Stories for Jun. 18, 2008

YouTube, which turned the bite-sized clips of dogs skateboarding into a mainstay of popular culture, is taking steps towards offering longer-form content. Silicon Alley Insider points out a memo YouTube sent to its content partners last week in which it says that long-form content will be […] Read more »

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Democrats and Republicans both agree they want to renew the crucial renewable energy tax credits that make wind and solar development possible but can’t agree on how to fund the credits. But what GE says the legislators are missing is the fact that these tax credits […] Read more »

I think it’s safe to say that the era of next-gen gaming as a driving force is over. Why? As of the week ending June 7th (the most recent tally available), just over 9 million copies of the highly touted Grand Theft Auto IV had been […] Read more »

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It’s awesome when technology invades real life to make it better, like the way email makes letter-writing and photo-sharing easier. Louis Vuitton has manged to do that with a walking tour MP3 download that travelers to Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai can purchase for $17. Before […] Read more »

Kaltura Launches Video Extension for MediaWiki Sites; open-source tool lets users upload, manage and remix audio and video on sites using MediaWiki software. (emailed release) Talpa Media Wants Your Reality TV Pitches; producer of Big Brother launches, where users can submit their ideas for a […] Read more »

For all those that have been waiting to catch a glimpse of how Nanosolar has been printing its next-generation thin film solar cells, here’s some eye candy for you. The company, which started manufacturing in just December, put up this video clip of what the company […] Read more »

Working on the web is great – except when it’s not. One of the areas where our way of work is a two-edged sword is in accountability. When you do something great, it’s easy to get the credit, because you aren’t just one of an anonymous herd in an office. But when you mess something up, it’s equally easy to get the blame. And given the nature of the tools we use, opportunities to make mistakes are always around. Read more »

The Top 500 organization has put out its twice-annual list of the fastest supercomputers, and there are few surprises. Roadrunner, IBM’s mammoth supercomputer that broke the petaflop record, holds the top spot. Big Blue is also the source of the lion’s share of the computers on […] Read more »

What can you do with 6 million scrapped tires? Five-year old Naples, Florida-based startup Lehigh Technologies says that’s the amount of recycled tires they freeze, pulverize and sell back into the market as recycled rubber powder every year. That sizable business is getting interest from new […] Read more »

Last week we brought you news that San Francisco was oh-so close to getting the largest city-backed solar incentive program in the U.S.; all the project needed was the John Hancock of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. Well, this morning the mayor’s office says the city’s […] Read more »

Wherever you turn in the blogosphere, you’ll probably encounter dozens of tips on how to be more productive, efficient, and super-focused. A recent news item says that over 90 minutes each workweek is spent on idle web surfing. Upon reading this, the overly productive types are […] Read more »

New research indicates that online videos get the majority of their views soon after they’re posted. Of 10,916 videos with at least 1,000 views after 90 days, half of those views happened over the first two weeks, according to a study by video analytics firm TubeMogul. […] Read more »

Twice a year, the computing world waits to hear whose processors and which vendors will claim the equivalent of a gold medal for building one of the world’s fastest supercomputers as measured by the Top 500 nonprofit. This year it was IBM’s $100 million Roadrunner machine, […] Read more »

Microsoft has bought TV ad targeting company Navic in a move to build out an ad platform that extends across all media. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Navic creates interactive TV ads and, through its Admira network, works with cable companies to deliver ads […] Read more »

Keep an eye out on Copenhagen-based help desk-on-demand company Zendesk. The firm, started by Mikkel Svane, just raised half a million dollars in seed money from angel investors including Pageflakes co-founder Christoph Janz. Just like 37Signals offers you project management tools or hosted chat, Zendesk offers […] Read more »

Having worked too late into the night and woken up too early, I am in no mood to write today and actually will be spending my time talking to people in the hope of finding one or two great nuggets worth reading for our readers. But […] Read more »

McCain headed to oil country Tuesday to speak in Houston, Texas, about his energy plan, which he announced would include a call to lift the federal moratorium on offshore oil drilling. With gas over $4 a gallon, many Republicans are calling for a lift on the […] Read more »

While you are waiting for the iPhone to be released this July, why not head out to an Apple Store and learn something? The stores in New York provide for plenty of opportunities to become familiar with a number of applications. Myself, I want to know […] Read more »

You Blackberry owners can rejoice with the release of  IM client, Instango.  Instango works with GTalk, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, QQ, Jabber and Gadu-Gadu for starters.  You’ll have to sign up for an account but it looks like Instango does email and RSS in addition to […] Read more »

Protus significantly expanded their service offerings today with the announcement of their acquisition of GOT Corporation, providers of the Campaigner and Campaigner Pro email marketing services. The addition of email marketing tools to their existing suite of services makes this a compelling offering for the web […] Read more »

United Airlines is rolling out a new feature for its first-class and business customers. iPhone and iPod users will be able to view their own personalized entertainment when flying internationally. With my first international flight I traveled to Reykjavik, Iceland. I wish I had the freedom […] Read more »

We use Skype just about every day here on jkOnTheRun with Kevin and I in different time zones and we’d be lost without it.  We usually keep the latest beta versions of Skype installed although typically we will wait a few days after one is released […] Read more »

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