Stories for Jun. 23, 2008

If you’re at all involved with web site analytics, you probably use Google Analytics. It does a very good job of providing many views of how traffic is coming to a site, traffic trends, and more. However, it can be very useful to add alternative analytics […] Read more »

All broadband was not created equal, as we all well know. But this fact was painfully illustrated to Tejpaul Bhatia when he was working for ESPN, where he was part of a team tasked with taking the ESPN 360 video platform around the world and matching […] Read more »

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Actually, it’s getting to be too late to worry about the effects of a billion PCs: according to the analysts over at Gartner, the worldwide installed base of PCs has recently crossed the one billion mark. The Gartnerites say that the second billion should take less […] Read more »

Even as numerous U.S. ethanol producers could shutter a substantial portion of their plants over the coming months, Danish enzyme producer Novozymes appears unphased. The company said this morning that it plans to build an enzyme production facility in Blair, Neb., that will cost between $80 […] Read more »

Following the delay of keynote speaker Elizabeth Edwards, the Personal Democracy Forum had to rework its morning schedule. After a panel whi… Read more »

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NewTeeVee Station: Remembering George Carlin. His best videos have been ranked and collated for your viewing pleasure. NewTeeVee: ABC wants what Veoh has — traffic — and is willing to pay for it, which means Veoh’s now an ABC affiliate of the online kind. Could this […] Read more »

I’m in one of those periods when everything is high priority and there’s a whole lot of everything at once. One of those months where every day is a Monday. You’ve been there. You feel like you’re in a rodeo. I spent the last three days […] Read more »

You are no doubt aware that this week is Bill Gates’ last one as a full-time Microsoft employee and there are no shortage of "last" interviews with Mr. Gates.  I wouldn’t want to bother him for an interview at this time that is no doubt a […] Read more »

Rubber recycling startup Lehigh Technologies today confirmed that it recently received funding from green VC bigwig Kleiner Perkins and London-based Index Ventures. The five-year-old Naples, Florida-based startup, which freezes and pulverizes scrapped tires and sells the rubber powder, added that the investment came in at a […] Read more »

Wimbledon starts today, and you can catch all the action online through the magic of livestreaming. Well, you can catch it if you run a Windows machine and if you want to pay $24.99 (though we have some free passes — keep reading). But will this […] Read more »

I love using Google Maps now that you can easily drag the routes for easy customizations. I see some upside for QuikMaps too though. It brings ink & annotations to non-Tablet PCs using the traditional mouse. Granted, an active digitizer and pen will beat a mouse […] Read more »

Over at NewTeeVee Station, Liz Shannon Miller posted a collection of favorite George Carlin rants. Head on over to watch a video or two. C’mon, it’s the equivalent of a moment of silence considering the guy we’re all remembering today. To start you off, below is […] Read more »

Outsourcing compute power is wonderful — until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, when an Amazon Web Service goes down it’s hard to know why, and it’s even harder to know how well a particular cloud is performing in the first place. To make the cloud more transparent, […] Read more »

Here’s another reason Obama should keep the corn ethanol industry at arm’s length — close to three quarters of U.S. ethanol plants, or 123 of America’s 160 operating ethanol plants, are at risk of being shuttered in the coming months, according to Citigroup analyst David Driscoll. […] Read more »

We’ve looked at the importance of reputation management before – the idea that you really need to keep track of who is talking about you on the web, so you can step in to the conversation. Watchlister is a new service offering to help keep you […] Read more »

G4 Power Up Issues Mail.. Problems.. Please Help? iChat iSync with my N73 iSight not working? Read more »

CDNetworks Partners with Nirvanix; two companies will provide unified cloud storage and content delivery. (Businesswire) MoGreet Raises $2.5 Million; mobile video messaging service gets second round from sole investor Draper Fisher Jurvetson, which previously provided $1.2 million. (VentureBeat) Personal Democracy Forum Vidcasting; catch live interviews with […] Read more »

Although this news doesn’t surprise me, it’s still worth a mention for the Alltell loyalists out there. Why am I not surprised? Because this would have happened sooner or later in my opinion, as Verizon Wireless is purchasing Altell pending the obligatory FCC review of course. […] Read more »

Like I’ve stated earlier, my work is a Mac shop. This being said, we need to use Entourage, Microsoft’s email solution for Macs, to manage our exchange email accounts. Entourage defaults to putting your signature at the bottom of reply emails, but most people like having […] Read more »

Oldteevee just got a little more like newteevee as cable network TNT announced Blank Slate, a new “microseries” that will debut in September. Variety reports that the 80-minute crime thriller will be chopped up into twenty, four-minute minisodes that will air during primetime. Blank Slate is […] Read more »

Imagine having a robot that carries your iPod, dances, and chases you around the house? Almost sounds as though you’ve stepped into the future where robots rule. If you like gadgets check out the one Sega-Hasbro has created. It’s an A.M.P (Automated Music Personality) or Ampbot. […] Read more »

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