Stories for Jun. 24, 2008

One of my favorite random sites to read is Freakonomics. There is always something that I never thought of before on there, and today was no exception. They pointed out a clause in the iTunes license agreement that puts a damper on weekend plans. It says […] Read more »

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Vlingo’s new software for BlackBerrys (the link goes live at 5 a.m. PT), which gives me the ability to navigate my phone entirely by voice, has me feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. I press a button on my Pearl, wait for a chime, simply […] Read more »

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Tien Tzuo is the founder of startup Zuora, a company that is staking its claim to be the platform on which future subscription-based companies will be built. sold the world on the idea that software can be sold as a service to which you subscribe […] Read more »

Google’s (NSDQ: GOOG) Android platform is probably on time — that is, if you define “during the second-half of this year” as the very last… Read more »

A123 to Put Batteries on Grid: The lithium-ion battery maker is working with investor General Electric to connect batteries to the grid so utilities can better manage their loads – CNET. Q&A With Tesla’s Elon Musk: Autoblog Green sat down with Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk […] Read more »

Need a quick break from the grind? WWD sister site NewTeeVee Station brings you Watercooler Clips, a selection from our collection of what’s good, interesting and/or of note in the online video world — whatever the web is talking about at the virtual watercooler. Today, it’s […] Read more »

Charter Communications this morning backed off plans to deploy an advertising system that had stirred privacy fears about the way user data was intercepted and anger over an inability to truly opt out of the program. The cable provider said back in May that it was […] Read more »

Every serious user of the Firefox browser has his or her own favorite Firefox extensions. Since last week’s release of the official version of Firefox 3 quite a few stories have been turning up around the web on extensions tuned specifically for the new version. Here are a few good examples of extension coverage done in recent days. Read more »

Last month we covered the impending deal between Charter Communications and deep-packet-inspection ad-serving company NebuAd. As you may recall, Charter had announced plans to pilot the NebuAd program, selling “anonymized browsing information” directly from their customers’ internet usage, in four markets. Fortunately for those subscribers, Charter […] Read more »

Like a lot of Web Workers, I have come to rely on Twitter to stay connected with friends and colleagues. We’ve covered ways to use Twitter as a productivity tool, and as I do become more reliant on it, having access while away from my PC […] Read more »

Now here’s a mobile video application that makes sense: real-time traffic. New York City-based mobile video company 3rd Dimension today turned on a live traffic cam service in Los Angeles in partnership with NBC. In LA you probably don’t need video to tell you what the […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] AT&T today announced more details of its expected effort to enter the teeming content delivery network market, naming three software partners and saying it would spend nearly $70 million on network infrastructure before the end of this year. For smaller CDN companies, the move is […] Read more »

At my day job, we are getting new computers for everyone, and I weaseled my way into a position to have some input on the process. I have heard nothing but rave reviews of MacBook Pros and I was sure this would be my chance to […] Read more »

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