Stories for Jun. 19, 2008

Yahoo will add video to a new release of, said Satish Menon, head of the company’s video syndication platform division, when we spoke on a panel at Supernova on Wednesday. We live-streamed a short interview with Menon after the panel (see above) Menon emailed us […] Read more »

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Mac-using baseball fans rejoice! Out of the Park Developments has released Out of the Park Baseball 9 (OOTP 9), a major update to its professional baseball simulator. For those unfamiliar with it, OOTP 9 allows you to play general manager of a professional baseball team. OOTP […] Read more »

Intel’s SpectraWatt Gets Silicon from PV Crystalox Solar: We already told you chipmaker Intel spun out solar startup Spectrawatt. Now the spin-off has sourced its silicon for the next five years from PV Crystalox Solar – Gunter Portfolio. ZENN Moving to Sell EVs in Canada: ZENN […] Read more »

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Sometimes I just feel so…out of touch. Who is “Fred” and why is he so freaking huge on YouTube? Seriously. He has four of the site’s top 20 videos this month, attracting a total of more than 12.7 million plays. Of the 16 videos he’s posted, […] Read more »

OK, so AMD refuses to comment on rumors that it plans to introduce a low-power chip aimed at the mobile Internet device market, where it would compete with Intel’s Atom chipset and offerings from several other rivals. And it refuses to claim a block diagram floated […] Read more »

It’s a Web 2.0 rule-of-thumb: Give users a chance to create content, and odds are pretty good they’ll start with sex. Last week I got a sneak peek of the standalone Creature Creator for Spore, Electronic Arts/Maxis’ long-anticipated upcoming computer game which not only encourages players […] Read more »

I enjoyed the format of PC World’s recent OS Smackdown. Rather than doing a smattering of tests that many of us have seen before, the publication asked four experts on four operating systems, respectively–Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Vista, and Windows XP–to expound on why their […] Read more »

What do you do with a failed TV pilot from 2006, starring then-unknown Thomas Dekker (John Conner in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)? If you’re director Billy Dickson and producer Chad Cooperman, you cut it up in into 5-minute chunks to create a web series, perfectly […] Read more »

Silicon supply worries and the slowing macroeconomy may have left solar stocks in volatile territory lately, but big manufacturing deals can still give a solar maker a boost on Wall Street. Yesterday solar panel maker Evergreen Solar (ESLR) said it signed two sales deals — one […] Read more »

What do you do if you next web site requires a fancy-schmancy graphic Web 2.0 style button? Fire up PhotoShop or The Gimp and make one. But if you don’t have the skills to do that, you can use as a quick alternative. The workflow […] Read more »

Limelight may soon be out of the frying pan and into the fire. Katherine Egbert, an analyst with the investment bank Jefferies, issued a report today saying she thought a federal judge would decide quickly and in favor of Limelight with regards to a patent infringement […] Read more »

Nissan is taking a multiprong approach to its electric car strategy, signing on to supply cars and batteries for Project Better Place and separately announcing plans to deliver EVs to the U.S. and Japan by 2010. But according to this Globes Online report the auto giant […] Read more »

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