Stories for May. 20, 2008

Just yesterday I noticed that on my UMPC I couldn’t use the integrated webcams natively with Microsoft OneNote. After reading the various reader comments, I took a new approach this morning. I got to thinking how this wasn’t an issue in Windows XP, so I decided […] Read more »

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Supercomputers have long been used to predict how climate change will affect the Earth, but they use a lot of energy and generate a lot of heat in the process. I suppose it seemed a bit hypocritical to the guys at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence […] Read more »

Well my two sticks of new RAM arrived today and I’ve spent the past hour trying to get the MacBook Pro to work.  I now believe that the top slot, not the RAM but the slot itself, has been flaky.  I believe that because after swapping […] Read more »

Nielsen measured more than 7.6 billion video streams in the U.S. in April, up 9 percent from the 6.9 billion it measured in March. The firm’s VideoCensus also found unique viewers rose 4 percent to 119.6 million, with 63.6 streams per viewer and 142.8 minutes per […] Read more »

YouTomb is a new service that monitors and tracks videos being taken down off YouTube because of copyright violations. The cleverly named site that was created by the MIT student organization MIT Free Culture scans YouTube to see both who issued a copyright violation complaint, and […] Read more »

Any web worker knows that there’s a lot of skill involved in finding information online. Many of us are search engine ninjas, able to dig up what we want with more or less effort – but wouldn’t it be nice if our computers just found things […] Read more »

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Hulu just broke into the top 10 of all online video sites, according to Nielsen’s April measure. The site, which has only been public for two months, is now seeing more than 63 million streams and 2.4 million users per month, with each user viewing more […] Read more »

Online TV Ads More Important at Upfronts; with more people watching TV online, digital ad buys are no longer an afterthought. (The Wall Street Journal) CNBC to Be Primary Content Source for AOL; business news network to provide multi-media content across the portal’s Money & Finance […] Read more »

eBay and by proxy Skype wants to do just more than IM and voice chats. And that is why they’re pushing the service, and its clients, into new directions — from telepresence to video to whatever they can think of next. (My inner skeptic says they […] Read more »

Netflix and Napster are both launching assaults on Apple, today. CNET is reporting the release of Netflix’s Apple TV rival, simply called Player by Roku, and Napster is getting into the digital music distribution with apparently an identical model to iTunes ($0.99 a song, $9.95 an […] Read more »

While Solel is still working to deliver 553 megawatts of solar thermal power to PG&E in the American Southwest, the Israeli startup is expanding its sales in Spain. Solel today announced its single largest sale of solar receivers — 190,000 thermal receiver systems capable of producing […] Read more »

Is Net Neutrality essential for democracy? What role will AI have in the future of the web? What will Web 4.0 look like? On June 11, in an attempt to answer these and other questions, Tim Berners-Lee and other leading web authorities will gather at the […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] How to visualize the colossal amount of data surrounding climate change? Al Gore squeezed a lot of info into 100 minutes and a PowerPoint presentation, but the next step needs to be dynamic, interactive and malleable. With that in mind, two government research groups out […] Read more »

This is a minor update to SiteSucker, but it is a program that I depend on, so I am posting it. For the uninitiated, SiteSucker is a program that sucks everything (pages, images, etc.) out of a website and downloads it to your hard drive. I […] Read more »

You probably recognize N-trig, the folks behind the multi-touch solution in the Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC. Well, they’re not literally behind it because if they were you’d never get a thing done with your notebook, right? Today, they’ve announced their DuoSense magic for larger displays […] Read more »

The web may be packed with free content, but don’t look for cable programmers such as Time Warner, Disney or MTVN to follow suit any time soon. During a panel discussion at this year’s Cable Show, the networks rejected the notion that they will have to […] Read more »

Self-service site editor CushyCMS (which we looked at when they launched) has introduced a new Pro Account for web designers who want to maximize their use of the service. For $28 per month, designers can use their own logo, color scheme, and custom domain, essentially disguising […] Read more »

An energy-efficient gadget needs to be green at its very core: the chip. CamSemi is a six-year-old fabless semiconductor startup based in Cambridge, England, which is designing energy-saving integrated circuits for the power supply consumer electronics market. On Monday the startup said it had added $8 […] Read more »

Considering the “on-again, off-again” nature of the free AT&T WiFi for Apple iPhone customers, this might be another spin down the same path. Still, I have to believe that AT&T has some type of plans to add WiFi access for the paying masses based on a […] Read more »

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development released its report on broadband usage and penetration with some interesting findings and observations. Instead of bemoaning the problems of broadband here in the United States, how about some highlights from the 151-page report, which I hope to dig […] Read more »

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