Stories for May. 19, 2008

Apologies to all as I’m a bit late with what I was hoping to be a regular Sunday post. Again, here are my pics for the best program updates and new releases from the past week (and, remember, these are programs I either use regularly, tried […] Read more »

Web TV company Joost has made two hires to help where it is sorely lacking — content. Danny Passman is the company’s new global head of programming strategy and John Schultz is now the director of programming strategy. Both were previously at vid sharing site Dailymotion. […] Read more »

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We reported in April that the CEO of ethanol startup AltraBiofuels, Larry Gross, had left the company and planned to head up a spin-off firm called Edeniq, which will focus on cellulosic ethanol. This morning AltraBiofuels put out an announcement officially naming former Exxon Mobil exec […] Read more »

Today I’m talking to a longtime friend of mine and my favorite hipster tech girl, Sara Robertson. I asked Sara to share some of her day-to-day Mac experiences at Warner Bros. Records, the workflow for her personal projects and in the greater entertainment industry. Travis Vocino […] Read more »

As I continue to see the benefits of moving more of my work and organizational tools online, it gets harder to see my friends and family continue to use their traditional desktop counterparts. I could go on and on about the productivity gains I think they […] Read more »

Earth2Tech: 5 Energy monitoring start-ups to help you cut home power. NewTeeVee: How Generation Millennial control the future of video and television. WebWorkerDaily: How to switch from Exchange to Google Apps. NewTeeVee: Comcast DVR: Still dumb, but doing better. Found|Read: 8 commandments for marketing your startup. Read more »

I just downloaded Release Candidate 1 for Firefox 3 since barring any major code-tastrophes, it’s a safe bet this version will be the final release. What’s the first thing I did? Checked the tablet and ink input methods, as they’ve been an issue since early on. […] Read more »

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EasyTZ is a simple tool with just one purpose: to help you coordinate scheduling meetings or events with participants across multiple time zones. Its interface is composed of an embedded Google map, a list of participants, and a calendar. Click on the map to add a […] Read more »

Kids these days are wielding more power over how video and televised entertainment are being pumped into their homes, according to new research from Motorola. The company studied the influence and behaviors of the Millennial generation (young adults ages 16 – 27), and the results are […] Read more »

Iberdrola Renewables, one of the largest owners and operators of renewable energy facilities in the world, announced yesterday its plans to invest $8 billion in American renewable energy by 2010. A large part of the money will go to expanding Iberdrola’s wind energy capacity, but the […] Read more »

NPD is reporting that although Apple only has 14% share of the overall computer market, when it comes to computers over $1000, Apple is king, selling 66% of the total computers sold. It certainly helps that the only computer you can get for less than ten […] Read more »

AOL has finally gulped Bebo and formed what it calls People Networks. AOL bought Bebo earlier this year for a heart stopping $850 million. The group will be run by Joanna Sheilds, formerly of Bebo. David Liu was working on the AIM, ICQ, Goowy and Yedda […] Read more »

Anyone running SVN on their Mac? Apple Store Classes? Connecting External Monitor Working With Your Macbook Pro Lid Closed Automator or Applescript to set a files permissions? Read more »

You can’t get your hands on it yet but take it from someone who’s been trying Opera Mobile 9.5 out for a few weeks it redefines the standard for mobile browsers.  Mobile Gadgeteer Matt Miller agrees and has published a nice review along with a great […] Read more »

Today, a new data center appliance launches from San Jose, Calif. startup Rohati Systems. The appliance monitors the flow of traffic in the network and uses information gleaned from the data packets to enforce various entitlement and authorization limits for a company, such as allowing only […] Read more »

A few days ago, Cemaphore opened its new MailShadowG technology to several thousand beta testers, enabling users of Microsoft Exchange-based servers to transition to Google Apps. With many web workers still reliant on Microsoft clients, MailShadow helps to cut the cord by enabling messages, contacts and […] Read more »

Over the past six months, some quality online videos devoted to Barack Obama have come out, but how many of them featured the senator from Illinois in a “political horror rock musical”? Answer, none. Until, that is, the release last February of Barackula: The Musical. Written […] Read more »

ClearContext, a San Francisco-based start-up whose Outlook inbox management plugin was recommended by us in the past, has released the beta of their product of ClearContext Personal. It is also a free Outlook add-in that help organize email and inbox management. There are a bunch of […] Read more »

The 81 million buildings in the U.S. consume more energy than any other sector of the U.S. economy, including transportation and industry, says the U.S. government. Here’s five startups that are building software and hardware to help consumers and businesses cut down on power consumption. The […] Read more »

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