Stories for Jun. 25, 2008

Now we have a panel, The Race to the Next Database: Overclocking and Analytics Augment Your Data Layer. Our friend Nitin Borwankar is moderating. Panelists (pictured in reverse order): Mayank Bawa, Aster Data Systems Doug Judd, Zvents Luke Lonergan, Greenplum Damian Black, SQLstream Dave Schrader, Teradata […] Read more »

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Drew Perkins, the CTO of Infinera, which sells Internet optical transport equipment, says that video is soaking up the Internet’s bandwidth — and lucky for him, driving the optical networking business. For those of you who don’t know what the optical transport layer is, it’s the […] Read more »

We’ve all been following Kevin’s attempt to embrace the cloud (those suckers are hard to hold) and from my frequent conversations with him it’s going overall pretty well.  His posts on the cloud have demonstrated that quite a few folks are interested in keeping their data […] Read more »

The debate around cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) has energized industry conversations on the future of software, often leading to attention-grabbing headlines and heated corporate rhetoric. Some vendors proclaim that “software is dead” and urge companies to transform their businesses to coincide with the SaaS vision […] Read more »

Zvi Marom, CEO of Israeli telecom gear company Telco Systems, was looking for a way to cut down on his company’s high electricity bills a few months back when he stumbled onto a green idea. He’d been talking to friends that had worked on solar systems […] Read more »

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Not everyone is going to have the chance to deliver their presentation in front of millions with a 50 foot screen behind them. As web workers, we’ve all suffered through those webinars where you have half an eye on the boring, dry PowerPoint in the WebEx window and half an eye on your email. A few of us have had to present such webinars. They’re tough. You have no feedback from body language or eye contact. After all, you can’t hear people nodding and smiling, you can only imagine their nose hitting the keyboard as they doze off. These presentations can be almost as painful for the presenter as the attendee. Never fear. Nancy Duarte offers us some tips for engaging an audience while presenting remotely. Read more »

Oooh, our first panel of the morning, Working the Clouds: NextGen Infrastructure for New Entrepreneurs. We’ve got a six-person lineup to give us their perspectives, and our own Alistair Croll to throw them questions. The lineup includes: Christophe Bisciglia, Senior Software Engineer with Google Jason Hoffman, […] Read more »

Vint Cerf on Online Video; demand will mean downloading, not streaming. (Beet.TV) Programmers and Tech Vendors Push Higher Quality Video; broadband video evolving, debate over HD definition continues. (Broadcasting & Cable) Youku Raised $10 Million in Debt; Chinese video site’s previously unreported financing came from Wester […] Read more »

On June 24th, Microsoft released Office 2008 for Mac 12.1.1 Update which included numerous fixes to stability & performance. This is almost a mandatory update as it addresses significant bugs in almost all Office components. Users experiencing crashes in all Office applications will be glad to […] Read more »

“I’m the systems administrator for a small book shop in Seattle.” “Remember this is just a very small snapshot at the beginning of a movement.” Shows slideshow by Animoto of people at the Next Web conference in Europe (company analyzes music for mood changes and sets […] Read more »

VMware’s co-founder and chief scientist Mendel Rosenblum is on the couch, getting grilled by Om and Arnie Berman, chief technology strategist, Cowen and Company. Rosenblum says: Virtualization is a wide term. What we’re seeing is, at some level, decoupling software from hardware is a just a […] Read more »

Many web workers have gone the non-traditional route with their business cards, and opted for the cute, colorful Moo cards instead. Well, very soon you can have your Web 2.0 goodness and your traditional business cards, as Moo has announced those as their next product. According […] Read more »

Jonathan Yarmis, VP Advanced, Emerging and Disruptive Technologies at AMR Research is giving us a mini-note to open up the day. He says: “The world is about to change, and change in profoundly interesting ways.” “The enterprise itself hasn’t figured out how to embrace cloud computing; […] Read more »

Om kicked off the morning with a nice surprise in the form of a video clip message from Nick Carr. Here’s some notes: The fundamental unit of computing is shifting from individual computers to the data center or the grid of computers. This means different things […] Read more »

Both presidential candidates have been pushing their energy plans hard on the campaign trail and now the White House hopefuls are both taking pot shots at the other side’s proposal. Here’s what Obama and McCain have to say about each other’s energy plans. Obama Calls McCain’s […] Read more »

We told you about the Fred web phenomenon last week. Now’s your chance to meet the man, err, boy behind the high-pitched YouTube domination. “Fred” is actually 14-year old Lucas Cruikshank, and while age ain’t nuthin’ but a number, these other stats might impress you: According […] Read more »

As web workers, we’re utterly tied to the internet. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that the infrastructure that the internet is built upon is reaching its limits. Whether it’s the move of applications to Amazon S3 and Google AppEngine, or the attempts of carriers to limit […] Read more »

With the release of Firefox 3, I thought I would share my top ten Firefox shortcuts. So without further ado, here they are: ⌘ + l = focus address bar ⌘ + d = bookmark current page ⌘ + k = focus google search bar ⌘ […] Read more »

On the heels of solar startup Suniva’s announcement that it will build its first plant in Georgia, the company says it has secured a big partner to supply it with polysilicon for its efficient low-cost solar cells. This morning Suniva announced it has a signed a […] Read more »

I’ve been working with clients to set up social media “satellite sites” as I call them to extend their brand and take advantage of the exponential power of social networking for reaching out to consumers. The question I hear time and time again is “How in […] Read more »

SIP-compatible VoIP devices already account for as much as 20 percent of landline telephone traffic. But mobile telephones will not remain a safe haven for long, as more companies start to offer VoIP alternatives to operator voice plans. Yet the displacement of analog phones by VoIP devices has not displaced the telephone network itself. Read more »

With all the hype about cloud computing, it’s easy to label it as the latest fad, especially when everyone whose application talks Internet is trying to rebrand themselves as a cloud. But the long view shows that this really is an important change, one of several […] Read more »

The big day has finally come. In a few hours we are going to kick off Structure 08, which we will be covering extensively today – from live blogs to video interviews to a live video stream. So stay tuned for more and in the meantime […] Read more »

I’ve written before about the chip industry’s efforts to cut back on power consumption through a creative redesign of some of their chips. For the last ten years NXP, which was once part of consumer products company Philips has offered a line of semiconductors designed to […] Read more »

The All-For-Nots, the real-life band made up for the fictional documentary web series of the same name, will be playing Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, June 25 at 12:05 ET. Getting on national TV as a musical act is a significant breakthrough for the web show, which […] Read more »

Richard Moross may have started his web-based printing company, Moo, because he was bored with the standard business cards out there, but now his four-year-old startup is about to enter the world of the boring head on. As early as next week, Moo will start selling […] Read more »

Even if there’s a lack of good talent plaguing the cleantech industry, those green execs need to use something to do their networking. Here’s a new one to check out: as soon as next week web printing startup Moo will start offering a standard-sized business card […] Read more »

Stories for Jun. 24, 2008

We’re sorry to say goodbye to Nikhil Pahwa, our resident editor here, who has decided that a different pace would be better for him, and has… Read more »

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