Stories for Jun. 27, 2008

When it comes to browsers, most web workers rely on the usual suspects: Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera. There are many alternative browsers, though, and some of them are useful for targeted types of tasks. Here are six examples that I like. Read more »

Unless you work hard to suppress the child inside, you’re probably pretty excited about seeing WALL-E, the new Pixar movie out this weekend. But if you didn’t get a chance to hit a midnight screening last night and you’re jonesing for some quality storytelling and gorgeous […] Read more »

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Now that the U.S. has frozen the building of new solar projects on public land, interest in smaller solar systems that can be more easily built on private lands could see a boost. One such system comes from a young startup incubated at MIT called RawSolar. […] Read more »

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Dropping out of college to launch your own company? Yawn. The real startup action is in the halls of your local high school. Case in point: Daniel Brusilovsky, the 15-year-old founder and CEO (yes, the CEO) of Brusilovsky was easy to spot at our recent […] Read more »

Microsoft has agreed to buy Silicon Valley-based semantic search engine Powerset for over $100 million, VentureBeat is reporting today, a move that will apparently be announced next month. Powerset’s search technology uses the open-source, cluster-based technology Hadoop, which provides fast answers to queries by using the […] Read more »

Daylife is a news aggregation site that I find more useful than Google News for exploring the current hot news: it does a good job of finding top stories and it’s easy to hop from one related story to another, or to see related topics, photos, […] Read more »

Google yesterday released Google Media Server, a tiny application that runs in the background on users’ desktops to send their media files as well as Picasa photos and YouTube video to a TV via a “universal plug-and-play” device like the PlayStation 3. You’ll need Windows, Google […] Read more »

One of the questions that I really wanted to get answered at Structure 08 was what the chances of survival are for the myriad of startups out there building their businesses around Amazon’s Web Services. Companies such as RightScale, Hyperic and Soasta depend on both the […] Read more »

The last time I looked at OS X application Slife, as part of a roundup of automatic time-tracking tools, I wasn’t too impressed. The application seemed buggy and overpriced at the time. Fortunately, version 2.0 of Slife, released earlier this week, is a huge leap forward. […] Read more »

aniBoom has raised $10 million in a round led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, as TechCrunch first reported yesterday. The second round for the Israeli startup was also led by DFJ Tamir Fishman Ventures and existing investor Evergreen Venture Partners, according to the release. The company had […] Read more »

Weeds Star to do Web Series; Romany Malco (“Conrad”) to release a new show on YouTube based on a character he’s developing called Tijuana Jackson. (New York Magazine) Two-Thirds of College Kids Watch Online Video; at the same time, rates of TV ownership dropped to 79 […] Read more »

I read an article this morning highlighting some very peculiar questions regarding how developers interact with customers via the iPhone/iPod Touch App store. I read all of them and the answers seemed so clear that I don’t know why Apple hasn’t answered them officially. Perhaps they […] Read more »

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown did not shy away from transformative language when he said yesterday that “business as usual” would not achieve the “green revolution” the UK must undertake. The EU has set a target for 15 percent of the country’s energy to be generated […] Read more »

Storing data in a server is a tried and tested process. In the cloud, however, storage is still a work in progress. And the cloud model puts increased pressure on networking and server equipment — and on vendors to make their components reliable. Read more »

The last remaining vestiges of dot-com survivor AtomFilms have been swept away as the site has officially been renamed, gone all comedy and gotten a new look. The content is still a mix of pro content (developed or licensed by Atom) and user-generated content — […] Read more »

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