Stories for Jun. 24, 2008

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Investment in solar cell production will equal investment in semiconductor manufacturing by 2010, research firm iSuppli said this week. If that’s not a meaningful milestone to convince those that cut their teeth in infotech that the solar boom is upon us, well, then I don’t know […] Read more »

Stories for Jun. 23, 2008

An award-winning ad made for J.C. Penney that the retailer is trying to distance itself from can still be readily found online. The witty but racy ad, apparently made by Epoch Films for ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi in the vein of a recent J.C. Penney […] Read more »

CNET (NSDQ: CNET), in the process of being bought by CBS (NYSE: CBS), has launched a new logo for the company, without its vertical pipe, an… Read more »

Pop singer Avril Lavigne’s army of fans are amassing online with one goal in mind…take down Judson Laipply and his Evolution of Dance as the most-watched YouTube video of all time. Wait, Avril Lavigne is the second most-watched video ever on YouTube? As of today, Evolution […] Read more »

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Many have bemoaned the lack of experienced talent in the cleantech sector as of late: the Los Angeles Times in an article this week, former GreenFuel interim CEO Bob Metcalfe when trying to find his replacement, and the New England Clean Energy Council when launching a […] Read more »

Parascale, a Cupertino, Calif-based start-up that has developed a storage file system for a cloud of computers announced that it had attracted $11.37 million in Series A funding from Charles River Ventures and Menlo Ventures. The company recently changed its chief executive and brought in Sajai […] Read more »

IMG, the big sports and talent agency which was in news recently about a trial-balloon-attempt to buy the company, is in advanced talks to b… Read more »

Ready? OK! Liz already linked to our George Carlin memorial earlier, but today we also have Karina Longworth’s review of the new science comedy series Improbable Research Collections. How to describe it? Karina puts it best: “Have you long felt that the one thing the web […] Read more »

Japan Reconsiders Solar Incentives: The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry says it will take another look at solar incentives that could halve the cost of solar – Reuters. Japanese Airline to Test Second Gen Biofuel: Tokyo-based Japan Airlines says it will work with Boeing […] Read more »

Need a quick break from the grind? WWD sister site NewTeeVee Station now brings you Watercooler Clips, a selection from our collection of what’s good, interesting and/or of note in the online video world — whatever the web is talking about at the virtual watercooler. Today, […] Read more »

In-Fusio, the France-based mobile gaming firm, has received a new round of late stage funding from French IT Expansion Capital Fund, Occam C… Read more »

If you’re at all involved with web site analytics, you probably use Google Analytics. It does a very good job of providing many views of how traffic is coming to a site, traffic trends, and more. However, it can be very useful to add alternative analytics […] Read more »

All broadband was not created equal, as we all well know. But this fact was painfully illustrated to Tejpaul Bhatia when he was working for ESPN, where he was part of a team tasked with taking the ESPN 360 video platform around the world and matching […] Read more »

Actually, it’s getting to be too late to worry about the effects of a billion PCs: according to the analysts over at Gartner, the worldwide installed base of PCs has recently crossed the one billion mark. The Gartnerites say that the second billion should take less […] Read more »

Even as numerous U.S. ethanol producers could shutter a substantial portion of their plants over the coming months, Danish enzyme producer Novozymes appears unphased. The company said this morning that it plans to build an enzyme production facility in Blair, Neb., that will cost between $80 […] Read more »

Following the delay of keynote speaker Elizabeth Edwards, the Personal Democracy Forum had to rework its morning schedule. After a panel whi… Read more »

NewTeeVee Station: Remembering George Carlin. His best videos have been ranked and collated for your viewing pleasure. NewTeeVee: ABC wants what Veoh has — traffic — and is willing to pay for it, which means Veoh’s now an ABC affiliate of the online kind. Could this […] Read more »

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