Stories for May. 21, 2008

Using the directions feature of Google maps was an indispensable tool when I used to drive around town. Now that I moved to New York, I rely on the subways to get around and Gypsy Maps to tell me how. I’m generally pretty lazy, so once […] Read more »

Tungle, the meeting coordination web service we covered in February, has made it easier to coordinate meetings with your more mobile colleagues. The newly announced BlackBerry optimized mobile website features the Tungle web service, specially formatted for the BlackBerry’s screen.  After the meeting has been scheduled […] Read more »

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Venture firms have made partners out of the rich, the famous and now the spooky. VantagePoint Partners has added R. James Woolsey, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, as a Venture Partner. Woolsey joins as part of VantagePoint’s cleantech team expansion, which also included the […] Read more »

There’s not a 100% overlap between web work and flexible work, but certainly many of us are in both worlds. The folks at FlexPaths want to help people who are interested in flexible work: telecommuting, working fewer days per week, spending more time out of the […] Read more »

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Did you know that both Tom Hanks and Crispin Glover made appearances on the sitcom Family Ties? Enjoy those before-they-were-stars moments courtesy of CBS, which added Ties and a slew of classic TV shows to its online lineup. The network is new streaming episodes of The […] Read more »

Ocean seeding startup Climos said back in March that it had become the world’s first venture capital-backed startup planning to attempt the controversial technique of fertilizing the oceans with iron to fight climate change; Climos was able to convince Tesla Chairman Elon Musk and Braemar Energy […] Read more »

Well this press release makes perfect sense when you think about it. In fact, we probably should have seen this coming. Celio has just joined the Citrix Ready Program, making the REDFLY an even more attractive tool for the enterprise. And for those running a data […] Read more »

Executives at Time Warner concerned with how to spin out its Time Warner Cable division seem to believe that saddling a cash-generating business in an increasingly competitive market with a lot of debt is good. It’s good for Time Warner Cable shareholders (including Time Warner), who […] Read more »

So you thought you’d escaped the cubicle farm when you decided to put down roots in your local coworking community? Think again! The cubicle is back! At Leeds’ The Round Foundry in the UK, entrepreneurs in the creative and digital industries can opt for traditional serviced […] Read more »

Reader Bob Kawaratani informed us that HP has released the Mini-Note for sale in Japan and at pricing competitive with the US pricing.  The high-end model with 2 GB of RAM, 160 GB hard drive and Vista Basic can be purchased for the equivalent of less […] Read more »

We cover a lot of different products here, hardware such as devices, gadgets and the like, and software that runs on that hardware.  We write a lot about both Microsoft and Apple products because that’s what we use every day. The recent coverage of my latest […] Read more »

Moblyng, which was formerly known as Fliptrack, just raised $5.7 million to translate Flash content from the Web into videos or stills that can be viewed on most cell phones. As a transcoding junkie, I thought this was cool — until I realized that the company […] Read more »

Three years ago, when Google launched Google Maps for free, the whole world was agog with what you could find. One man who wasn’t thrilled: Jaron Waldman, founder of Los Angeles-based startup Placebase. He was contemplating starting a white-label mapping business when Google went and made […] Read more »

Michael Eisner spoke at the Microsoft advance08 conference Tuesday, delivering what the Seattle PI called his “Internet Content Manifesto.” The former head of Disney (and the guy who begat Prom Queen) talked about YouTube’s place in the digital landscape, the length of web programming and how […] Read more »

Love it or hate it, Twitter, a service that embodies our narcissism, is one that we can’t stop talking about. Even though it’s still a tool of the tech-elite, the San Francisco-based startup that came out of Ev Williams’ Odeo has become a favorite among the […] Read more »

Stories for May. 20, 2008

Widgets, Facebook Applications, OpenSocial Web 2.0 gee gaws – you got one of those, well you can get funded. And when I say funded, I mean really funded, even though many of these companies are still struggling to find a business model. This lack of a […] Read more »

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