu’s servers) have been […] Read more »

Cleantech venture capitalist Vinod Khosla used his penchant for writing long editorials in the media this week to weigh in on the future of the U.S. biofuels mandate, the portion of the energy bill that calls for the production of 36 billion gallons of biofuels annually […] Read more »

In our recent roundup on the health effects of cell phones, we dismissed the viral videos of cell phones popping corn as “obvious fakes.” It turns out that we were right: a new video reveals the whole thing as a marketing campaign for Cardo’s line of […] Read more »

Movie Trailers Fare Better Against DVRs; TiVo releases data showing that ads for films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Hancock were fast-forwarded through the least. (MediaPost) ImageSpan Raises $11 Million; digital content licensing company gets second round led by Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments. (release) UCSF Launches […] Read more »

Remember the much-ballyhooed Wireless Philadelphia MuniFi networking effort that was going to be the cornerstone of a new EarthLink? The very same network that the Atlanta-based ISP had to abandon because it found itself sinking in financial quicksand? Many of us thought that the network that cost […] Read more »

Articles on web working abound in the U.S. press, but that’s not so much the case in France. French society is, for various historical and cultural reasons, rather resistant to change, especially compared to the United States. Change in the workplace is no exception. But things […] Read more »

Supercomputers these days are compute monsters. IBM’s latest, the Roadrunner, packs the power of 100,000 laptops stacked 1.5 miles high, embraces a unique mix of IBM’s Cell processor and ubiquitous x86 chips from AMD, and has the ability to calculate 1,000 trillion operations every second. Of course, trends in supercomputing generally trickle downstream to the rest of the computer-using population eventually. Continue Reading. Read more »

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