Stories for May. 22, 2008

What’s It About: The original Facebook Gangsta raps about the trials and tribulations of being so damn good at social networking sites. Quality lyric writing, flawless cinematography and editing, and committed performances from Sean Modica and Arthur Colombino keep the beat pumping. Premiered: May 19, 2008. […] Read more »

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Most web workers are hip to security software applications. You probably run anti-virus software, and perhaps you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) application when working from a public hotspot. (If you don’t run these applications, you should.) Recently, though, I’ve been using a more unusual, […] Read more »

It’s still unclear is if the digital home will be a consumer-controlled environment or a carrier-controlled one. Samsung said today it is realigning to put its digital media assets in its telecommunications division, but meanwhile Forrester sees Apple moving to unify the broadband networks with the […] Read more »

The Wall Street Journal published an editorial this week in which it took offense to comments made by Vinod Khosla that have downplayed ethanol’s contribution to the food crisis. The WSJ said: “As long as he’s on the federal dole, perhaps Mr. Khosla should take a […] Read more »

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Even if, like me, you don’t much care about David Cook, you have to hand it to the hit FOX reality series: It’s putting SMS systems to maximum use, turning them into a giant cash machine. AT&T says the most recent season of “American Idol” show […] Read more »

Blogo is the latest desktop blog client for Mac OS X. Along with a blog editor with support for Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Typo, and Drupal, it adds something not usually seen in this category: Twitter integration (with hints of additional microblogging services in the future). You […] Read more »

The web stopped being the exclusive hangout of freaks and geeks (and I use those terms lovingly) long ago. During the bubble years it turned into a place of commerce and information; now it’s turning into a source of entertainment and collaboration. The shift has been […] Read more »

O’Reilly Media is looking for founders from early-stage startups to attend its OATV Startup Camp, a two-day event that will cover topics such as fundraising, PR and viral marketing, as well as working with investors and a board of directors. It will be held in Sebastopol, […] Read more »

We’ve found it hard to find anything in common between the white-label video provider ROO Group and what it has become in the five months since new Chairman and CEO Kaleil Isaza Tuzman joined the company. It’s now called KIT digital, operates out of Dubai, has […] Read more »

Remember Zinio’s digital magazine web app for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch that hit us back in November? Looks like the response has been pretty positive as the app has been a popular staple in Apple’s top iPhone applications list. Since the iPhone SDK isn’t […] Read more »

It should come as no surprise that the Bay Area, a national hub of cleantech enterprise and environmental policy, has become the first in the country to pass a tax on carbon emissions. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District‘s board of directors voted 15-1 yesterday […] Read more »

In light of the continuing brouhaha over online privacy (as exemplified most recently by the deal between Charter and NebuAd) it’s worth asking the simple question: what can you do to keep control of information about your online activities? While some folks think it’s paranoid to worry about this, others prefer to choose what they tell the data collectors. Fortunately, there’s a tool as close as your desktop that can help you considerably in this area: the Firefox web browser. Read more »

CBS and NCAA Partner for Ad Network; CBS College Sports Media to offer video and display ads on, and the roughly 215 colleges sites in the CBS College Sports Network. (MediaWeek) Goldman Downgrades Akamai Stock; analyst cuts rating to Sell from Neutral over concerns […] Read more »

I think these are worth sharing… Web 2.0 Companies: Early adopters are not the mass market. Well, someone had to say it, and I’m glad he did. EnterMedia, a Russian in-game advertising start-up gets $1M from Mangrove Capital Partners and ABRT Fund. On iTunes, when it […] Read more »

The PayPal-founder-turned-green-entrepreneur, Elon Musk predicts that in 30 years solar will be the single largest source of power in the U.S., and possibly the world. Musk made the prediction at the Future in Review (FiRe) conference in Coronado, Calif., this week, where thought leaders met to […] Read more »

There’s one big downside to dragging all your web-worker gear from venue to venue, Starbucks to client site: you lose things. A mini iPod here, a cell phone there – besides the trauma, drama and cost, you just know you’re never going to see that physical […] Read more »

Last week I ran into Troy Lane Williams, founder of PeoplePad, a stealthy Austin-based startup that’s creating some kind of front-end portal for the semantic web. I have no idea what the finished product will look like, but Williams’ previous startup experience has colored PeoplePad’s product […] Read more »

You may remember that Google Sites – the reincarnation of the once-great JotSpot – launched in late February. At the time, it was available only for Google Apps users (see our in-depth review). Now, Google has opened up Sites use to anyone, whether they have a […] Read more »

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