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Silicon supply worries and the slowing macroeconomy may have left solar stocks in volatile territory lately, but big manufacturing deals can still give a solar maker a boost on Wall Street. Yesterday solar panel maker Evergreen Solar (ESLR) said it signed two sales deals — one […] Read more »

What do you do if you next web site requires a fancy-schmancy graphic Web 2.0 style button? Fire up PhotoShop or The Gimp and make one. But if you don’t have the skills to do that, you can use as a quick alternative. The workflow […] Read more »

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Limelight may soon be out of the frying pan and into the fire. Katherine Egbert, an analyst with the investment bank Jefferies, issued a report today saying she thought a federal judge would decide quickly and in favor of Limelight with regards to a patent infringement […] Read more »

Nissan is taking a multiprong approach to its electric car strategy, signing on to supply cars and batteries for Project Better Place and separately announcing plans to deliver EVs to the U.S. and Japan by 2010. But according to this Globes Online report the auto giant […] Read more »

iTunes customers are renting and buying 50,000 movies every day, Apple said Thursday. That means the company should push out some 18.25 million movies this year, a huge jump from the 5.7 million in 2007. Apple’s efforts to amp up its video offerings by adding rentals, […] Read more »

Netflix Dropping Profiles; no more multiple queues under one account starting Sept. 1, 2008. Reason given? “…this change will help us to continue to improve the Netflix website for all our customers.” (Netflix) Sohu Signs Deal to Webcast Olympic Games; deal with China Central Television assumed […] Read more »

Updated: Silicon Valley, once known for groundbreaking innovation and amazing new inventions, these days makes news by personnel moves and executive exits. Not that there’s anything wrong with that — but it’s worth pointing out. Here are some of the latest moves: Facebook got a new […] Read more »

Presumptive Republican nominee John McCain spent yesterday preaching about the benefits of nuclear power. In a town hall-style speech in Springfield, Mo., McCain called for 100 new nuclear power plants, 45 of which he wants built by 2030. While McCain has long been a nuclear proponent, […] Read more »

Mindjet, the most successful vendor of mind mapping software (their Windows and Mac versions have both shown strong growth over the last few years, despite professional-level price tags) has finally joined the online mind mapping market as well. Their new Mindjet Connect site offers an online […] Read more »

Mozilla announced that Firefox 3 was downloaded 8 million times on its first 24 hours, setting a world record for the most software downloads over that period. The record came despite its downtime for about two hours after site visitors overloaded its server. At its peak, […] Read more »

Citigroup today points out that YouTube could easily get Eric Schmidt off its back by just slapping around some cheap banner ads. If YouTube were to sell banner ads on all of its pages, it could take in $491 million in net revenue in 2009, resulting […] Read more »

Building and selling an electric vehicle sports car requires more moving parts than a robot factory floor. Startup Tesla has had its hands full getting cars to market. We just got an update on the company from Tesla Marketing VP Darryl Siry with the latest: Former […] Read more »

I am the luckiest geek on the face of the earth as I routinely get to play with so many devices.  There are no fewer than 7 laptops in Mobile Tech Manor at this very moment to drive that point home.  The only question I get […] Read more »

Not that it was in doubt, but Jana is done with its CNET (NSDQ: CNET) proxy fight. The company said in a filing that in light of the CBS (NY… Read more »

As an active resident in Second Life as part of my Web work, I am fascinated by the exploration of virtual world environments as platforms for “wikitecture” which essentially is collaborative planning and design. The process is being tested by architects and urban planners, but for […] Read more »

With all the success of the amazing MacBook Air and iPhone, Apple has set itself up squarely in the sights of companies competing for svelte design. When the MacBook Air was announced, the Lenovo Thinkpad camp was quick to point out that the X300 was better, […] Read more »

I get 200 – 300 emails a day spread across my 3 main email addresses.  These cover my business, blogging and personal email accounts and it’s a constant stream of email crossing my portals.  Except for today.  Today has so far been one of those rare […] Read more »

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