Stories for Jul. 1, 2008

In the wake of reports from TUAW and that 10.6, also known as Snow Leopard, would be the smallest Apple OS in years, many have been scrambling to figure out how exactly Apple was going to be dropping that much heft from their mainline apps. […] Read more »

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Back when gas was $2 a gallon, we didn’t sweat it. Our biggest concern at the pump was whether we remembered to check the oil. At $3 a gallon, we started to grouse. At $4, we can all agree, it hurts. So imagine what it would […] Read more »

Veoh last week discontinued Viral, its original video show, by laying off host Sunny Gault. Gault was the only member of the cast and crew who was a full-time employee, the company told NewTeeVee. The show’s final episode is embedded below: Viral, which debuted in November […] Read more »

Tesla wasn’t the only cleantech startup with big news about manufacturing on Monday; solar thermal startup Ausra said yesterday that it had turned on the reflector line at its Las Vegas solar equipment manufacturing facility. And like at Tesla’s media event, which was attended by California’s […] Read more »

Stories for Jun. 30, 2008
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The move was on schedule as expected at the start of the day today with Comcast scheduled to arrive for the new installation between 8 and 11 am.  I was stuck waiting for the technician to arrive to install the cable TV equipment and especially the […] Read more »

Another Weak Point for Biofuels, Weather: “The nation’s increasing dependence on crops for motor fuel adds another level of vulnerability from the weather.” — New York Times. Wind Too Reliable for British Power?: A report funded by the Renewable Energy Foundation and printed in the journal […] Read more »

Microsoft is spending billions of dollars to beef up its Internet infrastructure — which includes building its own content delivery network, boosting its network backbone capacity five times and building gigantic data centers as it girds up to compete with Google, the real Big Daddy of the web. Microsoft’s Internet infrastructure czar, Debra Chrapaty, shares the details in a video interview. Continue Reading Read more »

Netflix had decided to keep its popular-in-spirit-but-not-in-numbers profiles feature after all. The DVD rental company had announced on June 18th that it would ditch the multiple-queues-under-one-account service as of Sept. 1st. Evidently this didn’t sit well with current users, who formed an online petition and Facebook […] Read more »

Need a quick break from the grind? WWD sister site NewTeeVee Station brings you Watercooler Clips, a selection from our collection of what’s good, interesting and/or of note in the online video world — whatever the web is talking about at the virtual watercooler. Today, we […] Read more »

At first we were scratching our heads over the idea that the Dash Express, an Internet-connected navigation device, has a Twitter app — given how stupid texting while driving is. Surely tweeting while driving would fall under that category? However, the Twitter app for the Dash […] Read more »

Matrix Partners and eBay (NSDQ: EBAY) backed free online classifieds website has re-branded itself as The site as of th… Read more »

In planning for last Wednesday’s Structure 08 conference, we at GigaOM had our heads in the cloud. We aimed to draw attention to the resurgence of hardware underlying the various software and web services that consumers and businesses now use, and hoped to define the emerging […] Read more »

With many software applications as bloated as they are these days, I still favor many tiny applications that I can get in and out of quickly for specific tasks. I’ve written before about you can stock up on many interesting mini applications to keep on a […] Read more »

Solar panels are growing more efficient each year, but certain external factors continue to keep them from being as efficient as they could: They get dusty. Trees or adjacent buildings can cause shade and block sunlight. Leaves and other debris can stain the panels. Even mismatching […] Read more »

ON24 is expanding beyond traditional corporate webcasting with its new Virtual Show product. Think of Virtual Show almost like a Second Life for trade shows, only without the avatars and full 3-D world. Customers can create customizable digital convention floors where attendees can log in, visit […] Read more »

I have always been nervous about syncing my contacts and pictures to my iPod because they would be accessible by other people if I ever lost it, or it was stolen. I also have never sold a used iPod for the same reason. That is why […] Read more »

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