Stories for Jul. 8, 2008

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Independence Day weekend might be over but the presidential candidates are still debating energy independence. The Republicans have gone on the offensive and launched an attack ad aimed at Obama’s energy plan. However, their candidate McCain seems to have trouble pronouncing the name of his own […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 7, 2008

If you have .Mac already, you are no doubt familiar with the .Mac status page which lists services that are available. (Hopefully, you won’t have to be familiar with the page when MobileMe takes over because there won’t be as much downtime.) Just below the status […] Read more »

The big buzz of the evening is that Twitter, a San Francisco-based startup that allows anyone to post short (up to 140 characters) messages to its platform and thus broadcast them to one or many using different media such as web and mobile, is about to […] Read more »

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If it takes three of anything to make a trend, then video-sharing site Vimeo is definitely trendy (though they would pelt me with rocks for calling them that) with three months of almost hockey stick-like growth. According to Compete, Vimeo’s site traffic more than doubled from […] Read more »

“I’m not here to make friends,” you’ve probably heard more than one reality show contestant say. But how often has that cliche popped up? YouTube user richfofo has a montage of the best and brightest. Also, in Karina Longworth’s words, “In terms of sheer hilarity –– […] Read more »

Big Apple to Spend Billions Cutting Greenhouse Gases: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced today that the city will spend $2.3 billion to cut greenhouse gas emissions from municipal buildings and operations by 30 percent over the next 30 years – Reuters. “Europe Reconsiders Biofuel […] Read more »

Playfish, a developer of games on Facebook, has raised $1 million (£500,000) as part of a larger planned venture round, according to Ventur… Read more »

SpotMixer just let us know it will be the first self-serve online video advertising creation provider included in Google’s television ad toolset. It’s a coup for the new service, which is part of personal media startup One True Media, in terms of getting exposure to a […] Read more »

Connected Flow, makers of the crunchy goodness that is FlickrExport (casts pix from iPhoto or Aperture to Flickr) has jumped the shark a bit and pre-announced Exposure, a forthcoming iPhone application that will bring Flickr to your iPhone or iPod Touch in ways that Mobile Safari […] Read more »

The move to 4G will not be cheap. Carriers must consider network upgrade costs and a refresh of their handsets, not to mention the issue of backhaul. Will they attempt wireless backhaul? Wait for fiber? One way or another, by 2013 carriers worldwide will invest some […] Read more »

When most of us web workers choose to adopt new software applications, they’re often big, robust programs. However, if you pay attention to small, mission-critical applications too, you can find a lot of really useful gems. One of my favorite sites for trolling for these is […] Read more »

Kevin and I had to shoot a geek session since it’s iPhone 3G week.  This video finds the pair talking about everything from the iPhone 3G to Andre Agassi.  You’ll have to watch to understand the Agassi part.  You’ll also find a warning for those interested […] Read more »

Earth2Tech: More VC money for wireless mesh for smart meter readers. NewTeeVee: Announcing NewTeeVee Pier Screenings 2008, with NY, LA on the menu. NewTeeVee Station: WhenP-Diddy meets YouTube, you get DiddyTV. WebWorkerDaily: 5 rules of thumb for Web Workers. Read more »

(Let me preface this post with a warning that tweaking unpublished settings can break your system and applications.) While I am a fan of the Terminal, sometimes remembering (or Googling for) the proper “defaults write …” undocumented setting to tweak a feature on a new build […] Read more »

We’ve discussed the hassles of dealing with multiple timezones and distributed web-working teams before. New site World Time Engine (in open beta) tries to bring order to this chaos. At root, it’s a huge database: type in a location (like “Scotland” or “Indianapolis” and it will […] Read more »

Some of you might remember the beleaguered company Planktos, which was looking to fertilize the world’s oceans with iron in an attempt to stimulate phytoplankton blooms and reduce carbon emissions. Come on, you remember — its dreams went dead in the water back in February due […] Read more »

Old media isn’t seeming so stalwart after an analyst at Lehman Brothers this morning downgraded shares of Disney, CBS and News Corp., sending them down as much as 3.8 percent, 6 percent and 3.2 percent, respectively. The report, written by Lehman’s Anthony DiClemente, looked at declining […] Read more »

Given the state of the antiquated power grid, there are dozens of options that will help the grid get smarter. One of those tech choices is wireless mesh networking, which can intelligently route information to and from distant meters in an efficient manner and is an […] Read more »

FrontRow Podcasts Issue Help with exporting track data from iTunes Unlocked iPhone – iTunes Sync Pro Care and Battery Replacement Who plans on buying the new iPhone relatively soon? Read more »

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