Stories for Jun. 23, 2008

Like I’ve stated earlier, my work is a Mac shop. This being said, we need to use Entourage, Microsoft’s email solution for Macs, to manage our exchange email accounts. Entourage defaults to putting your signature at the bottom of reply emails, but most people like having […] Read more »

Oldteevee just got a little more like newteevee as cable network TNT announced Blank Slate, a new “microseries” that will debut in September. Variety reports that the 80-minute crime thriller will be chopped up into twenty, four-minute minisodes that will air during primetime. Blank Slate is […] Read more »

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Imagine having a robot that carries your iPod, dances, and chases you around the house? Almost sounds as though you’ve stepped into the future where robots rule. If you like gadgets check out the one Sega-Hasbro has created. It’s an A.M.P (Automated Music Personality) or Ampbot. […] Read more »

Second Gear’s compressed user interface for OS X tasks and events, Today, is getting ready to release version 1.2. (You can download the beta and give it a 10-day spin for free). While the improvements are incremental, they’re certainly useful – especially double-clicking tasks and events […] Read more »

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You know ethanol’s public image is poor when the media starts using it as a discovered skeleton in the closet. The New York Times takes a look at presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s Midwestern ethanol interests. The senator from Illinois’ “close links” with the ethanol industry […] Read more »

In a mobile world, the conversation opener is less likely to be, “How are you?” and more likely to be, “Where are you?” Since the goal of social networking technology seems to be to get us to speak less and look at screens more (all hail […] Read more »

My inner nerd is thrilled at the prospect of Pixar’s upcoming movie “Wall-E.” Rich Greenfield, an analyst with Pali Capital who is typically very stingy with praise is waxing eloquent about the movie after watching the preview. In a note to his clients this morning, he […] Read more »

Many web workers are drawn to the nomadic lifestyle, but it’s not as tempting when you consider all the equipment you’ll be lugging around. From basic tools such as your laptop to optional gear such as a Wi-Fi signal amplifier, you’ll be carrying some things that the random backpacker won’t. So how do you travel as light as possible with all the extra load? Read more »

Om Malik is currently having a look at the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC and has written an interesting piece on his experience with the HP.  Om outlines what he is looking for in a mini-notebook and his POV is very interesting to me.  Om feels that […] Read more »

We’ve got the “in-a-box” versions of nuclear power, data centers and biofuels. Why not wind power? Courtesy of Muskegon, Michigan-based company EarthTronics, sometime next year customers will be able to buy wind-in-a-box, in the form of a $2,000 wind turbine called WindTronics (via Muskegon Chronicle and […] Read more »

In my last post, I outlined how difficult and nearly impossible a true 99.999 percent uptime is to provide. And, with some of the largest sites on the planet failing to deliver so-called “five nines,” is it even worth pursuing? I don’t think so, which is […] Read more »

Stories for Jun. 22, 2008

Back in March, digital watermarker Digimarc said it was selling its ID business to L-1 Identity for $250 million, and that subsequently its… Read more »

If you are a start-up targeting the mobile industry, then you are well aware of the slow moving ways of incumbents, equipment makers and of course handset makers. You are made aware of their equally glacial ways when you come from the opposite end of the […] Read more »

Veoh has struck a deal to index TV shows from ABC and ESPN, making it only the second portal to get official entertainment content from the Disney-owned networks after AOL. However, the deal is sort of silly because ABC doesn’t actually allow embeds of its content, […] Read more »

Video will become so ubiquitous and pervasive in five years that it will be almost difficult to avoid, according to a recent study from Forrester. In the report “How Video Will Take Over the World,” James L. McQuivey lays out an “OmniVideo” scenario that doesn’t seem […] Read more »

The Economist has an awesome primer this week on what the world’s clean energy landscape could look like, called “The Future of Energy: It’s Closer Than You Think.” But hey, it’s 14-pages long (Economist pages!) and we know in these digital times you just might not […] Read more »

Cloud computers: Some call them ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs), some have dubbed them Netbooks, while others refer to them simply as handhelds. Regardless, there are certain features that any device in this new category must have. Continue Reading Read more »

God, how I miss Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems co-founder & former CEO, and his off-the-cuff but often prescient quotes. Back in 1999, much to the chagrin of privacy advocates, he quipped, “You have zero privacy anyway… Get over it.” Recent developments only give credence to his […] Read more »

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